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A List of the Incredible Healing Powers Found in Gemstones From A to Z

Have you ever wondered about the healing powers of gemstones?

Are you one of the many people roaming this earth who are interested in discovering more about the healing powers of gemstones? Reading all you can about gems is an excellent starting point for beginners who are interested in learning more about their healing abilities.

Gemstones are one of our precious earth’s natural wonders, found in natural form all over the world. These unique stones contain the essence of the stars for anyone who is open to receiving the benefits of their unique healing powers.

We, as humans, comprise some sort of star material. To most of us, this sounds ridiculous. But, if you ponder about it, the earth comprises carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. They also found these same elements in stars. So, when you actually think about it, this makes it sound less ridiculous, right?

Underneath our precious earth’s soil and collected by many people who believe in their unparalleled powers, gemstones shed light on the special bond our earth shares with the stars above.

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The beauty found in healing gemstones

A brief history of the healing powers of gemstones

Gemstones have been around for thousands of years and are used by various cultures all over the world. It’s no wonder that the ancient practice of crystals has remained so prevalent in today’s society by so many diverse people who believe in their special healing powers.

Gemstones serve many benefits, from relieving arthritic pain and nausea to opening a person’s intuition and chakras, and so much more. Available for purchase in many stores in today’s market, gems are becoming steadily more popular for many curious people and becoming widely sought after by many who are looking to reap their healing benefits and beauty.

The revolution of gemstone use

Even before modern medicine was a thing, some people used gems in the treatment of various ailments, to heal the sick, and to protect them against certain diseases. After all, this was the only alternative available at the time besides natural remedies that were often found on the earth, such as trees, flowers, and herbs. Believe it or not, most of the time, gems actually work to heal ailments!

After the discovery of modern medicine, individuals went away from the use of gems to heal. However, several people in today’s society are still firm believers in their natural benefits and the healing powers of gemstones. They continue to rely on their special powers in their everyday use of gems.

Gemstones, found in many forms, such as large gemstones that can sit on your desk, smaller stones that you can hold in your hand, or concealed in your jeans pocket, and even gems that are made into jewelry to wear, are common practice in today’s society. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings containing gemstones are also quite popular throughout the world.

Gemstones are available at a fairly low cost, depending on their size, in many locations around the world. For a beginner gem collector, there are several low-cost choices of gems to choose from to get you started on your journey of discovering the healing powers of gems.


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Healing gemstones come in a variety of different shapes and colors and serve many purposes.

Therapeutic uses of healing gemstones

Many ancient civilizations have widely used gemstones for various purposes. The most common use of gems, however, is for:

  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Fashion
  • Jewelry
  • Meditation
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a beautiful arrangement of healing gemstones and candles on a heart-shaped plate

How to choose the perfect healing gemstone

To determine the gemstone that is just right for you, you need to first identify what exactly it is that you feel you are missing in your life or you need help with acquiring.

There are so many gems to choose from. Where do you start? Sure, they all look pretty, but gemstones also serve a unique purpose. For instance, perhaps you often feel anxious and you are looking for a gemstone to help relax you and relieve your anxiety. That sounds like a pretty tall order. However, the following crystals do just that, according to some gem collectors:

Amethyst: A beautiful purple-colored gemstone that is incredibly protective and offers its user the ability to dispense negativity from their body. Simultaneously, it attracts positive energy with a calming effect on your body and mind while relieving stress at the same time.

Amethyst is also said to settle the mind’s chatter that might keep us awake at night and allow us to settle into a more peaceful sleep. It is a crystal that is perfect for not only those who suffer from anxiety but also for people who suffer from insomnia and nightmares as well.

Citrine: A stunning, transparent golden yellow gemstone. It is the birthstone of the month of November. This gorgeous stone drives out darkness and night fears and helps ward off negative people from your life. Citrine is also a good gemstone for prosperity, and to increase your intuition. They also believed that citrine can help you in the discovery of your inner voice, and relieve anxiety and stress.

Rose quartz: A beautiful, translucent, pink stone that attracts an abundance of universal love that will heal your heart chakra. This gemstone heals a wounded heart and helps with finding your perfect partner in life. When you have a balanced love life, you will also reap the benefits of less stress and anxiety.

Moonstone: A pearly, indecent stone that gives off a bluish-colored glow. People associate the moonstone with fertility, love, and protection. Jewelry lovers have sought after this gemstone for years in rings and earrings.

The moonstone also promotes inner growth and soothes instability and stress in one’s life by stabilizing your emotions and promoting a calming effect.

Celestite: A mineral that forms pretty, blue crystals. This gemstone increases understanding. Often used in meditation and prayer, the celestine crystal helps connect with your higher powers. Celestite also has many healing properties that are geared towards the crown chakra, including brain disorders, throat, eyes, ears, and nasal problems.

Celestite can also relieve stress and anxiety and help to ease depression.

