Latino Artist Highlights: Bad Bunny’s Music Career Lightly Analyzed for Marketing Tips



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These dualistic Latino artists have crossed several minds, changed perspectives, and gained a lucrative career of working creatively. The next series of Latin artists that we are going to be discussing will be from three different fields of culture; music, art, and film.

The first field we are going to dive into today is the field of music. The Latino creative we are going to meet today is Bad Bunny.  This Latin Artist has flown further than anyone has thought of going; epically at such a young age.

Within this article, we at will take Bad Bunny’s life and try to give our readers marketing tips that we have hypothesized the working creative has cultivated within their career; our theories, right or wrong, are only placed upon the shoulders of facts we have collected about Bad Bunny.

This goes for any Latino working creative, or any Latin Artist.

Trap Star: World Star

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Bad Bunny. Mid shot. GQ magazine. Credit

A new-age Latin artist that has been bubbling within the underground Latino working creative scene for the last few years. It’s like thirty thousand years on the Internet. However, this Latino Creative has made its name within the vast hectic world of the Internet. We here at can relate to the need to build an audience. It’s the struggle of every bright-eyed, starving working creative, and we hope, unlike the jealous haters out there, that you don’t contribute to Bad Bunny’s success simply to luck. Luck is only five per cent of the portion of success. No? What is this Latino working creative secret? First, we must discuss the notion of first principle learning.

The first principle is the academic concept of learning to understand a specific field or subject from its first principle to its last, in and out, as people may say. With first principle learning, you don’t learn how to complete a task. You know how to invite, or you can teach yourself the method of invitation much easier.

Bad Bunny is born: Three social marketing tips that we have observed in the Young Latino Creative

Bad Bunny born Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio is a child of the internet. He utilized local and digital marketing techniques that he had naturally acquired by being a highly elite social mover within Puerto Rico. These techniques are as followed chivalry, Romance, social adeptness.


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Two Spanish gold coins. Credit

Chivalry is a loaded word within the Internet community; associated with White Knight Coxes. You know those guys who get their girlfriends dogged out by other men, but it is a more noble trait for Puerto Rican youth.

It is not the action of protecting women or even putting them on pedestals. It’s the simplicity of treating women with the respect they deserve, the utmost.

Chivalry doesn’t limit itself towards the more delicate sex of women only; it extends itself to anyone that doesn’t live between your eyes. It’s the act of giving respect and getting respect in return. Chivalry also doesn’t limit itself.

Bad Bunny started as a humble grocery bagger on the island of Puerto Rico. He took his time making his music, perfecting his craft, committing to local D.I.Y concerts, and experimenting with different musical techniques. Bad Bunny took the proper time to hone and perfect his skills as an artist; he had enough self-respect to know this key towards success skills. Where is the proof? It was as stated by Bad Bunny himself. Bad Bunny claimed that his dream of achieving the elusive goal of becoming a working creative was handicapped by his fear of putting his art out into the world. So, thanks to some positive peer pressure, Bad Bunny would place his first single onto the Internet Diles; This would launch him into the viewpoint of Hear This Music, a label company that has placed out many solid golds working Latino.


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Photograph of a black rose with red highlights. Credit

The second successful technique of this young Latino, working Creative, is Romance. Ladies, unfortunately, your only half-right Romance is dead. It’s actually on life support. It might as well be the living dead at this point; un-creative metaphors aside, I’m not referring to the classical definition of Romance. No flowers or love dovy shit. I’m talking about cultivating a solid working creative audience by developing a sense of mystery and a sense of being understood. How does this relate to the Latino working creative Bad Bunny?

After Bad Bunny signed up with Hear This Music, the record label impressed the young Latino creative l did all the leg work.

The young Latino working creative had hustled while moonlighting as a grocery bagger. The young Bad Bunny, for many years, had produced music at his college on the Island of Puerto Rico, burned the music onto flash drives, and would sell these flash drives at D.I.Y concerts within the San Juan independent music scene. . That’s an impressive minute evolutionary trait of the underground music scene.

That’s an innovative technique for any young aspiring working creative, especially those in the marketing department.

This relationship with the audience would have the young Bad Bunny living within the subconscious of the underground music scene. These followers would follow him into the record Label Hear This Music. Bad Bunny would keep up his entanglement with his audience and expand his reach by not dropping a single album but appearing in songs with many famous Latin artists.

These Latin artists include Daddy Yankee, Cardi B, and Drake.

This hype build-up helped build up the young Latino working reputation slowly and surly; the young creative had enough insight to know it would be better to let his fan base boil up slowly because it allows for a fuller base broth fan-based. The young working creative would continue this slow push and pull business model and not release a single album until 2018 with the album titled X100PRE.

Social Adeptness

Picture inspired by networking. Credit

The final success aspect of this Latino working creative. Hell, it’s probably the cornerstone in any Latin Artist’s playbook. Social Adeptness is a big part of being a working creative; hell, it’s a big part of being a Latin Artist.

Take it from me, the most autistic Latino working creative on the Internet; social adeptness is the biggest deal-breaker, but it’s the simplest to master.

Let’s break it down.
In my findings, social adeptness is just the ability to be a social butterfly; it’s cut down into three kinds of junk.

