Travel Guide: Secret Towns of Europe Worth Visiting

The continent of Europe is like heaven on earth, with mesmerizing lush valleys, countryside cottages, and enchanting beauty. Europe is perhaps the only place that crops up in the mind when a person thinks of taking a luxurious vacation! Undoubtedly so, as the whole European continent has a plethora of story-book towns. These secret towns of Europe have some affluent historical areas, glorious architecture, sky-high mountains, and beautiful beaches and landscapes. That makes it a potential destination for any tourist!

Secret Towns of Europe

Europe is famous for cities like Rome, Paris, London, or Santorini, but is also famous for its rich diversity and the lesser-explored small towns. These towns have breathtaking views and give memorable experiences for each visitor.  Although unexplored, the small towns of Europe are well interconnected and have ample facilities. So, pack up your backpacks and explore the following list of ten beautiful secret towns of Europe.

Freiburg in Germany

Freiburg in southwestern Germany is a small town and houses about 230,000 people. The town, which is otherwise silent and peaceful, becomes a throbbing hub primarily during the festival- Oktoberfest-that it holds annually. The festival gives travelers a show of the rich German culture and heritage.

How to reach Freiburg: Travellers can reach Freiburg by train from Frankfurt or Zurich.

Folegandros in the Aegean Sea

The getaway town of Folegandros is a mini Greek island located in the Aegean Sea. The town is a section of the southern Cyclades part and Santorini Sikinos, Anafi, and Ios. The town of Folegandros is no less beautiful than an Aegean treasure. The small town has around 765 inhabitants and houses three mini-villages. The villages- Chora, Karavostasis, and Ano Meria, are interconnected, connected by a paved route. If a traveler wants to visit a quiet mini hideout somewhere in Europe, then the unexplored Folegandros island is the best. The village of Chora on the island sits on the cutting edge of a 200-meter-tall cliff. The village gives a mesmerizing view of the typical whitewashed houses and pure white pebbled beach. The island also has plentiful attractive landscapes, towering cliffs, and caves pleasing to the eyes. Folegandros houses multiple mini-resorts that offer all the luxuries for a comfortable stay by the tourists.

How to reach Folegandros: Tourists can reach the island by boat or ferry from Piraeus. The ferry ride will take around eight hours and 3.5 hours in a speedy boat.

Hellnar and Arnarstapi in Iceland

Hellnar and Arnarstapi are historical fishing villages located in the western Snæfellsnes peninsula of Iceland. One of the beautiful things about the village is the remote settlement that sits at the foot of Mt Stapafell. The settlement gives a view of the attractive natural surroundings to the tourists. Visitors to the villagers can take in the sights of the tall columnar basalt ravines, the dark and deep blue waters, and the caves that adorn the mini piers. The village of Hellnar has bright cottages and strange yet attractive shapes of dried-up lava streams that are a sight in itself. Hellnar is comparatively smaller than Arnarstapi.

How to reach Hellnar and Arnarstapi: Travellers can drive to Hellnar and then take a walk along the dried-up lava path to Arnarstapi.

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Mantua in Italy

Mantua is situated in Lombardia, Italy, and is a haven for travelers who love art and architecture. The remote town is home to the second-largest building of Europe- the Ducal Palace, after the glorious Vatican. Three beautiful artificial lakes border the town, offering beautiful sights. The Ducal Palace is grand and has 600 rooms standing tall in its historical essence and glory. However, only a few of them are open up for public view.

How to visit Mantua: Travelers can reach Mantua by train from Verona, Milan, or Bologna.

Adishi in Georgia

Adishi is an enchanting secret town of Europe situated 2,040 meters above sea level. The town is a prime part of the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region in Georgia. The isolated small town located amongst the Georgian mountains offers views of picturesque landscapes and ancient monuments. The Georgian mountains that run through Adishi are the Greater Caucasus Mountains and form the beautiful Mount Adishi and the glacier. The glacier feeds the gushing streams below the village. In addition to the mesmerizing views, travelers can also explore the ancient and cultural sites of Adishi village, like the Church of Archangel, the Church of Deliverer, historic St George churches, and many other prime Svanetian towers. These monuments of Adishi date back to 1000+ years old. Adishi also has tiny stone houses dating back to the Middle Ages and a slew of fortified towers. Adishi is a haven for natural beauty lovers.

How to reach Adishi: Travellers can reach Adishi by road in a taxi.

Secret Towns of Europe

Clonakilty in Ireland

It is an attractive seaside town belonging to County Cork in the country of Iceland. The word ‘Clonakilty’ in the Irish language means ‘stone (castle) located in the woods.’ Clonakilty is also referred to as ‘Clon’ in short form by the locals. The town of Clonakilty is a mix of brightly colored buildings, broad sand beaches, and delicious eateries filled with live music. These pubs and eateries liven by the evening and nightlife of Clonakilty. One of the most-loved delicacies of the town is the ‘Clonakilty black pudding.’ It is a mouth-watering local recipe dating back to 1880.

How to reach Clonakilty: Travellers can hitch the bus from Parnell Place and the train from Cork Kent.

