The End of Castro’s Government: Is Cuba’s Liberty at Stake, and How?


In Cuba, the Cuban protest is dying out. The news and social media are losing interest. Latin American support is needed. Hell, we need everyone; share, share, share, share. We are not looking for clout.

just wants to keep the Patria Y Vida movement alive and in the media. The Cuban people need to end the  Castro to end. Today might be their only day at liberty.  Cuba sent out a group of doctors to assist with the Covid-19 pandemic. The money Cuba would’ve made from travel is dead. Cuba needs your support. It could remain socialist.  The government could become a combination of the two. A mutualistic government perhaps. The movement needs new fire. It needs new life.

The people want freedom. Cuba wants the ability to sell products on their own terms and reap what they sow. They need it. It might be life and death for them. Castro’s government needs to finally die.

COVID-19 Pandemic In Cuba 

Cuban Protest. American Cuban support. Latin American help needed. Castro Cuba about to be destroyed
Cuban Protest. Reads Patria Y Vida #SOSCuba

Latin American support is deeply needed. This information must be shared. The Cuban embargo by the United States placed on the country of Cuba has forced all of these human rights violations to go unnoticed. The world has made Cubans suffer.

Silence is violence, and keeping information about the New Age Cuban revolution would be wrong. Please support any Cuban protest within the country of America or Latin America

Latin American support is needed. The Cuban population speaks Spanish, and most of Latin America speaks the same language. Cubans are a big part of the Latin American experience. Cuba is crying out. 

All conspiracy theorists, please leave yourselves at the door. This article has been presented only with facts about Cuba’s history and the current Cuban situation. We do not need to hear about crazy theories.

Nobody has to go crazy, and we do not need bigotry; the Cuban people need the information to be shared. Cubans need support from the world, and the only way to give that support is to keep spreading information.  Cuban people live within a very insecure government, keeping their pain hidden to keep Castro’s government’s reputation in a virtuous light.


The 1950s was a year of grand corruption. The consensus, or feeling of the vibe, was that the United States should first care about the United States. Latin America could honestly go fuck itself, and this consensus grew to include Cuba’s island.

America had just come out of the Second Great World War; victories and a new power had made the United States a player in the world’s global politics. The Red Scare was a time in world history. Countries who decided to side with capitalism decided to go to war against countries who decided to side with Communism.

The Countries That Believed in Communism 1950-1960

1. China

2. Russia


4. Vietnam

5.North Korea

The Countries That Believed in Capitalism 1950-1960

1. The United States

2. Most of Latin America

3. Puerto Rico

5.Dominican Republic

6. The United Kingdom

7. Hattie

Communist Philosophy

Vector image of Cuban and Communist flags. Credit.

A Communist Society believes in giving workers the process of their daily labor. They believe in workers’ rights and fair programs to lift everyone out of poverty. Countries that have adopted communist beliefs create a new-age political monarchy.

Most of the countries that were communist: China, Russia, Vietnam aren’t communist anymore. They have more of us vs I society. China and Russia have reached first-world status by selling their citizens’ production power; people imitating factory machines. These countries do have amazing concepts for social programs. It’s hard for these countries to implement change and new ideas. These countries’ ” leaders” have been in power for too long. 

Cuba is a true communist country. The Cuban people are under the complete thumb of the government. They have many great social resources. Unfortunately, the insecure government doesn’t allow its people to create any content to sell to the world. 

Capitalist Philosophy

Political Cartoon related to Capitalism. Credit,

A capitalistic society believes that one has the right to take capital; this can be environmental, skills, and, unfortunately, people. Capitalism isn’t necessarily evil, it just allows an individual to use other people in the hopes of completing their real-world first-person adventure story. 

Capitalism needs reform. Yes. capitalism has driven many civil rights issues as well.  People with the same pain capitalize on it for their collective voice to be heard. The problem with capitalism is that it has no safety nets for small businesses that go bankrupt. 

Operation Commodore Vs. The Monroe Doctrine

Operation Commodore is the name of a C.I.A document; supposedly. Operation Commodore claims that the United States used lobbyists, capitalist laws, and international trading laws to pick apart many Latin American countries. This consensus happened to spread to the Caribbean islands. Nobody is sure if Operation Commodore is real. Let us place into the conversation the Monroe document.

This Monroe document was born into the belly of congress within the time frame of the 1820s. It is part of the United States Foreign Policy political sphere. Both sides of the argument uphold it. The Monroe document deals with the consensus of the new world; the new world was a term that described all the Caribbean Islands, Latin America, Canada, and the United States. Let that be clear. The Democrats and Republicans both believed that President Monroe was talking about the United States.

 The C.I.A, or Crime Investigation Agency, is a task force involved within Interpol affairs. They have probably dealt with kidnapping in other countries, drug disruption, and any form of information gathering.

We cannot speak about the legitimacy of the claims. The American government will confirm the information on the date of their choosing. Latin American and the Caribbean Islands have reported C.I.A involvement. These stories must come into account as the legitimate census of set vibe.

The Monroe Document

Political Cartoon of the Monroe Doctrine: Credit. 

The Monroe Document is as follows.

1. The United States would not interfere in the internal affairs of or the wars between European powers.

2. The United States recognized and would not interfere with existing colonies and dependencies in the Western Hemisphere.

