Gothenburg Travel Guide: Discover Swedish Adventure on a Budget

Somehow, despite being the second biggest city in Sweden and offering a myriad of attractions, Gothenburg is a city still ignored by most.

Gothenburg is not the top or even among the top places that foreign trawlers tend to visit in the country. However, the myriad of attractions offered by the city compel me to write about it. Unlike Stockholm, it is a much more laidback city. Gothenburg is a small city that you can explore by renting a bike, or participating in on guided walking tours.

Suggest all destinations can be quite expensive. So let me help you plan your budget through a proper budget guide to Gothenburg. Before that, let’s take a look at the best things to do and see in the city.

Places to see in Gothenburg


Amusement park, Gothenburg

One of the best things to do in Gothenburg is visit the amusement park. It is known for being the largest amusement park in Scandinavia. You’ll get to enjoy a myriad of roller coasters which can be chosen based on their difficulty. While there are plenty of fun rides present for kids, there are also adventurous, extreme rides for adults.

Do you like getting thrilled? Then how about buying tickets for the haunted house?

If you are visiting this place with your special person, then hopping on the Ferris wheel, Anne admiring the gorgeous views of the cityscape is one of the best things to do in Sweden.

From time to time, there are also concerns raised here. We can do our own research or ask the locals about the possibility of attending such an event. The entrance fee that you might have to pay is usually around 13 to $14.

Stroll along the peaceful Haga in Gothenburg

Gothenburg, Haga travel
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Quite unlike the previous adventure travel destinations, this one is best for calming strolls. It is counted among the ancient neighbourhoods of the city. While this was an area inhibited mostly by working class individuals, it’s presently a popular travel hub.

If you visit this place during the summer, you’ll find a myriad of shops selling antiques. You forget that of strolling along in the neighbourhood, then you can relax at one of the cafes that line the streets.

Botanisca Tradgarden

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One of the best places to see in Gothenburg is the botanical garden situated in the city. It is counted amongst the biggest botanical gardens in all of Europe.

Let me tell you a fun fact about Botanisca Tradgarden! It houses more than 12,000 species of plant and stretches to about 500 acres. It also features an exotic Japanese garden as well as many personalized spaces where you can sit and loosen up. Perhaps read a book while you do that.

The entry fee to this park is voluntary, which is about $2.42.

Skansen Kronen, the fort of Gothenburg

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An ancient structure witness to the passage of history, Skansen Kronen, was built back in the 1600s. It features an exclusive display of 23 cannons. A fun fact about Skansen Kronen that you might like to know is that it was actually built to forestall any possibility of attack by the Danish people.

However, this fort wasn’t used as a museum until much later. It was first turned into a prison for some time and then only later on was it converted into a museum.

Are you a traveller interested in visiting ancient places and structures? Then a tour around this ancient fort will definitely be up to your liking.


Marstrand, Gothenburg
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Take a short trip outside the city and, for just an hour’s stride, you can visit the island of Marstrand. The most popular time to visit this island is during the summer. You will find it teeming with visitors strolling around the narrow streets. One of the best places to see here is the stone fortress called Carsten.

A fun fact about visiting the island of Marstrand is that you get to discover the hidden islands, Dyrön and Åstol, situated nearby. From the city, it takes about two to three hours to get to these hidden islands.

Things to do in Gothenburg

Natural history museum

Best things to do in Sweden
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The Natural History Museum in Gothenburg is a popular travel hub. It’s known for housing the only mounted blue whale in the entire world. The gallery of the museum is adorned with rare and extinct specimens.

Some of the most significant exhibits include the African elephants and fossils of dinosaurs. The animals displayed are literally packed with a whole range of varieties of animal exhibits.

A fun fact I would like to know about the Natural History Museum is that that mission is completely free.

Gothenburg opera

Gottenburg Opera
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Gothenburg opera is counted among one of the most significant structures in the city. It was built in 1994, not that far ago historically. However, despite what you might think, the significance it holds is no less. The opera is one of the renowned hubs of visitors, both local and alien.

Did you know that it has a total of 1300 seat capacity? The tickets might be a bit above the budget for some, but the shows are definitely worth it. Even if you failed to book tickets in advance, there is a last-minute rush at the ticket window you can try your luck at.

 The Gotheborg ship experience

Museums in Sweden, Gothenburg
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A fun fact about the Gotheborg ship, it used to be a mid 18th century relic. It used to be a part of the Swedish East India company. It was later on reconstructed to its present condition. On its journey back from China near Gotheborg back in 1745.

It attracts a fair number of visitors from around the places. Mainly because it’s counted amongst the few wooden ships in the world still in operation. This ship offers range of distant tours, going on trips to various ports of the world. If you plan to visit here to see the ship, do some research or ask the locals about its presence in the port before your departure.

The tickets for admission are 120 SEK and 60 SEK for adults and kids respectively.

Visit the City Museum

If you are a history buff and are also looking for a budget experience, then checking out the City Museum is one of the best things to do in Gothenburg. A fun fact about this museum is that admission to all age categories is completely free.

