Dubai skyline during a sunset with burj khalifa seen in the distance against a light blue sky.

Dubai – A Place of Wonder and Luxury

Being the capital of the “Emirates of Dubai”, located on the Persian Gulf’s coast, it is the most populated city in the country and also the second largest state in the federation. Although most people live in the main city, there are also sections of society that live in the nearby sections. Surrounded by Al-Shariqah on the east and north-east & Abu Dhabi emirate on the west and south, Dubai is an exquisite city in itself.

Major Highlights

• Dubai serves as Western Asia’s business hub.
• Oil Revenue has also boosted the city’s development.
• Since the early 20th century,Dubai has been a centre of national and international trade.
• And not just on basic trade,the economy also largely depends upon trade,tourism,real estate and financial services.

History of Dubai

Minion Period

• The roots of Dubai go back to the beginning of the Minoan period.
• Where Dubai is today was once a very large swamp.
• By 3000 BC, wetlands would dry up and become habitats.
• It is believed that the pastoral ministry of the Bronze Age was the first one to settle here.
• In 2500 BC, a palm forest was established for the purpose of agriculture.It survived thousands of years ago in quiet farming. Now known as Jumeirah , a beautiful abode for beaches was once a caravan station in the present day Iraq.

The Bani Yas Tribe

>Dubai was first mentioned in 1095 in a geography book by – Andalusian Arabic writer Abu Abdullah al Bakri.Different sources, such as the diamond trading magazine Gaspero Barbi, from 1580,also mentioned this.
>Fishing,Pearl Driving,Harvesting diamonds, boats and gold were few of the sources of livelihood here.
>Traders also sold perfumes and textiles which can now be found as a complete souvenir in our market.
>The next stage in the history of the United Arab Emirates was 1793, when Bani Yas settled in Abu Dhabi with political power and an independent Dubai.

The Walling of Cities

This happened somewhere roughly between 1800 to 1832.
• According to the data, Dubai was a fortified city in the early 1800s.
• Fort Al Fahidi was built at the same time then Dubai became a center.
• The wall on the side of Bur Dubai passes through the historic district of Al Fahidi through the fortress of Al Fahidi and ends at the old fort.
• On the part of Dubai, the Al Ras region was also besieged, but in 1820 Britain negotiated a truce with regional leaders.
• This means that trade routes will open up and businesses will flourish.
• As a result, equity exchanges with individual countries were initiated.
• Dubai, around the world, has become a major hub of activity.

Al Maktoum Dynasty’s Reign

  • Covering a period of about 60 years,in 1833; Bani Yas tribe’s Maktoum Bin Butti led his men to the Dubai Creek’s Shindagha Peninsula.
  • He settled there and proclaimed the independence of the city of Abu Dhabi.
  • Since then, Dubai has been considered a fishing village.
  • Today, the Almaktoum dynasty continues to dominate Dubai, despite major changes in the UAE.
  • The past has disappeared along the banks of the Dubai River.
  •  Anchor to the heritage of the United Arab Emirates, this place is the epicenter of magic where Abu Dhabi and its ships sail along historic canals.

Migrant Settlement

  • Dubai began to experience rapid development, under the leadership of Al.
  • In 1894, the new regulations allowed tax exemptions for immigrants, which further increased trade in the region.
  • This has increased the number of foreign workers entering
  • Indian and Pakistani businessmen landed in Dubai to take advantage of the lucrative business.
  • This period was a huge success in the history of Dubai, but depended entirely on fishing, trading and diamond harvesting.
  • The economic weakness of the region was exposed in the 1950s, but the recession did not last long. In 1966, everything in Dubai changed suddenly, touching.

Present Day Situation

  • The late Sheikh Rashid bin Said al-Maktoum began to develop Dubai,with the discovery of oil.
  • Turning the city from a small residence near Dubai Creek to a modern port, city and shopping center.
  • The port of Rashid, the port of Jebel Ali, the dry dock of Dubai, the expansion of Dubai Creek and the Dubai World Trade Center were some of the major projects that were being completed at that time.
  • Leadership and vision have allowed the UAE to improve its architecture and social services.
  • Only half its size, Dubai flourished in the 1st century, building modern wonders such as the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. It is now inextricably linked to major citiesLets try seeing Dubai from a tourist perspective-Techincally speaking, the Dubai Commerce and Tourism Promotion Board was established in the year 1989 . It was done in order to make a classic example of luxury destination both in terms of business aspect and tier-markets. Then,later in the year 1997; it got rplaced with Department of Tourism and Commerce.The government of Dubai also launched the Dubai Tourism Strategy in May 2013 and later it was expanded in the year 2018.The aim shifted from 20 million visitors a year to 21-23 million visitors in 2022 and 23-25 million visitors by 2025.Lets quickly dive into the tourism point of view-both in terms of the hyped shopping culture and places to see.

Dress Code

”Abaya” is traditionally worn by women, here”.The Abaya is basically a long black robe that has a hijab to it(hijab is a head scarf). For men , it is the “kandurah” also called as “dishdasha” or even “thawb” (long white robe) and the headscarf (ghotrah).It is not a compulsory one but definitely a traditional one.

