Budget travel guide Seville

A Budget Travel Guide to Seville, the City of Flamenco Dance

If Madrid is the nightlife of Spain, Seville is its soul. Grandiose architecture, historical significance, cultural diversity, and delicious food are some of the main features of Seville tourism.

Seville fun fact, in one of its top churches, Cathedral de Sevilla, Christopher Columbus was buried. It’s known for the lively ambiance of tourists wandering the streets on their rental bikes.

You will find blobs of weekly language students going around in their groups as well. The city offers one-week Spanish studies for barely $222 to foreign students in some of its education centers.

Historic churches, curving alleyways, and of course, the flamenco dancers, Seville is the place to be in Spain.

Let me take you through the fun-filled alleyways of this cultural and historical city.

Best places to see & Things to do in Seville

Casa de Pilatos

Casa de pilatos
by Seville

One of the best places to see in Spain, Casa de Pilatos is a site of major historic significance to the country. It was inaugurated back in 1500 AD and designed in Italian renaissance style. It’s an Andalusian palace and you can observe a hint of Spanish Mudejar style in its architecture as well.

It is known to host paintings from 16th to 19th century. This makes it a popular travel hub among local and foreign visitors alike. You can enjoy a stroll through the sculpture garden on its premises. The sculptures are mainly Greek mythological figures.

Usually, you might have to pay around $11-113 USD as an entry fee to this popular travel destination.

Parque de Maria Luisa

Things to do in Seville
by Seville

Are you ready to spend a day in peace away from the distractions of city life? Then taking a stroll through the Parque de Maria Lucia is one of the best things to do in Seville. It is situated nearby Plaza de España.

It’s an expansive park, featuring naturally lush gardens, patios to relax, and artistic sculptures. Well, there is a guided tour option available for you I recommend just take a stroll along the walkways on your own.

It is one of the best places to be in Seville for quiet contemplation.

Alcázar, UNESCO site

Alaczar, Spain
by culture trip

This site is of incredible importance to Seville, as it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is also famously known for being the most ancient residential palace that is still sturdy enough to be used, in all of Europe.

It is a significant display of Moorish architecture. Alcázar features well-preserved designs and decorations in rooms and hallways. If you want to visit Alcázar, then it may cost you about $12-13 USD.

Jewish Quarter

Jewish Quarter
by TripAdvisor

The Jewish quarter is located nearby the old cathedral. Known for being one of the more lively spots in the city it’s an interesting place for you to be. There are many small streets interconnected at winding around each other in this region.

It is one of the most frequented cases by tourists region, so plan your trip knowing that it may be overcrowded sometimes. While the main states may be suffering from crowding, there are many small curving streets that you can explorer around the area.

While you should not visit suspiciously empty and dark alleys at late night, Seville is usually a safe place to tour.

Cathedral de Sevilla

Budget Travel guide Seville
by Viator

Cathedral de Sevilla is arguably the best church in Seville. It’s the most popular church in Seville as well. Its grand architectural beauty and the historical significance of its existence attract a lot of visitors to Seville throughout the year.

It’s a Roman Catholic church, which you can see from far away. It presents a picturesque view of the skyline of the city. If you plan to visit Seville, taking a tour of this place is a must. It’s as important to Seville tourism as Tajmahal is to Indian tourism.

Cathedral de Sevilla is the place where Christopher Columbus was buried, which only adds to its charm. The cost of admission is usually around $4-5 USD for students below 25 and $9-10 for people above.

Centro Andaluz de Arte Contamporàneo (CAAC)

Contemporary art in Seville
by tudestino

Are you a contemporary art enthusiast? Then this is just the right place for you to be. Situated nearby the city center, CAAC is a well-renown contemporary art museum in Seville.

It a venue that used to belong to a former Franciscan monastery that dated back to the 15th century. It may surprise you that it also served as a ceramic tile factory for some time. Later, It was renovated into this contemporary art museum. It eventually started attracting art aficionados from far away places to ponder at the contemporary art on display.

You may have to pay an entry fee of about $3-4 USD. However, let me present you with a fun fact about Centro Andaluz de Arte Contamporàneo. The entry is free from 7 to 9 pm every evening and throughout the day ok Saturday.

Bike tour of the city

There are many ways to tour around in a city. From public transports, open-roof bus, guided taxi tours, or walking tours, it’s up to you to choose. I’d recommend going on a bike tour around the city.

Just rent a bike and go on exploring the streets and alleys. You may choose to take some pictures or just enjoy the ambient atmosphere. A guided tour around Seville can cost you from $22.00 USD to $38.00 USD.

If you’re visiting several in the summer then going on a walking tour can be uncomfortable for those not used to heat. Paddling away at a bike with a slow breeze washing away your exhaustion might be the best way to take a trip throughout the city after all.

Iglesia de San Isidoro

San Isidoro Sevilla
by visitor Sevilla

Cathedral de Sevilla is definitely the most popular church in Seville. However, Iglesia de San Isidoro has it’s own regulars along with visitors among the foreign tourists. It’s considered one of the places to see in Seville and counted amongst the top churches of the city.

