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Explore the Republic of Turkey’s Beautiful Underwater Aquaria

Turkey is one of the most visited countries due to its enchanting beauty that encircles all of its iconic places and cities from hustling bustling markets, busy and fun-packed resorts, aquamarine seas, alluring mountains, fascinating waterfalls, charming lakes, lushing forests, and mesmeric thermal hot springs. If you are a nature lover, you should plan a tour to Turkey to explore and unlock the entrancing beauty and prestigious places.
You can explore many beautiful historical sites, antiquated buildings, archaeological structures, religious and philosophical masterpieces in historic cities and can learn about the great and richest history of Turkey.
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Brief History of the Republic of Turkey

The Republic of Turkey is astride over Western Asia and Southeast Europe. The foundation of Turkey was led on October 29, 1923. It shares borders with the multiple sides of various cities. To the northwest side, it is connected to Greece and Bulgaria, to the north, it is adjoining the border with the Black Sea, to the northeast with Georgia, to the east with Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. To the southeast, it is united with Iraq; to the south, it is joined by Syria and the Mediterranean Sea; to the west, it is linked with the Aegean Sea. Since 1923, Ankara has been the capital city of Turkey. It was formerly known as Angora and is situated in the northwest part of Turkey. Istanbul is the biggest city and largest center of fiscal matters in the country. Turks are the major group of the population of the nation, while Kurds form a minor group.
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Turkey is most famous for its zoos and best-displaying aquariums across the globe. Its exquisite aquariums displaying diversified aquatic creatures compellingly appeal to visitors and tourists to travel towards Turkey. In aquariums, aquatic animals are placed in large tanks and are exhibited publicly. Turkey has opened giant aquariums in its major cities for the public. Visitors from all over the world come here to see the best of the world’s aquariums. The giant and enthralling aquariums of Turkey are ranked in the top 100 best aquariums in the world. They offer pleasant and diverting time to families, public visitors, and tourists. Kids and adults can equally enjoy themselves while visiting the aquarium. The underwater world provides a propitious exposure to its walk-in visitors.
Here is a list of some of the best aquariums in Turkey.
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Istanbul Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium, as the name highlights, is a public aquarium located in the city of Istanbul, Turkey. It was established on April 1, 2011. It has the official membership of the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA). This aquarium is 5km away from the Atatürk International Airport, near the transportation system of railway and highway in Florya, which is situated in the southwest part of Istanbul. There are 5000 aquatic creatures in the tunnel aquarium confined in large tanks and 150 fish in other aquariums.
It consists of two thematic aquariums. One is a marine aquarium and the other is a freshwater aquarium. The marine aquarium kept two eels and a clownfish. While in the freshwater aquarium, diversified kinds of cichlid, crocodile fish, gourami, and different varieties of catfish are put together in this section. These varieties are bought from within the country.
There are various activities you can perform during your visit to Istanbul. You can explore many novel sites and swing to Istanbul’s underwater world. It is the most modern aquarium in the world and the fourth public aquarium according to its establishment date.
The aquarium is known for the diversified species of fish that live in the world of water. Because it is made for the public, it always remains open for visitors and tourists. Visiting this aquarium is always a revealing experience. The aquarium provides chances to look into the wide variety of vibrant fish species.
Visitors can see and explore a wide variety of aquatic creatures of different traits and characteristics living in the same habitat and belonging to the various zones. Kids are very fond of seeing animals from the closest sight. Visiting and exploring this aquarium means unlocking their cultural and geographical discriminatory traits and oddities. There is also a 5D cinema in the aquarium that offers five movies that take the viewers on an entirely different tour of the world while sitting in their seats.
The aquarium’s water capacity is 4,000 cubic meters. The greatest water volume made it the largest aquarium in Turkey when it was established.
There are also hurricane simulators in the aquarium that make you experience the storm and you just feel as if you are surrounded by the storm standing in the middle of the water. In comparison to other aquariums, the thematic Akvaryum of Istanbul has a thousand square meter rain forest with advanced technology. These unique features make this aquarium an unparalleled piece in the list of best aquariums in the world.

