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Travel Guide: Top 10 Things to do When Solo Traveling Abroad

You packed your bags, bought a ticket, googled the top attractions of the place, You feel like you’re ready to travel now! Well, think again. Reading a blog on the best things to do at your travel destination is not enough. That only tells you the places you should go, the things you should do to enjoy your stay, but enjoyment may be the goal of your traveling, but that is not all there is to it, is it?

Finding the best place to stay on your vacation to research a restaurant is elite and drink. Enquiring the neighborhood you should avoid. Searching for the bike rental agency is known for their policies, not forgetting to capture some memories and taking the right mode of transportation. From minding your manners while conversing with the locals to bribing some for special travel tips. There are many things that you need to be careful about.

Basic guidelines suitable for almost any destination

1. Respect the traditions and culture of the locals

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You may be from somewhere much more modern than the place you are visiting, you may be from an incredibly high than the quaint attractions you visit. That in no way gives you the right to be disrespectful or contemptuous towards the local customs and traditional values. Be polite and respectful. It costs you nothing to do so and might earn you some smiles in return instead.

2. Be flexible. adapt to the moment

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One of the common mistakes for tourists to make while planning their travels is to plan too much, and not make room for adjustments for complications. The train didn’t arrive in time, your tickets got canceled, the event venue shifted, your tourist guide didn’t even arrive for whatever reason. So what? If you plan your whole trip every step of the way and expected to work out just as you planned it then that is proof that this might be your first foray into traveling.

Plans, strategies, and steps to follow, are necessary to give structure to anything you do. But, life has a way of being unpredictable at times, because the world doesn’t revolve around your plans It does not even care. So what you need to do is change as things do, be fluid, be flexible, try to move past the first shock of confusion, stop overthinking it.
If your tickets got canceled, they got canceled, there must be other things happening in the town, that you can choose to visit.

The train didn’t arrive? there must be hidden gems nearby, visit them, go to a pub, go to a club, dance a little find a date, there are countless things to do whenever you go wherever you go. Just do not get stuck in a loop of thoughts, when things don’t go according to the plan. They hardly ever do.

3. Converse with locals, ask for guidance

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Do not think or even expect to be able to do everything on your own. doing your research is correct not hiring a tourist guide is okay. but don’t think you will be able to find everything in a strange new place on your own. Confidence is well and good but doesn’t be stubborn. When in trouble or confusion, Ask for help.

Now how do you do that? You ask a local. why would they tell you? Believe it or not people, in general, are helpful. Especially to tourists from a different land. People feel pride in letting a foreigner understand the importance and specialty of their city.

4. Eat and drink at the best bistros

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One of the important things to keep in mind while conversing with the locals is to never under any circumstances insult the city in front of its inhabitants. Keep such thoughts to yourself. People can be stubbornly proud and fiercely protective, about the places they grew up in. Unless you are looking to get your teeth knocked in, I would recommend avoiding that. Visit a pub, approach others. Ask whether they are locals, share your story, buy them a drink perhaps and just talk with them.

Does not matter if you are not looking for any help. You will see eventually that the best way to truly get to know a place, is by getting to know the local traditions, cultures, the local citizens, for no matter how glorious, attractive a city is, without its citizens, it’s just another pretty looking place, which will fall to Ruins and fade to nothingness, the people are what matters more. Research trying to get to know about anything needs research. similarly, if you want to eat and drink are the best places any town you tortu has to offer the first thing you do is research.

Now how do you do that? Well, first step you Google it. There are countless sites, just waiting for you to click on their links and get to know about the best places they think that you should eat at. Now a lot of them might be sponsored links and ways to affiliate marketing. Match the common names among these lists, check out the highlights, more importantly, read the reviews. Skip past the few that look a bit too artificial. Read the relatable, but genuine-looking ones down the rows. Find out the truth about this place that you want to try out.

Read the one-star reviews as well as five Star War ones. If you are traveling with someone with a disability, perhaps in a wheelchair, then one of the first things you need to research is whether or not this place has wheelchair accessibility. From Wheelchair accessible doors to wheelchair-accessible seating and perhaps most importantly wheelchair accessible bathrooms. If you are looking for places that provide good drinks, you need to, first of all, be specific about what you want. By that I mean whether you are looking for a romantic night out at a posh place with your partner, or you want to hang out with your friends, perhaps a bar with crafts beer?

Here you may change along with it your company annual budget so along with the service and many reviews do keep in mind to check whether these places are affordable you can find every minor detail about any place you want to visit online and if you’re already at the destination why not ask around among the locals? Get a first-hand review, perhaps you might be directed to places like a mystery well-kept.