3. The Western Hemisphere was closed to future colonization.

4. Any attempt by a European power to oppress or control any nation in the Western Hemisphere would be viewed as a hostile act against the United States.

 the Red Scare, the United States Government became desperate. Desperate men often do desperate things. We do not personally believe that America would try and operate within a foreign country. We can only guess that in America’s desperation, they decided to enact the policy of the Monroe Doctrine to protect all of Latin America. To protect all of the New World. 

The Monroe document 

Why didn’t Castro’s Cuba Work?

Cuban Protest. American Cuban support. Latin American help needed. Castro Cuba about to be destroyed
Demonstration of Solidarity of Cuban Liberation. Credit.

The Castro Cuban Communists tried to go from an archaeological island economy to an industrial island economy. Unfortunately, Castro never took the proper steps. This extremely streamlined government turned out to be severely unproductive.

Within Cuban history, Castro forced worker agendas, causing the whole island of Cuba once to drop everything to focus on sugar production. The country had many detrimental economic problems, including trying to turn a farming-based economy into an industrial economy without having any of the necessary equipment. Castro’s economic activities have caused the islanders to go onto food rations. Many of the islanders starved to death. 

The Embargo

The embargo on Cuba was throughout the 1950s. The Embargo on Cuba got stronger in 1990. This embargo killed the 30-year progress towards capitalism that the Cubans have put through.  Their strife was placed in their symbol of Cuban pride and indecency against imperial American hands and brought to the Cubans by the Castro government itself. The embargo today still lasts within the country of Cuba, with no products, media, or any form of American influence. Cuba, allows some Americans to travel into Cuba for restaurants and other independent small industries. Many of these industries are funding the Cuban protest today. They are running out of funds.

What is on the News?

Cuban Protest. American Cuban support. Latin American help needed. Castro Cuba about to be destroyed
Demonstration of Solidarity of Cuban Liberation. Credit

Within the Hispanic, Latin American, and Hispanic news sphere. The Cuban protesters want to show the world they are fighting for their lives. The Covid-19 pandemic has killed Cuba’s travel economy. It’s as dead as a crushed rat on the side of the street. The Cubans are making some money. The government can’t recycle any money back into its social programs. The Cuban marketing campaign for the third world isn’t happening either. 

What is Happening on the Island of Cuba?

They might be in jail. We can’t confirm. Cubans get squeezed out by the government. They want a free, fair economy where they will not have to give all their profits to the government. The small business owners and their associates are the only ones funding the Cuban protest. The small business owner within Cuba is the only person able to collect some semblance of income. They are the only ones that can fund the Cuban protest. 

The Recent Protest in Cuba: Cuba Libre Movement

 The recent news sphere barely covers the new-age Cuba protests. Unfortunately, getting information outside of Cuba is different. There are protests in the streets, 200 people have gone missing, and most of them are leaders of the recent Cuba Libre new age protest. The Cuban government has kept information within Cuba for generations. Thanks to modern-day technology, we only see glimpses of the protest. We do not know what is going on. All we can do as Americans is to support the Cuban protest on our shores.

Why Can’t We Know What is Happening, Really?

An embargo was placed into action by the United States. The Cuban government is silencing the online culture of the island. No VPN in the world can connect to the Cuban broadband server. Russian bots hacked the United States government. The United States Government is not going to let us near those servers. We do not know that they should.

Latin America doesn’t help in the matter either, often only showing small blips of the Cuba protest here and there. With America’s interests in Socialism, it’s a shame this protest is being squeezed out of the news sphere. Does Cuba need to give up Socialism?

No. Socialism has been an enormous help for plenty of Icelandic, Norwegian, and Dutch countries. The Cuban civilians are tired of Socialism. We would suggest mutualism. Mutualism is a more liberty-based economic system. 

Cubans in America Show Support for Islanders?

Cuban Protest. American Cuban support. Latin American help needed. Castro Cuba about to be destroyed
Demonstration of Cuban protest. Credit

Yes, they do. American-born Cubans have turned the state of Florida into their home. They have American citizenship, and they are proudly standing on their island’s quest for liberty. They have stopped traffic in Florida, yes on the highway, to get their message into the mainstream news sphere and out of the micro-news sphere.

What Could the United States Do to Help Cuba?

The United States should release the embargo on the   Cuban Island.  That’s it. The spread of information will flow naturally through the Island of Cuba and American Cuba protests. The American news media, academics, and Latin-American journalists will sort through the facts and discover what the bullshit is. The situation has been too mismanaged to have a clear-cut answer at the end of the day anyway. All we can do is keep attention on Cuba. We can’t let the new Cuba Protest die out. We have to be super annoyed about keeping up the news, focused on Cuba. telling our South American neighbors to support the new Cuba protest as well.


 We have to remember that modern-day Cuba is only an invention of a normal man. Fidel Castro was a brilliant revolutionary. He took on the United States Government and beat them numerous times. Castro even stated that if surviving assassinations were an Olympic sport, he would take gold.

Castro survived over 500 assassination attempts. Castros’ solitary leadership made him go insane. The Castro government has held a chokehold on Cuba. It has caused Cuba, a first-world country, to be only the best in the third world. The Government of Cuba needs to free its people, and American Cubans need to keep Cuba alive within the mainstream news. The Cuban protest needs to keep having light shined onto it if it ever wants to survive.

We can not force Latin Americans to care. All we can do is build a bridge of empathy between Cuba and Latin America.  Perhaps the United States might make Cuba a state associate like Puerto Rico. We can only see what time has in store for the Island of Cuba.  We can only hope the protest goes on without fail. 



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