Marie-Jean Vallet the famous girl who confronted the beast by fighting back fiercely. The statue stands as a symbolic allure and representation of bravery for the townspeople.

Legend and Allure of the Beast of Gevaudan in Southern France

Throughout history, there have been occurrences where certain elements of a story have gone without an explanation. From mysterious phantom encounters to eerie coincidences in life, they all return to the purpose, which goes back to the total allure of exploring the undiscovered. In this week’s article, we will uncover an in-depth legendary figure that once instilled great fear, chaos, and superstition in eighteenth-century France. Through a series of facts, research, and elements of surprise. There will be a clearer image of the notorious beast and its symbolism that continues to haunt the region to this day.

Region of Gevaudan in Southern France highlighting the villages natural allure and beauty.
The region of Gevaudan in Southern France highlights the village’s natural allure and beauty. Image Source:1200px-FR-48-Prunières-Apcher06.JPG (1200×900) (

Birth to a Legend

Gevaudan, a region in Occitanie, France, finds itself in an environment of allure. Full of marshes, mountains, forest, and so forth comes the home to the beast that once dominated the area fearlessly. For three years, the town came under fire for a series of intense murders that resulted from this obscure creature. As many of the monsters’ victims ended up butchered or completely missing, the message became clear. Meaning that danger was inevitable for these peaceful people to encounter in such a beautiful town. The fear became very real in terms of the atmosphere that was bestowed upon the land due to the beast. In short, there were a series of events to play out before the monster found its deserving end.

To begin, the turn of events to a terrifying and dark aspect of the region’s history began in the summer of 1764. With the coming of an alluring figure surfacing as its first victim became claimed. The beasts’ reign of terror had begun. Founded with their throats gouged and maimed, a storm of endless and barbaric casualties followed suit. This catalytic event was devastating to the small town since things like that never really occurred before. But that was only the beginning, as more villagers kept turning up misplaced or found lacerated. In summary, the town of Gevaudan entered an era of paranoia.

Poster illustration putting spotlight onto “The Beast of Gevaudan” and its total appeal through storytelling.
The poster illustration spotlights “The Beast of Gevaudan” and its total appeal through storytelling in eighteenth century France. Image Source:1764_Beast_of_Gevaudan.jpg (650×787) (

Uncovering the Allure of an Obscure Beast

As far as historians know, The Beast of Gevaudan (La Bête du Gévaudan) was an imminent threat to the townspeople. Since nobody knew when or who it would strike next. To add, this factor summed up the allure and mystery of not being able to identify the beast’s origins. Which, as a result, made the matter more disturbing for everyone in Gevaudan.

Although the beast’s identity became a total question for everyone, many described it as possessing grey or red fur. In addition, there was also the feature of the monster having a long and durable feline-like tail. Despite these observations, many witnesses always compared the beast to a wolflike appearance. To this present day, many speculate about a variety of animals to explain what could have been the creature’s identity. That had terrorized villagers of Gevaudan in the Eighteenth Century. In essence, the identity of the beast remains a debatable topic.

Furthermore, The Beast of Gevaudan continues to capture the imagination of inquiring souls. Since there continue to be various interpretations of what the beast appeared to be like. Concerning each context of storytelling and literature that is found throughout various sources in historical documentation. The characterization typically stays within one range of a specific animal being wolves. As a result of Gevaudan typically becoming surrounded by the species. In all, the Beast of Gevaudan persists in maintaining its allure throughout time.

Mystery and Suspicion of the Allure in Gevaudan

For a good period of France’s history, the superstition of werewolves was rampant throughout the land. With previous werewolf trials and executions that took place on many innocent individuals. The hysteria grew in desiring what created the allure that held the town on its knees desperate for solutions. Moreover, the people of Gevaudan suspected the beast of being this mythical being. In addition, there are further theories that go back to the monster becoming a product of the work of a Satanist. Because of the ferocious way the victims died and how most were discovered decapitated and drained of blood. Which signified signs of witchcraft in those times. Indeed, many villages became convinced of the beast to be the work of an occultist. As a result of, it becoming supernaturally resistant to weapons. However, this is just one of many theories.

