Colombian Protests in Recent History and Modern Day

Colombia’s History

Photo of Protesters

Colombia a country formally owned by Spain during the conquistador New World area is a blossoming beautifully rich land. The inhabitants are a mix of ethnic backgrounds Afro-Latino, white skin Hispanic, and indigenous native. The capital is Bogota. The country is rich in mountains, and valley areas. The native Mestizo use these valleys, and low mountain areas to farm coffee, corn, bananas, and many more exotic items. Colombia is most infamously known for growing the Coca plant. The Coca plant is the primary component of the drug Cocaine. The native of Colombia is still proud of their native Coca plant regardless of the United States mandated embargo or the Cartels ruthless capitalistic practice.

As the Pandemic moves to its death bed, Colombia is still feeling the effects of the pandemic. The number of the case has reached 3.41 Million, and the country has a death toll of 88,774. The hardest affected by the pandemic, however, is that of the impoverished.

Covid-19 Relief bill

Police flash grenade  protest.

Why does this matter in the context of Latin America? Latin-American History is a hidden history people, as the Covid-19 pandemic seems to rear towards its death bed. We should go back a few months when this whole thing first started. Wow, it’s only been a year. It feels like Covid has been here a lot longer. If, you don’t know. The Covid-19 pandemic was started in Wuhan China. The Covid-19 virus is a variation of Sars It’s unconfirmed whether Covid-19 Sars virus. It’s unconfirmed whether the virus was made within a lab, or developed naturally.

The point is the Covid-19 virus is no excuse to commit hate crimes against your local Asian Community. Yes, there are Asian communities within Latin America. Even, Spain has an Asian Community. I’m just giving you the straight facts here, and your local Asian community has no power to influence the Chinese government. Your Asian Community is part of your community, not the Chinese government.

At the horizon of the Covid-19 pandemic, the American Government followed suit by installing a radically innovative payment support plan. It was designed by President Barack Husain Obama not by Donald Trump: FYI. These are the actual factuals. Under the Obama presidency, a plan to have a pandemic plan was thought up. It would be the Trump Presidency that would write the plan out of office. The writing out of Obama’s presidency pandemic relief plan would cost hundreds of thousands of actual lives within the year 2020-current.

The Covid-19 bill was a 1.9 trillion dollar emergency bill was designed to help families unable to work during the pandemic. The bill would allow the government to disrepute checks of around 2,800 for every American living within the United States that qualified. The Covid-19 bill also gave 300 extra dollars to individuals living on unemployment, and it would allow funding to vaccinate every American. ‘

Many first-world countries followed suit with this strategy, however many countries particularly within South America weren’t able to achieve this kind of fast, largely effective, economical policy. The country we are going to focus on is Colombia.

Colombia’s United Protest Movement

No A La Reforma Tributaria

The people of Colombia have declared the current President Ivan Duque to be weak. They have also declared Ivan Duque the worst President in Colombia’s history. 42.5 percent of the Country of Colombia is below the poverty line. They are the main cornerstone of the seeming less never-ending protest. The protesters have also gained ally-ship with union workers, and the strongest voice within the movement the youth of Colombia. The protest has been going on for almost a year and has no sign of stopping.

A catalyst of the protest

Man being arrested

The protest was started as an anti-tax proposal. President Duque’s administration hiked up taxes on basic food items. A reporter asks a member of Duque’s administration how much a dozen eggs cost. The administrations’ response was four times lower than the actual price after the Colombian tax hike. At the time of the pandemic, most Colombians can’t even eat three times a day. This  Colombian Journalistic clip would go moderately viral within the twitter-sphere hashtag zone  #EatdaRich.

We all know that meme of Bill Gates nervously trying to guess the price of common objects within your local Bodega.


The meme blew up within the twitter-sphere of #eatdarich. Eat the rich is an ironic, new-age, political term. The movement believes that the wealth inequality within the world has grown too big. That the Social Security Systems put in place aren’t doing their necessary job because of constant legal manipulation from the wealthy. This group also believes that lobbyists negotiate deals to persuade political powers to further commit to constant legal manipulation

The protest continued throughout the pandemic peacefully. Many individuals held up signs, chanted songs, and danced. The only act of disturbing the peace that the protesters had committed was blocking the roads within highly wealthy neighborhoods. This would be when the police force would start breaking skulls; literally and metaphorically.

How is the protest going today?

Phot0 of Protest

On April 28, 2021, four people died within Cali the capital of the western province of Valle del Cauca. The government sent troops towards the Capital and the western province of Valle del Cauca. The reality of the protest is unfortunately much worse.
The people within the protest have reported extreme violence and even sexual assault. Human Rights Watchers put the total amount deaths at 63. The protesters are mostly peaceful within the morning. Unfortunately, the police come in with firer arms busting heads and cracking skulls. Protesters have also reported militia attacks. One video went viral within the Latin American Wifi sphere. The video shows militia members shooting at protesters. The protesters have reported that the Colombian police have done nothing to stop these militia attacks.

