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4 Outfit Details Fashion-Lovers Should Never Overlook

In the fashion world, hundreds of iconic phrases and quotes are tossed around daily, one of the most notable being ‘less is more.’ Implying that having the essentials is better than having too much, applying to our wardrobes and how we style ourselves. However, in the rapidly evolving world of modern fashion, a newer incarnation of this iconic phrase has been coined, stating ‘less is a bore.’

This phrase presents a compelling argument about how accessories and small details can take an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary, despite often being advised against it. When devising an outfit, details are crucial, and so long as you pay attention to them well, they won’t distract from your overall ‘fit. Fashion is about experimenting with accessories and little details to showcase your culture, personality, and preferences while allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

Details can help you achieve this; whether by tucking your Gucci card holder for men into your jacket pocket or looping a statement belt around your waist, details can help create a ‘finished’ outfit that makes you look and feel good. With this being said, we’ve created this list of outfit details that fashion-lover should never overlook – keep reading to find out more.

Card holders and Wallets

Generally, when we decide what to wear, we focus on how we present the clothes on our bodies to the outside world, while accessories and little details are an afterthought. Yet, despite how small, the details we add to our outfit afterward can help us create a more cohesive look and even gain more attention from outsiders than the main body of our ‘fit.

One of these little details is the card holder or wallet we choose to tuck into our bags or pockets before leaving our homes. Although you might think that something as small and insignificant as the piece of material you use to house your credit cards and cash would impact your style, you might be pleasantly surprised to learn otherwise.

Card holders and wallets are just as diverse as the clothes we put on our bodies these days, and the presence of one about your person can be as much about your personality as your clothes. Whether you prefer the sleek, elegant look of a Gucci card holder for men or if you’d like a whimsical, fun look of a wallet featuring your favorite Disney character – it can tell a lot about you despite not being the focus of your ‘fit.

For more inspiration on the types of card holders and wallets you could incorporate into your outfits, consider visiting SSENSE’s website and browsing their entire collection of men’s and women’s accessories from a selection of luxury brands. From Givenchy to Gucci, their website has all the small details needed to perfect your outfit – consider visiting their site or reaching out directly for more information.

Statement Shoes

Aside from accessories, the last thing you add to your outfit before you leave your house is a pair of shoes. Since they are the last thing you add to your outfit, they can either make or break your ensemble; therefore, choosing a pair that will compliment your outfit is essential.

Some of the most popular shoes for men are oxfords or brogues if they’re looking to create a professional look, whereas if they’re looking for a more casual, relaxed ‘fit, they might opt for sneakers or leather ankle boots.


Once referred to as a women’s-only accessory, bags are now being carried by men worldwide as most of the male population no longer consider them emasculating. Complimenting your outfit with a bag is beneficial for carrying essential items around and can make you look more relaxed or dressed up, depending on what type of bag you intend to take

Whether your go-to ‘man bag’ is a leather briefcase, canvas tote bag, duffel bag, weekender bag, or another, they are a great addition to your outfit and does wonder for expressing your personality without having to speak a word.


Despite living in a technology-fuelled world where many individuals rely on their smartphones to keep track of the time, wearing a wristwatch is still incredibly popular among women and men. Watches are excellent little details to add to your wardrobe since they can be paired with almost any outfit, catching the eyes of many onlookers.

If you like the look of more traditional watches, you could consider choosing a silver or gold watch with a metal or leather strap to pair with your outfit. You can find watches with additional features like a digital display, backlights, and crystal-faced surfaces. Or, if you’re part of the growing tech crowd, you could opt for one of the best smartwatches on the market, which allows you to showcase your style while staying in the loop with the latest technological advances.

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