Current Events: History of Palestine and Israel Effecting Present Events

If, you’ve been keeping up with the news which I hope you have. You’ve probably been hearing a lot about these two countries named Gaza and Israel, and if I can be so bold to guess you’ve also been hearing a quite few combinations of different titles within the new sphere?


Palestine Versus Israel, Free Palestine, the West Bank, Hamas, Gaza, and Israel, and the craziest part is that because of this recent violence a bunch of protesters was caught fighting right here in New York City. But is this a new conflict? I could say that the fighting between these two countries has been going on for two hundred years. Would, you think I’m lying?

Within, this blog, I’m going to try my best to clarify the information you’ve been hearing. That way you might have a better grasp of what’s going on. I’m not a professional “peacemaker”, and I don’t know one who is. I’m also going to be giving you a piece of ancient Spanish history that shows the Muslim community, as well as the Jewish community living in harmony. Why? There is a new better example than history because those people have long been dead. They might as well teach us something because if we’re all being honest too many children have been killed not to try to learn a lesson from any of this. And, I don’t care, honestly, what your views are. If, your fine with children dying. You really should seek professional help. Let’s get started.

First, we have to clarify the difference within all the political talking points. Before, we dig deep into the meat of what happened within the small war between Gaza and Isreal.

Let’s dissect these three talking points, Free Palestine, Gaza, and the West Bank. To do that, unfortunately, we are going to have to open our map. Okay, let’s run this down together. After, the end of the Ottoman Empire the United Kingdom took over several chunks of mostly Muslim land; Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq. Let’s not get it twisted now, I know for a fact that m these areas are highly polytheistic. However, they all have primarily Muslim populations. Remember everyone, Every Muslim is Arabic. But not Every Arabic is Muslim. You know for the atheist out there in the world.

This was known as the British Mandate for Palestine. The area was of peak interest for Jewish settlers at the time, was supported by the British Government, and was part of a movement known as Zionism. The area of Palestine specifically was bought up by wealthy Jewish migrants in the hopes of creating a cultural save heaven. Some, Palestinians would have to leave the land their ancestors farmed on for centuries. British Powers at the time issued a mandate limiting the buying and owning of Palestinian land by Jewish powers. This was the spark for a major conflict. This buying of land, force migration, and finally limitation of ownership would be the deep broth for the conflict seen days past.

Map_British_ Mandate for Palestine
Map_British_ Mandate for Palestine

World War 2

Because of the results of Nazism within Europe, the death of six million Jews was taken into effect. That’s six million actual living, breathing, people. Hundreds of Thousands of Jewish refugees were stranded in Europe and made their way into Palestine. British powers at the time decided to allow the United Nations to handle the problem.

As you can see, the Arab state given to the native Palestinians is far smaller than the Jewish State. The United Nations also decided to split the country into two parts without inseminating a two-state fair government.

The Palestine population at the time was one million, two-hundred thousand thirty-seven, three-hundred thirty-four.

1,237,334: Palestine Population
The Jewish population was six-hundred-thousand eight, two-hundred twenty-five
608,225: Jewish Population.

1948, Arab-Israel War 1

Black and White_ Caravan_old photo
Black and White_ Caravan_old photo

May 14, 1948, Israel has deemed itself Independence. Which is fair. However, this leads to a major one-year conflict between Palestine and the newly formed Israel. The War only lasted a year, and lead to Israel controlling a bit more of the country.

Jordan occupied the west bank, and Egypt occupied Gaza. During this time as in all war many innocent civilians, most of them Palestine’s innocent population were forced to flee their homes. Palestine refugee numbers at this time were said to be in the hundreds of thousands.

Jerusalem was split into two parts at this time.

West Jerusalem was occupied by Israel.

East Jerusalem was occupied by Palestine.

Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram
Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram

1967, The six-day war starts

June 4, 1967, the war officially starts. The war was kicked off when the Israeli’s Operation Focus. Operation Focus was a plan to destroy Egypt’s Air-force. It was a deceive success. All Middle Eastern Air forces were destroyed in a matter of Six hours. Israel had total air dominance.

On the Sinai Peninsula, ground and tank forces were in heavy combat. Israeli forces kept bombarding the Egyptian forces. The Egyptian forces were further pushed back because of Israel’s unstoppable air force.

Israel would send in para-troopers into East Jerusalem to protect holy sites from being destroyed. The para-troopers along with further ground support lead to Israel controlling the west bank territory.

On the north ground troops and tanks would take the north allowing Israel to control the Golan-Heights

This means in the span of six days Israeli military forces controlled the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan-Hights, and the Sinai Peninsula. The Palestinian people would be placed in the control of Israel during the occupation of these territories.

Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram
Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram


Egyptian and Israeli forces sign for peace. The Sinai Peninsula would be given back to Arab powers The Israel powers would keep control over Gaza, the West Bank, and Golan Heights. Throughout, this period many Palestinians push for Independence, but were seen as second-class citizens, and never given any reposition within the law.

So, let’s break it down a little bit further into smaller political talking points.