Saxony Ore Mountains in Germany

The Ore Mountains of Europe sit in the middle of the Saxony region in Germany. The mountain range stretches across a distance of 160 km alongside the border of Germany-Czech. The place is perfect for people who are on the lookout for historical Christmas traditions. The secret towns of Europe’s Ore Mountains give mesmerizing sights of stunning landscapes- from historic castles to museums and traditional activities like wood carving and candle making. It is a perfect travel place for any traveler! The Ore Mountain region is termed as the ‘Cradle of Christmas’ because of the rich traditions that the region follows during Christmas. It transforms into a stunning magical place during winter in Christmas time. Several wonderful traditional rituals and festivals are celebrated here during Christmas.

How to reach the Ore Mountains: Travelers can reach the Ore Mountains by road via Dresden or Nuremberg. One can also travel by train via Franconia.

Cuenca in Spain

The UNESCO heritage town of Cuenca is perched atop a rock and has houses that almost seem to b hanging! The historic town dates back to 1300 years and has glorious castle ruins and tall cathedrals that testify to its heritage. Visiting Cuenca is like time travel, going back to history! The town also has rich natural beauty like towering mountains and rivers with clear blue water.

How to reach Cuenca: Travelers can visit Cuenca by train from Madrid.

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Sintra in Portugal

Sintra, a Portuguese town, is a treasure trove of natural beauty and historical magic. The secret towns of Europe is well-known for the picturesque views and ancient monuments. The mountains and sea border the town in the middle and have many historical heritage places, like the Monserrate Palace, the revered Palace of Queluz, Pena Palace, and the Moors’ stunning castle. There is also the historical center- Vila de Sintra, which is a tourist hub of Sintra. The Villa has rich 19th-century Romanticist cultural signs and architecture, historic estates, and royal towers.

How to reach Sintra:  Travellers can reach Sintra by train or road from Lisbon.

San Andres in Spain

The beautiful village of San Andres in Spain is situated few kilometers from the city of Santa Cruz Tenerife in the Canary Islands. San Andreas is the oldest village on the island and is a hotspot of natural beauty. The village ends up in the ‘Las Teresitas beach’- the glistening golden sandy beach of Tenerife. Thousands of visitors from in and around visit the ‘golden’ beach every year. The beach is an excellent spot to relax and enjoy after touring San Andres village. San Andreas tourists can visit rich architectural places like the Church of St. Andrew, the glorious Castle of San Andrés, and the Avenue Pedro Schwartz (or the Wall) of San Andreas village.

How to reach San Andreas: Travellers can reach secret towns of Europe of San Andreas by train or car from Santa Cruz.

Brisighella in Italy

The small town of Brishighella is a hotspot of natural beauty. The town has cobbled streets, tiny cafes, and castles that depict the rich European culture. One of the beautiful features is the small gelatos that offer exquisite delicacies and sweets for your taste buds! Some ancient quarries and caves lie on the mountains that surround the town.

How to reach Brisighella: Travellers can take the train to the nearest city to Brishighella and go by road.

Procida Island in Italy

The Procida Island of the Flegrean Islands sits near the coast of Naples in southern Italy. The island is famous as one of the attractive islands of Europe and sits between Cape Miseno and Ischia Island. One of the distinctive features of Procida Island is its beautiful multi-colored houses. These houses have paints similar to the boats of the fishermen they belong to! Another beautiful thing about Procida Island is Marina Corricella- a colorful fishing village that sits on a rock and leads to the deep blue sea. The village is a 17th-century settlement and is accessible only by stairs along the passageways located through the houses.

How to reach Procida: Travelers can reach Procida by ferry from Naples or Pozzuoli.

Sibiu in Romania

Sibiu town of Transylvania is a historical place in Romania and lies across Cabin River. The town is a stunning display of architecture that dates back to the Middle Ages. Sibiu is nicknamed the ‘City with Eyes or Seebiu’! Tourists can tour the town and meander along the old roads to revel in the historic architecture. It has the historic Citadel of Sibiu, one of the high-fortified citadels on the European continent. The town of Sibiu is famous for the Christmas market it displays during the festival.

How to reach Sibiu: Travellers can reach Sibiu by bicycle, foot, or bus from nearby towns. Sibiu is a super ‘cyclist-friendly town.

Secret Towns of Europe

Maastricht in Netherlands

The Maastricht town of southern Netherlands is a university town and has rich architecture that dates back to the Mediaeval era.  The town also has beautiful cultural scenes for tourists to enjoy! The Meuse River runs across Maastricht, giving views of stunning natural scenes and historic castles that dot the town. Maastricht houses the Gothic-style ancient church- Sint Janskerk, and the Romanesque Basilica of St. Servatius. These monuments treasure a vast collection of traditional religious art. Travelers can also visit the futuristic-vision Bonnefanten art museum located along the banks of the Maas River. Maastricht is a travelers’ delight with its natural and historical wonders to explore! One can roam the entire town on foot and enjoy the local culture and the underground tour to the delight of casemates, a significant attraction. In addition to heritage, Maastricht has sprawling vineyards, ancient art galleries, and delicious eateries and restaurants.

How to reach Maastricht: Travelers can reach Maastricht by train from Brussels, Paris, or London. One can also travel to Maastricht from Germany by train from Venlo or Heerlen.

The European continent is a traveler’s dream, with attractive unexplored places to unearth! Mini villages with dotted houses, lush green valleys, and vibrant countryside are typical in Europe. The continent has something for everyone-  be it the small towns, naturally beautiful places, or cultural and heritage. The list of new European towns goes long, there are plentiful of unearthed towns and villages across the continent of Europe. Here we name the best and the richest in heritage! So quickly pack your bags and explore the magical and peaceful sights of the secret towns of Europe.

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