There is a range of training on display related to the local history. However, the best feature is no doubt the display on Vikings. If you want to do some research into the area and the city and its history, then this is as good place as any to learn it all thoroughly.

Being an art connoisseur at the Museum of fine art in Gothenburg

One does not need to be an artist to enjoy fine art. Art gently evokes the feelings of wonder and curiosity in the viewers on its own. It matters not whether or not you are an art connoisseur. Take a stroll at this incredible display of fine art collection and you might just fall in love with fine art.

The museum is known to feature a fine art collection both global and Swedish. The fine art collection in the Museum of Fine Art starts from the 17th century onwards. The museum even features some world-known artists like Picasso, Monet and Rembrandt.

You might have to pay an admission fee of 60 as he came. However, if you are someone below 25 years of age, it will be a totally free experience for you.

Go on a shopping spree in Avenyn:

One of the best things to do in Gothenburg during your visit is go on a shopping spree on the city’s Main St. Kungsportsavenyn is often crowded by various shopping enthusiasts, may it be local or foreign. While there are high end stores selling branded products and services, there are plenty of budget options for you as well.

Main Street offers a great range of options for you. From window shopping to entering a diner or hanging out in a park, recreational activities to picnics, there are many things to do around here.

The Volvo museum

The world of museums is full of various kinds of cosplays. Let me tell you about a museum that will definitely interest any plane, car or cars enthusiast. The Volvo museum comprises a great display of Volvo vehicles throughout history.

You can practically see the evolution process in their vehicles as they have been modified with time. It is not only for automobile enthusiasts, but also for, history lovers.

For an admission fee of 100 SEK, you can enjoy a journey back in automobile history.

Gothenburg travel budget planning

Things to do in Gottenburg
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Before you are on your way to Gothenburg, let’s take a look at the usual prices of hotels insignificant anf hostels and Airbnb in the city.

In Gothenburg, a budget hostel can cost you about 250 SEK per night. Even then, there will be a bed in a dorm room comprising of 8 to 10 other beds. If you want a private room in a hostel, however, it may cost you 650 SEK. You can carry your own sheets with you. It is even advised, as the bed linen will add another 25 to 50 SEK and to your budget.

Airbnb rooms with sharing options are available, but they are not that common. It might cost you about 300 SEK for a night’s stay. A private Airbnb is easier to rent for 350 to 750 SEK per night usually. If you want to rent a full apartment, however, you must be ready to pay somewhere from 600 to 1100 SEK for a night’s stay.

Food budget in Gothenburg

While accommodation can be said to be a moderate expense in Gothenburg, food is expensive. There are a few places, mostly street vendors, that may still be able to offer you budget food for 50 SEK. However, those are rare. If you want hot dogs, it will cost you about 30 SEK.

If you have a kitchen facility available in your room, you could try cooking your own food. It can cost you from somewhere between 600 to 700 SEK for a week for grocery shopping.

Budget travel tips for Gothenburg tours

Travelling around Gothenburg is a curious mixture of expensive, cheap and moderate pricing. Let’s look at a few of the ways that you can try to sell some money while touring around the city.

Avoid travelling during the peak season. During the peak season and its destination is worked out, from accommodation to food, everything is overpriced. If you want to save money and be able to travel around under your budget, choose the time to travel.

Avenyn and Haga are some of the most popular districts to shop in. They are also overpriced. It is a good place to take a stroll around. However, for shopping purposes, it can cost you a lot more than you should be spending on a trip. There are plenty of options available in side alleys.

It costs about 30 SEK per water bottle. Rather than buy one every time, find a clean water source and refill it.

Join one of the free walking tours offered by Goteborg walking tours. Bear is relatively cheaper in comparison to wine or cocktails. If you must drink it, drink beer. Choose a moderately priced restaurant rather than a high end one. Any fine dining establishments and cost you a lot of money, putting a big hole in your budget.

Any frequent traveller knows the fact that taxis are expensive.

Almost everywhere around the world, taxis are much more expensive than public transport systems. While public transport is not the best or fastest way to travel, it is certainly cheaper.

Best ways to get around in Gothenburg

Public transport systems like buses, trams and ferries are budget travel around this city. If you buy a ticket every time you turn around in a public transport system, it can cost you 28 to 31 SEK. If you are going to use the public transport system, off and then how about buying day or 3-day passes instead? A day pass can cost you about 135 SEK and a 3-day pass about 270 SEK. These passes will work on buses, trams and ferries.

Taxis are enormously expensive in this city, the rate starting from 51 SEK to start with and then an additional 14 SEK per kilometer. This means, any Rideau costs you about 200 SEK.

You can try renting a bike at an establishment as well.

Now that you know the best ways to final budget to to Gothenburg in Sweden you should start packing up bags to be on your way. This is one of my other blogs that you can read to find out how to plan your budget travel guide to any popular travel destination in the world.

Go on now, Voyager, happy exploring.

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