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Appreciating African and European Creativity of an Individual’s Artwork

First, art is a broad category that encompasses a wide range of human activities, including the creation of visual,aural, or performative artifacts. Artwork that exhibits the author’s inventive or technical talent and is intended to be admired for its beauty or emotional force.

The artist’s ultimate objective is not always beauty. Art is frequently created in order to elicit and connect with human emotions. Artists may create sentiments, religious beliefs, curiosity, interest, affiliation with a group, memories, thoughts, or creativity in order to inspire their audience in some manner. Performance art, frequently does not want to satisfy the audience, but rather to elicit sentiments, reactions, dialogues, or questions from the audience. Aesthetics may be an irrelevant metric for “beautiful”: art in some instances.

Art is broad and individuals should not underestimate artwork, because every piece has its own meaning. In other words, art portrays something in a different way. Moreover, art can remind people of something. Furthermore, people can use art as a means of expressing themselves. Artwork can communicate with people without using explicit language. One can learn a lot about a person’s tastes by glancing only at art they use on display in their house. TODAY, a lot of people are creating art. To identify your favorite, you must track down and purchase items that you enjoy. Art can be costly and people can make an attachment to the work. One thing about art is you can create it without having educational qualifications. People should learn to appreciate art.



Art is broad as it can be literature, music, films, etc etc. A work of art makes people understand others’ behaviour, values and beliefs. In art you can learn a lot of things. There are a lot of morals in a film, music and different types of sculpture. For one to understand a work of art, he or she needs to understand the culture of that particular art. Culture is the idea of manifestation of society.

Apart from identifying individuals, art has a significant impact on the aesthetics of a space. It can be designed to create a focal point in your house. The work of Art has the ability to pull people in. Art is an individual preference, and every work of art you decide to own reveals a great deal about you. It can make an individual focus on its creativity.

Gratitude to Art

Meaning that there is a way to live with thankfulness as a general condition of awareness- on good days and bad days, in good times and bad times. Develop your thankfulness and work to keep it alive.

Appreciating art is understanding all the qualities that come with art and sometimes attaching meaning to it. Through appreciating the artwork, you can generate a message that comes from the artwork.

The artwork can represent the racism between black and white that still exists. On art appreciation, you are analyzing art and you can learn a lot about people’s culture in art.

When one is trying to understand art, one must also consider the culture of the art. You have to consider the diversity in understanding art as some art is based on history, while some are concerned about today’s life.

The Law in Art

People have a right to be creative. Their work of art may not be liked by everyone. If art portrays that white males are racist, it’s not illegal.

Every artist has the right to express themselves in their work of art. Art work can be copyrighted, whereby it shows that you own the piece of art.

You can not copy someone’s work of art as it is illegal unless you copy it in the right way. An example is when you reference the work.

The person who buys the artwork is not allowed to make her or himself a copy. The art owner is the one who has the right to make a copy of his or her own work.

John Makobela

John is one of my friends who introduced me to art. He said looking at some other piece of art heals his emotion where he feels like the art just understands what’s going on to him. He introduced me to the famous painting called The Kiss.

The Kiss

An artwork of a woman and a man kissing
Credit: Fine Art America

This is one of the most famous pieces of art and it is my favourite work of art. Gustav Klimt is the artist of The Kiss Art. The Kiss depicts two lovers in a fragmented, dream-like embrace. The artwork was done in the early twentieth century.

It is a classic work that conveys a universal love message. On the edge of the beautiful meadow, a couple is closely clutching one another.

A man and lady embrace and share a passionate kiss in the painting of The kiss. It also reveals that both of the couples are clothed in elaborate costumes. This artwork, it should be emphasized, depicts how love should be at times.

Detailing The Kiss

The Kiss is regarded as Klimt’s most famous piece. It depicts a universal concept of love. It becomes considered a classic Art Nouveau work.

The painting is done on 1.8 meter by 1.8 meter square canvas. It depicts an intimate and peaceful situation in which a man and woman kiss each other.

Gustav used only the finest materials to paint, including oil and silver leaf. The use of gold to depict love was therefore regarded heretical at the time.

Monetary Value Of The Kiss

The beauty of The Kiss is currently making it one of the most valuable paintings. Gustav Klimt’s artwork became purchased by an Austrian gallery long before he finished it in 1908. The art was so valuable that it sold for 240,000 dollars in today’s money. The kiss is valued at more than 135 million dollars, based on the values of his other works that have lately been sold.

Importance of Art

A picture of a brain splashed with paint as part of art
Credit: Almerja.com

Artwork is not easy to perish but gains value. You can discover a piece of art that was created 100 years ago. Art becomes compared with land and building in the economic market as its value may sometimes increase later. Art and sculpture designs make the place look beautiful. Music as art can boost an individual’s confidence, as when a singer writes motivational lyrics in a song.

