GPS satellite

GPS: The “Life” Positioning System

Lost chances are lost, GPS teaches you.
Just a GPS or your destiny?
Precisely both lead you.

Miss a chance, if you…perhaps!
How long would you wait?
You exhaust, turn, twist and spread hands,
Then you spot, a second chance…

Life is not silly.
Beware! It never leaves you alive!
On its edges you reside.
There are chances to lose chances.
Be Alert! Be Alert!

Or go welcome a dead life!
A futile barren one
You breathe, you live.

Your deeds show signs of living.
Your words prove you as a being.
So do a GPS.
Its words, its deeds set its self.

Gadgets! more trustworthy you are now!
Like an Autocrat’s orders
We follow you, trust you, relay on you, blindly…
What if you impede? you deceive?

GPS resembles lives…
Destiny! tests you at times,
Lets you choose from a few,
Seem to be hard paths sometimes.
Choose todays truth, fair and just.
Tomorrow it can be wrong.
Or the other way, possibly, let it.
Stop not…
Make an effort, taste it and Crack it!

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