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As you may know, the best crypto wallets of 2022 are your tools for buying or selling crypto. Besides buying them, you have to store or keep them safely and securely. It’s the best crypto wallets that help you solve this issue or to find their trusted storage. Depending on your budget or goal, the storage may be hot or cold storage. Next, what’s the difference between these two terms? The first is quick-to-access data storage like Google Drive, and the latter is off-site data. The first takes you some money, while the last is free. Now, you have a general definition of a cryptocurrency wallet. But before buying crypto or bitcoin, you must know how to find a safe and user-friendly wallet among many unknown crypto wallets. So, that’s why you can keep cryptocurrency safe and receive and send them easily.

In this essay, we review the best crypto wallet providers in the year 2022 for you. Read on to help you discern the difference between the best crypto wallets, learn how they work, and decide what wallet you should pick for your project. Now, from there, if you want to invest your money in this lucrative field, you feel confident to go ahead with the knowledge provided in the short briefing.

Best Crypto Wallet List

Cryptocurrency. Credit: eToro

Below is a list of the 12 best crypto wallets that cryptocurrency experts vote to be the best in 2022.

  1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Wallet in 2022
  2. Binance – Best Crypto Wallet Apps for Trading
  3. Coinbase – One of the Best Crypto Wallets for Beginners
  4. Huobi – Top Bitcoin Wallet Apps for Earning Interest in Crypto
  5. Trezor – Secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallets
  6. MetaMask – Best Crypto Wallet for Web3 Applications
  7. Trust Wallet – User-Friendly Wallets that support NFTs
  8. Kraken – Popular Crypto Exchange That Doubles Up as a Wallet
  9. Electrum – Great Bitcoin Wallet Account for Multi-Currency Portfolios
  10. Luno – Best Bitcoin Account for User-Friendliness
  11. Exodus – Free Bitcoin Wallet for Desktop and Mobile
  12. Ledger Nano X – One of the Safest Crypto Wallets to Buy

Six Best Bitcoin Wallet Review

Best Crypto Wallets
Best Crypto Wallets. Credit:

Now, you know what crypto wallets you should consider. However, there are many of them to pick up, making them a little challenging to find. It depends on your goal and plan that leads to what crypto wallets you decide to have. So, we should know the factors in choosing a crypto wallet. The following are the characteristics you have to pay attention to:

  • Security and safety
  • Fees to send and receive cryptocurrencies
  • User-Friendliness
  • Device type: mobile, desktop, hardware or online
  • Additional features like an exchange or swap service.

Next, we walk through the best crypto wallet mentioned above to have detailed information. Consequently, you take into account the critical metrics of every wallet.

1 – eToro – Overall Best Crypto Wallet 2022

eToro wallet
eToro Wallet. Credit: eToro Money Crypto

If you want to invest money in earning profit through cryptocurrencies, eToro is the first thing in your mind. Indeed, eToro is one of the best selections for 2022 you should put on the table. eToro takes the lead in crypto broking since it’s under the control of the SEC, ASIC, FCA and CySEC. SEC is short for Securities and Exchange Commission. ASIC is an acronym for Australia’s Securities and Exchange Commission. The platform provides you with a balance of safety and convenience. Therefore, you feel worry-free about keeping crypto tokens in an account portfolio. Subsequently, you feel confident; it protects investors and maintains a fair securities market.

Moreover, one thing we are sure satisfies you once you go around. You can immediately cash out your digital asset without transferring it between crypto wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. Alternatively, you have another option by downloading the eToro Money Crypto Wallet, which is in the form of a mobile application. It gives you safe token investment control without affecting security and user-friendliness. Additionally, the eToro Money Crypto Wallet is under the control of GFSC (Gibraltar Financial Services Commission). It’s the regulator of an international financial service Centre conducted in both Gibraltar and the UK.

As eToro is a regulated body, you can deposit and withdraw fiat money at eToro. And, if you are an American, you can use debit/credit cards, e-wallets and ACH (Automatic Clearing House) to deposit dollars for free. Also, you can find social and copy trading features at eToro. Social features help you connect with other crypto investors for business discussion. Or you can comment by leaving your ideas or click like for their posts. And copy trading features help you imitate the positions of trade experts in the field.

2 – Binance – Best Bitcoin App for Trading

Crypto Wallet Binance
Crypto Wallet Binance, Credit:

Binance plays a significant role in the cryptocurrency field and blockchain technology. Binance provides the best altcoin exchanges to trade at a large volume. Also, it supports multi-million dollar digital assets. Moreover, Binance builds crypto network chains to maintain decentralized digital money. It is one of the best bitcoin wallets for storage and trading tokens. Binance is one of the best crypto wallets for token storage and trading services. Instead, investors feel great convenience storing their digital money. Since you connect the web wallet to the Binance app, you can keep an eye on changes in your digital investment on the move.

Still, to select Binance as your digital storage, you have two options. The first one is custodial wallets, whose provider takes care of your private key on your behalf. Thus, you have less responsibility for private key management. Simply speaking, a private key is the one you use to open the front door to facilitate the rollover of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the second option is non-custodial wallets, whose responsibility falls on you. It means you control a private key. If you lose your private key, you will lose any token in your account forever. Or Binace won’t help you regain your private key. Furthermore, you can download Trust Wallet backed by Binance to your mobile phone. This practice will help access up-and-coming digital money on the Binance Smart Chain.

