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The Global Peace Index: Most Dangerous Countries

Traveling is undoubtedly an event of feelgood moments. Relaxation and peace of mind are the main intentions behind it. If you are tired, bored with your daily routine. And wish to spend quality time, you should choose to travel. International visits would be an added plus. But, not all countries are safe. Refer to the Global Peace Index before you make your plan. As per political unrest, number of deaths, murder rates, internal conflict etc. the The Global Peace Index would guide you about most dangerous countries for safe travel.

The Verdict

The world is spread over one-hundred-and-sixty-three countries. The Global Peace Index follows twenty-three indicators. Furthermore, the global population has been segregated in three heads: “ongoing conflict”, “safety and security”, and militarization. Hence, for top dangerous countries in the world, to ensure a safe journey, you need to avoid dangerous countries in the world and prepare likewise .

Some Strange Facts

It is surprising but true, though, if you consider Pakistan, India and China as notorious places. They are far better than those which lead. The ranking of these countries are quite astonishing. For your records, the top five dangerous countries in the world among many are:

  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • South Sudan Yemen
  • Iraq

Details of the Most Dangerous Countries

As per the report it is found:

1. Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan tops the global peace index in terms of most dangerous countries. Due to terrorism and war activities maximum number of people lost their lives. Moreover, due to Taliban attacks the condition of the country became deplorable. Location-wise this country is located in the heart of Central-Asia. It was a country next to a trade link between eastern and western parts of the world.  
  • Moreover, kabul has been designated as a city where violence can erupt at any moment. Similar to Baghdad it has earned a reputation as the most violent city. Incidents like bombing and terrorist attacks have become usual.

News of Afghanistan

  • In 2001, the talibans destroyed the Bumiyan heritage sights. Further, models of standing buddha statues were destroyed. However, to commemorate the incident and recapitulate the past galore, virtual representations of 3D images of the buddha statues were recreated.. The Budhha statue returned to the alcoves after twenty years.
  • The Talibans have demanded removal of the U.S military troops in the last peace talk. 

However, Joe Biden, the newly elected president has agreed to vacate by 1st May’21.

2. Syria

  • Syria follows Afghanistan, till recently it was holding the top most position. The 21st century is the second deadliest conflict the world has seen. As a result a lot of people including children were killed. This Middle East country was once a traveler’s delight amid the sands of the Republic of Arabia. It occupies the southwestern coastal region of Mediterranean Sea.  
  • Damascus, its capital, happens to be a prime location for notorious activities. As per FBI crime data the crime scene is deteriorating. You have chances of getting victimized one in eighty-seven. Further crime rate is 11 per 1000 residents in Damascus. 

News of Syria

  • As a result of a ten years long war. About 160,000 Palestanians fled Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus over the period.
  • Basic aids are required for about 24 million refugees. Over the years about four millions added up. 

3. South Sudan

  • South Sudan holds the third spot in the top dangerous countries list. The ongoing political conflicts, civil unrest and heinous crimes have made the country shatter. Kidnapping, robbery, and molestation are forms of crime that are occurring at random. This is a country located in East-Central Africa.
  • Juba is its capital. The U.S travel advisory has issued a warning not to visit Juba. Recent crimes range from armed burglary, carjacking, house invasion etc. No one is safe, not even the government officials.

Latest news in South Sudan

  • Due to unexpected flooding almost a million people got affected. While some got displaced. Besides a lot many got stranded. The floods are converting into famine.
  • In 2020, natural  disasters claimed a lot of money. Each damage restoration cost five billion dollars or more. Moreover, a Christion Fund reported nine such disasters.

4. The Yemen

  • Yemen occupies the fourth position in the list of dangerous countries. As per the UN report, the civil war that broke out in 2015 and continuing has made the condition even worse. There is a drastic rise of homeless people backed by starvation and outbreak of deadly diseases. This is a country of western Asia. Whereas, a land occupying the southern portion of Arabian Peninsula. 
  •  The war in 2015 was between coalition partnership of UAE and Saudi against the Houthi armed group. During the war the innocent civilians got killed. Moreover, a non humanitarian attitude was visible within the Houthi armed group.

News of  Yemen

  • It has been claimed that Saudi Oil fields have been raided by the Houthi rebels. Though the news is yet not confirmed. Further, it has been claimed that drone attack 
  • The ancient city converted into a battleground. Killing thousands of innocent residents.

5. Iraq

  •  Iraq comes next in the top 5 list of dangerous countries. Baghdad is the capital that is popular in bombing and blasts. Conflicts both Internal and external have added to the crime scene. Moreover, a lot of civilians got killed. The ISIS group has also killed armed forces who were assigned for service to the country.
  • Unprecedented terror attacks happen in Baghdad and neighbouring cities. The U.S army has been stationed for long to meticulate the risks, but in vain. Things won’t be better in times to come. Moreover, you are requested not to visit Iraq without reason, there is nothing to do.

News of Iraq

  • Protests in Baghdad had gone violent. Protestors have toppled the walls. As well as vandalized the parliament 
  • Saudi and Iraq have agreed to cooperate with each other on investments, trade, and security.
Most Dangerous Countries To Visit In The World
Most Dangerous Countries To Visit In The World

6. Mexico Listed in Most Dangerous Country Index

  • Mexico has been a favourite destination for many. Each year millions visit Mexico. But the main risk is organized violent crimes. The city Ciudad Juarez has been identified as the worst.  Moreover, in the whole nation it has earned the reputation of the most violent city. Lately drug peddling has become a prominent crime practise.
  • Corruptions within policemen have become problematic these days. They are bribed or employed by drug mafias. Many heinous crimes go unpunished.
  • Few days back Acapulco in Mexico was a safe and site for luxurious ventures for travellers. But, gang wars and murder has reduced visitors since 2014. It has been termed as murder capital of Mexico.

