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Most Historic Bridges on Planet Earth

Are you bored out of your mind, visiting the same kind of places in most of your travels? Then perhaps the problem is that you’re not traveling right! Yes, you read that right, there is a right way to travel! Planning to visit the most famous attractions of any place, is a good way to spend your vacations most of the time. Although, if you are a habitual traveler, then you may find the practice a bit repetitive. To curb that, what you have to do is spice it up a little. Make a list of unusual attractions that you might want to check out. Do some research about the Local Culture, best Travel Accommodations, and Hidden Gems. For example, in this blog, we are going to talk about some of the best historically important bridges around the globe!

If you are attracted to sites of historical importance and are curious about getting to know the stories related to such places, then perhaps, you might’ve interested in some of these historically significant bridges to tour while travelling abroad!

The Incredible Faidherbe Bridge;

Saint-Louis, Senegal

Things to do in Senegal; visit Faidherbe bridge

Famous for its link to Gustave Eiffel, it’s one of the best places to visit in Saint-Loius, Senegal.

One of the best things to do in Senegal is visiting the town of Saint Louise which is located on an island, at the brink of Senegal River.

The salinity levels in the vicinity of the bridge is pretty high, which means the bridge requires regular maintenance. It has even been completely restored twice since its construction.

The governor at that time, near the late 19th century, proclaimed to replace the ancient bridge which which was comprised of 40 floating pontoons.

Senegal used to be still a French colony back then. Gustav Eiffel which later became a world famous entity, because of the Eiffel Tower, what’s the one who crafted the links of the newly constructed bridge.

The bridge was opened to public in 1897 and it was comprised of many Iron arches, with an ingenious system of cogs and machine that allowed the passage of boats by turning of the pillars.

One of the most important feature of this bridge is that it is a UNESCO World Heritage listed site and so is the whole island of Saint Louis.

Unbelievable Rope Bridges of Kakum Canopy Walk

Assin South, Ghana

Unbelievable Rope Bridges of Kakum Canopy Walk

Opening up to a forest area mostly reserved for local hierarchy of animals from birds to monkeys and others, it’s a procession of majestic rope-themed bridges.

Have you ever seen a photo or video of someone walking along a rope bridge, surrounded by scenic beauty of deep wilderness? there’s a very good chance this is where the shot was taken at.
It was opened to public on earth day, back in 1995. It hangs about 130ft above the ground and is around 1000ft long. The materials used for its construction are strong metallic ropes as well as aluminium and wooden shafts. A protective net covering surrounds the bridge to prevent anything untoward from happening.

Kakum Canopy Walk is a famous travel attraction for hikers and nature lovers alike. Whether you are a climber or flier this amazing trail set deep inside the wilderness is reserved for you. The network of suspension bridges allow the hikers in reaching the usually inaccessible regions of the forest. If you are a photographer or someone making a travel documentary about the unusual natural attractions of the African Continent, then this place should be definitely on top of your list.

Like most hidden gems, this network of hanging rope bridges has an interesting Story behind it. Once Upon a time, two Canadians thought about increasing the tourism in the kakum National Park.

After much deliberation, they came up with the idea of creating a network of suspension bridges that will lead the hikers to inaccessible area of the forest usually inhabited by monkeys and birds of the region.

People looking to shoot documentaries of natural wonders, habitual hikers from around the globe and nature photographers looking to take scenic photographs flock to this place since then.

It’s a great choice for a travel destination if you are looking for unusual things to do in Ghana.

Ingenious Single -Arch bridge: Causey Arch

Stanley, England

Ingenious Single-Arch bridge, world's oldest single arch railway bridge in the world

Famous for being the world’s oldest single-arch railway bridge that is somehow still standing.

The industrial past of England affected the whole world, and this bridge they had a significant role in it. It was the first railway bridge ever constructed and hence it has been a silent witness of the historical rise of England, eventually becoming a global power during the peak of the industrial era.

The Causey arch was constructed to act as a bridge for Tanfield Railways. Back during that time coal mining was in industrial trend, and to transport it had to be packaged and set through horse driven wagons.

The wagons ran on specially built wagonways. This process was used to send the coals from Inland to Colliers and keelboats. Along the way there was a ravine that needed to be crossed and to make it more convenient for transport, a single arch bridge was constructed. It was the first ever railway bridge in the world.

As with most historic places in the world, there is also a story related to its construction. A stonemason of the nearby area was selected to build the bridge. AlthouGH he was highly skilled, he was highly afraid of the fact that his work might not be up to the mark. Sadly he eventually took his own life on the same bridge after its construction, insecure about the quality of his work.

