Japan’s Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Anthropology: Bizarre Wedding Traditions Practiced Around the World

No doubt a wedding ceremony is a fascinating event that binds two hearts. Further, they promise to move forward together. Will you not feel like wishing the new couple as they embark on a new journey? Why not try to make the event even spicier? You can gather some ideas from wedding traditions prevalent around the world. Weddings are an age-old practice that might seem funny, or even weird, at first. By taking a deeper insight into local traditions and countries, you are exposed to greater details. All around the world, numerous communities practice age-old wedding traditions as well as modern styles. Some, albeit, are quite bizarre.

Wedding Tradition Around The World Which Seem Bizarre

French Wedding Tradition

On the French wedding night, the invites drop leftovers in a toilet bowl replica. Mix them well with alcohol. Then the newlywed couples are supposed to feast on them. The tradition is meant for strengthening marriage bonds as well as preparing them for living together.

French Wedding Bizzare Tradition Le Pot de Chambre

Wedding Tradition in Scotland

The wedding tradition is for the expression of love and affection for the bride. The newly-wed Scottish brides are tied up by their relatives, then bathed with smelly stuff like sauces, fish, eggs, flour, etc. During night outings with friends, her attitude towards handling the awkward situation suggests how well she would manage her family as well as handle the issues arising within the family.

Bizarre Wedding Tradition in Scotland

Indian Wedding Tradition

People all around the world might be knowing the different wedding traditions of India. Marriages are settled after birth chart matching. The bride is believed to be cursed if she is a “Manglik”. The myth exists the husband will die if a remedy is not done. As a remedy, it is quite a bizarre ritual to get the girl to marry a tree before tying the knot with the groom. 


The former Miss World Aishwarya Rai was identified as Manglik. She became a famous actress in the Bollywood film industry. Before marrying Abhishek Bachhan she was subjected to marry a tree first.

Other Indian Traditions

  • The shoe game is a fun game where young sisters from the girl’s side try to steal the shoe of the groom. For walking down the altar or undergoing the wedding tradition and rituals, the groom leaves shoes and walks barefoot. The groom’s mates protect the shoes. In case the bride’s sisters are successful in stealing the shoes, The groom needs to offer money to them to get the shoes back.
  • You must be aware of henna? It has gained popularity worldwide. You can find a use of henna in Indian weddings. Without henna on a wedding is impossible. The bridesmaids gather in the mehndi ceremony and apply henna on the bride’s hand and feet. The henna looks beautiful, its designs reflect love and affection for their husbands. It is a sort of short-duration tattoo that disappears after seven days. Moreover, intrinsic designs can replace valuable jewelry too.
Indian Bizzare Wedding Tradition

Wedding Traditions in China

The Federation of China is famous for its innumerous bizarre traditions during weddings. Shooting the bride with an arrow in one of such weird forms of wedding tradition which can be seen in only this part of the world. The groom uses arches to shoot arrows at brides three times. Arrows are without arrowheads that save from any kind of injury. He then grabs the arrows and breaks the arrows. This symbolizes his love for the bride he is going to marry. The grooms can shoot their brides once in a lifetime.

Other Chinese Traditions

  • One extreme tradition in Chinese culture is woman hairdo. In old times to attract grooms used to chop off their hairs and leave a rat tail-like portion. This tradition in women going bald noticed during weddings symbolizes the woman’s beauty as well as her inclination toward cleanliness. Why doesn’t it sound weird?
  • The best drama can be sighted in pre Wedding tradition in China, where brides must cry for one month regularly for one hour. Three weeks to go the mother joins. Till the wedding, subsequently, the grandmother and sister joined in a gap of a week. Though the Chinese believe it signifies happiness. However, it doesn’t seem so.
Bizarre Wedding Traditions in China

Mauritius Wedding Tradition 

All over the world before wedding girls wish to look slim and trim and to choose to diet is quite normal. But in Mauritius, the psychology behind weddings is completely reversed. Instead of losing weight, their objective is to grow bigger. Eating more becomes more habitual. Moreover, it is believed the more you look fatter the more you look wealthy. Grooms in Mauritius chose fatty brides because of the criteria besides their sex appeals.

Mauritius Has its Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Wedding Tradition of Kenya

The Wedding tradition among Maasai, in Kenya, is not at all a celebration of love. Further, the groom is not allowed to choose his future wife. Over a meeting one week in advance the family agrees on the marriage proposal and details about dowry are settled. The bride’s hair would be shaved and rubbed with lamb’s fat on a wedding day. As per tradition, the father of the bride blesses the duo by spitting on the bride’s head and breast. This way they expect fortune and wealth will be showered on the couple.

Bizarre Wedding Tradition of Kenya

Japan’s Wedding Tradition

The Japanese Wedding tradition of brides wearing white clothes is not unusual nor is it weird. The top to bottom dress is white on a wedding day. Women dress in white kimonos, apply makeup and wear a white hood. The Shinto festival with family members as guests is held. But the hood is a mysterious cover for imaginary horns that represents jealousy towards her mother-in-law.

Japan’s Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Germany Wedding Tradition

The Germans are recognized as an organized and tidy group of people. However, on wedding occasions, they behave completely differently. The Wedding tradition goes like this. The friends from both the couples organize a bachelor party where they smash porcelain dishes on the floor. The bride and groom are made to clean the mess jointly. This tradition marks the beginning of togetherness.

Bizarre Wedding Tradition Found in Germany

Romanians Enjoy this Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Before the wedding, the fun event of eloping the bride is considered a Romanian tradition. The friends and family members plan to hide the girl. Further, hires an actor to threaten the husband and demand ransom money to free the bride. The groom pays the amount. It seems weird though. But the bride finds romantic love for her and satisfaction to have fooled her life partner.