Mexico in News

  • Surge in the number of immigrants has raised concerns. Three nation Honduras, Mexico, and Guatemala entered a bilateral treaty with Biden’s government to control the immigrants
  • Kamala Harris has been nominated by Joe Biden to look after the immigrations happening at the U.S -Mexico borders.

7. South Africa

  • Various natural treasures of South Africa have attracted millions of visitors every year.  Poverty and political unrest has led to building up crimes . About 100,000 people have been recorded to form gangs. Around one hundred and thirty such gangs are known to be s
  • pread around the country. Hence, visitors must be aware about regions that are crime prone. Further, the crimes are linked to drugs or gangs.
  • However, Cape Town is especially the hub of crime activities. To make your trip safer avoid visiting neighborhoods that have complaints about unrest.
South Africa
South Africa

South African News

  • It has been a long time of 28 years , South Africa is struggling with recession. But the economists predict this condition is yet to settle and expected 2025 things might get sorted.
  • There was an incidence of racism which attracted restlessness in Cape Town.Only the white students were invited to a graduation’s party. Whereas black students were not. That provoked lots of revolts.

8. Venezuela

  • This nation draws a large number of tourists. Further, the scenic landscape and cheaper living costs attract more. Hence, if you plan for visiting Venezuela, search how safe the place is. For example, the Margarita Islands are safer. But other regions may not be safe.
  • The economically poor as well as politically ill Venezuela is writhing under crime scenes. The capital city Caracus is the most violent region. Moreover, it is designated as the world’s second most violent  city. The tourists shared about their horrific experiences starting with road crimes. Subsequently mugging, kidnapping, and shooting by gunmen were being reported.

Latest News of Venezuela

  • Defying the U.S rules on sea trade on several instances, Iran has sent the biggest fleet of oil filled tankers to Venezuela .
  • Sinking of a boat killed dozens of immigrants on their way to Trinidad and Tobago. However,  overloading is the cause as stated by Venezuela government

9. Brazil Identified as Most Dangerous Country

  • Be it football, samba dance in carnivals, or spectacular sights, visitors keep visiting.

Further, the records claim that each year about 1.2 million footfalls occur here. Though      crime rates can be seen in other cities, Rio de Janeiro is dangerous most. However, the city was safe decades ago but the latest  rise of street crimes have resulted in safety issues.

  • However, the popularity of Rio de Janeiro has not reduced. The main problems are demonstrations and political imbalance. Hence, you are recommended before planning a trip to get you home work to have a memorable  experience.

Brazil’s News

  • The nation has recorded the largest number of Covid-19 infected patients in comparison to world-wide records. Probably consequent changes in health ministry lead to the epidemic.
  • The Brazilian currency has lost 11% value with respect to all other currencies which has been reported alarmingly.

What is World Traveler’s Index

As per the proverb, “all that glitters are not gold”. Similarly choosing an interesting site around the world is not easy. Further, choosing a destination for visit as per your choice is even tougher. Moreover, online portals might be impressive but actually it isn’t what you think. For instance America, maybe you have an impression the country is safe. But there exist  locations with criminal offences. There is a scope of DIY yourself. The traveler’s Index can help. Further, make sure about the climate of that location you are planning for the trip. Moreover, you can get equipped with adverse situations.

There are a total of 140 countries spread around the world. The index is formulated on the basis of data collected from each country. Moreover, collection of data is important to identify where Tourism is today. Further, a benchmark to better customer experience. The data is collected based on attitude over a place visited in yesteryear. Crime rates and political unrest are growing recently. Furthermore, the attitudes towards risky experience also get captured. When travelers choose a certain destination, they are unaware of the safety and security issues. Besides, you won’t prefer to be dragged into trouble while enjoying you happy time 

Positive Side Of Travelling To Various Country

Undoubtedly travelling experience will expand your horizon of knowledge. But no travel is free from risks. Better be vigilant in learning about destinations before landing up. You could yet enjoy your vacation if you can avoid perilous destinations. You might be assuming the U.S country is safe. But there is some other version. As per the U.S state travel advisories certain places in North, Central or South America are not safe. However, there are reasons to be happy though. They have been invited to visit The Outer Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina and more.

Most Dangerous Countries Rated By Women Travelers

Previously we have discussed generic top dangerous places in the world. But, there are countries dangerous for women travellers as well. They are:

  •  Egypt
  •  Morocco
  •  India
  •  Turkey
  •  Iran

As per “Global Gender Gap” study and crime rates the countries have been identified the most unsafe and dangerous for women. For security reasons women are advised to stay indoors at night because most of the crimes occur in night time. Especially don’t roam alone, always keep a company. Moreover, if you ought to visit countries alone learn self defence techniques.

The Yemen
The Yemen

Bottom Line

You might have this impression that international trips are easy. Just get tickets, Visa, Insurance and pack your baggage to reach your favorite location. However, it is not at all easy. There are dangerous places in the world. It would be highly  recommended to check the Traveler’s Index, to make sure you are safe. Additionally, you can get prepared for handling adverse situations. Never forget to carry the travelers insurance policy to safeguard in abnormal situations.

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