Free Palestine is a hash-tag protest movement on Twitter that calls for the end of Israel’s rule over the Palestinian land.

Gaza is a Palestinian native land occupied by Israel.

The West Bank is a Palestinian native land Occupied by Israel.

The Golan Heights is a Palestinian native land Occupied by Israel.

East Jerusalem is a Palestinian native land Occupied by Israel.

Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram
Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram

Now, we have to discuss Hamas

Hamas is a terrorist organization located in Gaza. Hamas uses free Palestine. But, the free Palestine hashtag power holder, and creators, don’t support Hamas.
You can be pro a free Palestine state without feeling the fear of supporting a terrorist organization. They are not the same. They are two separate powers. One fighting through peace: Peaceful Palestinian Civilians Around the World. One is fighting through conflict; Hamas

So, why is this still happening? And, why is this affecting the United States?

Well. it’s because of Apartheid or rather Israel’s commitment to Apartheid. No matter where an Israelite lives they have all rights, political power, and power to resources.

We are going to get into especially what happened soon. Keep on reading, it’s a duzzy.

What is Apartheid?

It involves one, or more acts of these categories.

1. Denying People “the right to leave and to return to their country”.
2. Expropriation of landed property
3. The creation of separate reserves and ghettos.

Midshot_Mother_ Children
Midshot_Mother_ Children

Palestinians are granted different rights depending on what area they live in.
Palestinians living in Gaza. They have a population of 2.1 Million People. They have no freedom of movement Israel has a militaristic controlled border around Gaza. They have no civil rights, no political power, and not much assess to resources.

Palestinians living within the West Bank. They have a population of 2.7 million. The country is spread out into different sectors. Limiting Movement for, its citizens within the country. It’s also part of the reason for all the recent news articles. Their population is divided into 165 different counties. They live checkpoint to checkpoint. They have no civil rights, no political power, and not much access to resources.

Palestinians living within East Jerusalem. They have a population of 400,000 thousand. They have some freedom to move, however, many civilians can be moved by force if the Israeli government wants them to move. They have no civil rights, no political power, and not many access to resources.

Palestinians living within Israel. They have a population of 1. 6 million people. They can move freely. They have some political power and a little bit more of an ability to gain resources. They do face legalization discrimination.

Israel’s government keeps tight border control, land right ownership, and tight control of citizenship. Israel’s government also have a population demand of sixty-percent Jewish(60%), and forty percent Palestinian citizen(40%).

Israel’s government also has a political policy that states “ that Israel’s political power, land, and civil law belong to no one other than the Jews.” Many Palestinian Israel citizens can’t question the fundamental power of Israel’s Constitution.

Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram
Map_ Palestine_Push out_diagram

This leads us to the West Bank, as well as East Jerusalem. We are getting closer to the spark of the most recent conflict.

Many illegal Jewish communities have been sprouting up within the West Bank area. The Palestinians have no say whether they want to move or not, they are often forcefully moved, and cannot retain their same rights once moved. Many of the Palestinians are forced into Palestinian Ghettos. They’re barely any resources for any of them. Hundreds of new Israelian properties have been built on the grounds of destroyed Palestinian homes. Many are still being built within the West Bank sector of Palestine.

So, What happened? Modern-day small pocket conflict.

Photo_midshot _soldiers _ child
Photo_midshot _soldiers _ child

Many people of Israel have been building up illegal properties within the West Bank. Hamas from Gaza shot bombs into Israel. Israel’s retaliation was quick and decisive. Israel’s military reported that 63 of its fighter jets dropped 110 guided bombs onto the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. It would last for eleven days total; until Joe Biden would call a stop firer between the two countries. These attacks would lead to the death of 66 children. Many deaths and injured are being reported constantly.

Within these eleven days, many Palestinian protests sprouted up around the world. The Palestinian peaceful protest was to show solidarity in ending the violence within the occupied countries, the development of a proper two-party system between Palestine and Israel, and a free republic of Palestine. Remember, Palestine has no civil rights, no political power, and not many access to resources. Unfortunately like most protests, things got out of control. Within New York City, a pro-Palestinian protest and pro-Israel protest erupted around 42 street’s finical district. Many on both sides are rumored to be instigators of causing the protest to become violent.


The news within the middle Eastern News Sphere has hit within the United States.

Finally, I have to give you the final report. The conclusion is that there are no clear-cut conclusions for peace in the Middle East. The only way we can even think about a horizon of a conclusion is through conversation The issues between these countries have been going on for 200 years. It has no sign of stopping. The nation of Israel is still building illegal buildings, the people of Palestine have no sense of hope in sight, yet things aren’t entirely hopeless.

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and many government officials have acknowledged the troubles of Palestine. I know that this doesn’t seem like much, yet for a politician, it’s quite a large step. You see the American political system is a slow and tedious process. The notion that there may be a different perspective within the Middle Eastern War talking point could potentially lead to talks of peace. it could also lead to a two-party, honest, and democratic system. Between, Israel and Palestine.

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