Some other guesses went back to wondering if the beast was an exotic animal like a lion or hyena. Only adding to the mass disturbance in the land. That aspect is to why the creature became interesting for some, but remains highly unlikely to be a fact. Since most exotic animals were found more in the capital of the country being hundreds of miles away. The only physical similarity that fits the description of the beast to these animals featured was the strong feline tail. Overall, the inhabitants of Gevaudan were in a state of paranoia and worry. Due to the ongoing dark figure and total allure that was preying on their humble town.

A gory depiction of the monsters’ victims last moments in Gevaudan. In addition, other innocent animals becoming harmed under the wrong impression of being the renowned beast.
A gory depiction of the monsters’ victims’ last moments in Gevaudan,France. In addition, other innocent animals become harmed under the wrong impression of being the renowned beast. Image Source: beast-2-1200×848.jpg (1200×848) (

Southern France in a state of Allure and Fear

In the years 1746-1747, Southern France found itself in a state of panic. Due to the more random fatalities, which never seemed to cease at the time. To illustrate, after the first documented victim became murdered, another occurred within just two days! It was comparable to having a serial killer on the loose. Another interesting detail about the murders that took place in Gevaudan was that most of the victims were women and children. Moreover, the victim’s ages consisted of between toddler age to late thirties. It was a very disturbing time to live through that era because of all the gore that became commonplace. Which only added to the angst that overtook the region. In sum, Gevaudan began to consider preventive measures to protect the inhabitants.

Precautions and interpretations of the Beast that took the town by storm.

As a result, many women and young girls had to walk around town accompanied by a male relative. The tension in the land was so eerie that the stories found themselves becoming headlined in other areas around the country. Such as Germany, Spain, and the royal courts of Versailles. Since there are various art depictions found in The Beast of Gevaudan’s story and total allure hailing from those countries. At its time, the town of Gevaudan found itself becoming one of the most quickly shared and notorious stories in Western Europe. In essence, the small town was becoming more acknowledged by the public eye.

Reasoning for Tragedy

Furthermore, with an abundance of carnage in the village of Gevaudan, many of its inhabitants came to a variety of coping mechanisms to combat the horrifying events that were occurring. To illustrate, a lot of the victim’s families typically blame themselves for the fall of their loved ones. In a way, it was like imagining all the things they could have done differently to prevent the tragedy. Ultimately, letting their guilt tear away at themselves deeply. Plus, ironically, the town had concluded that their misfortunes were resulting from not pleasing God enough. So, they were in turn punished for their wrongdoings by having this monster killing their fellow villagers. As absurd as the claim sounds, many villagers became convinced as the church was a place of authority. Based on those facts, the inhabitants of Gevaudan found themselves in a great test of time.

Display of the false figure to “The Beast of Gevaudan” in Versailles, France. The royal courts version to the story’s allure.
Display of the false figure to “The Beast of Gevaudan” in Versailles, France. The royal court version of the story’s allure. Image Source: Wolf+of+Chazes%2C+shot+by+M.+Fran%C3%A7ois+Antoine.jpg (612×416) (

Royal Intervention

As news spread of this mysterious beast and its total allure factor. It came to the attention of the royal court of France where they decided to inspect the matter in detail.  Originally, there was a local bounty and reward for whoever caught the beast in Gevaudan, but that soon changed. Due to the royal court bringing another one once they arrived, along with a much higher price and national recognition. Despite all the attempts by the best hunters, and highly trained military prowess the royal court had to offer. They ended up with inconclusive results, meaning they never got the beast. Sadly, a handful of innocent wolves and other creatures lost their lives consequently to the beast’s elusiveness.

However, there was a giant wolf that became executed and sent to Versailles to be stuffed and showcased as “The Beast”. To everyone’s disappointment, there was no longer any excitement about the feat. Even if the giant wolf was not the actual creature, the royals made false headlines and fame for the event. While everything grew old with no immediate developments available. As a result, the royal courts lost interest in the matter and left the inhabitants of Gevaudan alone amid the somber environment.

