Aruba travel guide

Aruba Travel Guide: A Premium Destination Experience

Known for its gorgeous views, wide stretches of beaches, lively marine life, and overall relaxing atmosphere, Aruba is one of the best places to see on a Caribbean adventure trip of yours.

You’ll discover that the local architecture resembles Dutch-style buildings with curved roofs and pastel colors. The natural ambiance of the island makes it a perfect travel hub to unwind.

Did you know that Aruba is chosen by many newlywed couples as their honeymoon destination? Older couples also frequent this place for its laid back atmosphere. While it may be an expensive experience, if you have the money to spend, it will be a journey of a lifetime.

In this blog, I have tried to help out as much as I could with budget planning. However, you should know that it’s one of the premium locations for travel. So be ready to lighten your wallet a bit. Now, let’s take a look at the best places to see and things to do in Aruba on your Caribbean trip.

Places to See and Things to do in Aruba

Go snorkelling in Aruba

things to do in Aruba
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Aruba is a place with brightly colored corals known for its beautiful beaches and sandy shores. One of the best things to do in Aruba is snorkelling. Angelfish, octopus, and clownfish are some of the more prominent creatures found on the coasts of Aruba.

Aruba is not really a tight-budget-friendly destination. However, most of the hotels do offer their guests complimentary equipment for snorkeling. If you plan to take on a snorkelling cruise you will need to Bear on $50 USD per adult at the very least.

Visit the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad

Oranjestad is the capital city of Aruba. It’s known for most of its architecture, built in Dutch s Go on a trip around the town. It will let you see that the roofs of the houses are curved and an abundance of pastel colors was used in their makeup.

If you are in the mood for shopping, then make your way to the downtown area. That is where the shopping district lies. The historical Museum of Aruba and the national archaeological museum are situated in the downtown area of the capital as well.

Sailing trip

things to do in Aruba: Sailing trip
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One of the most popular activities to do around Aruba is sailing. After all, if you visit the Caribbean and stay inland all the time, what was the point of the trip at all? You can take care of someone special on a romantic trip during the sunset. They have a dinner or join a party cruise. It all depends on how much you can spend.

You will not lack fun things to do around Aruba. Even for sailing, there are many varieties of cruises that you could join. Your budget will be the only limit here. The Tranquilo is one of those cruises that have to arrange lunch, refreshments, and drinks options available. As you might have guessed, not it will not come cheap. It costs about $85 USD for a trip to Tranquilo.

A cheap Caribbean trip is only a myth. Well, there are ways to travel around on a limited budget by limiting your expenditure. Stay in Dorm rooms instead of private hotel rooms try out the local food instead of western ones, which can be quite pricey here. These are two of the popular ways to maintain your budget.

While not exactly tight-budget-friendly, Pelican adventures do offer a basic rules feature at about $56 USD. Have fun with your loved ones and do not forget to take some pictures of beautiful moments.

Dive into adventures

places to see in Aruba: Sunken aeroplanes dive spot

Some travellers may enjoy hanging around the beaches and going on cruises with their partner in Aruba. Others? They go diving.

There are many popular dive sites around Aruba. Nearby the Renaissance island, the Antilles wreck, and remains of sunken airplanes are some adventure sites for divers.

If you do decide to go on a dive here, you might encounter Sting rays, yellowtail snappers as well as Moray eels. Usually, the cost of hiring a one-thank-dive in Aruba is about $85 USD.

Go on a hiking trip to Hooiberg

hiking trip to Hooiberg
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Hooiberg is a well-known hiking destination in Aruba. It is also called the Haystack mountain. It’s located in the very centre of Aruba and stands at a height of about 500 feet. If you want to have the perfect panoramic view of the entire island and this is the place to be.

If you hike up to the top on a day with clear skies you might be able to glance at Venezuela’s coasts. The mountain is pretty steep so you should bring the proper hiking gear along with you. Plenty of water too, in case you get dehydrated.

Unwind on the beach

Eagle Beach trip
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There are many things Aruba is known for, but the most important thing is that it is a primary destination for those people looking to relax. It might be our grandparents. It might be newlywed couples, but it’s a premium honeymoon destination after all.

A vacation in Aruba may not be easy on your budget, but the loosening of tension in your shoulders will be well worth it. The beaches of Aruba offer many recreational activities, from swimming, snorkelling to sunbathing. Eagle beach is quite popular for being less crowded. It’s not that tourists don’t like coming here. Rather, the shores of the beach are quite wide. It’s enough to provide ample space for all the visitors here.

Flamingo beach is another option located on Renaissance island. As the name suggests, the big is known for the Flamingo population around the Area. The presence of exotic flamingoes makes for great picturesque views.

If you are travelling from the capital then Drulf beach is the nearest to Oranjestad. Andicuri Beach is a place of peace and quiet in Aruba.