Aqua Vega Aquarium
Aquariums –

The largest tunnel and shopping mall aquarium, with a length of 98 meters, is located in the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. This public aquarium opened on 23 April 2012. This presents a variety of 20 themes of unlike sizes including cafeteria, salt cave, fish feeding stands, photography points, souvenir store, jungle corner, bail sale standpoints, and a reptile house. Its water capacity is five million liters. There are almost 12000 marine creatures in the aquarium. During your visit to this aquarium, you may see many aquatic creatures, such as Koi fish, Napoleon fish, sharks, and clownfish. It is ranked third in Europe’s large tunnel aquariums. This is a two-leveled long tunnel along with one Adrenaline world.

First floor

The lower floor consists of an Amazon cafe, aquariums, swimming pool, souvenir market, pet shop, salt cave, ticket office, photoshoot corner, koi fish seashell museum, and a restaurant.

Second floor

On the multi-above, there are also entertainment spots, including a jungle point, a touch pool, a long tunnel aquarium, an aqua cafe, and an auditorium.

Adrenaline world

In this section of the aquarium there are 250 diverse wild and dangerous creatures assembled in one place.

Aqua Vega also revealed a reptile house containing the most toxic and interestingly outlandish viable creatures. The world’s most poisonous and perilous organisms in the Adrenaline World are waiting for you. Go and have a deep look at them. In this tunnel aquarium, the giant water tanks enclose 120 variegated species of reptiles and more than 11000 fishes of diverse species. The underwater world full of life presents adorable and matchless sea creatures that give you the ideal and eventual view of the aquarium from all sides.

Antalya Aquarium

Antalya Aquarium opened its doors on 15 August 2012 and it is an entertainment hub composed of two parts. One is an aquarium and the other is the snowy world indoor area, settled and organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya. It is located in Konyaaltı, a district of Antalya in Turkey. This underwater entertainment center is among the top five best and most toured spots. Antalya Aquarium is the world’s largest tunnel aquarium, with a length of 131 meters, 3-meter width, and 395 square meters of total surface. This largest underwater tunnel world provides an inspirational experience, arresting entertainment, and education all in one place.


The total number of huge tanks in this tunnel-shaped aquarium is 64, along with a water capacity of 7.5 million liters for the aquarium.

Tunnel aquarium

The tunnel is 131 meters long and 3 meters wide, making this aquarium the world’s biggest tunnel aquarium. Italian sculptor Benedetti designed the interior decor of the tanks. Here you can see huge shipwrecks, and relics of cracked and smashed aircraft, and submarines.
Aquariums –

Snow World

The snow world ice museum is located inside the aquarium with a temperature of – 5 degrees. The total area of this snow museum is 1500m². Visitors can go inside the snow museum to experience the inside world. Tourists are provided with precautionary attire before entering this snowy world. At night, snowfall in the ice world. This sight of snow falling in the ice museum presents an overwhelming sight to the visitors. This is an exhilarating experience for both kids and adults to view the underwater creatures and enjoy the entertainment centers all in one place inside the tunnel aquarium of Antalya.
Various gripping events and activities are unceasingly held right through the center to captivate its audience.
This aquarium is more than an entertainment center, providing amazing and delicious food in restaurants inside the tunnel, an Oceanside XD Cinema that turns the visitors’ day to the adventuring moments and exploring time. It provides a delightful trip to 40 thematic aquariums with various entertainment activities, fun-packed experiences, attraction-packed sights, educational and inspirational experiences. There are also food and beverage halls to increase the appetite. You can enjoy your savory food on the terrace floor.
The aquarium is stuffed with unusual, colorful but toxic species from all over the world.

