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Fashion Trends Over the Years Made Famous by Canadians

In the world of fashion trends, Canadians really know how to make a bold statement. The Great White North has come up with some one-of-a-kind fashion ideas. This unique fashion sense goes a long way back in the making. Canada is a proud place to thrive in the fashion industry.

Canada is also home to some pretty sweet homegrown fashion designers. They really know how to raise the bar on industry-setting trends. Absolute must-haves for the cold Canadian weather

Here’s a look at eighteen of my top picks for Canadian-made fashion trends:

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A girl dresses in all the clothing essentials needed for the cold Canadian weather.

1. The Canadian Tuxedo

For all of you folks who aren’t Canadians. You’ve probably never heard of the Canadian Tuxedo, eh?

Well, just in case you’re curious. Pairing a denim jean jacket with a pair of denim jeans. And topping the outfit off with a pair of cowboy boots….

 This is the ultimate description of a Canadian Tuxedo. 

The Canadian Tuxedo has been around since the 1950s. Ever since Bing Crosby wowed his audiences in his denim outfits. Many other Canadian celebrities have also wowed the runways and stages over the years in their denim Canadian tuxedos. Including Brittany Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kayne West and Julia Fox, among others.

And although the style comes and goes throughout the years. The Canadian tuxedo is still suitable attire for both men and women to wear to any semi-formal functions in Canada today. Whether you’re a celebrity or an average Canadian, you can still rock it with a Canadian tuxedo!

Heck, Canadians also don’t mind sharing the trend with others. So, if the denim still fits…

Wear it. And you’ll be right in style!

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The Canadian Tuxedo 

2. The Great Canadian Flannel Shirt

Another best-known fashion trend worn by most Canadians is the long-sleeved plaid buttoned-down front flannel shirt. I’m quite certain if you’re a true Canuck, you have more than one of those best-loved shirts hanging in your closet. 

Flannel shirts look great in a variety of colours to suit your preference. They go best with jeans or leggings. They can also be fashionably worn by both men, women and children.

Buffalo plaid, featuring black and red checkered patterns, is a popular choice in heavy flannel jackets. These stylish fashion trends can be worn in the great Canadian outdoors to keep you nice and cozy, warm in the fall and on milder winter days.

Buffalo plaid is also a popular choice of attire for Canadian family Christmas photos. You can’t go wrong with a buffalo plaid flannel shirt if you are a true Canadian!

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Flannel shirts, a true Canadian fashion trend

3. Boots with Over the Top Woolen Socks 

Having warm feet. But making a fashion statement is important to many Canadians. That’s why this next fashion trend became so popular for several people.

Owning a fashionable pair of boots is important to all women. Even if you live in the Great White North. And the winter temperatures drop below 40 below zero. Owning a pair of fashionable boots is still crucial!

No worries, we Canadians are pretty resourceful when it comes to making a fashion statement. And keeping warm in sub-zero temperatures. 

Simply buy a nice big pair of wool socks. The longer the better. Slip into your fashionable boots. Pull-on top of your woollen socks. Then, roll your socks down over the top of your boots. 

And, voila…

Your feet stay warm. And you get to wear any style of boots that match your current wardrobe.

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Winter boots with woollen socks make the warmest attire for Canadian winters.

4. The Famous Canadian Toque

The great Canadian toque is right up there with the flannel shirt. If you live in Canada, you most likely have a tuque in a variety of colors. A toque to match every flannel shirt in your closet, that is.

Toques are frequently worn by both men and women in Canada. They are most popular during the cool fall weather and into the winter months. Tuques are great to keep you feeling warm and cozy in the great Canadian outdoors. 

Heck, some Canadians even wear their toques all year long.

Toques are sold in most clothing stores within Canada. They come in a variety of styles and colors. There are toques with stripes and pom-poms, slouchy tuques, or tight-fitting beanie-style toques.

Canadian toques are commonly made of wool. But they can also be made of other fabrics. Such as cashmere or fleece. Depending on how much money you’re willing to spend.  Toques are truly a Canadian fashion accessory.

Image Source: The List
Girl wearing a burgundy tuque.

5. Quilted Jacket Vests

Quilted jackets are another common fashion trend found in Canada. These stylish jackets with zip-off sleeves are also a popular fashion trend. These stylish coats are great to wear in the Canadian winters. They can still be used when the weather begins to warm up. Simply zip off the sleeves and wear them like a vest as the weather warms up.