Fast-forwarding to 300 years later, the bridge survives still. although it may look now old(as it should) but it is somehow still in working condition.

Art and Architecture of Lady Wimborne Bridge

Oakley, England

Lady Wimborne Bridge, one of the historic bridges in the world

Get enraptured visiting the former railway bridge of Oakley in England.

It is said that this bridge was constructed by the architect Charles Berry junior around 1853 designed in a way to showcase both functionality and creativity through the carvings engraved on the bridge.

Lady Wimborne bridge they mostly known as London and South Western railway bridge 77, is a site of historical importance situated at Oakley in England which can be visited after going through a 19th-century exit.

It was created not only with functionality in mind but it was also decorated with beautiful carvings better than any railway bridge in all of England. During the 19th century Local landowners had sufficient say over the constructions on their ground Such that it was created in a way to pacify their demand.

When you research a bit about the bridge, you find out that it was designed specifically copying the beautifully decorated arches which were used to guard enormous pieces of property of the province.

Function was definitely the major point of its construction, but it was also crafted in a way to imbue awe in the travellers using the crossroad to Canford Manor.

Although, the structure is no longer in use, closed down since 1977, it still reminds the visitors of the grandeur of marriage between art and architectural genius of the bygone era.

Around 40 metres from rivers Stour, the Staur Valley way begins with a 19th century exit. The central crest decorating the bridge belongs to Sir John Guest, who was the owner of the Canford property at that time.

Amazingly Durable Dulsie Bridge

Nairn, Scotland

Dulsie Bridge, one of the most historic bridges in the world`

18th-century architectural marvel in terms of durability and functionality.

Dating back to 1755 constructed by major William Caulfield and the company of people under Lord Robert Miller, Dulcie is one of the military roads famous for its historical origin and to the point functionality.

If you plan to visit this place, you should probably know that you can plan a small picnic in the area. Picnic tables are set on the top of the bridge, from that point you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the surrounding area.

Just as, around the world, most of the constructions by militaries are focused around durability and efficiency of the structure, Dulsie bridge in Nairn, Scotland, gives off the same vibe even after all this time.

Around the same time as the origin of the bridge number of military roads were also constructed to enhance the work of transportation and bring more efficiency to ways of communication.

One of the important events of note relevant to this area is related to ‘The Kings Inn’, where Robert Burn was supposed to have spent some time, when he toured around the Highlands, back in 1787.

Although this road is not known for being a work of art, but it is still one of the most important structure in all the country, as it was used to link sites of major military significance.

The stability and durability of the structure can be proved by the in famous flood of 1829 known as Muckle Spat. The flood was devastating enough to fill the entire reason sweeping up a lot of structures including farmhouses bridges and some meals too but in spite of all of that the Dulsie bridge survived.

The bridge was constructed with great care. The flood incident shows that not all what shines is gold, sometimes the dull lustre hides behind itself the true value of some ancient artefacts.

The Unique Ponte dei Trepponti (Trepponti Bridge)

Comacchio, Italy

Trepponti Bridge
©Wikipedia commons

One of the best places to visit In Comacchio, Italy. This ancient piece of architectural marvel was used as the city gate.

In 16th century comacchio city in Italy was ruled by the Papal states. it is situated along one of the branches of Po river. This city has been always known for being the cultural centre of the province ever since Ancient times.

Back in those days, architect Luca Danese led a project that focused around renovation of urban vicinity.

It included refurbishing of already built old structures and creation of some of the new functional ones to facilitate better transportation and increased efficiency in the management of the town. One of the major factors that influence the construction of this bridge was the frequent raids by anti social elements which posed the hand of city management to enhance the security by ordering the construction of this work of beauty.

Luca Danese designed an innovative structure that, while being a city gate also functioned as a bridge.

It displays the innovative architectural advancement of those times, proven by the fact that, while it subbed as an efficient way of transportation twofold, it also served as effective security measure against the raids.

While Luca Danese may have been the one to design the structure, it was built by coaching Gianni Pietro da Lugano, and authorized by Cardinal Giovanni Battista Maria Palotta. The construction of the bridge ended in 1638. It was famously called “Trepponti”, which means three bridges.

While it may have been called “Trepponti” by locals, as it looked like Three Bridges, in actuality it is comprised of five various brick bridges. There are Three Bridges on the front side and two near the backside. All of these brick bridges are linked together.

So these were few of the hidden gems in the category of historically significant structures around the globe.

There are many more places that I need to tell you about, but for now, we will part ways. Please do continue to Show your support and I will keep telling about the best things to do while travelling around the globe!

Go on now explorer, Happy Travels!

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