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The Best Hobbies for the Homebodies and Lamentable Lockdowns

Everyone struggles with hobbies. We’ve all had those days where we lie on our beds and stare up at the ceiling. We wonder what, if anything, there is to spice our life. You could talk to your friends but you feel like you’ve done enough of that already. If you’re being honest with yourself, you want to be your own company for now, and that’s okay. Sometimes we don’t feel like leaving the house. Sometimes we really would just prefer to be by ourselves for a little while. There may be times where we can’t leave the house or see our friends. What can I do during lockdown? What can I do if I don’t feel like leaving the house?

The events of the past two years will have been tough on us all. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns across the globe had forced many of us to re-evaluate our lifestyles, hobbies and interests. While the world may be opening up now, there are still those of us who have grown to enjoy being in the comfort of our own homes. Because of this, I would like to present to you some of the best hobbies for you to do at home. Chances are this list is biased as I personally enjoy many of these, but this is by no means a finite list. Even if nothing in this article interests you, there will be so many more hobbies to discover and enjoy.

Reading is a Great Hobby

Reading is a great hobby - The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
credit: nytimes

When we think of hobbies, many of us may not necessarily think of reading. Yet, reading is one of the most liberating things to exist in this world. Books can inspire you as well as force you to contemplate life’s many questions. There are genres out there for everyone and difficulty levels to suit every age or preference. As long as you have a good light source and a book that interests you, you’ve got everything you need.

If you are anything like me and enjoy fantasies and adventures, I would recommend:

  • The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by J.R.R Tolkien
  • The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Percy Jackson (plus the Heroes of Olympus series) by Rick Riordan
  • Prey by Michael Crichton
  • The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson
  • Red Sails to Capri by Ann Weil

Story Creation

Typewriter typing 'What's Your Story?'
credit: rightsourcemarketing

Everyone loves a good story, so why not come up with your own? Granted, this hobby has the potential to devour your life as it does mine but there is nothing that gives me greater happiness. Coming up with your own stories can be a lot of fun. They don’t have to be long, or even too detailed – all of that is up to you. Why not try coming up with a story outline and creating immersive characters to drive it forward? Stories can be plucked from dreams you have, books you’ve read or movies you’ve seen – inspiration can be found in anything. Try it out, you might just surprise yourself and end up being a best-seller one day.

The Power of Writing

A black typewriter - make writing your next hobby
credit: quartz

Writing can mean a lot of things, that’s why it’s such a great hobby. That story plan you came up with? Write it! You don’t have to stick to stories, either. Try out poetry or writing articles if you’re into that kind of thing. If you aren’t a fan of tying on a computer why not go old style and whip out a pen and paper? There’s something about using a pen and a sheet of crisp paper that really gets your creativity going, there seems to be more of a connection. Pour your heart and soul out into a writing format of your choice. Be careful, though… once you get a taste for it you will never want to stop.

Journaling is a Hobby as well as Therapy

A white and purple journal
credit: marketplace

There, I said it. It’s true that this could just be lumped under the previous heading but I feel like it deserves its own section. Most people who have done journaling will tell you that it is a life changer. You can be as simple or flowery as you like and it doesn’t matter. Journaling is more than a hobby, it can become a way of life and a good way to learn more and understand yourself better. You might feel silly at first. Chances are your mind will flash through every teen movie you’ve ever seen but journaling is not only for the brooding teens. In fact, many therapists suggest journaling even if you are not in therapy. Simply put, it is a method for reflection, growth and stress relief. Try it out.

Could Painting Be Your New Hobby?

Watercolour paint and paint brushes
credit: britannica

Painting, like journaling, can be therapeutic. You don’t have to be Picasso, you don’t have to have any expectations. This hobby can be just that, or turn into something more if you end up falling in love with it. You can try your hand at watercolours and create beautiful washed pieces, or you can try oils for a truly trying experience. Acrylic painting is always a good starting point as it is, in many ways, more forgiving than the mess that can be watercolours. Try landscapes, or even just a simple animal or flower. If you don’t fancy traditional work, why not give abstract art a shot? Painting seems to have been revived by the world’s new found love for gouache, so why not join in and see what all the fuss is about? 

Drawing and Sketching

Hobbies - easy sketches
credit: pluralsight

Some people may argue that drawing and sketching are the same thing. Sketches become drawings if you so wish, or you can try drawing right out of the box. For this, you would want to have graphite pencils to start with. Anything that can be erased if you are a beginner. You can even use charcoal and similar mediums and see what it is you enjoy. Every pencil and medium will give a different effect, so be sure to try them all out. Personally, I love the basic 2B and 3B pencil for most work. 

Digital Art is a Great Hobby for Conserving Paper

a beautiful digital illustration on a rainy night and bright lights
credit: deviantart

Relatively new in the grand scheme of things, digital art has taken the world by storm. Of course, there are benefits and drawbacks to anything in life and digital art is no exception. Perfectionists will both love and hate this hobby as it enables you to redraw the same thing over, and over and over. You can be meticulous while simultaneously having the ability to correct any problem you see. This is a blessing and a curse and can make it difficult to truly let go. 

This hobby is one that I picked up fairly recently and have not regretted it once. Sure, it takes a lot of work to learn how to do things (which I still have not mastered) but it is loads of fun. If you are on a budget but would like to try out digital art, I would recommend Huion drawing tablets. You can get a drawing pad, which doesn’t have a screen, or a drawing tablet, which comes with a screen. The Huion Kamvas 13 is a great deal for anyone willing to spend a bit of money for a great product. For applications or programmes, consider trying Krita. You can get free versions of Krita or you can pay less than £10 for a current version and one that updates.