The choice to empathize. The ability to connect.
The mindset to collaborate. Or simply the ability to truly work together.

Finally, the last pinch of sugar is simply listing.

You dumb fucking shitheads; you probably thought it was complex. Nope!!!. All your Aunties and Mamas were proper: Stupid.

Okay, let’s get back into it.

The following album was quick on the Latin Artist Trap scene. It was one whole collaboratory album with Bad Bunnie’s Latin artist contemporary J Balvin.

This short album titled Oasis is a perfect example of perfect album collaboration, except for Without Warning.

Let’s break it down

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Photograph of J Balvin and Bad Bunny. Credit

Bad Bunny and J Balvin have been seen on their respective social media; however, this friendship took time to cultivate.

That’s the easy part, but the hard part is committing to the follow-through.
So many Latino working creative wish to collaborate but don’t want to put in the work that empathy requires. It takes time to grow a friendship; earnestly.

We have to get groovy with this one, and we’re going to take a specific song to do it titled La Cancion. A minimalistic club love song, La Cancion starts with a steady beat. Its melody quickly layers into the minimalistic beat. The two Latin artists then get to work with the lyrics. It’s a club song so that we won’t go too hard on the deepness of the lyrics; instead, we’re going to focus on the duet’s performance.

I’m not a singer, but I’m going to give my best description of the performance.

The two Latin artists seem to be in perfect harmony within their two individual performances; no Latin artist is upstaging the other.
The only time the two Latin Artists seem to be at odds is during the rapid portion of the melody; this is combative, but it feels like musical sportsmanship. This performance takes the ability to listen to the vibe deeply.

Now, I wasn’t in the studio. That’s just my assumption. This kind of chemistry is in production alone. That is what social adeptness takes. It takes time, dedication, and you will get perfect empathic evolution.

Unfortunately, empathic evolution is a slow process. This modern world doesn’t seem to have the patient, and with technology pushing the active, creative capitalistic lifestyle onto the current human patients isn’t a virtue we can’t afford to pass up. So, let’s see if we can figure this out together.

First, let’s clear up everything we have worked over; then, we’ll see if we can round out towards the finish line.

First principle learning

The last drink of Socrates. Credit. Personal interpretation: Socrates getting lit AF, and not giving a fuck!!!!

The first principle of learning is the old Aristotle way of working out a subject from its first principle to its last to maximize your understanding of a specific field.

You may enjoy Freedom in Thought’s video on First-principles thinking if you wish to deepen your understanding. However, for this article, I’m going to trip the fat a little; not because your stupid or nothing, it’s because people have got jobs, kids, and shit.

Whether you are planning on going back to college or thinking about trade school. Learning first principle thinking is an excellent educational philosophy. You shouldn’t get bogged down in the details, the complex whoo-whoo thinking, but you should try to incorporate the first principle of thinking within your daily routine. Take your time studying from the roots to the fruit of a subject or code, and we can be astonished what we may find. We will also be surprised what innovations we could accomplish.

Marketing techniques discussed

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Spanish Gold Coins. Credit

Romance: the ability to attract and manipulate an audience.

The ability to attract, charm, and Romance is hard enough for anyone, expected or otherwise. a cornerstone of any working creative. Latino working creative, or whatever the fuck you are. The point is that you must cultivate an exciting conversation with our audience. We must choose what to conceal or reveal to our audience. We must choose our romance style, whether we are a hunter or prey to chase. It’s really up to us to experiment and remain adaptable if profits don’t come.

Chivalry: the ability to respect capitalism and all players involved.

As children, we are all taught that we should give the respect we ask of ourselves; it’s unfortunate how little respect we get in return. Nonetheless, we must take ourselves into account when handing respect.

Social Adaptedness: The triangle principle to being a socialite

Picture of Champagne. Credit

I prefer to be a tarantula myself. However, we will use the metaphor of being a social butterfly. The action of social adaptedness is the act of building up relationships for business to benefit both yourself and the other individual.

This takes an honest attempt at empathy, the patients to listen, and the ability to collaborate correctly; this can further explode; however, you must request this of me in the comments.


Symbole for Latin Artist, Latino, and working creatives
Artist interpretation of the Puerto Rican flag: Credit.

It is hard enough to face the world as a typical blue-collar Joe. We want to clarify the notion of a working Latino working creative. The term working creative isn’t a term to disrespect any creative working Latinos. At, we are proud to call Bad Bunny a working creative. This title is such a lucrative career. However, it’s an allusive career path. Many try to be working-class creative, but most seem to come up short.

The Latin Artist has so many borders to cross both metaphorically, and in most cases, literally. The fact that Bad Bunny has reached the status of a working creative is nothing to sneeze at; the fact that he’s blown past every barrier and has become the number one Latin Artist in the world is a whole other deal. The action of striving for your dreams is a struggle. All working creative know more than well; however, bypassing this dream and making millions is a whole other deal. The unique Latino working creative’s marketing strategy was more than the back burner for his succession plan.

It was the main firer that got the young Bad Bunny to the status of a millionaire at age 24.  The success continues for the young Latin Artist, but for how long? What will his new side hustle be? Fame can’t last forever, can it? Only time will tell, but keeping the same adaptable work ethic as a Latino working creative.

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