In fact, many Canadians can be found in quilted vests and long-sleeved flannel shirts all winter long. The combination is enough to keep you snuggly warm in mild Canadian outdoor fall and winter weather. 

Quilted vests or jackets are commonly worn by both men and women in Canada. If you’re looking for fashion yet warmth in the cool Canadian weather, quilted jacket vests are a great option!

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The jacket vest is a popular Canadian fashion.

6. Sweater Dresses

Canadians are famous for wearing a go-to-sweater-dress without pants needed. Sweater dresses are a great Canadian option. If you’re looking for your next one-and-done cool-weather outfit. A sweater dress is a great option.

Just throw on a pair of long boots. Add your woolly socks pulled over. And you’re all set for the cool Canadian weather in style.

Sweater dresses are a great option to wear to work, go out on the town, or simply for staying in and keeping cozy warm by the fire.

Sweater dresses come in a variety of colors, styles and patterns to choose from. And they can be found in several Canadian retail outlets. Of course, they are not suited for men. But I’m sure any man would love seeing their woman wearing one.

Top your sweater dress off with a nice warm Canadian tuque and a blanket scarf. And you are set for the cold Canadian weather.

Image Source: All Fitness
A lady wearing a sweater dress.

7. The Arctic Bay Parka

For extreme cold Canadian temperatures, the Arctic Bay parka is a great addition to any Canadian wardrobe.  Stay cozy, warm and fashionable in a wide variety of selections of parkas for all your outdoor attire.

There’s nothing better than staying warm in the great Canadian outdoors. Arctic Bay parkas were specifically designed for some of the harshest Canadian weather. Inspired by Inuit people from Canada. These coats feature real Canadian beaver and coyote fur, leather trim, and down-filled shells. 

The perfect Canadian winter accessory for men, women and children looking to stay warm in all winter weather conditions. These coats may be on the expensive side of fashion. But they are built to last. So they are worth the investment to stay warm and fashionable in Canada.

Image Source: Artic Bay Facebook
A family wearing Arctic Bay Parkas

8. Canada Goose Jacket

Established in 1957 in Canada. The Canada Goose Company is a leading Canadian manufacturer of luxury down winter jackets and clothing lines.

Stay warm all winter long with a huge selection of winter clothing to choose from. Canada Goose clothing is designed especially for cold Canadian winters. 

The Canada Goose clothing line might be a little more expensive than other brands. But their items come with a lifetime warranty. And they’re built to last. 

A truly Canadian investment. Guaranteed to keep you in style and warmth. For years to come.

Image Source: Pinterest
A girl warmly dresses in a Canada Goose coat.

9. Quote Sweatshirts and Hoodies

One of the latest fashion trends for Canadians is sweatshirts and hoodies with inspirational quotes written on the back of them. Choose from a wide selection of colors and sayings. This latest fashion trend will not only look styled. But it’s sure to keep you warm in the cool Canadian weather.

Hoodies are great for all ages. They never seem to go out of style in Canada. They are the perfect everyday attire. Or ideal for lounging around the house while watching movies on the sofa. And a hot chocolate and a bowl of hot buttery popcorn in hand.

Image Source: Ebay
A hoodie with a quote on the back. A true Canadian fashion

10. Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have been around since the 80s and 90s. They have recently become retro-style popular in Canadian fashion trends. Mom jeans have a comfortable, relaxed fit. This latest Canadian fashion trend is made of high-waisted denim. 

The fashionable yet comfortable jeans fit loosely around your thighs. They offer a tapered leg with an overall baggy look to them. Most mom jeans have a rolled hem that sits just above your ankle. Finish the look off in style and comfort.

These jeans are perfect for all ages. They can be paired with a t-shirt, hoodie or even a blouse. Mom jeans create the perfect Canadian fashion attire for a relaxed fit. 

The latest jeans to hit the Canadian fashion industry can even be worn in any Canadian season. So they are a great addition to your must-have Canadian wardrobe.

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Mom Jeans are a popular Canadian fashion trend.

11. Blanket Scarves

Blanket scarves are a truly Canadian fashion trend. They fit loosely over any womenswear for a warm finished look. 

Made from wool, cotton, linen, cashmere or polyester. Blanket scarves come in large square shapes. They can be worn in several different ways. You can wrap them around your neck and throw them over your shoulder. Or drape them down your chest like a coat. 

