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How to Start a Blog and Make Money (WordPress and BlueHost)

Have you been thinking about making money by publishing content on a blog but don’t know where to start? There are numerous ways to earn enough money through blogging platforms like WordPress, regardless of whether you make money by contributing to a blog, offering online courses, or starting your own eCommerce site. Matter of fact, the first step is to obtain a Bluehost hosting account. Getting started on your blogging journey can be as simple as 123 with a Bluehost WordPress site.

Let me present you with the best blogging platform options that you can choose from.

Choosing a blogging platform


Bluehost WordPress blog
Source: Tom’s guide

Building a Wix site is not the same as other options. With a click of the mouse, you can move the components around and drop them exactly where you need them. All plans come with similar plan options. As a general rule, Wix is an excellent choice for smaller sites with fewer than 50 individual pages. Unfortunately, once you’ve decided on a format, you won’t be able to change it, and access to the source documents will be restricted. Furthermore, in contrast to WordPress, you can’t do much to improve your site’s loading speed.


Bluehost WordPress blog
Source: iThemes

While WordPress began as a blogging tool, it has evolved into a powerful web designer and a robust content management system (CMS). The best thing about WordPress is that it’s simple to use and adaptable enough to create a variety of sites. WordPress is by far the most well-known open source Content Management System (CMS), with approximately 75 million sites using it. WordPress is permitted to introduce, communicate, and modify. Many modules and layouts enable an adaptable and basic point of interaction, which reduces development costs and setup time. It’s extremely adaptable, and its module and topic frameworks allow you to create virtually any type of website you want.


What is squarespace?
Source: Ecommerce platform

Squarespace is a well-known web designer among forward-thinking clients. The designs are extremely sharp and responsive, implying that they change in accordance with each visitor’s screen size. Squarespace allows you to import your WordPress blog.  It also includes all of the SEO options you require right outside of the gate. As is the case with WordPress, there is no compelling reason to introduce any plugins. Regardless, Squarespace is more difficult to use than Wix or Weebly, for example, due to its complicated interface.


Source: Webflow

If your issue with WordPress isn’t that it’s overly complicated, but rather that you feel too constrained, Webflow should be on your radar. The editorial manager feels like Photoshop and provides a plethora of options. They are somewhat difficult to use for inexperienced users. It undoubtedly aids in comprehending some of the hidden code generated by Webflow’s visual editorial manager. Their layouts are fantastic, and once you get the hang of them, you can do amazing things with them. In addition to the free plan, which allows for two ventures, there are paid plans starting at $12 per month.


Bluehost WordPress blog, Weebly
Source: Bubble

Weebly is a very natural web designer that has been used to create over 40 million websites to date. Weebly is an excellent choice, particularly if you need something for nothing. The free arrangement places a small, dark Weebly pennant in the footer of your website. Individual spaces can be accessed through the Personal arrangement vertical ($6 per month).

Why WordPress?

In terms of choosing the right platform, I suggest using It is essentially software that you use to manage your blog, compose blog entries, etc. The WordPress dashboard is simple enough for even complete newcomers to learn.

The world’s most well-known CMS

Open Source with room for growth

Reduced setup and maintenance costs.

Exceptionally adaptable.

It is intended for everyone, not just professionals.

How to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost?

WordPress blog on Bluehost

Register your domain name

Keep in mind that your domain name is arguably the most critical decision you’ll ever make when starting your own blog on your Bluehost WordPress site. So give it some thought and choose a name that is important and easy to remember. Most bloggers later regret choosing a name that is either too long or too confusing, causing a great deal of difficulty when disclosing it to others.

With Bluehost, you can simply get your space and work on the overall interaction to a greater extent. You can likewise get a FREE space for the first year if you purchase a year’s worth of Bluehost web hosting. That is why we strongly advise you to commit to a year of assisting in order to save a substantial sum of money and reap more benefits.

Get hosting for your blog

Bluehost wordpress
Credit: bluehost

Setting up a blog on your Bluehost WordPress site is easier than you might think. Above all, we should be aware of a couple of expenses that come with blogging:

The “Fundamental” plan is the least expensive way to start a blog. If you join through our link, you will get a discount and it will cost you only $2.75 per month if you commit to three years, and $3.95 per month if you commit to a long time. Alternatively, you can get a year plan for $4.95 per month. If you are still unsure about contributing to a blog, this is an excellent option to consider.

If you ever feel like you might need these plans, you can always effectively move up to these plans by addressing the extra cost – so why pay extra cash right now at the start? It’s also a good idea to pay a small fee for Domain Privacy Protection. It only costs $0.99 per month and ensures that your contact information is secure. You can calmly get rid of any remaining extra items that Bluehost sells, so uncheck all of the extra items that may be recorded in your arrangement.

To purchase hosting for your blog, follow these basic steps:

Go to Bluehost and click the “Get Everything Started Now” button.

Select the arrangement that best suits and benefits you.

Enter your current domain name/pick a new one

Enter your details with payment info.

You will now be asked to enter a password, which is vital information that should be kept extremely secure.

Link your domain and hosting accounts

If you purchased your domain name directly from Bluehost, you can skip this section and proceed to step 4. If you purchased your space from various suppliers, this is an excellent opportunity to connect your space to your facilitating account.

