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Yoair Blogger Internship


This opportunity is remote and the intern can write from the comfort of their own workplace, school, or home. Once the internship has started, the intern will write one 2000 word blog per week for a duration of 3 months. Through the blog writing process, the intern will receive feedback on drafts until the blog is to publishable standards. We also understand schedules are busy, especially during exams, work, and obligations, therefore the schedule is at your own pace. The main goal is for the intern to improve writing skills, gain technical SEO knowledge, and gain more exposure as an author. Currently, the internship is an unpaid internship opportunity.

Intern Role

As an intern SEO Analyst and Blogger, the intern will research topics related to Anthropology or Travel and practice writing blogs or journal articles incorporating the topic’s cultural significance. Through the internship, the intern will learn how to write and organize their articles in a way that implements proper SEO techniques and brand awareness.

College Credit

Check with your college or university to find out if your college accepts this opportunity for academic credit. An internship for college credit requires cooperation between the company and an academic/faculty sponsor to oversee the internship. This ensures that the internship experience meets certain academic standards, which vary by school.

If your college or university does accept this opportunity for college credit, please send the necessary documents or forms to Make sure to briefly introduce yourself.

If your college or university does not accept this opportunity for college credit, you can still participate in the program as a writer’s workshop if you want to.

Yoair Certificate of Completion

Completing the internship program is a big achievement and we want to commemorate those who were able to complete the training with an honorary seal and certificate. Once the intern has published 12 anthropology blogs, the intern will have completed the internship and receive an official Yoair Certificate of Completion. The Certificate will have an authentication QR code that leads directly to the author’s page and publications.


At the end of the internship, the intern will most likely have published about 12 quality blogs. All publications and ownership will remain with the author unless the author requests otherwise.

How to Start

The internship begins as soon as the intern starts on their first blog.

  1. Fill out the internship application below
  2. Register a blogger account
  3. Start on your first blog
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.


Contact us by email if you have any questions at