A lady sitting on the floor crying because of depression

The Importance of Raising Health Awareness of Illness to the Public

What is the Purpose of Health Awareness?

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The importance of health awareness is to educate a person about the need to take precautions about ways to live healthily. The rise of public awareness organizations has benefited the medical sector. More individuals are now paying attention to their personal life concerning health. Health awareness can include people being aware of illness. How people should prevent themselves from getting an infection. How to take treatment or medication for a certain illness and the benefits or all information about the treatment. Organizing health awareness can be done by the commercial sector and non-government organizations. Awareness of communication can make people communicate what they are going through. People’s wellbeing techniques and habits are heavily influenced by their beliefs and health and illness. The message of health awareness is to change people’s belief and action towards certain illnesses. Depression, HIV and AIDS are some illnesses that people do not take seriously. The illnesses made most people commit suicide. Even today, most people are unaware of the major that they must take to be healthy. NGOs are involved in making people aware of their health.


A lady sitting on the floor crying because of depression. Anthropology significance
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Depression is a feeling of illness characterized by a persistent sense of melancholy and a lack of motivation. There are medical treatments for this illness. Loss of hope, and loss of ability to enjoy ordinary activities and sleep disturbance are common symptoms of depression. The classification of depression depends on variation between the length of depression. The conditions in which the depression occurs and some other features are part of the depression classification. Consulting therapist when dealing with depression can help an individual to recover. Depression is real and you need help when you have depression. Depression is the most prevalent mental disorder. The disorder’s course differs widely from person to person. It can be moderate, acute and chronic. Depression can continue for 4 months or more. You can have depression emotions at any age. Some people will start to feel additional physical symptoms like headaches. For others, it may manifest as a lack of motivation and attitude towards themselves. Many people think that they can not talk openly about what they are going through as part of depression. It is important to raise awareness and establish spaces where a person can have a feeling to be heard without judgement. As a person, you should be responsible for building yourself. This can be done by talking to your family or parents when you are not feeling okay or well. You call someone who you have not contacted for a while. People should avoid thinking about the answer will be negative and try balance their positive thinking habits.

Cause of Depression

A lot of factors can cause depression. Unfavourable life circumstances often make a person more susceptible to depression or possibly cause a mood disorder. One biochemical reason appears to be a malfunction in the control of neurotransmitters in the brain. Depression is considered to be caused by lower activity of substances in the brain. Depression is proportional to physical activity, and that physical exercise may reduce a person’s risk of depression. It improves a person’s medical health. Depression affects one’s emotional and physical health.

Suicide Caused by Depression

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Depression can lead to suicide, which is a major risk factor. Suicide may seem like the only option to get rid of the agony in the face of deep sadness and despair. If you have loved ones who have depression, any suicidal words or behaviour should be taken seriously.

 HIV and Aids

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The HIV virus forms Aids. It weakens the immune system, making individuals more susceptible to illness. HIV spread mostly happens through sexual intercourse. HIV is a virus that remains in your system for your entire life. This medication reduces or even eliminates the risk of transmitting the infection to others. According to studies, taking HIV medication well might reduce the quantity of HIV in your system to the point where it won’t show up on a test; if this occurs, you won’t be able to transmit HIV through intercourse. Treatment is critical (which is why it is essential  to test your status). The virus can progress to AIDS if you don’t have medical treatment. People living with HIV can live long, healthy lives and prevent the transmission of HIV to someone with the help of treatment by consuming it in the right way. It might take years for HIV to make you sick. You could have HIV and be unaware of your status. If you develop rare illnesses (called opportunistic infections) or cancers, or if you lose a specific amount of CD4 cells, you have AIDS. If you do not get treatment, this happens approximately 10 years after you have HIV. Medication can help you postpone or even prevent the onset of AIDS. AIDS is a mature stage of HIV infection in which the bodies natural immune system has been severely harmed by the virus. This is the most dangerous stage of HIV infection. Acquired immune deficiency syndrome patients might have a high viral load and be extremely contagious. People with AIDS have a three-year survival rate if they do not receive therapy.


After virus transmission, most people seem to feel completely well for a long period. HIV can take ten years or more to develop any symptoms, and it can take much longer for those who use HIV medications. People should test and know their status. Medication for HIV can help you to manage your health.

Transmission of HIV

Sperms, vaginal fluids, blood,  anal mucus, and breast milk all contain HIV. The virus enters your body from skin wounds or sores. Borrowing injecting equipment for drug injections, tattoos, piercings, and other procedures. An HIV-positive pregnant woman can take medication to substantially minimize the risk of her baby contracting the virus. HIV cannot be transmitted through cuddling, handshakes, sneezing, or breathing. You can’t catch HIV from a toilet seat, either.

