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The Best Options to Attain Online Masters Degree in Human Resources

An online master’s degree in human resources, aka managing the human resources of a company, prepares students to enter the workforce. Mainly, at various kinds of organizations and companies. While earning a degree of this kind, students go through training on a number of pertinent topics. Specifically, such as employment law, pay equality, organizational behaviour, management, and leadership.

While distance learning courses have set due dates. These are to be completed by a student as a prerequisite to the completion of the course. Additionally, there is a fabulous deal of compliance as to when you can carry out assignments. Especially while studying in a distance learning mode.

One of the benefits of earning a master’s degree in human resources (HR) management is that the knowledge and skills you gain could help you progress in your career.  Especially if you’re applying for a high-level human resources position. Whereas these types of positions involve a range of duties, from ensuring employee benefits packages are fair and competitive. Mainly, overseeing large and small business projects. Your graduate degree will prepare you to take on such responsibilities.

You can earn a master’s degree in HR management in as little as 12 months. But if you want to juggle your studies with your day job, many colleges offer online degree programs that can be completed over two years. Some schools have even more flexible options that combine part-time and online courses so that you can take as long as five years to get your master’s.

Best Online Masters Degrees in HR

A high-quality online degree in human resources management master’s degree is a great choice for HR professionals. Especially those moving up the corporate ladder or those coming into the field from another field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for human resource managers is excellent. Additionally, 10-400 jobs are to be in the HR sector by 2029. Specifically, HR professionals are needed in every industry and the employment sector.

Mainly, HR managers are responsible for the planning, directing, and administering administrative functions for an organization’s most important asset. Mainly, its employees. HR managers with their master’s degrees have the advanced knowledge and training needed for leadership roles. Fortunately, there are many great schools offering their human resource management master’s degree programs in a convenient online format to help students maintain a work/life balance. There are also online programs offering the same high-quality education without the added expense of relocation and travel.

The Best Online Masters Degree  Human Resources  Programs in the United  States

The United States continues to be a top choice for many students seeking graduate education. Furthermore, an online Master’s degree in Human Resources is an excellent opportunity to advance the career of anyone who has an interest in working with people. In the US, students seeking a Master’s Degree in Human Resources will potentially experience a high-quality education. Especially in a learning environment that promotes critical thinking, teamwork, and new ideas.

Specifically, an online Master’s degree in Human Resources program in the US is individualistic for students. Mainly, seeking careers dealing with issues in compensation, policy, organizational behaviour, change management, and employment law. Whereas the  Graduates of the Master’s in Human Resources program in the USA have excellent opportunities for careers in a variety of industries, ranging from non-profit organizations to multinational corporations.

Top Colleges for Online Human Resource Management Courses

The list of colleges that offer online human resource management courses in postgrad is as follows:

Online Masters Degree Programs in HR from the United States

Master of Science in Human Resource Management(Touro University Worldwide)

In the online mode, a Master of Science in Human Resource Management from Touro University Worldwide, located in Los Alamitos, USA. This program is part-time, which means it offers much more flexibility to complete the course smoothly. As students who juggle jobs and studying, they can easily opt for this course to upgrade their skills.

Master of Science in Human Resource Management(Nova Southeastern University, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship)

The second option could be a Master of Science in Human Resource Management. This online masters program is offered by the Nova Southeastern University, H. Wayne Huizenga College of Business & Entrepreneurship located in Fort Lauderdale, USA. This is a 21-month online masters’ program. Specially designed for working adults who seek career advancement in specialized HR and other departments.

Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management(The American University Online in Washington, USA)

Thirdly, you can opt for a Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management from the American University Online in Washington, USA. Specifically, this program prepares you to answer the critical question today’s HR professionals face. Mainly, how to increase organizational effectiveness using the latest HR technologies. It is a part-time 20 month online masters program.

Professional Masters in Human Resource Management(Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations in Piscataway Township, USA)

Fourthly, a program for human resource professionals and managers/supervisors with 4 + years of experience. Mainly, for those who are looking to advance their careers to senior HR or management positions. You can opt for a Professional Masters in Human Resource Management which is a part-time and 18 months program. From Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations in Piscataway Township, USA.

Master of Human Resource Management(Atlantic International University Masters Programs in Honolulu, USA)

However, if you are looking for a distinct professional human resource knowledge curriculum. Furthermore, with practical applications in human resource management, then you can opt for a Master of Human Resource Management. Specifically, from the Atlantic International University Masters Programs in Honolulu, USA.

The Best Online HR Programs in the United Kingdom

Obtaining a human resources degree is a good way to prepare for an array of different career opportunities. Especially because a degree of this kind has many applications. While studying, students may have the chance to investigate topics such as pay equality, employment law, leadership, management and organizational behaviour.

Master’s Programs

For the first option, the MSc Human Resource Management from the Royal Holloway University of London in Egham, United Kingdom.

Secondly, the MSc in International Human Resource Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University Online in UK Online, United Kingdom. This is a part-time masters program that can be a viable option for students who are juggling jobs with studying.
The third option could be a MA in Human Resource Management (CIPD) from Arden University in Coventry, United Kingdom.

The Online MSc in Human Resource Management and Development – University of Salford (UK) from Robert Kennedy College in Salford, United Kingdom. This program has a choice between a part-time or full-time program.

