Anthropology: An Insight into Different Food Culture Worldwide


Food culture can represent the spirit, lifestyle, characteristics, and taste. Although it seems easy to understand, the hidden meaning is the most complicated. Food culture is not only counted for a decade, it is for the century based on the development of the country. In this article, I am ready to show the food culture between Asia and European countires. It is a good insight for us to understand why the food originated. Hence, I will recommend the traditional food that the local people are proud of it.

Hong Kong

What is the impression of Hong Kong food? fast-paced? fusion? These adjectives are not enough to describe with it as part of the traditional food use for celebration, using the “nick name” to show the history of the food.

Siu Mai and FishBall

Siu Mai and Fish Ball are the representative street food since every HongKongers MUST try before. Normally these two iconic food will sell it in the same bowl as it is the best combination, and they will also offer curry and normal fish ball to suit everyone. Based on my personal favour, I will add some chilli oil and soy source to improve the flavour. Meanwhile, there are slightly difference between the street food and Chinese restaurant’s version. If you ready to have a short trip in Hong Kong, why not to have a try in “龍津美食” (this stores doesn’t provide the English name). Especially for Mong Kok branch, lots of tourists will approach and have a try on it. REMEMBER! Not every stores are getting the same taste for these traditional street food, do some research or ask for the local friends would be great.

Siu Mai and Fish Ball
Image source: Minihk
Siu Mai in Chinese Restaurant
Image source: Timeout

Cheong Fun

Cheong Fun, known as rice noodle rolls which is another traditional food that expanded to three different versions. For the street food version, people usually make a combination to eat with siu mai and fishball which I have mentioned above.

Cheong Fun in Street Food version
Image source: Afoodieworld

The second version usually appears in traditional Chinese restaurants as a classic dim sum dish. There are several flavors wrapped into it, such as cha siu, prawn, beef, and the normal one without any toppings.

Cheong Fun in traditional Chinese restaurant, as a classic dim sum dish
Image source: iStockPhoto


皺皮腸粉, which is the innovative version of Cheong Fun, really popular in Hong Kong recently (still have not got any official English name). All ingredients of rice noodle rolls are using the same, except the toppings.

皺皮腸粉, havent get an official english name
Image source: OpenRice

Hong Kong Milk Tea

The original Hong Kong style milk tea using at least three different broken tea

Hong Kong style milk tea
Image source: South China Morning Post


What is your first impression of Taiwan? Night market? Like me, night markets and night life are the main impression before traveling to Taiwan, actually you can enjoy the most original taste during the time you are spending in it.

Beef Noodle Soup

Beef Noodle soup made of stewed or red braised beef

Beef noodle, national Taiwanese food
Image source: Postmates

Oyster Vermicelli Noodles

Oyster Vermicelli Noodles “蚵仔麵線”, one of the food that you MUST try when traveling to Taiwan. We can see it seems like a noodle soup and the main ingredients are including oysters and vermicelli. Actually, it would improve the flavours if you are adding spring onion and chili oil as your toppings. Discussing with it, you should remember Ah Chung Rice Noodle “阿宗麵線” since it located on Ximending “西門町” and saw crowds of people queuing to grab a bowl of noodles.

Oyster Vermicelli Noodles, one of the popular food in Taiwan
Image source: Daniel Food Dairy

Braised Pork Rice

Braised pork rice “滷肉飯”, using pork belly, soy sauce, and loads of shallots and garlic to increase the flavours. And Lo Mei “滷味” are normally eating with braised pork rice since they are perfectly match. If you are hungry, you can find at least one shop that selling Lo Mei or braised pork rice nearby. You can now imagine how convenience it is.

Braised Pork Rice, Taiwan traditional dish
Image source: Jumpman
Lo Mei, usually eating with braised pork rice
Image source: Anise Blog

Taiwanese Flaky Scallion Pancakes

Taiwanese Flaky Scallion Pancakes “台式蔥抓餅”, the texture combined with crispy, flaky and chewy at the same time, what a wonderful match. In Taiwan, you can just grab it wherever since you can see lots of the itinerant hawker stall nearby, and the quality are quite similar. Discussing with the ingredients, it is really casual and depends on what hawker have got. For example, egg and cheese are the most “essential”, and you can just order with ham or corn to fit your bias.

Taiwanese Flaky Scallion Pancakes, comes from China but one of the most popular street food in Taiwan
Image source: Aching Foodie

Bubble Tea

What is the impression of bubble tea? sweet? toppings with milk tea? It is not gonna be wrong as no one talk about the history of it before. It started a innovative tea house and put tapioca puddings into the iced tea, and it becomes popular and ready to explore with more flavours immediately. And nowadays, the bubble tea becomes global craze, including North America, Asia and European countries.

Taiwanese bubble tea
Image source: Daniel Food Dairy

United Kingdom

Think with me, what food is the most memorable about the United Kingdom? Only snacks? crisps? or frozen food? Fish & Chips is the representative dish that the majority of people may hear previously.

Fish & Chips

Haddock and Cod fish are debatable since most of the British mainly order by these two. The British chefs are mostly using the Haddock instead of Cod as the meat has more flavor. But the households normally using whatever fish they want, so it just depends on your bias.

Fish and Chips, traditional dish in the UK
Image source: Times Food

Shepherd’s Pie

Shepherd’s Pie, ingredients are including lamb mince, potato, beef broth, and diced vegetables (carrot, corn, and peas), and so on. If using beef mince instead, the name is called “cottage pie”.