3 – Coinbase – One of the Best Crypto Wallets for Beginners

Logo Coinbase Wallet
Logo Coinbase Wallet. Credit:

Like Binance, Coinbase supports the largest crypto exchanges in the market. It accommodates more than 70 million customer accounts. If you are a newbie or have less experience in this field, Coinbase is an ideal platform to be the first thing in mind. With no or less experience in buying, selling or storing digital tokens, you feel at ease with Coinbase’s security features. Do you know why it is safe? When accessing the Coinbase account, you have the password and two-factor authentication. For instance, you will receive the code on your mobile phone every attempt to log in. Otherwise, the percentage of storing customers’ digital investment in cold storage reaches 98%. Cold storage means you keep your digital tokens offline. Subsequently, it is less convenient than other security options but more secure.

Also, you can get IP whitelisting at Coinbase. IP whitelisting is a cybersecurity mechanism to allow an identified email address, IP address, and domain names. Otherwise, you must perform an extra security check if you access your account with a new IP.

4 -Huobi – Top Bitcoin Wallet App for Earning Interest in Crypto

Logo Crypto Wallet Huobi
Logo Crypto Wallet Huobi. Credit:

Although Huobi’s primary role is the cryptocurrency exchange, the platform later gets the position of a web and mobile app. If you choose the former, you can keep your digital asset in a Huobi account. Hence, you won’t have your private key that Huobi safeguards and keeps your e-wallet and funds on your behalf. Therefore, this option is acceptable for a short-term plan to help you have instant access to your digital tokens. The other option is you have to download the Huobi Wallet app. This software is compatible with your iOS or Android device. However, this application is non-custodial. It means you, and only you, have the private key or complete management of your digital asset. The Huobi wallet application is also behind a diversified range of digital tokens such as Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Polkadot, and Bitcoin Cash.

Huobi supports a full suite of DeFi tokens and ERC-721 NFTs. That said, you find this wallet more interesting in earning a profit on your token investment. Finally, Huobi wallet charges you a commission of 0.20% per slide. With those mentioned characteristics, Huobi deserves one of the best crypto wallets in 2022.

5 – Trezor – Secure Bitcoin Hardware Wallet

All the best crypto wallets for 2022 we walk through from the beginning up to here are mobile apps or web storage. On the other hand, the Trezor wallet is a digital hardware wallet. That means you keep your digital asset on a digital device. That is why Trezor is one of the best crypto wallets. As you may know, a digital hardware wallet keeps your digital money off-time all the time. For those unaware, a hardware wallet like Trezor is the most secure method to store digital assets. Hence, any attempt at remote hacking makes it impossible. Moreover, if you want to access your wallet with the goal of sending digital tokens, you need to have your PIN to physically enter. In the case of failing to enter the PIN you created several times with wrong numbers, the wallet-lock feature will activate.

In addition, when your Trezor wallet gets lost, you aren’t worried; you can regain your digital investment from the other device. You can carry out taking back your digital assets by entering your Trezor backup passphrase into a different wallet. As you may know, the Trezor wallet provides you with institutional-grade security for your crypto asset. Hence, it is not ideal for your plan, if it is for sending and receiving your funds regularly. Because you have to access the physical device to authorize each transaction. Finally, Trezor charges you $85 to buy.

6 – Metamask – Best Crypto Wallet 2022 for Web3 Application

Logo of bitcoin wallet Metamask
Logo of bitcoin wallet Metamask. Credit:

As one of the best crypto wallets for 2022, Metamask is a software crypto wallet used for any Ethereum transaction. You can access the cryptocurrency wallet through web browsers or mobile applications, especially interacting with decentralized applications. In other words, Web3 apps support the wallet for decentralized finance (DeFi). In terms of trading transactions, Metamask is compatible with a different range of cryptocurrency exchanges, such as NFT marketplaces and play-to-earn crypto games. The Metamask wallet serves a considerable number of over 21 million clients. It helps its customers develop their cryptocurrency portfolio with the support of Metamask. Another characteristic of Metamask you should keep in mind is Metamask running in the form of a self-hosted wallet. Therefore, it is you who have to access your crypto keys. It is easy to install the Metamask wallet on iSO or Android or your browsers. It includes Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Web Edge.

In terms of cryptocurrency, you can store ERC-20 tokens on Metamask with decentralized exchanges to make token swaps easy. Additionally, the Metamask wallet has some extra features to reduce network fees and you ensure you have the best possible price to swap digital tokens.

Final Thoughts About the Best Crypto Wallets for 2022

The currency came into being in 2008 by unknown individuals or a group. And people started to use it in 2009. The good reason for its usage is that the user owns their digital assets in a decentralized system and in more secure ways. The government and the banking system can’t control your crypto investment. And all your identities are in encrypted record keeping.

Up to here, we walked through the six best crypto wallets for 202o. Each best crypto wallet has different characteristics and various features. Thus, depending on your investment planning in cryptocurrency, you have to decide which one is suitable for your goal. For instance, the Coinbase wallet is ideal for a newbie who has the experience of buying or selling digital tokens. Hence, their purpose is to keep their digital money in safe way.

While eToro is an ideal platform for those focusing on an exchange or swap service. The eToro wallet provides you with a balance of security and convenience. In terms of security, you have to have your private key and log-in credentials. However, if you are unfortunate to lose or forget them, the eToro wallet can help you regain access. Meanwhile, eToro supports you in the trading transaction as it covers over 500 cryptocurrency pairs. Furthermore, the eToro wallet has more than 40 crypto investments.

In one word, the understanding of crypto-currency devices is helpful for all of us. It is not only a kind of knowledge of trending monetary systems but also a play-to-earn way to help us make some more profits. It depends on our short-term goal or long-term plan to decide which one is suitable for us.

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