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Explore a Few Spooky, Scary Video Games for the Horrifying Halloween Season

If you are looking for a few horror games to play this season, look no further.  The season for scary games is upon us. The gamers out there are itching for new releases or looking to replay some of the greats. This spooky season there are several up and coming games arriving on the scene. Some are continuations of long-loved game series and others are new blood. All of which are exciting prospects. We all love a good scare when it comes to the Halloween season. Scary games and films are the lifeblood of this ancient pagan holiday. 

But for the gamers out there, this is the season to replay all your favourites. If you are looking to get into games, there are plenty of options out there. Tried and true scary games and the newer remakes are great options to get started on your harrowing adventures. I have curated a series of scary games you might want to check out if you have not already. 


The Resident Evil Games 

Werewolf from Resdient Evil VIII Game
Credit: Video Games Chronicle

The resident evil games have been around since 1996, when the first game was released. This franchise is a well loved horror series and for very good reason. You will find that there are some gamers that love the original series, all the old games and their charm. But there are a series of remakes of this game, some of which are still being created. 

This is where you will find many gamers’ loyalty lies. I, for example, came to the scene late. My first resident evil game was the seventh in the series. That first taste of this new generation of resident evil set me on the path to finding more remakes in the same stunning graphics. I have exclusively played the new and remade Resident Evil games and I would not  begrudge anyone else for doing the same. One thing that makes this series stand out is that you can fight back. Too many times, in horror games, your only defense is to hide and avoid. This game is a great mix of horror elements you have to avoid and enemies you can exterminate. Below are several of these new and remade Resident Evil games for you to learn a little more about. 


Resident Evil II

Leon & Claire from Resident Evil 2 Ramake Game
Credit: Culture Dent

The second game in this series was remade in 2019 and was a fantastic game to experience. Using the Biohazard engine made this game look stunning. The crisp and clear graphics highlight the settings, characters and story elements. Best of all, seeing the terrifying lickers and zombies in such detail made this a truly scary game. 

Is Resident Evil 2 remake worth it? Personally, I would say it is. This game has an interesting story and scary monsters to fight. Not to mention the looming threat of Mr X. Playing the two character arcs of Leon and Claire gives this game great replayability. I personally enjoyed seeing the different outcomes based on who you chose to play first. 

Now, the big question. Is Resident Evil 2 Remake scary?I found this to be a scary and tense game. The use of the monsters and the tense situations ramps up the scariness of the game in a way I really enjoy. 


Resident Evil III

Characters from Resident Evil 3 Ramake
Credit: Video Gamer

Released in 2020, this Resident Evil game is the second newest on the scene. This remake is also a third person remake of the original game. The campaign is relatively short in comparison to Resident Evil 2 Remake. However, the characters, story and locations are interesting. It leaves you with the desire to explore and find out more. But most of all, avoid the Tyrant who is on your tail almost as soon as the game begins. This leaves you tense throughout the game. Never sure when or where you might run into your nemesis. 

Is Resident Evil 3 remake bad? I do not think so. In spite of the short story, it was interesting and had you exploring and avoiding enemies. I particularly enjoyed the newer enemies in the various locations. It kept the game feeling fresh and interesting.


Resident Evil VII – Biohazard

Characters from the horror game - Resident Evil Biohazard
Credit: Polygon

Released in 2017, Biohazard was undoubtedly the scariest of the Resident Evil games. I know every time I replay it I find myself freezing up in the same places. Knowing the enemy is coming does nothing to quell the fear of what is around the corner. Regardless of the fear, you will undoubtedly feel this game is worth replaying and is a great place to start if you want a good scare.

The first person experience only heightens the scariness of each location. I found that this game did its sound really well, instead of jumps scaring you whenever an enemy appeared. You have to listen carefully for their footsteps or groaning. This kept me on my toes and certainly added to the fear factor.

So, to answer your question, is Resident Evil Biohazard scary? As I have reiterated. Yes it is, I found it to be the scariest of the games. The enemies and the ambience made the game. It was truly exceedingly well executed. If you are easily scared, I would steer clear of this game. If you want to embrace the halloween spirit and enjoy horror. This is a fantastic way to start.


Resident Evil VIII – Village

Characers from the horror game Resident Evil Village
Credit: Unpause

Released in 2021, this is the newest game to the Resident Evil family. This game received a lot of hype. Especially surrounding the buxom giantess vampire. Gamers around the world eager to meet this beautiful and terrifying version of a tyrant. I myself was eager to see where it went. As a fan of vampires and werewolves, I was excited to see more about these creatures in a Resident Evil context. When it was finally released, I was not let down. The graphics were gorgeous and the story was interesting. The enemies and bosses were a lot of fun to fight. Overall, I found this game to be brilliant. 

Is Resident Evil Village worth it? I certainly thought so. There is a lot of replayability for this game. I played it for over a week trying to get all the achievements and I think I quite played it to death. Overall, I got my money‘s worth out of this game and it was very enjoyable to play. If you are interested in a great story and a scary experience, Resident Evil style. This is a fantastic current game you could enjoy.


