The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Miraculous Statue Of Virgin Mary in Akita, Japan Produces Blood, Sweat, and Tears

Do you agree? Do all superstitious beliefs today have a scientific explanation? The debate remains between atheists and non-atheists. Whether God is for real or just a hoax. But, some supernatural phenomena compelled science to take a back foot. For instance, the weeping, sweating, and bleeding of a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary at Akita, Japan. Moreover, hundreds of visitors witnessed the phenomenon. Professor Sagisaka, the then faculty of Legal Medicine at the University of Akita, conducted a medical analysis. Reports confirmed sweat, blood, and tears belonged to a human. Moreover, the study found blood groups to be from O, B, and AB.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Miraculous Phenomena of Virgin Mary Statue

Our Lady Of Akita was another name of the statue. Furthermore, during 1973, a nun named Sister. Agnes Katsuko Sagakawa joined as a nun. She was deaf. Besides, she was also a convert. Other nuns of the chapel welcomed her. Before sister Agnes joined, the Virgin Mary had reportedly shown miracles before too. Moreover, in past years, you see apparitions as well, which proves her care for suffering people. In the year 1973, June 12th, Sister. Agnes had joined the Chapel, which belonged to her convent, i.e the Institute of Home Maids of the Hole Eucharists. Further, it is believed that her prayer sparked the altar showing tears, blood, and sweat, which symbolizes common stress and pain humanity is suffering because of sins.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Sister Agnes and Virgin Mary Alter

The miracles that occurred before Sister Agnes were divine. She could see a bright light around the Virgin Mary’s altar. Further, she added, there was a fine mist around the altar. She could also find angels around her adoring her. Furthermore, she said the alter came alive and her humanlike sweet voice passed on three messages. This incident happened in 1973. One month later, Sister Agnes was visited by her guardian angel. The latter claimed she was the sister of Agnes. Not only was companionhip like white snow, but her sweet gestures also resulted in her graceful companionship. The Guardian angel chatted with sister Agnes as well as prayed together. 

Apparition of Virgin Mary

Sister Agnes was new as a nun and the learning was much needed. Not only did the Guardian Angel help her learn to pray, but she advised how to strengthen her self-position. As a part of her teaching, she proposed to conduct prayers more often. This will enrich bondage with the creator. Moreover, it would help her to be more confident in situations. Besides, she also explained the meanings of messages conveyed to her during Mary’s apparition. These were similar to the sayings of Fatima in Portugal. In short, it can be said Holy Mary guided Sister Agnes to eradicate sins growing around the world.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Messages from Virgin Mary

Sister Agnes Katsuko Sqsaquawa was supposedly deaf during that time, but the message in Virgin Mary’s voice during her apparition was heard loud and clear. Sister Agnes heard three messages clearly about the future of mankind.

  1. The first message was received on 6th June 1973. Sister Agnes mentioned the prayers and sacrifices for the glory of the almighty Father. Furthermore, the salvation of souls.
  2. On 3rd August 1973, the second message was received. It was a recommendation to pacify the anger of the almighty father. Prayers, penance, and courageous sacrifices would enable the cause
  3. Lastly, the third message came on October 13th,1973. As per sister Agnes, it was alarming. Further, others also felt the same.
The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

The Third Message

As per Sister Agnes, the final message received was the terrible consequences mankind would face if the almighty Father gets angry. Sister Agnes further warned people should repent of the sins they have done and develop themselves. If ignored, the almighty Father will punish the whole of humanity irrespectively. Something more disastrous than inscriptions in the Bible about floods involving the prophet Noah. She also added events will occur that have not been seen before. 