Things to do in Aruba: Kayaking trip
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A famous way to relax in Aruba is going kayaking. The cost of accommodation in hotels might be expensive. However, most of the hotels offer free kayak services to their guests. However, if your hotel does not offer that service then you might have to pay around $25 USD every hour for the duration of your rental.

There are plenty of hidden spots for you to explore along the coastline. It would be wise to consider taking your time exploring the area.

Explore the island

Get off the well-maintained roads and go on an adventure. You can choose to hire a guide to help you navigate through the island. You could also choose the much less expensive option of going on a self-guided tour. The best way for an offroad tour around the island is by a quad.

For the price of $130 USD, you can rent acquired for the full day. Some of the more popular touring companies are Around Aruba and Action tours.


If you are a golfing enthusiast, then there are a great range of options available for you. From $90.00 USD to around $158 USD might be required to play golf at the championship course of the island.

Tierra Del Sol and Aruba Golf Club are other options available for you to try. Aruba Golf Club can offer you a round of 18 holes for about $30 USD.

Archaeological Museum tour in Aruba

If you are in the mode of a journey through history, then the archaeological museum is the right place to visit. The display contains artefacts which were originated around 2500 BC.

While visiting any new place, it is a good idea to know about its culture, history and geography. There is a documentary that you can watch in this museum about the indigenous people’s life back in time. Admission to the Archaeological Museum of Aruba is free of cost.

Travel costs for a vacation to Aruba

Airbnb Travel Accommodations in the Caribbean
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Aruba is not really known for dorm rooms and hostels. However, if you are lucky enough to find a vacant shared dorm, then it can cost you about $30 USD for a night in a room with four to six other beds.

A hostel room with a double bed and attached bathroom could cost you about $40 USD per night for each person.

In the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, you will have to pay around $100 USD per night for a private room. It will come with an attached bathroom in a two to a three-star hotel. The same facility near the beach resorts will cost you about $120 USD per night.

Airbnb can be a more budget-friendly option, but not as prevalent available in Aruba. Shared space, like renting a bed for a night in a dorm can cost about $34 USD. A private room in a modest space can cost you around $40 USD per night. If you are looking to renting an apartment, however, it will cost you $150 USD per night on average.

Food budget; What to eat in Aruba?

cheap Caribbean traditional food
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Whenever you go on a trip to any expensive destination, the best way to try and limit your budget is by trying out the local delicacies.

Most of the hotels around Aruba offer complimentary breakfast to their guests. If you go on a tour around Oranjestad and feel peckish, then you can get breakfast at one of the famous spots for just $5 USD.

If you are in the mood for a bagel sandwich, it can cost you about $4 USD, while a ham and cheese sandwich can be bought for only $3 a day at superfoods.

To further maintain and control your budget expenditure, you can grab dinner at the lesser-known inexpensive diner. Your dinner will cost about $12 USD at such a place.

Getting dinner at a high-end restaurant can cost you a minimum of $30 USD. And it’s just the price for trying out a seafood entree. The price can bounce up to $60.00 USD however if you go to higher-end diners.

A glass of wine to go along with your dinner can cost you about $8.00 USD or $4 USD for a beer.

If you plan on cooking your own food, however, it may cost you about $60.00 USD for buying the basic groceries for one week in Aruba.

What’s the best way to tour around Aruba?

Caribbean travel
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Public transport

This is about the most important questions that you will find yourself searching for before you plan your trip to Aruba. Well, worry not, I have got you covered.

Aruba is a relatively small island. This means Arubus, the public bus of Aruba, can take you to almost everywhere you need to go on the island. You can book your tickets at For the entire day, getting around Aruba via Arubus will cost only about $10 USD.

Between the hours of 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM a free open-air trolley can be accessed in the capital the tour around downtown Main street.


Rates of taxes are set by the government of Aruba. In other words, the taxis of Aruba lack the meter, changing your familiar system of taxi charges.

The bare minimum rate for getting anywhere from the taxi starts from $6 USD. I advise you to converse with their taxi driver fully before getting on it as it might turn out to be quite an expensive option to get around Aruba.

The best time to visit Aruba is considered From April to August. While it may be the hottest time to visit Aruba it is also the offseason. this means that the prices drop and so does the tourism crowd. The Island is pretty breezy, so you shouldn’t be too worried about the temperature.

Aruba is counted among the safest places to travel in the Caribbean region. That does not mean that you can just drop your guard and tour around carelessly. It always pays so be vigilant. I recommend you to not go through isolated dark areas and abandoned alleys at late night. While the crime rate is low that doesn’t mean it’s zero.

Now that you have read through the blog, don’t forget to show some love. I’ll be waiting for you here with the next Caribbean adventure in my next blog.

Go on now voyager, have fun, happy travels!



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