In particular, an MSc in Human Resource Management from the  University of the Highlands and Islands in Perth, United Kingdom. Whether you are a graduate looking to gain employment in this specialist field or already in work and need to develop your skills and abilities. Moreover, this part-time, CIPD accredited MSc in Human Resource Management is ideal for you.

The Best Online HR Programs in Europe

While studying, students may have the chance to investigate topics such as pay equality, employment law, leadership, management and organizational behaviour.

In particular, Europe is the sixth largest continent and includes 47 countries and assorted dependencies, islands and territories. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, Asia to the east, and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

One year – MSc Behavioural and Organizational Psychology (AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH)

This course is a part-time and online mode of learning which is taught in two semesters. Specifically, the AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH offers modern, creative and innovative distance learning courses and further education in the field of psychology. Furthermore, this has been for more than 14 years.
Especially, online Master’s and Bachelor´s programs with practical relevance and skilful didactics. Additionally, exciting, scientific and practice-oriented at the same time. In exceptional cases, professionals have the opportunity to be admitted to Master’s programs without a first degree (without a Bachelor’s degree).

Online Masters Programs in HR from Australian Universities

In particular, wanting a masters in human resource management online is a way to become a human resources (HR) manager or give your existing HR career a boost. Additionally, the Master’s programs are open to people with a bachelor’s degree of any kind and relevant experience. However, if you don’t meet all the admission criteria, you may be able to start with a graduate certificate course. The WA graduate certificate (3-4 units) gives you credit for a graduate diploma (8 units) and a masters’ (12 units).

However, an Australian HR masters program can teach you a great deal about HR management. For example, you will explore how to align employee and company goals in order to achieve great results for everybody.

ECU Master of Human Resource Management

ecu master of human resource management online
Ecu (Edith Cowan University) offering Online Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management

Source: OpenEdu

Specifically, the 12-unit Master of Human Resource Management from Edith Cowan University is flexible and exam-free. Additionally, online study is accelerated, meaning you can study part-time throughout the year. You can also fast-track your degree, and skip 3 foundation units if you have a major in HR, management, business administration, or employee or industry relations. Whereas students progress through the masters’ by doing a unit every 2 months, allowing you to finish in under 2 years. The main areas under this degree include managing change, business strategy, and managing and rewarding performance.

RMIT Master of Human Resource Management

RMIT University
RMIT University Logo

Source: StudyAbroad

Specifically, RMIT University offers a flexible masters degree in Human Resource management. In particular, the course has been purpose-built for online study and suits full-time workers. Moreover, students take 1 unit at a time, with each unit lasting 7 weeks. Furthermore, you can potentially finish the degree in 2 years of part-time study (bonus: without sitting a traditional exam). Consequently, the subjects include professional practices, employment law, strategic HR development, employment relations, and business research.

Master of Strategic People Management(UNSW Canberra School of Business)

UNSW Canberra School of Business
UNSW Canberra School of Business Logo

Source: UNSW

Mainly, the Master of Strategic People Management is designed to develop middle managers, particularly in people management. Moreover, middle managers are a key element of organisational change, but few university-level courses focus on their specific challenges. Specifically, this course spans for a year and is completely online.

Master of Human Resource Management and International Relations(University of Sydney)

University of Sydney
University of Sydney

Source: SeekVectorLogo

In particular, if you are already engaged in or contemplating a career in human resource management, industrial relations or a related area, this is the specialist qualification you need. In particular, this program will provide you with a sound understanding of key employment issues and equip you with the skills.

Especially to respond to the rapid changes reshaping local and international work practices and policies. The Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations produces graduates. Mainly, those who are effective strategic business partners, confident employee advocates, administrative experts, knowledgeable change agents, persuasive professional communicators and discerning researchers. However, while graduating as an ethically aware practitioner in the field of human resources and employment relations. Specifically, this program is accredited by the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) and is reviewed every three years to ensure content is relevant to industry needs.

Master of Business – Human Resource Management [Field of Study] (The University of Queensland)

The University of Queensland
The University of Queensland Logo

Source: Universitas21

Specifically, the Master of Business is designed for people aspiring to management roles. Mainly, for current managers seeking formal qualifications and for those changing career direction. This program will help you to further develop your business skills, build specialist knowledge within your chosen area and accelerate your career. Specifically, the Master of Business program offers two different entry points depending on your previous studies.

In particular, this Master’s (1.5 years) is designed for those graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in the same discipline. Mainly, the Master’s (2 years) includes the core fundamentals of general management for graduates with a Bachelor’s degree from any discipline. Most importantly, both online Masters degrees in Human Resources provide an opportunity to specialise in two fields of study or additional research electives (which may provide a pathway to research higher degree programs). In particular, each specialised field of study will equip you with the relevant knowledge to jumpstart or advance your chosen profession.


In particular, human resource management (HRM) is concerned with managing people. Mainly within an organisation to create value for the organisation and positive work experiences for individuals. Specifically, the range of functions covered includes various segments.

In particular, recruitment and selection of employees, performance management, compensation, training and development, career support, team development, communication and conflict, industrial negotiation, and resolution and HR strategy.

Whereas the courses cover content knowledge in these areas and also skills. Additionally, personal abilities are necessary for HRM graduates to be effective practitioners within organisations. Most importantly, did you find the college suited to your needs for your online masters in human resources? Let me know in the comment section.

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