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Goa – Little Paradise in India

GOA: An Overview

Not less than like a little paradise on Earth; Goa is a small state in india visited by tourists from all over the world. Located about 400 kms to south of Bombay Goa is a small state in india visited by tourists from all over the world . A Portuguese annexed placed in the beginning but became a part of India in late 1961. It also has the highest GDP/capita in India and ranks 4th in number in terms of the least populated state.The official local language being Konkani here is widely spoken along with English by commoners.It also ranks good in good quality of Life. The cultural history can be felt in the Margao region of the state.

There are good educational institutions in Goa.  Right from primary education to reputed technical and higher studies institutions, Goa doesn’t lag behind in this field as well. The National Institute of Oceanography, Goa Institute of Management and Goa University are eminent parts of the city.



  • Previously known as Gove, Gomant and Govapuri in the ancient Hindu times, the name has changed over time. Although not much of the initial Hindu city survives now but the place has its mentions in the inscriptions and puranas.
  • The city was ruled from 2nd century till 1312, by the Kadamba dynasty followed by Muslim invaders from 1312 to 1367.
  • Then Hindu rulers under Vijayanagar ruled for sometimes then later in the year 1440,was annexed by the Sultanate of Bahmani.
  • After the division of the place; Goa passed into the hands of a Muslim king from Bijapur. Then it was a pinnacle time for Portuguese entering and annexing parts of Goa. After a fight between Afonso de Albuquereque and Yusuf Adil Khan; the Portuguese conquered and made a Hindu king its Governor.
  • Goa prospered for  a while under the Portuguese till the early 1600’s. One good thing that the Portuguese did was the abolition of Sati in the area.(Sati is self-immolation of widows ). Goa served liked Portugal’s capital city in India. Around 1638,the Dutch blocked some areas followed by attacks of a Mughal Army then the Marathas. Later,as fate had it, it again came under the Portuguese after a viceory visited the place with a fleet.
  • Initially, marmagao used to be the place for the government’s seat. Later, it got shifted to Panjim.the major reason of this shift was due to cholera outbreak which was untreatable during those times.
  • Initial 19th century phase, Goa was just a place for temporary settlements. By the Britishers in the beginning and then by the Portuguese. The Portuguese had established their enclaves in several parts of Goa which was seized by nationalists after India’s independence in 1947.
  • Although a tragedy happened back in 1954 when few Satyagrahis tried to cross border but it led to casualties after Portuguese authorities resorted to force. The increasing tensions between the two countries only ended in the yeae 1961 when finally Indian troops succeeded in occupying Daman,Diu and Goa. All threeof them became part of India . Then finally in the year 1987, Goa became an independent state.


The cultural landscape of Goa is a mix of Hindus and Christians. Even in the city itself ; both Roman Catholic Churches and Hindu shrines & temples occupy equal space.Other communities like Jain,Muslim etc also resides with little population. Many churches of Goa comes under the UNESCO World Heritage Site now. A lot of efforts are being put in to preserve the beautiful Old Goa region. Konkani,Marathi and English are three of the most spoken languages here


The Goan Economy runs on a lot of things.From Agriculture to Tourism,Goa has it all.The leading crops grown here are mangos,coconuts,rice,sugarcane.Goa Cashew and nuts are famous all over the world.Bamboo and teak are two important forest products. Fishing has been an important activity ever since. Principal forest products include teak and bamboo.  Even mineral resources like bauxite and iron ore have seved as major components in sustaining state’s economy. In fact, even Goa ‘s government policies should be applauded for the fast industrialisation in this area. From small-scale to large-scale industires; there is mass development in manufacturing over all this years.The growth in tourism industry since the late 20th century is already undeniable and still is a major backbone of economy here.

Things to see/do in Goa

1.Going for Snorkelling

A Goa visit must have Snorkelling in its to-do list. It’s a very loved sports all over the years , especially in Goan Beaches.An activity similar to swimming with tube and diving mask as its equipment,the activity can be extended till 3 hours. One famous destination is Bogmalo beach that attracts a lot of tourists round the year. The view of marine sea animals and great view under water is a feast to the eyes.The other clubs for snorkelling includes – Goa Diving,Goa Aquatics and Atlantis Water Sports.

2.Visit to Grand Island

Having cool beaches like Coco,Monkey Beach and Hansa, in its surroundings- Grand Island is an exotic location that can be reached on by a boat. With a lot of activities like volleyball,dark games,football and sunbathing , the beach provides a good experience overall.Even the blue water alongside the Island is home for Scuba Diving,Fishing and Snorkelling.There is also good option to shift on an island via boat and spot dolphins.With amazing cuisine options available; the visit will leave a good impression after you come back

3.Hot Air Balloon Goa

In the coastal habitat of Goa,Hot Air Balloon can be enjoyed giving the most stunning sights of the place and seeing several balloons soaring high above upto the height of 900 ft.The initial launching point being Assolda Ground in South Goa and can be reached here by any private or public taxi. You can wtiness the beautiful cliffs and islands right from above the sky and relax.