Photography as a Hobby

Photography as a hobby
credit: bark

Another hobby I have recently gotten into. Photography is all about finding beauty in the world around you, or even creating it yourself. Cameras can be expensive and lenses even more so. If you are looking at trying out photography and don’t want to break the bank, why not try out the Canon EOS 2000D? This camera is ideal for beginners and comes at a reasonable price for what it is, as well as a good lens for those who haven’t yet set their minds on it. 

Macramé, the Ancient Art of Tying Knots

Hobbies - Macrame wall hanging
credit: marchingnorth

Not knots as in marriages, but actual knots. Knot-tying for decorative purposes can be dated back to China in the 3rd century, though macramé has been attributed to the 13th century via Arabic weavers. This hobby, like every hobby, has varying levels of difficulty but can produce beautiful results. Whether you have a new found love for plants and want to hang them all over your house, or would like to create wall hangings, macramé would suit you. This skill has even been used as a means to improve coordination and finger movement for those who have sustained injuries or have varying conditions. Not only is macramé fun, but the finished products make fantastic gifts for family or friends. 

Different cord thicknesses and colours can be chosen from stores or even Amazon. You might want to buy some large beads (the wooden ones look great) and different sized rings to start out. It takes practice, but there are a near endless number of YouTube videos out there that will get you moving in the right direction.

Baking Became Everyone’s Lockdown Hobby

Baking as a hobby
credit: goodhousekeeping

Remember during lockdown when all you could see when you jumped on Instagram was banana bread? It was great. Sure, we all gained a few pounds but it was expected. Don’t limit yourself to the simplicities of banana bread, though. Get yourself a few different baking recipes and try them out! That sinfully delicious chocolate cake you’ve always wanted to try? Make it. Never tried carrot cake? Definitely bake one. If you get comfortable enough, you can even attempt your own recipes. Bear in mind that baking is a science – there will be some things you can change and others that you cannot. 

Stick Stuff to Other Stuff – Decoupage 

Decoupage as a hobby
credit: wikihow

I know what you’re thinking – what even is decoupage? Decoupage is the art form of gluing coloured paper and cut-outs onto items. You can add paint, gold leaf and any other decorations you fancy, really. This can turn dreary items or furniture into something special. Most people choose to decoupage boxes or other items that are simple shapes, but it’s all up to you. 

Try Out Home Design

Home Design as a hobby
credit: pinterest

You don’t need to have The Sims to try your hand at home design, though that is always an option. If you find yourself wanting to create your perfect home, or wondering just how bizarre a house could be, why not try it? I love building things as well as decorating things. With no space in my house to construct a doll house, I have found myself turning to various sites to try my hand. Sites such as HomeByMe on the web, there is little more to want. Although confusing at first, this is a great hobby to get into if home design is something you are interested in.

Messy, Messy Paper Mache

Paper mache bowls
credit: thesprucecrafts

So long as you have enough glue, newspaper and willpower, Paper Mache is something you need to try. It’s messy, very messy (or is that a me problem?) but so much fun. For this hobby, you essentially create layers or paper or pulp into whatever form you desire. When the piece is finished, you can paint them or decorate them in any other way you see fit. I would be surprised if anyone didn’t know what this was or hasn’t tried it at some point in their life. Usually at one point or another schools will force all students to get themselves and everyone else covered in glue at least once in art class. 

Gaming is One of the World’s Most Popular Hobbies

Video gaming as a hobby
credit: thehill

Of course this had to be on the list. Gaming can take many forms depending on your interests and can be of various types of tech. PC gaming still holds the hearts of millions around the world, and who could blame them? Age of Empires is a gem that must never be lost. Furthermore, the PS5 and Xbox Series X have recently made a big splash, as well as their predecessors over the past years.

With games like Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim and Resident Evil Village, who wouldn’t want to delve into the world of gaming? If you aren’t particularly interested in blazing guns, dragons or werewolves, there are so many other games for you to try. The much beloved Sims franchise is still going strong and, while in some games you can still murder your sims by taking away the pool ladder, they are far more inviting to many. Don’t forget to check out Nintendo games and everything in between, too.

Bring Out the Board Games

board games as a hobby
credit: mannyandme

A polar opposite to the above, board games are a great hobby to try out if you enjoy being at home. Granted, most board games require more than one player so if you live on your own, this one might be a little bit more difficult to get into. If you do live with others, why not open that cobweb filled cupboard and pull out some classics? Scrabble is a winner for the linguists and Monopoly is great if you want the entire household to not talk to one another for the next week. Snakes and ladders (chutes, if you’re in the US) is another fun one, as are Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit. 

Sewing is a Cool Hobby, Okay?

Sewing as a hobby
credit: superprof

Sewing is not a granny’s hobby (nor is knitting for that matter). In fact, sewing might just be one of the most helpful skills you could learn in life, other than cooking. It’s helpful but also a creative wonderland. As long as you have the fabric (which is expensive, I admit), a machine or needles and the willpower, you can start sewing. Yes, ideally you will have a sewing machine but if you really want to get rustic try sewing items by hand. It’s a tall order, but it adds to the fun, especially if you only want to make small items. 

What Hobby Would You Like to Try Out?

Which hobbies should you put in your CV?
credit: reed

As I said before, this is a very short list that could be a heck of a lot longer. There are so many hobbies to try out and experience. Even if you don’t think you will enjoy one, try it. You might surprise yourself and really love it. Lockdown, isolation and COVID-19 in general has made many of us think twice about our lives. Doing things that interest and engage you benefits not only you, but the rest of the world too. I have a love for artistic hobbies and have for many years. Perhaps many of you out there prefer the academic side of life. Even if that’s the case there are many options for you. Do that thing you have always wanted to do but never given yourself the chance to. You might just find your new favourite thing.

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