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Global Chocolate Brands You Should Taste At Least Once In Your Life

Chocolate is one of the favorites for children and adults in every corner of the world. It may serve as treats for oneself or dessert for a family after each meal. Luckily, consumers have vast chocolate variants of toiletries for buying sprees before the holidays. Also, chocolate would offer a pick-me-up; it helps switch chocolate lovers’ moods from tiredness to full energy to make a fresh start on a workday. Nothing is better than sipping a cup of tasty, hot chocolate on rainy days. It keeps the body warm and brings comfort to your mind. Thus, chocolate is closely associated with human beings’ daily life. Fortunately, it is on display at every corner of the street for everyone all over the world. It is exciting to look at various famous chocolates from global chocolate brands that have boasted about. The following account helps select a suitable chocolate brand for taste.

Global chocolate Santa Barbara

Global chocolate Santa Barbara: Couverture chocolate
Couverture chocolate. Credit: couverture chocolate

Some love to binge on their favourite chocolates; others have developed their passion for all kinds of chocolate-flavoured sweets. Santa Barbara is an excellent source of a wide range of couverture and high-quality. It blends chocolates, cocoa butter, baking products, organic chocolate, vegan chocolate, totally pure organic cacao, and many others. One name comes up to mind about chocolates for baking – it is Santa Barbara organic chocolate. In the United States, it is on a list of the chocolate liquor category by the Food and Drug Administration. In reality, they are non-alcoholic sweets. Thus, Sandra Barbara is proud of its baking chocolates that originated from totally organic cacao.

Santa Barbara has become famous and popular because of its formulas for various products. They are the outstanding gourmet clean ingredients, free of hydrogenated oils and the source of cacao originates from ethical traders. In addition, Santa Barbara Chocolate provides much larger options for chocolate sweets and cakes than Chocoley could offer. One of these advantages is to serve vegans.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat chocolate brand's products in various shapes
Kit Kat chocolate with different shapes. Credit:

Kitkat is the global chocolate brand first launched in the UK in 1935, and two years later released its logo and brand name Kitkat. Today, the confectionery brand appears in almost 80 countries around the globe. The standard bar of chocolate includes thin crispy layers of wafers covered with tasty milk chocolate. In addition, another interesting thing about this product is that inside an appealing package, pieces of trapezoidal bars are convenient to crack into small pieces for sharing. Hence, this separation would help to share chocolate among a family, with loved ones. Chocolate bars are an irresistible treat for children and adults as well.

Hershey’s Brand

A piece of Hershey's global chocolate
A bar of Hershey’s chocolate. Credit:

The famous Hershey’s originates from the United States, the globe’s largest confectionery company. Its milk chocolate with a brown and glossy silver wrapper might be the best favorite chocolate bar in the U.S during the 20th century. Hershey’s product lines have become bestsellers, like Hershey’s kisses or Hershey’s chocolate bar. Hershey’s expanded its business by acquiring other confectionery companies for years, including Reese’s Pieces, Almond Joy, and Peanut Butter Cups. To discover the world of Hershey’s, chocolate gourmets should visit Derry Township, Pennsylvania. Why should a chocolate gourmet visit this place? Let’s look at its origin.

The history of the global chocolate brand Hershey traces back to the 1880s when Milton S. Hershey built a caramel company in Lancaster. In 1893, attending the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, he admired the German-made chocolate-processing machinery and decided to invest in this kind of sweets industry. Then, he started producing various confections at the outlet, and his business became prosperous. Later, he decided to sell the caramel company to his opponents and put more money into this investment. The most successful deal was that he founded a new manufactory in Derry Township, Pennsylvania. An unincorporated community named Hershey existed and grew around a manufacturing factory. Today, it is one of the largest global chocolate plants.


Cadbury Chocolate
Source: iStock. London, England – March 2, 2011: The Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar was first produced in the UK in 1905 and had more milk content than its competitors. It became the top seller for Cadbury.

Cadbury is also named Cadbury’s under the management of Mondelz International, a multinational British confectionery brand. It is one of the largest global chocolates in Uxbridge, West London, globally in around 50 countries. Additionally, the brand is well-known for various product lines, such as Roses selection boxes, cream egg, and milk products. The confectionery company has grown since 1824. At the moment, the global chocolate brand has increased the production of a million chocolate lines each day.