Install WordPress on Bluehost

This is the part where you actually start a WordPress blog on Bluehost. Bluehost makes it incredibly simple to create a WordPress blog – and all for free! When you’re finished creating your secret key, it provides you with a simple guide on how to start a blog.

Steps to follow:

To begin, navigate to your WordPress dashboard. Navigate to Posts > Add New.

On the right-hand side, you’ll see the option to publish. It is, of course, set so you can immediately decide to plan your posts further by scheduling.

Now, give your blog entry a title. Make use of headings and subheadings in your article.

Structure your blog for search engine optimization so that it isn’t just an unappealing mass of text.

Include significant images.

It should be edited. Finally, hit the distribute button!

Your blog in your Bluehost WordPress site is now set up! Now you can get down to the business of picking an incredible design and excellent content for your own WordPress blog.

How to make money with your Bluehost WordPress site?

earn with your Bluehost WordPress site

Your WordPress website can be used to earn money from the things you create, for example, a blog, the services you provide, or the space you offer to others. Your Bluehost WordPress site can become a business in and of itself, or it can serve as an additional tool to assist an existing business. While it may be difficult work at first, adapting your website is an excellent way to earn an additional income or it may turn into a full-time job. For example, a local independent business may notice that your Bluehost WordPress site provides an additional tool for maintaining a current client base.

Use your WordPress knowledge

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced WordPress user with development skills or a total newcomer to the platform, you can use your WordPress abilities to make money. Among the open doors are:

Creating WordPress themes and plugins

WordPress site organizing

demonstrating to others how to set up a WordPress site

Creating websites or other types of locations for new customers

Creating instructional exercises, “how-to” articles, and videos on WordPress

Ecommerce on your Bluehost WordPress site

Your Bluehost WordPress site can be transformed into a web-based retail facade for selling virtually any type of physical or advanced merchandise. Items ranging from digital books and advanced images to T-shirts, clothing, and accessories can be sold from your website using free eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Integrate with third-party print-on-demand and delivery systems to fulfill orders for physical items, or connect your website to online commercial centers and shopping destinations. Once you’ve built a solid Bluehost WordPress site, you’ll be able to start selling and bringing in cash immediately.

Start a freelance business

The Internet is designed for outsourcing and innovative business ventures, and your WordPress website can help. Photographic artists, architects, independent authors, and other creatives can use WordPress subjects and modules to create portfolio sites, professional profiles, and sell a variety of services and products. Your WordPress site can showcase your freelance portfolio and rates, as well as position you as an expert in your field. Free and paid modules can provide tools for creating presentation pages, email and bulletin missions, and building discussions and interpersonal organizations on your website.

Affiliate Marketing on your Bluehost WordPress site

affiliate marketing
Source: HostGator

In this type, you don’t bring your own products to the table to make money on your Bluehost WordPress site. Affiliate marketing is a method for making money by promoting the items of others on your Bluehost WordPress site. When someone clicks on a link you provide in a post or page or purchases an item you recommend, you receive a commission from the supporting organization. Associate organizations offer a wide range of organizations with partner programs that you can join; however, in order to be supported, you will most likely need to provide a link to your website. Before you join, double-check that it’s for guests.

Memberships and subscriptions

Despite the fact that many destinations are open to everyone, ” individual, as it were” destinations, are rapidly expanding. A participation site restricts access to the content to paid users or through a variety of membership plans. If you can provide valuable content that is not available elsewhere, for example, selective reports or a specialty explicit magazine, putting it behind a paywall or making an individual-only section with a variety of WordPress plugins can be a method for creating pay.

Host content on your Bluehost WordPress site

Another way to make money with WordPress is to make space available for others to post content. Get advertising from subsidiary backers (or through administrations like Google AdSense), or make an index or specialized publicizing site that charges clients to post postings. Create a gathering or specialty explicit informal community with WordPress modules such as BuddyPress, and charge a fee to join and comment.

Courses available online

If you have skills to share, consider creating online courses or instructional exercises and displaying them on your Bluehost WordPress site. Courses can be sold as downloadable items or as memberships and participation on your website. Some WordPress themes are intended for e-learning, and premium modules like LearnDash and WPCourseware have all of the tools you require to turn your WordPress site into a classroom.

Ad Networks for your Bluehost WordPress site

ad networks
Source: PowerAdSpy

An Ad network works directly with publicists on your behalf, handling a plethora of insights about sponsor arrangement, advertisement creation, and advertisement on the board. When you join an organization, you will be given a code to place on your website on a regular basis via a simple-to-use plugin that determines where advertisements will appear on your blog. Most of the time, you have some control over where the advertisements appear and how many promotions are posted on your site.

As a promotion distributer, you receive a portion of the cost borne by the promotion network from the sponsor. The amount you earn is determined by a variety of factors, including your overall site traffic, writing for a blog specialty, the nature of your website content, and the overall attractiveness of your Bluehost WordPress site to potential promoters. The more success publicists see while promoting your blog, the more money you can make.

What are the best options?

MediaVine: The best advertising network for bloggers by far, with 50,000 to 100,000 meetings per month.

Google AdSense is ideal for novices and those with fewer than 10,000 monthly site visits.

Ezoic is ideal for bloggers who receive 10,000 to 50,000 site visits per month.

AdThrive: Recommended for sites with more than 100,000 monthly visitors.

Media.Net is the best Google AdSense alternative for bloggers, with fewer than 10,000 monthly site visits.

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