it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity

Travel Guide: Travel Etiquette to Follow when Visiting Abroad

Before setting out for your travel spree, make sure to look up the travel etiquette, taboos, and traditions of the country. While visiting clubs or certain occasions you need to follow some protocols. Further, it would be recommended to do some homework to learn the traditions and culture of other countries. Why unnecessarily drag yourself into harassment. Ample Online portals provide information for your trip. Moreover, you can chalk out the must-see places of your choice.

it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity


To ease our interactions personally or professionally etiquettes play a vital role. It is a form of unwritten code of behavior that following would enlighten you for your success in life. Besides, building confidence to interact with other people. The opinions of others regarding etiquette may be different. In this digitized age, they feel the clauses or not up to date. Some policies are beyond Victorian times being imposed on them. Be it modern or old we should not ignore the core values like consideration, kindness, and respect. Hence, you should follow Travel Etiquette to show respect to traditions of other countries.

it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity

Guides for International Travelling

Opportunities for visiting international destinations today have paved the way for cultural exchange. Simultaneously, when you get to know about other cultures you get a platform where you can share and display your culture. Hence, you can understand how beneficial it is to know Travel Etiquette before traveling to international locations.

Photography is more like a permission-based manner when it comes to travel etiquettes around the world


  • Language- Learning a little bit of local language can create a deep impact. Though English is a universal language adopted worldwide. However, a different kind of impression is built when native speakers say things like hi, thank you, good morning, good evening, good night, goodbye, great, etc. when traveling to other countries.
  • Gesture- It’s more convenient to use words to explain a situation. Problems may arise when you are using gestures. Gestures or signage may appear derogatory in other countries that mind offends the opponent. Hence, be careful when you use gestures. Better to remain silent when you don’t know how to react and divert the topic of discussion. That’s only possible if you learn Travel Etiquette
  • Tips- In countries like Mexico, Canada, Austria, or the USA the waiter’s income results from tips. Hence, it is almost mandatory to pay tips if you have food outside. Whereas it is considered offensive.

So, you would be benefited if you know the traditional practices of a few international places.

Go through these golden international travel etiquette rules and be a true global citizen of the world.

Traveling to Norway

  • In Norway, people universally are comfortable in their bodies. Especially at beaches, they bare themselves without any cover. It would be shameful to stare at them. Rather move away leave them alone
  • Norway people feel it would be highly unethical to unwrap flowers before gifting. It would be a German-style of gifting
  • Most people in Norway don’t believe in visiting churches like others. As a part of maintaining Travel Etiquette refrain from church topics. Norwegians feel it rude, weird, and intriguing
  • Norwegians are more of an informal type. So, if you visit them don’t expect any special treatment.
  • In Norway, calling by first name is a common practice. The use of surnames is not pronounced.
it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity

In Japan

  • In Japan’s culture tips after food is not acceptable. Further, if you do so you would get back the change.
  • A Japanese house will not allow shoes inside the house. Nor, you can open them outside the house. There is a space allocated called Genkang to the right below the house level where guests are allowed to open shoes before entering the house.
  • Japanese people dislike hugging, especially old people. As a part of Travel Etiquette avoid hugging people whoever you meet
  • When riding an escalator Japan has some standing rules. Stand to your left or right. However, there is a change in order between Osaka and Tokyo. To follow the rest of the people would be wise.
it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity—circa-september-2014-time

 Travel to Russia

  • Remember in Russia there is a specific rule for gifting flowers. An even number of flowers generally goes out for dead people. 1/3/5/7 would be the arrangement of a perfect bouquet for gifting flowers.
  • If you think about cashless transactions in Russia your idea may go wrong. Further, the purpose of using a credit card may not be useful for all. Transactions in cash only may hinder the purchase
  • The Russia Government’s way of working or the laws instituted are ignored. by many Russians. Rather they prefer making decisions by themselves. Moreover, they feel there is no need for anyone’s supervision. However, they agree the government isn’t at fault.
it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity

In France

  • If you are a vegetarian your travel to France might be troublesome because of the lack of vegetarian food varieties, restaurants are scarce that serve veggie food. It’s because of a less vegetarian population. It is their culture and cannot be ignored. However, things are changing but the concept is far to be accepted. Especially the older generation people
  • To maintain Travel Etiquette you should refrain from talking about money. Discussing money is considered dirty, in French culture discussing money is offensive. 
  • The French education system is poor in teaching foreign languages. So visitors might not have the freedom of speaking English. Rather, Spanish or German speakers are available.
it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity

Travel to Singapore

  • Singapore has been recognized as a fine city. It has imposed a lot of restrictions, on Liu of violating restrictions imposed by the country you can get fined heavily. For chewing gums, for instance, opium seeds, tobacco products from outside the country, or alcohol are offensive
  • Further eating in public places, littering, spitting, or urinating is strictly banned. You get heavily fined in such cases.

In Kenya

it is important to learn about other countries and to embrace cultural diversity
  • The Kenyans are religious people of whom almost 80% belong to Christianity. They expect their visitors to be religious too. To comply with Travel Etiquette don’t take offense if asked whether you are religious
  • Processes in Kenya are very slow so avoid being impatient. However, try to cooperate with them rather than being rude. Accept the fact their processes are slow.
  • In Kenya first name is not used rather surname goes along with salutation i.e.Mr.Mrs, Dr, etc. Those who are unknown are addressed as Sir or Madam. However, first names can be referred to for personal identification.