5. Research and Prepare thoroughly for your travel

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While a lot of tourist destinations are very safe for their travelers, to keep the economy brought about by traveling business booming, there are some places everywhere, unsafe to travel to. Go through local forums of the city contact someone who knows that area well, perhaps check out the news related to the city for hotspots of criminal activity. If you are a solo traveler, I would recommend joining a walking tour, or hiring group travel services of touring companies. If you prefer solo exploration, however, then not only you should be exceptionally careful about the locality you visit, you should also be careful about how late at night you’re out.

It may sound cliché, but it is better than getting hurt cause you were not careful enough. Now, there will be criminal activity anywhere and everywhere you go in the world, perhaps some places are hidden too well. So, to Ward off such pursuers with malicious intent keep some artifacts of personal protection, perhaps the pepper spray, keep local police number and ambulance on your speed dial, be careful. It may only take one mistake for everything to go wrong.

6. Ways to travel: rent a vehicle

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Although some tourists might be used to hiring taxis touring services, for the touring needs, if you want to wholly explore the city in all its glory, then what you need to do is get on a bus, open a map keep your eyes glued to a window, mark the hidden gems you find yourself curious about. Search for places to be. Admire the structure of the city. Online blog articles will only tell you so much, converse, and find out more from your co-travelers. Check out the places that you should visit according to your preferences. Not all major attractions are attractive options to all travelers. I mean you can’t expect an introvert to go to loud, crowded places to go shopping in swarming marketplaces.

You not only get to thoroughly understand the structure of the city and properly plan your trip, but you’ll also be saving a lot of money From not spending your money on expensive tickets. This is recommended to anyone Seeking to find local places, that might turn out to be more interesting than the major attraction. Although public transport is recommended for an overview of the place, before you start going from one destination to another, if you plan to discover the site for hidden gems then it is recommended to rent a bike or Segway depending on the locality.

Whether you are looking to travel to wildlife preservation areas or mountain bike riding or perhaps you want to check out the posh locality. While walking around might be a good idea, distance matters, a long-distance walking might be a troublesome deal, so ask around to the local people about the best bike rentals.

7. Go shopping, buy souvenirs, travel responsibly

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Yes, I know that this is something very obvious that perhaps I should not list but you see sometimes the most obvious things get away from us. We either forget or neglect the usual things for being mundane. But going shopping in your travel destination is not only for the shopaholics, even if you don’t spend all that much buying new things, whoever said that you had to spend a lot of money or buy something outrageously expensive? Buying souvenirs from the place you visit is a tradition going on for a long time. You could buy something small but memorable related to the cultural or traditional values of the destination.

Seeing major attractions of the site of your travel is something obvious. But you see, the things you remember, the times in between, from going one place to another, the shopping spree for something that your friends ask you to bring back, looking for an art piece by an aboriginal artist, A jewelry to die for, these are the things that make beautiful memories, the source of addictive nostalgia, do not let these opportunities slip by.

8. Don’t be destination-focused; travel the nearby attraction

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Even if you have planned your whole vacation around the city, you traveled to, it does not mean you must only be focused on visiting the best sites in the town. Why not find out about local tourist hubs nearby? Even if it’s a few hours away, just rent a car, take a day trip, go on a drive, explore that attraction. Sometimes the best place to be is not even in the city. Rather somewhere a few miles nearby, so be sure to ask around about someplace like that. It would be regretful to later find out that you’ve missed a nearby specialty because you were too focused on touring only the city.

9. Explore the vibrant fun of the local nightlife in your travel

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Toured nearby your hotel area in the day, even went on a drive to a tourist hub nearby. Now wondering what do you do at night?
Simple. Explore the thrilling nightlife. Excluding the exceptional locations with night curfews, almost all the tourist destinations have happening night lives. With dance clubs, crowded pubs, recreational artist activities, fireworks, and more. What about attending drama performances? musical concerts? Research the events taking place in the city during the duration of your vacation. Strangely enough, in the first quarter of the night is the most active time of the whole day of urban places and hence that is the time that you need to checkout on the special hidden attractions the local areas in the city has to offer.

10. Click some pictures, freeze your moments

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Last but not least one of the best things to do while being on your vacation is to capture and preserve your memories. Click as many pics as you can of your own, of your partner, of the scenes, of strange and fun moments, even if they seem silly.


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Hey traveler, these are the moments that you will remember later on. These are the second ticking by that will be immortalized forever in your stories. These are the conversation starters you will use while approaching someone. These are going to be some of the best moments of your life. Why not capture and preserve some pictures, freeze them forever digitally. Bring a camera with you or perhaps just use your phone.

Unless your job is akin to being a blogger like me, you might not get another chance to be in a place as wonderful as you are now, take some pictures, feed your social media feed. Always keep some basic supplies with you, be dehydrated, try to ask for help from the locals when you get confused or turn around a corner. It’s okay to be nervous and afraid in a new place, but after you have been through this ordeal, you will come to experience your personal growth.

Happy travels!

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