  • It’s called the “Middle East Business Center.”Most  shopping tourists visit the city, from countries such as- Eastern Europe, Africa and India.
  • Dubai is a lot famous for its Souk Culture.( Souk means a market or place to buy or exchange any kind of merchandise).] Dubai’s Duty Free Airport has been a centre of attraction for a long time to provide basic services for passengers using Dubai Airport.While convenience stores, other electronics stores, supermarkets, and grocery stores may operate in a limited way,many others use friendly conversation as a way of life.
  • Most shopping malls in Dubai cater to the needs of all buyers. Cars, clothing, jewellery, electronics, furniture, sports equipment and other items for business under one roof.
  • The Dubai Shopping Festival is a one-month festival held every January. During the festival, the whole kingdom will become a big thing. In addition, the festival features musical performances, art exhibitions and folk dances.
  • Dubai Surprise (DSS) is the summer Dubai Shopping Festival in June, July and August. The Dubai government has launched Dubai Summer. Surprisingly, 1998 developed Dubai as the future of family vacations.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall has been a major attraction place with over 54 million tourists every year from all over the world.With over 1200 shops inside,22 movie screens, and restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world;it is just not for mere shopping but the way its sprawling interior designs, splendid crafting is done, it is a masterpiece in a way. In terms of total area, it still continues to be the largest mall. A very famous place known for its immaculate architecture is the “Dubai Mall”,which is on the ground floor of this mall.

Mall of Emirates

Founded in the year 2005 and the second-largest shopping center in Dubai after The Dubai Mall;it is also one of the famous ones.

The major speciality here is the view of the beautiful landscape which can be seen just through large windows.Just while sitting at your place, you can see people snowboarding at some other end.There are walk-in chilling freezers too.

Burj Khalifa

Located at 1 Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd the iconic Burj Khalifa has to be mentioned, in first of its kind,when talking about the places to see here.With 8 escalators and 57 elevators; this skyscraper has always made to the list of a highly exotic one.The artistic texture given to the interiors of the place is a feast to the eyes.The impact of Islamic culture is also well reflected. A mesmerising view of the entire city can be taken from the 124th floor known as “The Top”. In fact, the world’s second largest constructed fountain is also present inside along with the illumination of 6600 lights

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium, being a great amusement venue, their motive is not just to entertain tourists but also to educate them. They educate people of all ages on the need to conserve dolphins and other endangered aquatic species in a protected manner. The installation’s biggest attractionis undoubtedly the stunning 45-minute show in which dolphins and seals dance, play, paint and even play basketball. In this way, the laser and spotlight can be upgraded with the correct musical accompaniment.They also provide the opportunity to swim with dolphins. There are opportunities for parties and events. Lectures and educational events are also held for dolphin experts and scientists with incredible perfection.

Bollywood Park

This is just the “Go-TO” Place for Bollywood Lovers completely.Spread over 1.7 million square feet. the place depicts the Bollywood themed style park in its full swag.Being it stage performances, live entertainment, cafes,zones -the place has it all.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Located at Al Barsha South; one of the “must” things to do in Dubai is visiting the Dubai Miracle Garden if you love flowers or nature by extension. The lush garden will please your senses and you will always feel happy and elated. It is the largest natural flower garden in the world, and its most beautiful thing is that it is in a desert city. Different models are shown, such as animals, cars, Burj Khalifa, and many other models, all with natural flowers. A visit to this garden can do wonders for your mood!

Wild Wadi Waterpark

This outdoor water park in Dubai is operated by Jumeirah International. It is a great place ;especially for children. A lot of water activities and sports are available . Two proper restaurants are there to give you complete gourmet experience. Rides like Tumble Falls, Falcon Fury, Thunder Rapids, and White Water Wadi are quiet popular there.Unique wardrobe and bracelet accessories is another attraction.

Ferrari World

Founded in 2010,Abu Dhabi’s largest theme park is the Ferrari World.Although it might seem like an amusement thing, the centred theme has got something for everyone to do. In fact, the making of these cars are also shown.Even,dirving Ferrari for fun is also an option here with a guided person side by side. It comes with the rides, the shopping, the food along with the Live Theatre and 3D animations are definitely an attraction here.

Kidzania Dubai

A place where children can very well mix learning with fun is the Kidzania Dubai. There are varying roles for children to take and, in fact, children between the age of four and sixteen can learn anything and everything from skilled people.

Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach,DUBAI

Dubai’s sun-drenched beaches attract tourists from all over the world with their breathtaking scenery to the Arabian Gulf. Jumeirah Beach is famous for its white sand, soft and transparent fine particles that submerge your feet in the water. The beach offers a magnificent view of the seven-star Burj Al Arab. The beach is one of the most famous landmarks in Durbar. This impressive monument is located on the opposite side of the coast from Dubai. Walking through the public areas of Jumeirah Beach, you will find a variety of BBQ grills, palm trees, desert gardens and a playground. It provides a great atmosphere for the family and is ideal for picnics, afternoons and evenings on vacation. The best entertainment in Dubai is sunset, the sandy beach turns into deep golden shadows and the sea is warm and pleasant. Jumeirah Beach should be the perfect night for your perfect tropical getaway

Dubai Polo and Equestrian Club


For having a proper leisure time well spent well spent, the Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club is a good choice.It gives you an exciting time by providing you with good fitness options, different cuisines, great seahorse rides, swims. A must visit for a good hospitable stay.

Hatta Heritage Village


To have a rustic experience in between the deserts, one can definitely have a visit here-looking classy at how the traditional Dubai lived. Mostly there are farmers and handicraft men here.The houses seem to be built with old Rocky Mountains.Every night, the village is graced by sculptures, songs, performance.

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