Romanians Enjoy this Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Bizarre Wedding Tradition of Sweden

The Swedish people are mostly romantic. They have a tradition to unite people together and serve as an opportunity for getting personal with the bride or groom. Further, when the bride leaves the room single women queue to kiss the groom and a similar incident happens when the grooms leave the room. It is a Wedding tradition of kissing the person you have loved secretly without getting busted.

Bizarre Wedding Tradition of Sweden

Spanish Bizarre Wedding Tradition

The Spanish people just love partying. Enjoyment is more if it is a wedding reception party. In some parts of Spain, it is a tradition to cut off the groom’s tie into pieces. While the wedding reception party is ongoing, at some point in time the groom is grabbed. The groomsmen carry scissors who cut his tie into pieces. The cut pieces of the tie are auctioned. Moreover, the person who receives a piece gets good fortune from that very moment.

Spanish Way of Conducting Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Bizarre Wedding Tradition of America

Like the other bizarre Wedding tradition, the westerners have theirs too. Women wear bridal girders in their legs, under their gowns. Wearing a girder beneath the dress originated in the UK and Europe. which were meant for holding on to the stockings. The Westerners adopted this age-old tradition as a part of their wedding. In the reception party in presence of everyone, the husband uses his hand or mouth to drag the girder off his wife’s leg from below her gown. Then he tosses the girder among the invitees. The person who grabs it is believed to be lucky.


Many other Bizarre wedding traditions can astonish you. Online data visits can give ideas of what other crazy Wedding tradition is spread all over the world. 

Bizarre Wedding Tradition of America

History of Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Weddings are a tradition where a husband and wife vow to spend their life together. Marriage or Wedding tradition originated a long time back probably from the pre-historic period. There are multiple countries in the world. Each developed the traditions for celebrating weddings. Ceremonies in which friends and family members play a vital role. Apart from their own, traditions unforeseen may look funny or weird. A deeper insight into the traditional background can be gathered by cross-cultural interactions. Each tradition has its face value, you should respect each.

History of Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Importance of Cross-Cultural Exposure

People all over the world have realized they should equip themselves with cultures of different countries and appreciate them. In the fast-paced world, it is quite essential to cope with problems you face in other countries. Here lies the essence behind the importance of cross-cultural exposure. Be it geographical, linguistics, Wedding tradition, religion, myths, social obligations, law, etc benefits of cultural exchange cannot be denied. 

  • Scope to understand the world better
  • Ability to demarket stereotypes
  • Ethnic and racial issues can be minimized
  • Opportunity to know new people

Why Should One Learn About Different Cultures

  • Because they are interesting
  • Keep your mind stipulated
  • The reasons to understand might happen
  • Enhance your capabilities to handle problems
  • Prepare oneself to protect themselves from the effects of an ever-changing world.
Importance of Cross-Cultural Exposure

Features of Bizarre Wedding Tradition 

The Tradition

The beliefs in groups or society passed on generation after generation in forms of values, property, statements, etc. can be termed as tradition. It is that piece of culture that binds our family and society. Traditions make us aware of our history, shapes our present, and equip us for the future. It defines your identity. Who are you? where you belong? What culture do you belong to? Traditions provide answers to such questions. The word is derived from the Latin language which means to deliver.

Briefing culture

Everything about the persons of a group can be defined as a culture. Groups may be Ethnic, religious, work culture, etc. Features like age group, religious belief, ethnic race, or work culture are defined by this word culture. A person may be a part of many groups. Personal identity gets defined.

About Custom

Custom refers to practices present in the culture and people of society. All societies in the world have their ways to celebrate wedding functions. Each has its own culture and rituals for the same. Moreover, the practices once transmitted from father to his son become a custom. For example, shaking hands is a universal practice. However, post-pandemic the traditional way to welcome delegates or people has adopted Indian culture Namaste.

Explaining Customs Over Tradition

Tradition and custom go hand in hand. Both mean the same too. But there is a slight difference between the time gap. Tradition is related to something that has been followed by generations. Whereas culture is something carried over by a son from his father. Hence, a custom can be traditional. But vice versa won’t happen i.e custom cannot be the tradition. 


  • Tradition has a vast domain worldwide but customs are individualistic. Moreover, confined within a family often.
  • Custom is short-lived. Whereas, the tradition continues to exist generations together
  • Though both have the same meaning as in the dictionary. But there is a deviation to be noted.
  • Every society in the world has its set of traditions and customs as we find examples in the wedding traditions mentioned above. 
Features of Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Benefits of Bizarre Wedding Tradition

  • Builds a space of comfort and a sense of belongingness
  • Reconnect with family and friends
  • Reinstate freedom, integrity, etc. Teaches being selfless
  • Create a lifelong impression for friends and family
  • Educates about different practices that are observed during weddings
Benefits of Bizarre Wedding Tradition

Relation to Anthropology

Weddings are divine institutions that bind two souls husband and wife, who vow to spend their entire life together. Be it Temple, Gurdwara, Church, or Majid marriages, they are considered a ritual of eternal matchmaking. Wedding tradition or marriage originated hundreds and hundreds of years before. Wedding ceremonies have a social presence in which friends and families participate actively. Moreover, the world has multiple countries, and the traditions of each country need to be respected. In this document, we have tried to correlate tradition and culture. Additionally, there are explanations of some bizarre or weird traditions of weddings worldwide, some even downright dangerous.

Wedding Tradition Around The World Which Seem Bizarre

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