Sushant Singh Rajput

Still hard to forget you, SSR…

Oh! Devastating… A tender shoot of flair,
An emerging star of Bollywood, craving for his share,
No boy no! He’s no more here to bear…

You were in pain, noted no one why.
Toyed your mind immensely with no shy.
You were dejected, rejected, belittled, and let down.
Still erect, a rising star, in his dawn.
Couldn’t you stretch it a bit longer?
To reach your dreams far, wide and stronger.

Why did you dream of too high levels!
To dropout from your degrees, medals and laurels.
To fail, for a while, your loved ones,
To screen those ‘helicopter shots’; to feel your presence!
And to fight the endless, lashing sour in the lime light, nepotism…

Or something else it is…
something evil, cruel and hideous.
Let the law be the fairest of all this time
Fair enough so as to solve the 13, 14 mystery!
The night or day mystery!
And the infamous homicide mystery!
When CBI is here, can justice be far behind!

2020! You are done!
Had too much this time… carved ugly history.
Snatched you our liberty, our vibes,
Our unknown siblings, wherever raise…
Proved your callous, with this untimely demise …

Good-bye! You take your leave! To a fairest eternal world…
Wrapping chilled parting of pricking pangs, from every single heart…
No! Too soon, it is; Still toiling to bid you adieu.

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