Instructions on How to Get Started


Yoair Blog is an anthropology blog publication. Explore travel destinations, different cultures, and art history.


Our mission is to advance the discovery of culture through blogging. Our focus is on anthropology, travel, and art history geared towards helping people understand culture.

Next Steps

Once you’ve registered and logged in, you’re all set to start on your first blog!

Start by clicking on the ‘Menu’ button in the top left of the toolbar.

Menu button for opening navigation panel on Yoair Blog
Menu button for opening navigation panel on Yoair Blog

Then navigate to the ‘Posts’ button in the left side panel and click on the ‘Add New’ button to start a draft. Drafts will be saved automatically. Your draft is how the editors can look at your work as you progress and give you feedback!

Posts button on Yoair Blog
Find ‘Posts’ in the left navigation panel, then click on the ‘Add New’ button.


Start a Blog Draft on Yoair Blog
You can start your draft in this view or choose block editor for an actual view of how your blog will look as you write it by going  to the right menu and click on ‘switch to block editor’


Switch to block editor on Yoair Blog
Click this to get an actual view of how your blog will look while drafting blogs.


Blog Draft Block Editor View
Drafting blogs in block editor view.


Blogs must be 2000 words and the topic should be related to culture, travel, or anthropology. This is your chance to practice writing skills, research interesting anthropological topics, and get feedback from our editors.


You will find feedback under editorial comments at the bottom of your post draft page.

Editorial comments for Yoair Blog
Editorial Comments will be found at the bottom of your draft page. You’ll see feedback there as you progress with writing your blog.

Choose a Topic in Anthropology

You can start by choosing a location or topic and look into its anthropological and cultural significance as well as current events or social issues occurring in the locale. The topic can involve art, history, travel, architecture, or even current events. Make sure not to add duplicate information by searching your topic in the blog search. It’s ok if your topic is similar to an existing blog as long as it expands upon the information already present. 

Blog Guideline and Draft Checklist

It is important to implement the Blog Guidelines. When you start a draft you will also see checklist items that will help ensure that your blog will be publishable ready.

Save Blog as a Draft

As you write your blog, click ‘Save draft’ in the top right menu to save it as a regular draft. Don’t worry if you forget, your blog will be autosaved as a draft. 

Photo of how to save as a draft.

Submit for Review

Once you have implemented the Blog Guidelines and Draft Checklist items, you can submit your blog for review. You can find this option in the section at the top right of your draft page. This will let the editors know that you have finalized your draft for publication and is ready for review.

Shows a photo of how to place draft into Pending Review status.
Place the final blog draft into pending review state once you’ve almost finished completing the blog. This will notify the Editors that the blog is nearing completion and needs to be reviewed.

Certificate of Completion

Those who complete 12 published blogs with Yoair will receive a certificate of completion with a personalized QR code that will redirect to your author page and blog publications.

Job Opportunities

We do take notice of remarkable candidates and will extend an offer to a select few to join as a full time or part time blogger or editor, however this is on an invite only basis and is highly competitive.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to give feedback, please contact us at