Marie-Jean Vallet the famous girl who confronted the beast by fighting back fiercely. The statue stands as a symbolic allure and representation of bravery for the townspeople.
Marie-Jean Vallet the famous girl who confronted the beast by fighting back fiercely. The statue stands as a symbolic allure and representation of bravery for the townspeople in Gevaudan, France. Image Source: maxresdefault.jpg (1600×900) (

Hysteria and Persistence of the Beast Expand to Total Allure

With the inhabitants of the town left once again alone facing this savage beast. The allure of the monster continues to persist as more victims turn up in horrible shape being half-eaten. Surrounded by anger and fear, the inhabitants take matters into their own hands. With factors like setting poisoned dead animals as bait and having hunters disguise themselves as easy prey to attract.

This was continued by a series of bold confrontations with the beast itself as a twelve-year-old Boy fended off the creature. Amidst the fiend attacking his younger siblings in a deadly occurrence. To add comes the infamous scene of Marie- Jeanne Vallet who stroked the beasts’ breast with a sharp pike. As a result, there was a statue made in her honor which became known as “The Maiden of Gevaudan”. It can still be found to this present day in the town, forever immortalizing the girl’s courageousness.

Likewise, with the addition of inhabitants in Gevaudan becoming left to fend for their own. Many found themselves obliged to take a stance against the harboring evil in their town. In other words, enough was enough! It was an admirable feat because, even though there was so much uncertainty and sadness, the inhabitants kept pushing forth. In all, the villagers of Gevaudan were one step closer to destroying the dark allure that destroyed the reputation of their town.

Jean Chastel and his small team confronting the beast. Ultimately ending its reign of terror.
Jean Chastel and his small team confront the beast. Ultimately, ending its reign of terror in southern France. Image Source: Beast+of+G%C3%A9vaudan%2C%2C+1766.jpg (1600×1158) (

The End of an Alluring Figure Reign

In the winter of 1767, a local hunter named Jean Chastel decides to track down the beast deep in the forest. As he successfully came face to face with the monster, his hunting dog partner bravely fought. But later, he lost his life to the beast’s grasp. Legend has it that Chastel shot it with a blessed silver bullet which aided in the demise of the beast. For that reason, the superstition of werewolves becoming afflicted by silver arose in that part to Folklore.

Miraculously, after the monster became captured and killed, no more occurrences happened. As a result, the body of the beast was sent to Paris, where it was later examined through an autopsy. after that, there were discovered to be human remains inside the belly of the beast as it was cut open. Ultimately providing enough evidence that they caught the notorious fiend responsible for so many lives lost.

It was believed that the monster was buried under Versailles palace in a well-hidden area secluded forever from history. Interestingly, when the body became examined, surgeons concluded that the Beast of Gevaudan was a wolf-dog hybrid. Which explains the ginormous size of the beast’s description in comparison to the common wolf found around the villages. Therefore, only leaving the mystery as to how exactly the creature was susceptible to other bullets and possessing supernatural stamina. As for the overall discovery, the attacks stopped and the people of Gevaudan rejoiced with the fact of relief and mourning. The reign of terror had finally ended.

Disturbing depiction of “The Beast of Gevaudan” in film. Exploring and celebrating its entire allure and mystery.
Disturbing depiction of “The Beast of Gevaudan” in film. Exploring Celebrating its entire allure and mystery. Image Source: 00076232.jpg (425×640) (

Significance of the Gevaudan Beasts Allure

As nice as this legend would fit into a theatrical production, what became disturbing was the fact that it truly occurred at some point in history. In addition, many villagers and people throughout the region suffered emotionally and physically. As there were two hundred total lives claimed by the monster. The allure of the beast of Gevaudan continues to be both a topic of entertainment and debate. Further promoting the mystery of ciphering what monster would be responsible for committing such heinous acts as those. The beast may be gone, but the dark allure of the tale continues to haunt the town’s reputation.  Finally, exploring the undiscovered may be intriguing and fun at first, but like everything else, there are always limits. When coming too close, you may end up getting yourself bitten by a mass hysteria of consequences.

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