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The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Surprises You With Unique Things.

The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament Is the Oldest Tournament

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is a very familiar name to the British. Tennis is one of the long-standing and famous sports people have known. Its ongoing growth has been widespread, depending on different countries. Its original name is lawn tennis, which includes a couple or two pairs of players. They stand in the opposite part of the court. The court may be a lawn, ground, or cement court. Each uses a racket to hit a light ball at the opposite part. The team player scores points if their component(s) can’t return the ball correctly. Among the most famous tennis tournaments, Wimbledon tennis soars as a noble prize because of the royal family’s presence, particularly the Queen’s attendance.

The first Wimbledon Championship started in 1877; it came from a garden-party tournament and became a Slam contest like today. Its fame originates not only from the participation of talented players but also from traditional practices. It includes strict dress codes for players and the service of strawberries and cream. When it comes to the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, there exist some surprising things many people worldwide may not know. During this essay, you’ll go through every single detail enchantingly attached to the noble event. It could be something you could share with your colleagues or your relatives during a drink or a party. This information would enlarge your knowledge of this sport.

Wimbledon tennis is the oldest tournament in the world

People came to the Wimbledon Tennis Court.
The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament in London. Credit: Country Life

The Wimbledon Championship, commonly referred to as Wimbledon, is the oldest tennis competition globally. The first event started in 1877 and occurred at the All England Club in Wimbledon, London. It lasted more than two weeks, between late June and early July. Among the four main tennis events under “Grand Slams”, Wimbledon differs from the others as players play on grass. That’s why its name, lawn tennis, originates from grass. The others include the Australian Open and the US Open, which take place on hard courts. And the French Open is on clay courts. It came with little fanfare in the first year of the Championship. In the early days, the All England Club organized it as an indoor racquet sport, also called “real tennis” by traditionalists. Since its popularity increased across the country, the club organized the tournament for the audience.

The current competition includes the men’s single and double prizes, the women’s single and double prizes and the mixed doubles. The first Wimbledon championship had one award: the gentleman’s singles because women were not permissible to participate in this event in 1877. The first champion of this prize was 27-year-old Spencer, William Gore. He defeated his rival William Marshall in a match of 200 visitors who paid a shilling for entry admission. The game lasted only forty-eight minutes, resulting in 6-1, 6-2 and 6-4. In 2009, the court came up with retractable roofs to avoid the postponement of matches due to bad weather. Later, whatever the weather is, it doesn’t matter; the tournament can last a few days as needed.

Tennis is a British invention

The British invented tennis.
The British invented tennis. Credit: The Country Life

Nowadays, tennis is one of the spell-bounding-million events in the world. Every year we come up with several essential tennis tournaments that draw millions of fans. But rarely do people wonder where it originates. In the 11th century, the French played with a ball with their hands, “jeu de paume”, which means people played with their bare hands. Till the 16th century, the introduction of the racket came along with a scoring system of 15, 30, and 40 games.

Who invented tennis?

Major Walter Wingfield
Major Walter Winfield – Credit:

It was Major Walter Wingfield who invented modern grass tennis. He patented this sport in 1874, and the patent expiration was 1877. As he saw the development of tennis in upcoming events, he continued patenting the game in February 1874 and got the signature of Queen Victoria. Also, he envisioned this sport as common practice for people to keep in shape, retain their health and enjoy social amusement. It came to the public’s knowledge of the sport when the game was developing. To help beginners and tennis enthusiasts, he wrote all the rules of tennis. The book exceeded expectations as it met the public’s interest and received their appraisal. Without understanding the rules, many matches ended in quarrels, even fighting between two players and their supporters. So it not only helped the knowledge of tennis but also supported the success of tennis tournaments.

The longest tennis match

The longest match of tennis
The longest Wimbledon tennis match. Credit: en.Wikipedia. org

Do you know how long the longest tennis match took during its history? Even the scoreboard “refused” to work. It looks fun to find out the story, but it’s true. The longest tennis lasted 11 and 5 minutes for at least three days, including John Isner and Nicolas Mahut. It drew a huge attraction from the public in the United Kingdom. Both of them covered the length and breadth of a tennis court in every tennis set, averagely lasting 90 minutes. Also, they represented lasting fitness, quick grit and endurance in front of thousands of viewers at Wimbledon 2010.

The match happened on June 22, 2010. Isner and Mahut played until the lack of daylight. Consequently, the event had to cease outside of expectations. The competition continued to the fifth set the following day, and there was a shortage of natural light. The fight came to the third day, and an unprecedented happening in tennis history made the audience laugh. It was “the denial” of the scoreboard, e.g. it refused to work to show the result of points. Eventually, Isner won the 138th match with excellent scores: 6-4, 3-6, 6-7, 7-6, 70-68.

Does the Wimbledon winner keep the trophy?