What are the demands of the Protesters?

There is no doubt that the Colombian protesters have taken note of American politics. With famous podcasters, N.P.R deploying massive amounts of Hispanic and Latin American content via their informationally gracious podcast Radio Ambulate. The Colombian people were inspired to get into action. They also had help with Hispanic network Telemundo, as well as many others. You will be glad to know, dear readers, that the young people of Colombia want the same civil liberties as everyone reading.

What do Young People Really Want?

1.Universal Income through Mutualism

2. Reformation of the police

3. Women’s Rights/Universal Kindergarten.

4. Civil rights for the P.O.C as well as the community.

Universal Income Through Mutualism

Much like the modern-day socialist movement pulled up by A.O.C, and Bernie Sanders, the people of Colombia want a better standing for the poor and middle-class communities through the political action of wealth disturbance. However, it is a tad bit different.


Socialism is the action in which the government takes, manages, and disrupts the wealth of a country. This sounds great, yet many countries that try to imitate this form of wealth-based policy are often extremely corrupt.


Mutualism is a concept invented during the Spanish Civil war(1936). The Spanish Civil war was an Anarchist uprising. Many groups: the factory Union Workers,  Worker Rights Advocates, the Communist Party, and the Anarchist movement would clash in a heated social struggle. Because of their consent fighting, the people trapped in the middle of the fighting could not gain any outside resources, so it resulted in a system that requires them to share resources. This action of evenly sharing resources with individuals that had more giving more was enough to last for two months.  Regardless of the length of time, mutualism still landed itself within the Poli-Sci Economic Theoretical Sphere.

Mutualism is a system in which the people control the disruption of resources and wealth, not the government.

The Colombian protesters feel that they have lost trust in their own government, perhaps due to negligence and corruption. Colombian Protesters want the ability to vote Colombia into a Mutualistic system of government. The protesters would also give non-profits the ability to take in money from big corporations in the form of fast action checks. Fast Action Checks would allow for a non-profit to use a large donation quickly instead of having to wait for a tax write-off to take place. The people holding the largest amounts of resources will also have to give up forty percent of their revenue into a collective pile to be disrupted into work programs and a basic income.

The Colombian Police System

Man being beating by Police

The Colombian police force is infamous for its terrible behavior. You ask any Colombian within the poverty-stricken areas. What they are experienced with the Colombian police force? They probably laugh in your face. Why? Because the Colombian police force is the military. The Colombian police force is used to fighting extremely dangerous cartel members, as well as the Colombian terrorist group F.A.R.C. The Colombian police system is only this year learning how to deal with peaceful protesters. The Colombian police system is known for extreme acts of, physical, emotional, and sexual violence.

Police Reform

The protest within Colombia wants extreme police policy reformation. Police have gone untried for the sexual and physical violence of many protesters. They want a proper court system that would allow civilians to press charges against police that commit extreme acts of violence. They would also like a fair procedure for Afro-Latinos. The Colombian protesters want charges pressed against anyone who murdered their fellow contributors.

Women’s Rights and Universal Child care.

Photo of Protester

Many of the women of Colombia make less than any of the men. The women of the protest want equal pay for every dollar a man makes. They also require payday leave in order to nurse their children. They would also desire universal daycare; many families within poorer communities can’t even afford kitergarden. Many of the men among the protesters don’t agree that this should be a talking point, yet it’s obvious that it’s a necessity.

Fair Rights for P.O.Cs and LGBTQ


photo of protesters

Many members of the LGBTQ society have reported violence against them; they also can’t go to the police out of fear of further discrimination from the police department.  Many jobs within Colombia outright discriminate against LGBTQ individuals, not allowing them to work, rent apartments, attend school, and just enjoy daily activities.


Colombian fashion

Many members of the P.O.C. society have reported violence against them; they also can’t go to the police out of fear of further discrimination from the police department. Many jobs within Colombia outright discriminate against P.O.C. individuals, not allowing them to work, rent apartments, attend school, and just enjoy daily activities.


Flag Colombia

Through and Through, the Covid-19 pandemic was a horrible virus that rocked the world. Millions of people have died and millions more, the economic structure we all seemed to depend on just disappeared right from underneath our feet. The people of the United States demanded answers, resources, and a better life for people living at the margins of society. The Colombians followed suit. They took to the streets, blocking roads to disrupt traffic and gather attention. They are screaming for a universal basic income, police reform, equal rights for marginalized individuals. The people’s protest in Cali and Bogota as well as the rest of Colombia is still going on. Just recently did the Colombian government deploy troops into Cali in the hopes of quelling protesters through force. The protestors are still standing strong, but it’s uncertain how long they will last. 

With an extremely violent police force that has killed 64 protesters, bloodthirsty cartel members that have ransacked communities with drugs, radical terrorists that have attacked the Colombian civil court, a  murderous militia attacking protesters without police intervention, and a flaccid government doing nothing to help, the people of Colombia need a lot of support. They need their voices heard, and they need the road to first-world status. 

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