Geography of Akita

In northern Japan, the large coastal city of Akita is located. Furthermore, it is also the capital city of Prefectures in Japan. Besides, it is also located on the banks of the Omono river. About 320000 people reside in this green and cozy city. Further, the city is a hub for education. You can locate quite several reputed Universities. Besides, you can enjoy it at big theaters. Moreover, the points of interest are

  • Senshu Park
  • The Akita Senshu Museum
  • The Akita Omoriyamo zoo
  • Kubota Castle
  • The Akita Palace
  • Our Lady Of Akita
The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Why Visit the Chapel Belonging to the Virgin Mary?

Visitors came to this place and offered prayers to the Virgin Mary. They say to have experienced healings of varied types related to body, mind, and soul. As an example, a lady from Korea, suffering from terminal brain cancer, recovered after she offered prayer to the statue. Dr.Tong-Woo-Kim of Seol’s St Paul’s Hospital accepted the event as a miracle. Moreover, the President of the Ecclesiastical Tribunal, Fr. Theisen of the Archdiocese in Seoul accepted the incident was miraculous.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

The Second Miracle of the Virgin Mary Statue

Sister. Agnes herself was suffering from an ailment of deafness. Further, she claimed that Holy Mother Mary had assured her of recovering from the issue. The second miracle happened when Sister Agnes recovered from her long-time deafness.

Furthermore, why visit Mother Mary at Akita?

The unnatural incident on 28th June 1973 drew curiosity in all people to know if it was real. How come a prayer by Sister Agnes led to a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, who started crying, bleeding, and sweating? Even through scientific analysis. Further in future years she cried almost 101 times. Moreover, fortunate people were able to see the unnatural phenomena. Doesn’t it sound mysterious?

Some fascinating facts

  • Katsura tree has been used to carve the Virgin Mary statue
  • The same group of nuns visualized sweating and bleeding.
  • The Department of Legal Medicines analyzed samples of sweat, blood, and tears. They found it to be of human origin.
  • Scientific analysis proved it came from blood groups O, B, and AB.
  • Very much after the incident, Sister Agnes had her deafness cured.

Sister Agnes Developed Wound

After Sister Agnes had joined, she developed a wound on her left hand. It was in the shape of a cross similar to the one used to crucify Jesus. She started bleeding and was in immense pain because of the wound. Sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. A similar wound developed on Virgin Mary’s left hand and started bleeding. Her guardian, Angel, appeared to console her. Furthermore, she explained to her mother that Mary’s wounds were much deeper and her sorrow was greater. Furthermore, Sister Agnes went to the chapel to pray to Virgin Mary on the 6th of July to discover the altar bleeding, weeping, and sweating. Moreover, it smelled like perfume spreading from the sweat.


  • Jesus had cried the night before he was crucified.
  • The wounds were at the same position where Jesus underwent a puncture while being crucified.
  • Further, Jesus was sweating the night before he was crucified.


  • The Bishop of Niigata, Japan, Jon Shojiro Ito, in April 1984, pronounced Our Lady of Akita as a supernatural site. He conducted intensive research before pronouncing his decision. He felt the words of the Virgin Mary were similar to Fatima of Portugal.
  • In June 1988, the events and messages of mother Mary appeared to be worthwhile and reliable. Moreover, Cardinal Do Ratzinger of the Vatican found that the practices of the group of nuns were perfect. The judgment about Akita that came after it was that it suffices the doctrine of faith. 

The similarity of Fatima with the Virgin Mary of Atika

Located 142 kilometers to the north of Lisbon, a town with a Christian dominant population, Fatima has its own identity. Fatima houses several Catholic churches in honor of the Virgin Mary. It became famous because of the apparition of the Lady of Rosary to three shepherd children. She is also known as Our Lady of Fatima. Every year, visitors and pilgrims flock to Fatima to have a glimpse of Catholic importance. However, the main miracle happened between May and October, regarding the Sun.

About the Miracle

Lucia Santos and her cousins Francisco Marto and Jacinta in 1917 were the three shepherd children who could visualize a luminous lady, continuously for six months. Furthermore, incidents used to happen on every 13th day of the month. They reported that the lady used to visit them at noon in a field around Fatima, Portugal. It was believed Fatima and Atika were the same Virgin Mary. Similar to the messages in Akita in July 1917, a secret was shared with the children.