Travel to India

  • Unlike other Western countries, PDA is regarded as obscenity. Avoid kissing in public certain jurisdiction might land you in jail
  • Establishing physical relation without consent would be an offense and can be jailed
  • When greeting individuals of the opposite sex, the tradition of India is to fold hands to wish Namaste. Moreover, hugging and shaking hands would be treated as offensive in the case of females.
  • India isn’t safe for women, crime against female tourists is on the rise. 
Go through these golden international travel etiquette rules and be a true global citizen of the world.

In China

  • The wearing of a green hat is treated as a word synonymous with a betrayal wife in China. Hence, avoid wearing green hats.
  • Avoid giving gifts of white flowers like Chrysanthemum and others to the host. The white flower symbolizes sorrow and grief. Used in funerals, hence not suitable.
  • White paper wraps should be avoided for gifts. The Chinese people have superstitions surrounding its use
  • Chinese people believe the sound of clock ticking resembles the sounds at death times. So, better to avoid gifting clocks
  • There are traditional beliefs about chopsticks also. The Chinese people believe after finishing the meal if the chopsticks are left sticking up a bowl, it resembles the way they offer homage to departed souls.
Anthropology:Travel Etiquettes Around The World

Travel to Britain

  • Don’t dare to jump a queue. It is considered offensive and you may be a victim of capital punishment
  • Quizzing and correlating the answers is the best way to guess the probable earnings of an individual. Direct questioning about a person’s earnings may be felt offensive
  • Only well-known guests should be invited to the British houses, not all
Anthropology:Travel Etiquettes Around The World

Must and Must Nots in Travel Etiquette

Now you know what a great traveler needs. If you travel abroad noticeably you need to know about the country and culture of countries for better traveling experience. All countries around the world are individualistic. Every country has laws, a guideline for dos and don’ts which needs to be respected by travelers. So, learning Travel Etiquettes is quite essential.


  1. Besides being thankful you must be polite and respectful
  2. Acquire knowledge about the place you will be visiting
  3. If you wish to become a good traveler, not only respect other’s culture but dig more about their customs
  4. Practice patience while you wait for your turn
  5. Your tickets, passport, visa, travel insurance i.e. all documents must be in place.
  6. Keep the converter handy. Electronic products produced on a national level might not fit the sockets available in other countries

Must Not

  1. Misbehave with locals
  2. Avoid making negative statements
  3.  Refrain from making own assumptions
  4. If the locals misunderstand your instruction don’t blame
  5. Compare with own service
 It is always recommended to learn the local language or at least know its basic terms so as to communicate in a much easier manner

What all you Learn from Travel Etiquette


Always keep in mind while traveling that you are just a visitor and not a resident. Moreover, you are representing your country. Try to create a good impression amongst the locals with your mannerism. As per Travel Etiquettes, you should maintain humbleness, respectful and politeness to impress the locals. You learn more from locals, their culture, and their background history when they are convinced by your attitude.


During sightseeing, it may not be a private cab. In such a case, you need to avail yourself of public transports mainly buses and metros. You would find a lot of local commuters. You should not violate their space. Racial issues may crop up which may get mitigated if you show manners. Like offering seats to older people or pregnant women. Show you courtesy in all possible ways. Better be silent and avoid speaking on mobile while moving. You can learn more from Travel Etiquettes


Quite unfortunate but the fact is for vegetarians there are fewer options of restaurants abroad. Moreover, visitors from nations where eating meat is prohibited have to face the same music. No other option other than dining at a non-veg restaurant. Have a portion quickly and pack the leftover parts.

Business Travel

Always remember you have been selected as the most eligible candidate to represent your company. You should respect the opportunity you have been assigned to. Business Travel Etiquettes is a specialized branch of Travel Etiquettes that would enable you to get welcomed even on your second chance.

Clothing During Business Travel

Your attire speaks a lot about your attitude. To be successful on business trips you need formal clothes. It would be better to wear them all the time. Keep a handy bag with all essentials packed ready for your next visit. For better knowledge refer to Business Travel Etiquettes.

Business Meets

Most business meets are characterized by lunch and dinner events. Most of the meetings though serious may get informal. But keep the objective in mind, don’t engage yourself in informal talk with colleagues. Besides, delegates from other countries might be there at the meat. They have different traditions for eating. Moreover, you can enrich your knowledge about eating etiquettes from various documents. It would be highly advisable to prepare yourself for landing in an embarrassing situation.

About Safety

  1. For traveling abroad the most important document is the passport, you are requested to stick it to your body. A pouch would be a good option. Secret pockets in your dress are another way. Further, the intent is not to misplace it while in transit.
  2. Keep emergency numbers of relatives, friends, hotel, etc. to help you in case of urgency
  3. You never know who is traveling with you, how reliable they are. So, if anyone is traveling solo, they must not use their expensive mobile, tabs, or camera in public.
  4. For a comfortable journey carry your first aid kits. Further, you can DIY, treat headaches, dizziness, nausea, stomach ache, etc.
  5. The travel insurance policy not only assures you safety but also helps in illness, flight cancellation, or theft. Safety in a foreign land needs a valid insurance policy to meet challenges.
Every country has certain food items that are banned and it is only sensible for you to know about them before you go on demanding them like it’s your hometown

Significance in Anthropology

Now you can understand why knowing Travel Etiquettes are important. It makes you learn how to respond to cultural as well as traditional differences every country has. You can be aware of the different dos and Don’ts of each country. You are recommended to follow rules and regulations prevailing around the country. Further, we get to learn how to grow into expert travelers. Control our behavior and manners to build relationships with the locals to explore more. about their culture. You now understand how business travel etiquettes can make you successful. Additionally, you can the measures to have a safe travel experience.

Anthropology:Travel Etiquettes Around The World

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