Government and Non-Profit Organisations

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Non-profit organizations are private organizations and non-government organizations usually depend on government funding. Many, but not all, non-profits pay for the management positions, and almost all rely on volunteer workers. NPO’s have no owners to whom surplus profits should be distributed to. Any funds remaining after running expenses are used to further the organization’s objectives. NGO is the one start of the involvement of the government. They are usually charitable organizations and many of them work in social science. There are online NPOs or counsellors that you can reach without leaving your comfortable space(home). Advance to the organization out there that their message should be advanced after sometime. The message must be made simple. Words must have the same meaning for the receiver as they do for the sender. The simpler a message is, the more people understand the message. Race or ethnicity, health communication accommodates all the diversity of culture. Newspapers, magazines, radio and television are part of the mass communication that the organization uses to spread messages of health. The leaders must be aware that there are various options for their message to reach their audience. The message content must be meaningful to the listener and consistent with his or her value system. It must be pertinent to the receiver’s circumstances.

Advance to Everyone

It is important to donate resources to such an organization that helps spread the communication of health awareness. The public or community members must take health awareness messages seriously. Knowledge is power. Health awareness is about free information and education for everyone. It is important to attend a health awareness event or subscribe to it. When you have an illness and there is treatment for it, do not shy away. Treatment helps a lot of people to live a healthy life.


Lobbying is the process of influencing public officials with the goal of defeating or regulatory agency policies and amending legislation. It is important to allocate proper time and resources for health problems to make priorities. Having a large number of work-groups to create strategies with decision-makers to disseminate health messages is important. This can be done through non-profit organizations and private sector campaigns. The state should influence private campaigns and non-profit organizations to educate and inform people about health awareness.

Importance of Health Awareness

Health awareness campaign for illnesses such depression and HIV and AIDS
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Raising health awareness and implementing adequate illness prevention measures are critical. Awareness is a personal learning process that entails gaining a better knowledge of oneself and the role of disease. The paradox of awareness is that it acknowledges possible vulnerability to future disease.


treatment to stop illness.illness
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Medical facilities for various ailments are now widely available and areas like non-profit clinics offer free treatment. Taking the necessary precautions and being alert is always preferable. Depression, HIV and AIDS can be treated with prescribed medication by a professional.  HIV and AIDS does not have a cure yet, but treatment is there to keep people healthy. Some people use the treatment of depression for less than a year and they heal from depression. The treatment can only be prescribed by the right professional health worker. People who are taking treatment should try and eat before taking their medication.

Healthcare Awareness

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Suicide, depression, HIV and aids cover the topic. For people to have information about these illnesses and react differently to them. Let us all spread health information to society, for the benefit of all. Social anthropology People react or behave differently. Some behavior involves a person being reckless. The political members should communicate in a persuasive way to give society awareness. Illnesses like Depression, suicide, HIV and aids. The information will contribute to society. There are different cultures in society and health awareness must cover all the divisive cultures. Sharing health awareness messages, there should be a management of barrier communication. The message should be arranged in a way that does not include racism. Healthy behavior is emphasized in diverse cultures. Healthcare practitioners have become increasingly aware of the relevance of cultural contexts in illness and well-being. Medical anthropologists have often discussed the consequences of prior neglect of these considerations. The importance of sociocultural circumstances determines people’s perception of health, illness and medical choices. Health practitioners  are becoming more aware of the role of cultural setting in health. They should be knowledgeable about relevant literature in the fields of medical sociology, anthropology and humanities.


The key concern is how to promote health behavior efficiently. Cognitive models set the premise that an individual’s desire to change is determined by judgments of susceptibility. Seriousness of health dangers, perceived benefits and drawbacks of preventive activities, and perceived obstacles. Social norms are an example of barriers whereby one’s assessment of how important others would evaluate a conduct. Self-efficacy, where a person’s mission is to accomplish an action, is part of the barrier.  All the public should try and take health awareness communication seriously. They should also practice what is being shared with them in life. The use of condoms when involving themselves in sexual intercourse is part of what they should do. Medical anthropology’s current techniques look at the connection between sociocultural structures. Socioculturals are people’s ideas regarding cause, diagnosis and protection and individual health behaviour. Anthropology attempts to understand the connection between social class division connected to material and non-material goods. Disease representations, cultural structures of femininity and masculine attitudes towards health promotion and health behavior. These factors are a distinct cultural framework in which duties and correct behavior are self-evident.

In Relation to HIV

How a culture ties conceptions of the human body with sexual classifications and disease perceptions offers a useful foundation for recognizing the culture. A lot of countries promote safe sex, including the use of condoms. Other gender interactions interfere with condom usage compliance. Unmarried women are frequently given presents by their male companions in exchange for sexual favours. If the man does not bring the condom, they will have unprotected sex.

Film Industries

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A lot of people nowadays enjoy watching movies. If the film industries cross-fertilise and work together with health awareness organizations, the message can be effective. Health awareness in movies should not only be about drugs but everything concerning health.

 A Take-Home Message

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Do not take health awareness as a boring message. Health awareness message is public information everyone needs to know about. Share information about health awareness with everyone you know. People who have illnesses should understand that it is not the end of the world. Do not isolate yourself from people who are dealing with depression and also people who are affected by having illnesses.

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