Secrets which were Shared by Virgin Mary/Our Lady of Fatima

Like the three messages of the Virgin Mary in Akita, even Fatima’s secrets had three folds. The horrifying visions of hell have been captured in the first portion. Further, this is the worst place for the poor sinner’s soul after death. Moreover, Our lady of Fatima expressed an urgent need for prayers and sacrifices and the saving of souls. Further, you will find out about World War II. Additionally, Fatima has also expressed concern for Russians. She was willing to help the poor by educating them about Catholicism.

The Third and Last Secret

In 1944, the last secret was written by Lucia Dos Santos in the form of a letter. It was carefully restored with strict norms at the Holy See. No one was allowed to see them before 1960. However, it predicted atrophy and lack of faith would result in chaos in the Catholic church. However, it is realized it was an indication of the murder attempt of Pope John Paul II.

Superstitions Dictates Believes

Have you ever thought about why people become superstitious? Well, there is no particular definition of it. However, it originates from their belief in supernatural powers. Even in the 21st-century, superstitions are a vital part of likelihood which are considered to be irrational. The current scientific wisdom strongly opposes them. Further, superstitions are a brainchild of personal beliefs and experiences of the past. Psychologists have revealed that superstition correlates with events around them. These events are either co-occurring or non-related, but superstition remains. Moreover, during times of fear or uncertainty, people get more prone to superstitions. For instance, the miracles of the Virgin Mary appear as a hoax to a lot of people. But the visitors or pilgrims admire offering prayers to mother Mary.

Superstition is a modern take from medieval times,

Marian Feast in Honor of Virgin Mary

Just like Jesus’ birthday, the birthday of his mother, Virgin Mary, must be equally important. Further, Catholics observe feast day for mother Mary as well. The feast day is when the Saints observe the death days of heavenly figures to commemorate them. Indirectly to please Jesus the supremo. The feast days are generally dictated by the church. The Roman Catholic calendar is followed. However, the feast is organized in May. The Marian feast is a representation of when mother died and left the world to land in heaven. The main ritual of Catholics’ crowning event of divine mother Mary is conducted in May.

Best Time to Visit Virgin Mary in Akita, Japan

The best would be April to May. Not only can you enjoy nice weather, but also it is time for cherry blossoms to bloom. Otherwise, October to November will be when you can feel gentle breezes, mild weather, and shredded autumn leaves.

How to Reach Akita to Visit Virgin Mary Altar

The nearest location to Akita happens to be Tokyo. Once you are in Tokyo, it will be easier to reach Akita.

Fly to Akita

A lot of flights connect Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Akita. It generally takes 70 mins to travel. Further, flight tickets may cost 28000 yen. There are discounted tickets also. You can fly at prices between 14000 to 18000 yen. Moreover, from Akita Airport, you can get a shuttle bus to carry you to the central city.

Rail Travel

You can try Komachi trains that connect Tokyo and Akita stations. It would be an eight hour ride. It will cost you 950 yen. However, you need a prior reservation for seats.

Travel by Road

Overnight buses are available from Tokyo to Akita. It will take eight hours to arrive. It costs you around 9500 yen. You can book tickets online.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

Bottom Line

Akita has gained popularity for its miraculous Virgin Mary altar. It is hard to believe the abnormal events that occurred between the 1970s and 1980s. The contributions of Sister Agnes, the messages of mother Mary and her apparitions have raised inquisitiveness across the world. Moreover, the crying, bleeding, and sweating of a wooden statue has added to its galore. The next time you visit Japan, make plans to visit this northern portion of the Prefectures of Japan. Furthermore, Akita has emerged as a top education hub. There are numerous prestigious universities that can be found here.

The wooden statue is said to have shed tears on 101 occasions

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