The Dark Anthology Pictures 

Title and logo of the dark pictures anthology
Credit: Press-Start

This series of games are interactive drama games. Each decision made affects the options of another character down the line. Each decision can cause the death of a character. It is a fantastic game to play with your friends. Each person picks a character and makes decisions for them during their sections of the game. Because there are many different outcomes, the replayability of this game is amazing. Each decision can change an integral part of the game and thus change the outcome overall. 

I have enjoyed both of the games that have come out and I look forward to the soon’to-released ‘House of Ashes’. Which is set to be out on the 22nd of October 2021. These games have fantastic stories and animation. The way the story plays out and mixed with terrifying creatures and situations makes this is a great series of games you can enjoy this Halloween.


Man of Medan

Scene from Man of Medan
Creidt: Win Game Store

This is the first game in the Dark Anthology Pictures. It is about five friends who go on a diving trip to find a WWII wreck in the South Pacific. When a storm hits and they run into trouble, they have to survive. I cannot get into the details of the story, if you want to play it you have to discover what happens for yourself.

The game itself is beautifully put together. The characters are interesting and relatable. Each decision affects relationships around them and, by extension, the outcome of the story. Not to mention, the graphics are stunning and make for an intriguing and beautiful backdrop for the story itself. If you would like to enjoy a horror game with your friends, this is a great game to play this Halloween.


Little Hope

Characters from Little Hope Game
Credit: Micosoft

The second game in this series plays on a trope we have all come to love in horror. Witches. This game was almost scarier than the first. The themes were more witchy and demonic in their origin, which I find to be more scary. The story takes place when there was a bus accident near a mysterious town known as Little Hope. It follows the story of five protagonists whom you can play throughout the game. You can play this game alone or in a group, much like the first game. Each player’s actions affect the next until you have crafted your own story. 

When you get to the end, you might ask yourself. What actually happened in Little Hope? I cannot hope to answer this without ruining the story itself. As such, I recommend you enjoy your first few playthroughs and try to figure out the end yourself. The game should explain itself as you go on and learn more each time.


The Little Nightmares Games 

Characters and scene from Little Nightmares
Credit: Miscrosoft

This game duo is amazing to play. It is a whimsical horror that gives me Studio Ghibli gone wrong vibes. The enemies and characters in this story are both scary and cute. If you would like to play a game that makes you uncomfortable but not horrifyingly scared, this is a great option for you.  


Little Nightmares I

Scene from Little Nightmares
Credit: Bloody Disgusting

The first game follows the story of a little girl named Six who is always hungry. She must escape various monsters on an iron vessel. She must deal with these twisted beings in various different ways and survive them all to escape. 

When I happened across this story I found that it was surprisingly good. I enjoyed the cute style and the disgusting yet whimsical monsters chasing Six. The animation was also interesting and kept me interested the whole time. I love that the story is not complicated or cut and dried. You have to find out what happens as you progress. Finding clues and meeting monsters to understand what is happening.


Little Nightmares II

Characters from Little Nightmares 2
Credit: Euro Gamer

The second game in the series is equally cute and disturbing. With a dark story and an interesting world. The second in the franchise follows the story of a boy named Mono who takes a journey into the wilderness. He meets and frees Six. They must avoid the masked Hunter and escape with their lives. This game is also remarkably well done and definitely worth playing. It is whimsical and interesting, much like the first game, and is suited for those that do not want completely horrifying games this spooky season.


The Outlast Games

Monster from the horror game Outlast Games
Credit: Den of Geeks

These games may not be suitable for everyone. More so than the others. This series is notoriously gorey and into shock tactics. They tend to lean into the things that make horror truly scary, disgusting and disturbing. I enjoyed these games. The extreme situation and the horrifying setting and residence made this game truly scary. It is perfect for those that want a truly terrifying experience this Halloween. 


Outlast I

Monster from the horror game outlast 1
Credit: Pc Gamer

The story follows a reporter who gets caught up in the strange goings on at a mountain asylum. But when he arrives, he finds out that hell has already broken loose and it is horrifying. He must escape the residence and the doctors of this asylum gone wild with his life. 


Outlast II

Creature from the horror game Outlast 2
Credit: Boss Fight Database

The second game is equally as disturbing, if not more so. The story takes place in Arizona when the characters discover the gruesome attempted murder of a pregnant woman on the side of the road. The character discovers atrocities in a nearby settlement and attempts to find out what is happening, only to get dragged further into the horrifying mess.


Happy Horror Gaming

Halloween pumpkins lit up
Credit: Blue Arrow

That sums up some of my favourite horror games out there. Get into the Halloween spirit and enjoy some of these games. If you enjoy games or are just looking to get into gaming itself, these are some fantastic options for you. If you want more extreme games, I would look at Resident Evil or Outlast. They are both scary game franchises and would hit that spot if you want a horror game to play this season. 

If you enjoyed this article or found it helpful, don’t hesitate to check out our other articles. We have something on almost anything.

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