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Various healing gemstones in a beautiful arrangement

A list of healing gemstones from A – Z


Aegirine: color – grey, black, brown

  • strengthens your immune system
  • aids with memory loss
  • reduces injury caused by radiation
  • wards off thoughts of jealousy
  • has powerful protection power
  • increases psychic intuition.

Agnitite: color – orange, brown, grey, red

  • improves blood flow
  • detoxifies the body
  • alleviates mood swings and hormonal changes
  • creates peace of mind
  • reduces stress levels

Amazonite: color – light blue, white, light green

  • eases muscle tension
  • reduces stress levels
  • provides a calming effect
  • promotes intuition
  • decreases negative thoughts

Amber: color – red, yellow, orange

  • relieves asthma and respiratory problems
  • helps with reducing seizures
  • reduces anxiety, stress, and depression
  • creates a feeling of peace and tranquility
  • wards off evil and psychic attacks

Amethyst: color – purple

  • relieves hangovers
  • stabilizes blood pressure
  • balances problems associated with the crown chakra
  • increases the feelings of love
  • promotes intuitive dreams
  • strengthens psychic intuition

Ametrine: color – purple, yellow

  • strengthens the immune system
  • relieves headaches
  • gets rid of stress and tension
  • creates creativity and open-mindedness
  • opens the third eye chakra

Aquamarine: color – blue

  • improves ailments associated with the throat
  • increases freedom of expression
  • truth serum
  • unlocks creativity trapped inside one’s mind
  • deflects negative energy
  • offers protection while traveling


Bismuth: color – multicolored

  • improves strength and energy levels
  • relieves feelings of isolation
  • sparks feelings when near the perfect life partner
  • helps with time management
  • promotes spiritual growth

Bloodstone: color – black, grey, red

  • cleanses the body of toxins
  • aids with the treatment of leukemia
  • reduces fear and anxiety
  • promotes healthier friendships
  • enhances creativity
  • helps to achieve a better connection with nature

Blue Apatite: color – blue

  • used as a treatment for sufferers of ADHD
  • it reduces sexual tension by removing feelings of guilt
  • clears the mind of clutter
  • has a calming effect
  • aligns all chakras to increase energy flow


Carnelian: color – yellowish-orange

  • helps to relieve arthritis pain
  • addresses impotence
  • promotes more meaningful relationships
  • sharpens focus and concentration
  • opens the mind up for enhanced creativity
  • provides guidance on spiritual journeys

Celestine: color – shades of blue, white

  • relieves pain
  • has a calming effect
  • helps to stabilize relationships
  • promotes clarity and better judgment
  • opens the path of spiritual communication

Charoite: color – pink, purple

  • strengthens the body
  • minimizes symptoms of illnesses
  • alleviates emotional distress
  • enhances expression of thoughts and ideas
  • helps with communication of deceased loved ones
  • allows for a connection to higher beings

Chrysocolla: color – blue, green

  • relieves menstrual cramps
  • helps with hormonal balance
  • eliminates the feelings of fear, insecurity, and guilt
  • promotes creativity
  • enhances energy flow through the seven chakras

Citrine: color – yellow

  • benefits the digestive system
  • works as an anti-nausea
  • balances the thyroid, gastrointestinal, and thymus systems
  • raises levels of self-esteem
  • promotes a feel-good self-image
  • increases intuition and the chances of prosperity and success
  • wards off psychic attacks

Clear Quartz: color – clear

  • used as a cleanser of other gemstones
  •  heals all ailments of the entire body
  • energizes the body, mind, and soul
  • removes all negative energy from within
  • promotes feelings of true inner peace and wellbeing
  • enhances the effect of other stones in their presence

Coral: color – blue, red

  • promotes healthy blood and bones
  • encourages compassion towards others
  • promotes good work ethics
  • may cause vibration at higher frequencies
  • harmonizes various chakras


Desert Rose: color – beige, white

  • helps with tissue and muscle damage,
  • helps to mend a broken heart
  • promotes deeper intuition
  • aids in decision making
  • removes blocks that are preventing you from seeing clearly

Dolomite: color – beige, white

  • strengthens bones and teeth
  • increases the desire to give to others
  • promotes decision-making and the discovery of auras

Dumortierite: color – black, blue, purple, brown

  • used in the treatment of headaches and nausea
  • helps manage pain
  • clears brain clutter
  • reduces feelings of anger and resentment
  • promotes a clearer sense of here and now
  • creates a feeling of positivity and hope for the future
  • rids of negativity to promote spiritual attunement



Emerald: color – green

  • helps in reducing, fevers and body chills
  • aids in the prevention of aches and pains
  • promotes feelings and expressions of love
  • helps encourage proper decision making
  • promotes a healthy heart chakra
  • achieves equilibrium of heart, mind, and soul


Fluorite: color – blue, green, purple

  •  helps fight off the flu
  • strengthens the entire immune system
  • declutters the chakras
  • improves the thought processes for higher achievements
  • opens the third eye chakra
  • introduces you to your spirit guide
  • enhances your psychic abilities