Shepherd's Pie, traditional British dishes
Image source: The Wholesome Dish
Cottage pie, another version of Shepherd's pie
Image source: BBC Good Food

All Day Breakfast

If you wanna start with a good morning, why not trying a full All Day Breakfast? All day breakfast, known as “fry up”. The history is so long as the date will go back as far as the 1300s. Traditional full breakfast was served for gentry in the past, which means only the richest people deserved for these. Usually serving for 8 ingredients including black pudding, mushrooms, bacon, tomatoes, egg, baked beans, sausages, and toasts, alongside tea or coffee to enjoy your first meal of the day. And now, it’s not just only serving for the gentry, all social class can just pop into the restaurant and grab a full breakfast.

Full breakfast, traditional breakfast in the UK
Image source: I am a food blog

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington invented by Arthur Wellesley who made this based on the victory of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. And now it also is the British’s chef, Gordon Ramsay, favorite dish and the special’s of his restaurant.

Beef Wellington
Image source: MasterClass


Discussing with scones, there are a few backgrounds about the words of “scone”. Some people believed that the word comes from the Dutch word “Schoonbrot”. British scones have not got a true version and originate places. We can only say it is probably coming from Scotland, however, it is unclear

Image source: The Great British Bake Off



Madeleines were found in the town of Commercy in Lorraine. It first appears in the 1700s by a girl called Madeleines. An interesting is that this dessert was the only one she knew how to make from her grandmother’s recipe.

Madeleines, invented in the town of Commercy
Image source: Sugar Spun Run


If you are the lover of Burgundy snails, Escargot would be the greatest dishes for you to try. But a bit history that you need to know, the Romans had significant influence of eating snails. And now snails is performing an important role in the restaurant industry.

Escargot, traditional French food
Image source: Food Republic

Mille Crepe Cake

Mille Crepe Cake, Mille crêpes in French name, consisted with many crêpes layers and creams. There are more and more flavors such as strawberry, Matcha, milk tea, and so on coming from worldwide. Although it is becoming

Mille Crepe Cake, traditional french dessert
Image source: Glutto digest


If we are discussing Italy, you should not miss pizza as it always appears in our daily life. If you feel hungry, just bake it and having a quick dinner.


Pizza, which is the flatbreads with toppings consumed by ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. And now some people believed that pizza was born in the city of Naples. Actually, Neapolitans required the pizza as an inexpensive food and fast-paced which can purchase quickly. Hence, they originally only put tomatoes, garlic, oil, cheese, and anchovies. Moreover, traditional pizza never put pineapples as toppings. Until now, Italy is still keeping their pizzas as traditional as they can.

traditional pizza in Italy
Image source: Culture trip


Lasagna, known as the Greek word “Laganon”, produced with two different versions in Southern and Northern Italy. It also originated in the city of Naples Lasagna and the first recipe that can be found in the early 14th-century and the English cookbook called “The Book of Cookery”.

Lasagna, traditional dishes in Italy
Image source: Foodasia


Risotto, invented by Valerius, also begun in the 14th century. Only 4 basic ingredients created this delicious risotto which including sauteed vegetables “soffritto”, broth, flavoring, and Italian rice. Meanwhile, you can add various meat or vegetable that you favors for. Meanwhile, you can add some red and white wine to improve the flavor. For example, spring vegetables and seafood risotto are using white wine, and Beetroot risotto is using red wine.

REMEMBER! Do not wash the rice because it can remain the starch for the traditional looks.

Risotto, traditional Italian food, with different flavours
Image source: Matching Food & Wine


Korea, separated by the South Korea “Republic of Korea” and North Korea “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, got a big difference between the two sides.


Bibimbap, which is popular mixed rice in South Korea, recorded in the Joseon Dynasty between the late 1500s and mid-1600s. Why it is being popular is that the Korean wave is sweeping the world with other delicious dishes. Moreover, it is high protein and easy to make which is fitting for tourists and workers during the limited lunchtime. I believe that some readers are influenced by Korean TV shows or movies and had a try with them.

Image source: Loveandlemons


Kimchi, which is a fermented vegetable, could not be missed in any Korean restaurant. And these traditional dishes originated over 3000 years ago which aims to save the life of Koreans during the cold winter to avoid the dies of starvation. The interesting things are that all households will make it, but the flavors are slightly different based on their unique marinade ingredients.

Kimchi, longest history of korean dishes
Image source: Maangchi


Ttukbokki, known as spicy rice cake, was invented in 1953. Actually, you can find it as a portion of street food or just pop up to the restaurant to order it. The common ingredients usually include cylinder-shaped rice cake, fish cakes, red pepper paste, and so on. Just add some broth and simmer it for 5 mins, enjoy your meal!

Ttukbokki, known as spicy rice cake
Image source: Korean Food


Soju, in Korean, called “소주”, the most consumed alcoholic drink in South Korea. This national drink is using the distillation method for its production process which can retain the pure taste. Chamisul, Cheoeum-Cheoreom, and Joeun Day are the most popular soju brand in 2019. If you are ready to have a trip to Korea, just take some notes here and try it!

Soju, national drink in South Korea
Image source:

Fresh Pomegranate Juice

Street food culture is another topic to reflect how Korea loves it. Banana milk, live octopus, kimbap, and Korean fried chicken are the iconic food that you MUST try. But I think pomegranate juice probably not everyone heard of that since it is a french juice rather than pre-made pres juice. If you see it, just buy it. Even local people highly recommend it as a healthy drink.

Image source: A Taste Of Koko

If you are a big fan of homemade food and looking for innovative vegetarian meal ideas then read this blog by Itsjoywithin – Spice up your home cooking journey.

Conclusion of different food culture

In conclusion, food culture can reflect how countries are going to develop with their eating habit and history from previous to now on. All countries got their unique cultures like street food, pizza, dessert, and so on to fulfil what their citizens want. And now, part of the food culture are going to be integrated and fusion for a bit, but all are respecting with each others which mean to keep the original cooking methods and history of the food.

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