Its design is a fusion of Mujedar and Gothic styles of architecture. Built back in the 14th century, Iglesia de San Isidoro has been witness to the passing of time and cultural changes throughout the centuries.

The entrance fee is usually about $5 to 6 USD. Even if you are not a Christian or interested in religious sites, the grand and innovative architecture alone is more than worth the entrance fee.

Plaza de Espana

plaza de Espana
by spain.info

Are you a travel photographer looking for a perfect spot to shoot? Or just a social media enthusiast, seeking Instagram feed-worthy places? Clicking iconic pictures at the Plaza de Espana is one the best things to do in Seville, Spain. It has been a classic background to many of the popular movies thoughout the years. It has also offered site for romantic scenes to some of the local and international TV series as well. This place has a uunique charm to draw travelers to itself.

It is counted amongst some of the top places with picturesque views in Seville. It was built back in the 1920s nearby Parque de Maria Luisa. The architectural design is an elegant combination of hints of Renaissance, Baroque and Moorish styles. It has a little canal sporting bridges in Venetian style also.

You might have seen the site in many movies and TV series over the years. It’s a popular place not only for its historical significance and design but also for its appearance in Game of Thrones as well as Star Wars.

Seville Travel Budget Planning

Accommodation budget in Seville

Budget travel guide to Seville
by hand luggage only

Budget Hostels

Hostels are a pretty common choice of stay in Seville as there are plenty of backpackers journeying here throughout the year.

Even hostels offer luxury stay options in Seville, rooftop pools, and free breakfast among a few. While that might not seem like much to most, it seems too good to be true for veteran backpackers. Hostels tend not to offer much.

A night stay in a dorm room in a hostel here is pretty cheap (relatively to other European destinations). It’s only about $14 to $24 USD per night.

A private room with bathroom facilities attached may cost you about $40 to $65 USD. There are campgrounds in the area that you can make use of too. Some campgrounds offer luxury amenities such as swimming pools and private cabins for you to enjoy.

They may cost you about $60 USD. However, if you are looking to stay in a much simple accommodation, then you can set up a tent for only about $6 USD as well.

Budget Hotel

For a per night cost of about $43 to $75 USD, a twin hotel room can be rented in the city. It’s obvious that prices may vary from hotel to hotel, depending on the rating and location. In peak tourist season, the prices can be as high as $50 to $110 USD per night as well.


Airbnb is an option easily available in Seville. The accommodations close to the city center can be costly. Although if you are looking for a budget-friendly Airbnb, you can look for it in the area around Alameda de Hercules.

A shared Airbnb accommodation can be about $18-19 USD per night. A private room can be rented for only about  $24-25 USD per night. While renting an entire apartment is usually costly, it’s relatively cheaper than other travel hubs in Europe. It can cost you about $ 45-75 per night(summer). The same may cost you only about $35 USD during winter.

Food budget in Seville

tapas bars in Seville
by lonely planet

Seville food scene is famous for tapas bars with discount deals. There are also plenty of takeaway stands scattered throughout the city. Falafel or Shawarma can be enjoyed for usually around $7-8 USD.

Tapas bars are known to offer the most budget option in Seville. A small plate of the same can be enjoyed for only $4-9 USD. The price range increases as your choice of the dish get expensive, like meat or fish. A simple fast-food choice can be enjoyed for $7-8 USD.

A small beer can be ordered for just $2 USD. Two or three small plates of a tapas restaurant are good enough for a light meal for most people.

Travel modes to try in Seville

Tram Transport system
by Alchetron


Seville is a quite well-connected city with extensive Bus services reaching all corners of the city. You can buy a ticket for the same after onboarding it. It’s usually about $1.5-2 USD Per trip. You can also choose to get a one-day pass for about $5.50 USD or $10 USD for 3 days of traveling around the city via bus.

Tram tour around Seville

Have you ever been on a Tram? Seville offers an Air-conditioned Tram service which can take you to most of the places in the city. Your bus pass will work for the Tram as well.


One of the fastest modes of transport to most places is taxis. It’s also usually the most expensive one as well. It can cost you about $0.90 USD per km and a minimum rate bar of $ 3.50 USD.

Rent a bike in Seville

The best way to tour around Seville is by renting a bike. While it may not be easier or faster. It definitely is the most optimal solution if you don’t want to miss any of the hidden gems. You will need to fill a security deposit of about $162 USD, along with $14.30 USD to fill a registration form for the same.

After you are done with the registration, you get the first 30 minutes free and about $1.20 to 2.30 USD per hour.

The best time to go to Seville is during the March to May months when the city isn’t much crowded. It’s just before the true hot summer begins and before the peak travel season starts.

If you are ok with spending more than usual and crowded streets everywhere, then visiting during Easter can be a unique experience. However, it is not the season to go to Seville for those looking for a budget travel experience. During Easter, Seville is home to the pilgrimage crowds of hundreds of thousands.

Well, now that you know, it’s time for us to part ways. I hope we meet again in one of my other budget trips through interesting place across the globe. Until then, stay safe.

Go on then, voyager, happy travels!

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