Eti Underwater World

Eskişehir Zoo is an animal park in Eskişehir, a province of Turkey. After two years of construction, it was opened in April 2017. It is subsidized by the Eti company of Eskisehir city in Turkey. This zoo is composed of two closed areas. One for the aquarium is called Underwater World (Turkish: Sualtı Dünyası) and the other is a house reserved for birds, reptiles, amphibians, and arthropods from the torrid regions in Sazova park. It has 6 vivariums in which a variety of amphibians are kept from torrid zones. It has thematic aquariums exceeding number 30, a seashell museum, a souvenir shop, a photography corner, and a cafe. Visitors and tourists from across the world find it a wonderful place due to its multiple entertainment points. You can easily afford a trip to this aquarium because it offers cheap tickets in comparison to Turkey’s other aquariums. In this ocean aquarium, visitors can explore a wide range of fish species and other sea creatures. This 2400-200 meter indoor region gives an endless view of the beautiful aqua creatures kept in tanks.

Sea Life Aquarium

Sealife Aquarium (Turkish: The TurkuaZoo) is also a public aquarium located in Bayrampaşa, a sub-district of Istanbul, Turkey. It was opened in 2009 and regarded as the first aquarium established for the public and is known as one of the biggest aquariums in Europe. It is a major attraction for tourists in Istanbul. The ocean aquarium is also a center for marine research and management. The tunnel of the ocean aquarium is 83 meters in length. Sea Life Aquarium is also one of the biggest underwater ocean tunnels in the world. You can view stunning sights from the ocean floor.
This highly developed and technologically advanced aquarium has littoral cliffs, rain forests, and torrid sea zones. This sea aquarium achieved the sharks’ collection to the largest number. Other oceanic creatures include the Zebra, Sand Tiger, Bonnethead, Grey Reef Sharks, and many other sea organisms.
The aquarium has an extremely coactive rock pool that provides fascinating views of sea creatures for visitors. This aquarium also presents a diver show. Kids interestingly view the show when the diver plunges in with the sharks. There is also an entertainment corner for children where they can play and enjoy food.

Funtastic Aquarium
Aquariums –

The Funtastic Aquarium has been opened in Izmir, a metropolitan city on the westernmost side of Anatolia, Turkey. As the name shows, this aquarium has fun-packed places and fascinating views of various sea creatures from different regions of the world. The aquarium consists of 2500 square meters of closed area along with 237 walking paths. Six distinctive species of sharks, four different species of stingrays, tropical creatures in the undercoa world, varieties of different cold ocean creatures, moray eels, special breeds from freshwater, and the vibrant creatures from the torrid zones and rainy jungles are exhibited together in this aquarium, having water volume of above than 2 million liters. This oceanic world has more than 70 thematic terrariums showing underwater creatures from across the world. It also got the title of the Aegean region’s first public aquarium.

On the tour of this interactive place, where, on the one side, you can explore and learn many things and, on the other side, you can enjoy, entertain and spend memorable time with your family and friends. It meets the requirements of educational experiences and entertainment purposes. Go Funtastic aquarium, full of fun experiences and fantastic places are waiting in Izmir to be visited and explored by you. This amazing public aquarium provides you with information about the specific characteristics and traits of the sea creatures.
You can also visit other aquariums other than these top 5 underwater aquariums, including Marine World Aquarium (Turkish: Deniz Dünyası), Kaplıkaya Attraction Center (Turkish: Kaplıkaya Cazibe Merkezi), Biases Aquarium, Aqua Diyarbakir, Jungle Istanbul, and Emaar Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. These 12 aquariums in total are functioning and open for visitors in Turkey. Aquarium Ortahisar is still under construction and is also an underwater tunnel aquarium with an approximate length of 180 meters and is expected to be the longest aquarium in the world.
If you have a jovial nature and are crazy about seeing underworld water creatures, you must plan a tour to Turkey. Turkey’s aquariums provide entertainment, educational experiences, fun-loving spots, fun-packed activities, and restaurants to reduce your hunger.

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