Beautiful seascape. Composition of nature.

The Horizon

No longer my vision is tied.
Neither me, nor my thoughts hide.
Glad! No more I need to chock.
Travel and travel; see its eternal mock.

You are higher than my ambition,
Deeper than my emotion,
Better than my creation,
Bitter than me deletion.

Endless and careless are you…
I desire your ease, and hue.
Two ends, ever moving blues…
Fake to embrace, and fuse.

To sham the silly phony eyes,
Sun, the mighty, appears and dies.
Backers of absurdity,
Find this charming, and praise!

The mirage lures to pursue its sight,
Matching the quest of worldly fame, and limelight.
When the end is finally near, you bedridden,
Proves the world, its tricks unknown, hidden.

A union, a blending there I see…
Of top, and waters of the sea;
The world; you, me, moon and sun
Sink, and merge with Horizon!

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