4.Backwater Kayking

Yes, you heard it right. Goa also has an activity for “Backwater Kayking”. The best place for this in Goa are – The Mandovi River, The Zuari River and the Sal . It has other fun-related activities too.The best part about it is that you can enjoy it at any time of the year. Even monsoons are adventurous to carry out the amazing activity. In terms of speed,it is much slower than rafting but makes you enjoy the view of thick vegetation and backwaters..

5.Goa HouseBoat Trip

If you want to take a serene memory back home, this is absolutely for you. Watching the perfect sunset and the soothing water from a houseboat, is an amazing  experience in itself.The icing on the cake would  be sightseeing with your loved one here. Going for a dinner cruise in a houseboat will be a great experience in Panaji and also one luxury houseboat experience can be gained at Chapora.

6.Spot Fishing

The spot fishing in the sea in the midst of sparkling sunlight overhead is an escape from the hustle and bustle of town. The famous fishing spots in Goa are- stones close to Fort Aguada,Zuari Rivers,Terekhol,Cabo Da Rama and Mandovi Rivers. In fact most of  these are steam-mouthed and suitable for spot fishing.Anyone can easily get an access to fishing equipments in the nearby areas

7.Dudhsagar Visit

Located on the Mandovi River, a four-tiered waterfall, is the most sought-after tourist destination.Protected by the famous sanctuary and National Park, with a height of about 310 metres ;it is one mesmerising place 60 kms away from Panaji. For adventure-seekers, the Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek is a great activity here. People can comute  here both via the trekking route as well as the jeep-line track.The bio-diversity around and the gushing water is a feast to the eyes.

8.Visit to Anjuna Flea Market

Anjuna is already one of the most-loved beaches in Goa. The Anjuna Flea Market on every Wednesday is a must-visit for all street shopping spree lovers. From appliances to beautiful oxidised jewellery , everything is on display here.There are beautiful churches in Anjuna too. The trance parties that takes place during peak seasons here attracts tourists from all over the world.Even the right amount of Goan cuisine can be enjoyed.

9.Mandoi River Sunset View

These  hour-long cruises departing from the Santa Monica Pier is a good experience to behold. The Goan heritage and the beautiful  sunset view can be enjoyed from here. The Shanadurga and Santa Monica are two ships on which the cruise journey takes place.During the entire duration of the cruise,you can enjoy amazing live performances brought by talented local artists

10.Vapoi River, Rafting

Nearly 10 km trip of an amazing river rafting experience at Vapoi will surely give adventure lovers a great time. There are few classes also that one can take before the starting of the rafting thrill. Proper standards and regulations are followed here and all safety equipments are provided too.The to-and-fro time depends upon the water level of the river.

11.Quad Biking

Road adventures  are also quiet an activity in Goa and Quad Biking is one among the most favourites here.Most providers use a 200 CC quad bikes to suit all kind of bikers. Bikes to suit the muddy ways and forest regions are readily available now.With ample options of tour planners  on such steeps will definitely give great experience .Its an option for both begineers and experienced ones. One beach with natural and man-made trails existing already is the Anjuna Beach.

12.Spice Village Tour you are a spice-lover ; this place is definitely for you. Right from planting till the spice processing; enjoy a tour of this village and get an insight how they are part of the much loved Goan-cuisine. Taking a tour guide along who is well-acquainted with the area is suggested. If you want to spend a good time here, you must go early in the morning and be back by evening.

13.Tito’s Night Club

The moment any youngster hears – “Goa is On”; this is the first thing that definitely comes to one’s mind and that is “Tito’s Night Club”. Also famous for being one of the first discs in the city; it has always been a sought after place for party lovers.With the fun-electrifying night club here and the concert vibes makes it a place worth coming to.

14.Casino Visit

If you want to spend a vacation with fun, music and ready to spend bucks then Goa Casinos are definitely for you. Although there are options already but Casino Royale being little famous than the rest . The reason being a large number of gaming tables,slot machines and three gaming floors. There are other options of casinos too- like the floating casinos  in Mandoi River. They are famous for hosting live table action. If you want to have a class-experience and go all suited-up , this is the place for you.


If you want to experience a thrilling adventure then this is a must-do. Although it is little hard core for normal people but for extreme adventure seekers;they would love to give this a shot.It is basically about jumping into waterfall and letting yourself  being carried by the gushing water. This activity can be done in Palolem, the southern part of Goa. The gushing currents of water will give you “once in a lifetime” experience to  take back home.


If you want to have some western-like experience and still being in the lap of nature, Goa is definitely a place for you. Come to this extremely loved place and take back wonderful memories back home.


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