About Us

Who are we?

Yoair Blog is the world’s anthropology blog publication. 


Our mission is to advance the discovery of culture through blogging.

Cultural Significance

At Yoair Blog we define culture as the intrinsic nature of a subject or object in relation to its environment from the past, present, to its future. 

Our goal is to try to explore the cultural significance of different subjects when it comes to anthropology, travel, art, history, and current events. Yoair Blog aims to challenge people to take on a more global and exploratory mindset. 

How does it work?

Bloggers can choose a topic and write about the cultural significance of that topic. There are certain guidelines that need to be met before the article can be published. Once the blogger is finished with their draft, they can submit it for review. Our editors will then look at the blog drafts and make sure the criteria for publication are met. Once the blog is ready for publication, the editors will publish the blog under the author’s name. 


Blogs are organized into different categories as follows.

Travel Guide 

Find Travel Guides from major tourist destinations to some rare exotic locales that you may have never heard of. The Travel Guide section isn’t necessarily an area just for travel destinations! It also includes types of foods, languages, and historical information about certain places. 


The Anthropology category is the heart of Yoair blog. Anthropology is the “scientific study of humanity, concerned with human behavior, human biology, cultures and societies, in both the present and past, including past human species.” – Wikipedia

Through this section we hope to give our community an overall feel about how incredibly diverse planet Earth actually is when it comes to culture. 

Ancient History

The Ancient History category is a section that includes information on the origins or the beginnings of certain topics. This can include but not limited to writing, architecture, artifacts, or even art. 


The History section will include information on more recent historical events or findings of places, cultures, and even certain people. Think of this section as a place for modern human history. 


The Indigenous category is a place for any topic that is related to indigenous peoples and tribes around the world. Indigenous means “originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native.” At Yoair we believe it is essential to learn about indigenous cultures because of their direct links to our ancient history. 

There are many Indigenous cultures that are still not known by many people and through this section we would like to bring more cultural diversity and awareness to our readers, bloggers, and community. 

Current Events

The Current Events section is for all things happening now. Current events are “important events that are happening in the world.” 

However, for our purposes on Yoair, we would like to include cultural significance to the current events occurring. That means information on history, human behavior, and relevant findings that can give the community a bigger picture of why the event occurred. 


The Art section is a place for all things art, especially when it comes to art history, cultural significance, or the meaning of the particular type of art. The art section is not limited to paintings or actual works of art, but can include clothing, literature, poetry, and film. 


Myth is the section for legends, superstitions, conspiracies, and even astrology. The myth section is a great place to find how civilizations and cultures used their imaginations to describe real life events and situations. 


The Architecture section aims to go into depth how particular architectural styles were used to describe the culture of the time. For example, the Pyriamid of Giza and why it was built in a pyramid shape, or the specific design elements of the hydraulics system used in ancient Mohenjo Daro. This section can also include contemporary architecture and explain the cultural significance behind the architectural design. 


The Ecology section is a place where bloggers can raise awareness about the ecosystem. This includes wildlife, plants, animals, organisms, and environmental issues or innovations.

Short Stories

You’ll find Short Stories about any topic here. There are no real guidelines on what topic can go here, we want it to be as diverse as possible. The writing could be a monologue, a journal entry, or it could be a short Sci Fi dystopian story. 


The General section is a place to publish miscellaneous topics. Anything from ‘Do it Yourself’ blogs to Health or Science blogs can be found here.  

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