Mysterious Expression

Some art has deep meaning through it. It can be about people deforesting to build houses while killing the nature of life from the trees.

Art in different forms

Fine art differs from art objects and decorative elements except it is it entails for such aesthetic and beauty  worth instead of its utilitarian value.  sketches, printing, sculptures and Paintings, are examples of this form of art. Fine art is a broad term that includes a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Visual art encompasses pottery, handicrafts, sculptures,  photography, painting, drawing, architecture, and filmmaking, among other forms of art with a visual impact. These encompass practical arts like interior design, graphic design,  industrial design, clothes design,  and ornamental art.

Plastic craft have 3 art model art ceramics and sculptures. Entail craft, modeling, or carving falls under this category.

Decorative art is a form of art that entails the design and decoration of practical objects. It does not always have inherent aesthetic characteristics. The terms ornamental art and crafts are frequently used interchangeably.

Applicable art is the process of incorporating artistic designs into ordinary objects. Creation of good art is with beauty and functionality in mind.

Musical Form

a painted picture of musical instruments. art is beautiful
Credit: blogspot

We are going to talk about Hip-Hop and Jazz music as a form of Art. People who listen to this type of music have an influence on codes.

Jazz influences the listener by their dress code. Some of the Hip listeners dress in over-sized clothing.

Most of them are gentlemen wearing charming suits. If you were to give a persive listener of jazz you may say they like instrument and they pay attention to the music.

Some many say jazz listener use music to heal themself, they replacing therapist with music.

Hip Hop

Hip-hop became a popular music genre created by inner-city African Americans in the United States. It includes a stylized rhythmic music that frequently accompanies rapping, as well as recited rhythmic and rhyming words.

Block parties grew extremely popular in New York City throughout the 1970s, especially among African American adolescents in the Bronx, and hip hop as a musical genre and culture arose.

DJs played percussion breaks of popular songs at block parties, using two turntables and a DJ mixer to alternate between playing breaks from two versions of the same record, lengthening the “break.”

As sampling technology and drum machines became more widely available and affordable, hip hop began to evolve. With the breaks, and turntablist techniques like scratching and beatmatching evolved. To add, Jamaican toasting and chanting vocal style became used over the beats.

Rapping began as a vocal style in which the performer talks or chants in time to an instrumental or synthesized beat. Hip hop music did not formally find itself recorded for broadcast on radio or television until 1979. The genre’s early poverty and lack of popularity became foreign outside of ghetto areas.

Saigon- better way.

Saigon is an Hip-Hop rap artist. There’s a song called A Better Way by him. Music is part of a work of art, it involves one being creative. In the song, Saigon raps about finding a better and leaving all his trouble making. From my perspective, according to the song, music helped Saigon to stay away from trouble.

[Saigon:]I’m hardly never low-key, so it’s hard to get to know me.
Got enemies in the street that’s still targeting to smoke me
It must make ’em sick to see me as godly [?] in the movie.
Wait ’til they start spending money to market and promote me
Why would y’all wanna stop me?

one of the best lines that I love in the song.

The song portrays a change from being a trouble maker to being working in art. As he became serious about rap music, he was paranoid that some people would try and test him. By testing him, it could lead him to be a trouble maker again. The story of the song is touching and it tells you that you can change from being a trouble maker to something better. The song can motivate individuals to find a better way. One can appreciate the art of the song, you can listen to motivational words that can help one’s mental health.



In films, the creator portrays live images, photos and sound to bring out the work of art. What they do in the film industry is that they crossfertalize with other department of art such a writors.

There’s a South African movie called Knuckle City. In the movie you will see crime life whereby most characters were thugs and some were boxer players. One thing that I pick up after watching the movies is that your background can influence individuals on how to live their lives. The movie was produced by Jahmil X.T Qubela in 2019. It became placed in the categories of sports and crime movies.

From films you learn about the diversity of life and how others live theirs. This movie shows what life in townships of most South African areas is like. If you want to see a South African crime drama, this movie is for you.

The Characters

A character named Duke becomes featured, who lives a thug life in the movie. One of the characters’lives is one that he took from his father.  Dudu is a boxer and loves girls very much. Those are the characters that he took from his father. Two brothers live different lives but they are always there for each other and, most importantly, their family.

Significance of Appreciating Anthropology

Art displays the variety of cultures to different people. One can learn about other people’s culture through a work of art. This can happen in the form of a dress code where an artist paints humans dressed according to their culture. The work it means something to different cultures.

People in certain civilizations believe that art belongs to the individual who created it. They believe the artist invested his or her “talent” and hard work into the work. Art, in this perspective, becomes the artist’s poverty. This serves as protection by copyright. People in some cultures believe that art belongs to no one. They believe society has invested its social capital in the artist and his or her work. According to this viewpoint, society is a group that has created art through the artist.

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