Garnet: color – red

  • restores health by cleansing toxins out of the body
  • increases sexual desires and feeling of intimacy
  • promotes creativity
  • promotes a spiritual connection

Gaspeite: color – green, yellow

  • aids with dieting and weight loss
  • reduces cravings
  • increases confidence
  • promotes a desire to mingle with new people
  • helps with decision making under pressure
  • increases spiritual attunement


Healerite: color – green

  • helps decrease tension and nervousness
  • reduces stress
  • creates meaningful relationships
  • clears the mind of all negativity
  • reduces noise and distraction
  • introduces its users to Mother Earth
  • grounds

Hematite: color – shiny grey

  • relieves cramps and muscle aches
  • helps to eliminate bad habits
  • promotes self love and increases emotional strength
  • clears the mind and aids in decision making
  • reduces negative energy
  • strengthens spiritual intuition

Hemimorphite: color – blue

  • increases feelings of happiness and bliss
  • enhances emotional stability
  • promotes spiritual well-being
  • strong protection properties


Iolite: color – blue, purple

  • heals sore throats
  • reduces intoxicating effects of alcohol
  • reduces hurtful feelings from breakup or death of a loved one
  • creates positivity within
  • promotes clear communication and thought processes
  • balances energy through the throat chakra


Jasper: color – green, red

  • heals injury and body trauma
  • pain reducer
  • restores broken family relationships
  • promotes prosperity
  • creates spiritual freedom

Jet: color – black

  • wards off illnesses and diseases
  • reduces negative energy
  • improves concentration
  • powerful protection stone
  • protects against dark entities and psychic attacks


Kunzite: color – green, yellow, pale pink

  • balances hormones
  • decreases anxiety
  • produces a calming effect
  • heals a troubled mind
  • protects personal auras and chakras

Kyanite: color – blue

  • improves respiratory conditions
  • reduces emotional burdens
  • erases emotionally draining thoughts
  • improves intuition and awakens spirituality


Lapis Lazuli: color – blue

  • pain reliever
  • reduces migraines and headaches
  • encourages honesty and integrity
  • a very potent protection stone
  • opens up spiritual understanding

Lepidolite: color beige, grey, white


Moonstone: color – white

  • relieves menstrual pains and cramps
  • reduces emotional tension
  • improves memory
  • increases quality of sleep
  • increases psychic attunement


Obsidian: color – black

  • a very comforting stone
  • helps with feelings associated with grief, death, and separation
  • absorbs all negative energies
  • relieves mental stress and tension
  • reduces spiritual blockage

Pyrite: color – grey, black

  • restores energy in the body
  • improves blood circulation
  • wards off negative energy
  • increases self-esteem and feelings of confidence
  • promotes psychic positivity


Rhodonite: color – pink, green

  • helps heal an injured body
  • used as a de-stressor
  • promotes peace and tranquility within
  • aids with clear decision making
  • a strong grounding stone
  • promotes spiritual attunement

Rose Quartz: color – pink

  • rids the body of harmful toxins
  • reduces water retention and edema
  • opens the heart to allow feelings of love to enter in
  • helps deal with heartache and breakups
  • promotes a calming energy
  • rids the mind of negativity
  • provides a feeling of spiritual fulfillment

Ruby: color – red

  • cleanses the body of unwanted toxins
  • reduces excess fluids from the body and bloating
  • promotes emotional stability
  • promotes increased concentration
  • a potent protection gemstone
  • absorbs negative energy that has been saved for years


Sapphire: color – bluish, purple

  • heals and restores the whole body
  • protects against disease
  • shields against emotional abuse
  • increases wisdom for proper decision making
  • this stone vibrates at higher frequencies
  • dissolves negative energy through users’ auras

Smoky Quartz: color – grey, brown

  • a powerful healing gemstone
  • wards off negativity
  • rids the mind of troublesome worry
  • increases psychic intuition
  • increases the level of spirituality


Tektite: color – dark black

  • helps with recovery from injury or illnesses
  • balances our emotional state
  • a protective gemstone
  • promotes a higher level of intelligence

Tigers Eye: color – brown, yellow

  • helps to strengthen bones
  • aids in the healing of broken bones
  • improves wisdom and knowledge
  • helps with decision making
  • creates an openness to the higher self

Topaz: color – blue

  • a powerful healing gemstone
  • great for overall whole-body healing
  • has a calming effect on users
  • increases brain power
  • helps with decision making
  • a great gem to use for meditation
  • connects you to your higher self


Vitalite: color – grey

  • increases energy levels in the body
  • relieves symptoms of anxiety and stress
  • used as a natural antidepressant
  • wards off negative energy
  • expands your imagination and creativity
  • rids the spirit of all negative energy from within

Gemstones promote a feel-good flow of energy throughout the mind and body to release negative energy for many improved physical and emotional benefits. Today, the practice of using gemstones for protection is still a common practice.

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A collection of healing gemstones in many varieties

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