This history of Cadbury’s chocolate arose in 1824 when businessman John Cadbury built his first grocery in Birmingham’s Bull Street. At the beginning of his career, it was a family business that produced milk chocolate for the popular treat or dessert after a meal. This type of business acted as an ideal pioneer of contemporary business practices. He operated his so-called ‘factory’ in a large garden in Bournville to produce chocolate to create a safe and healthy environment for his workers. He handed it down to his brothers George and Richard, who ran a new factory with over 300 cottages as accommodation for their employees on his retirement. Up today, Cadbury’s still keeps a village in Bournville steeped in its original history and traditional characteristics to welcome chocolate gourmets to discover its premium products.

Ferrero Rocher Chocolate

A round chocolate cake
Ferrero Rocher chocolate cake. Credit:

The famous chocolate brand Ferrero Rocher originated in Italy as the global confectionery bestseller. Millions of chocolate gourmets around the world have purchased different high-quality lines of Ferro Rocher. The company has operated for almost 200 years to consolidate its brand and reputation as gourmet chocolates. Ferrero Rocher chocolates offer an eye-catching texture, covered with golden foil whose designs are suitable for holiday presents. Ferrero Rocher consists of milk, 55% dark and white chocolate, hazelnuts, and almonds. Also, this chocolate bar offers seven flavours that are carefully picked to be associated with chocolate varieties.

In its history, the company initially launched high-quality brands into the market, such as Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello’s. Consequently, their fast-growing gourmet bars category has consolidated its advantageous position in the market. When Ferrero Rocher came into sight in 1982, a team of 50 employees worked hard to develop over 300 kinds of recipes to find the favourite balance of taste and a texture to experience this chocolate freshly and uniquely. Thanks to various flavours, many different generations have loved products of the brand in the shape of a bar with several tasty flavours for a rich choice. Each square of a bar is skillfully crafted to give a customer a feeling of an interesting chocolate discovery.


Two broken pieces of Toblerone chocolate
Two pieces of a broken chocolate bar, Toblerone. Credit:

Toblerone is one of the well-known confectionery brands thanks to its best quality Swiss chocolate. Also, it operates under the management of the famous Mondelez International, a globally prominent US sweet producer. This chocolate is easily recognized due to its distinctive prism shape. Toblerone gourmets love its nougat and chocolate, which bring varied flavours, such as white and black chocolate. In addition, Toblerone white Chocolate is one of the main products, consisting of creamy chocolate, delicious honey, and tasty almond nougat. And dark chocolate is full of premium ingredients such as honey, and almond nougat, which satisfy the taste of connoisseurs worldwide.

The story of Toblerone chocolate starts with Jean Tobler, a chocolatier living in Bern, Switzerland. Firstly, he operated family business, a sweets shop, in 1886 and developed this business by building a chocolate factory in 1899. Unfortunately, Jean passed on the reins of the operation to his son Theodor. Later, when Tobler’s recognized chocolate had taken the world by storm, they produced two delectable chocolate lines: dark and white chocolates.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Brand

Two glasses full of Ghirardelli chocolate brand
Two glasses are full of Ghirardelli chocolate. Credit:

Ghirardelli is one of the confectionery brands based in the U.S, which often organizes chocolate festivals in the United States. Ghirardelli’s global chocolate brand provides the compelling flavour, and smooth texture connoisseurs crave. The quality of chocolate sweets spans from bean to bar by selecting the premium cocoa grown in sustainable plantations worldwide. Besides, Lindt & Sprüngli is a sustainability program that traces cocoa beans right back to the farmers to have a source of premium cocoa beans. The Ghirardelli chocolate takes a “bean to bar” process by selecting the cocoa beans and producing the finished chocolate lines.

Domenico Ghirardelli built Ghirardelli Chocolate Company in San Francisco, U.S.A., in 1852. Domenico was an Italian chocolate maker who took this craft as an apprentice to a chocolatier when he was a boy. After that, he moved to Uruguay to look for business opportunities by opening a coffee and chocolate shop before arriving in Peru for his own store. Until he heard the news of the gold rush, Domenico was not hesitant to leave Peru for California, a dreamland, to open a store in Stockton. The business grew, leading to the establishment of a second storefront, but both of the stores burned down before his regret. Finally, he operated a Ghirardelli Chocolate company in 1852. It has been operating for over 160 years and has become one of the oldest chocolate producers in America.

Black and blue sea shells of Guyllian
Guylian Belgian Chocolate Sea life Shapes. Credit:

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