Blanket scarves are the perfect accessory for cold Canadian weather. This absolutely fave fashion looks great paired with any Canadian outfit,

Image Source: Cindy Melcher photos
The blanket scarf. A true Canadian fashion.

12. Lululemon Canadian Olympic Gear

Based out of Vancouver, Canada. Lululemon struck a deal with the Canadian Olympic team to design their clothing line from 2022 to 2028. 

During the recent pandemic. Many Canadians worked from home. Lululemon offers a vast selection of comfortable clothing styles to choose from. These comfortable styles are perfect for working from home. Their clothing is not only comfy but offers one of a kind style.

Now you can add their Olympic collection to your Canadian wardrobe of the latest fashion trends in Canada.

Image Source: Huffpost
Canadian Olympic Clothing

13. TNA Clothing

TNA is a trending Canadian clothing store that offers a variety of clothing choices. Such as their popular hoodies, leggings, sweaters, and jackets to choose from.

Most popular among teenagers. TNA offers clothing lines for both girls and guys. This truly Canadian fashion trend will keep you warm and styled in our cold Canadian temperatures.

Image Source: Poshmark
TNA hoodie. The perfect Canadian fashion attire

14. Roots Clothing

Established in a small cabin located in Algonquin Park, Canada in 1973. Roots have sure come a long way in their trendy Canadian clothing line. Roots now have locations all over Canada, the United States and Asia. They offer a stylish Canadian collection of clothing, footwear and accessories. They are a trending fashion among many people for both comfort and style.

Many Canadians can be seen lounging around in their grey Roots sweat pants and their red-trimmed grey woollen Roots socks. It has been a Canadian tradition since 1973. And is still a popular fashion trend today.

Image Source:
Roots socks are a popular Canadian fashion.

15. Hudson Bay Jackets

The iconic Hudson Bay Company is one of Canada’s longest-running manufacturers. Even though the Hudson Bay Company didn’t officially introduce their blanket coat until 1922. Indigenous people have been making coats out of Hudson Bay blankets for over 200 years.

Although the hype of owning a Hudson Bay blanket coat has worn off in recent years. They are a truly Canadian fashion trend that goes way back hundreds of years in the history of Canada.

Image Source: Pinterest
A Hudson Bay Blanket Coat.

16. Moccasins

Moccasins are another truly Canadian fashion trend. Originally designed by Indigenous tribes of Canada. Moccasins can now commonly be found in many clothing stores all over Canada.

They are the perfect apparel to wear while lounging around the house. Or you can even wear moccasins as everyday footwear.

It is not uncommon to see Canadians walking the streets or department stores, etc, sporting their Canadian-made moccasins.

Image Source: Pinterest
Moccasins are a popular Canadian fashion trend.

17. Birkenstocks with Socks

Although Birkenstocks originated in Germany. They have become a distinct fashion trend among Canadians. Because of the cold weather here. We true Canucks like to pair our Birkenstocks with a woollen pair of socks during the cold weather months. Now, isn’t that styling?

Sure, Birkenstocks can be worn in the summer. But, if you are a Canadian, they can also be worn all winter long. As long as you top them off with a nice cozy pair of wool socks to complete the look.

Most popularly seen among teenagers and the younger crowd. Birkenstocks can be worn by any age or gender to make a great Canadian fashion statement!

Image Source: Pinterest
Birkenstocks and woollen socks, are a true Canadian fashion statement.

18. Long Johns

Last but not least, if you are a true Canadian, you must own a pair of long johns for those cold winter days spent outdoors. 

Long johns are an essential fashion trend worn by all Canadians who love the great outdoors. Whether it’s ski-doing, skiing, snowshoeing, or hiking. Keep warm in a pair of quality-made long johns. This absolutely essential Canadian attire can be found in many department stores across Canada.

Long johns can be worn by men, women and children of all ages. They also make the perfect sleeping attire for those cold winter nights. Or for cool outdoor camping trips.

Image Source:
Jong johns are the ultimate Canadian attire for cold temperatures.

Final Thoughts

Image Source: Cindy Melcher photos
True Canadian fashion.

Canada is definitely one of a kind when it comes to setting fashion trends. Canadian fashion throughout the years not only looks great. But our great sense of fashion also keeps you warm in the coldest temperatures of the Great White North. 

From toques and blanket coats to the Canadian tuxedo. One thing is for certain. Canada sure knows how to set a fashion trend, eh?










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