Wimbledon trophies
Wimbledon tennis trophies. Credit: First Sports

Most people participate in any event in life; they want to receive something to show their success as their victory achievement. It is an item in their display cupboard and a souvenir to show off with their children. Even a small organization should have small gifts and awards at the end of a tournament. Or permanent traditional games consistently award something to the winners at the end. While Wimbledon is a long-standing, well-known, noble contest, it won’t hand out any trophies. It’s fun to earn nothing when a player wins the final match of a prestigious game like Wimbledon. The Wimbledon organizers designed impressive, prestigious trophies for successful winners.

For the men’s single, it’s a silver guilt trophy, costing 100 guineas (around £14,000 in 2020). The object is 7.5 inches in diameter and 18 inches high, while the award for the women’s single, the Venus Rosewater Dish, is a silver salver. Tennis organizers engraved the names of every winning player on the trophy and took photos of the players and the trophy. Then they put the trophy back in the store. The winning players get a replica of the Wimbledon tennis trophy. That’s all they can have at the end of the competition if they win the championship.

Why do players wear white at Wimbledon?

Roger Federer in all white Wimbledon tennis
Roger Federer in all-white Wimbledon tennis. Credit: Sport News

The sport is famous and impressive due to its unique characteristics. It’s a lasting custom or clothing rule that obliges all gamers to wear white in a match. Tennis started at all English clubs in 1877. And strawberries and cream, royal patronage, and other things are traditional icons that always appear in Wimbledon tennis. No tradition is as impressive for its characteristics as the one that rules all players to wear white to participate in games. In other words, the suitable attire for Wimbledon tennis is entirely white. In 2013, Roger Federer found himself in hot water with orange soles before a tennis match. However, organizers allow no white trims, including the neckline of shirts, sleeve cuffs, and seams of shorts and skirts. The trim must be within a centimetre wide.

Some controversial attires and slight changes in rule

American player Andre Agassi entered an argument with the tennis organization in 1988 and 1990 relating to the rules of dressing. His favourite clothing style is a brightly coloured dress code. Eventually, he ended up in controversy for winning the 1992 Wimbledon title. Another incident is Rafael Nadal drawing public attention by wearing a sleeveless top, long shorts and a headband. Another story is Serena Williams’s pushing the boundaries of attire with brightly coloured undershorts.

The Wimbledon tennis match is the oldest tournament.

Ladies at Wimbledon tennis
Ladies participate in a tennis contest. Credit: Historic UK

The first Wimbledon tennis matches started in 1877, and the only type of competition at that time was the men’s singles. The first Championship of the men’s singles drew the participation of twenty-two well-known tennis players. And the Championship fell on twenty-seven-year-old Spencer William Gore. At that time, it was not permissible for women to participate in this sport. Until 1884, the women’s singles and the men’s doubles came into shape. Following that were the women’s doubles and mixed matches happening since 1913. All England Tennis clubs held the first tennis championship in Wimbledon, London, and it happened for more than two weeks, from late June to early July. Wimbledon tennis is the only match on the grass court in the Grand Slam. Lawn courts are a decisive factor in speeding up a game because of the quick movement of the ball.

The Grand Slam refers to four championships in Australia, France, the United States and the United Kingdom. It’s wrong to refer to the Grand Slam as one of these events. Don Budge was the first tennis player who won four main championships in the same year.

Wimbledon traditions

Wimbledon Tennis match
Wimbledon tennis match. Credit: Road Trip

Today, the Wimbledon tennis tradition has changed since its introduction in 1887. The Wimbledon fortnight with a lot of compelling images springs to mind. It includes the obligatory strawberry ice cream, made of 28,000 kilos of English strawberries and 7,000 cream litres. It is the favourite of the British. The tasty treat of 10 berries and ice cream is at 2.50 shillings. You may wonder who first brought this tradition to Wimbledon tennis. It’s King George V had the idea in the early 1900s. When the tournament takes place, it is time for strawberries to come in good crops. Also, strawberries were fashionable to enjoy at that time.

In addition to strawberries and ice cream, a drink that has become a Wimbledon tennis icon appears in a famous sporting event, Pimm’s cup. This type of cocktail appeared in 1971 and became the favourite beverage for the sport. James Pimm invented this kind of beverage. Its components include lemon, fruit (strawberries or oranges), cucumbers and mint. Also, a gin-based liqueur is the main element in Pimm’s drink.

Royal Box

Prince William and Kate Middleton in Royal Box
Prince William and Kate Middleton attend a match. Photo: AELTC/Jed Leicester

Wimbledon couldn’t become Wimbledon without the presence of the royal family. For more than a century, the royal family has always appeared at the most famous long-standing tennis tournament. There are 74 seats in the royal box. This is a place for the royal family to invite heads of government, VIP celebrities, seniors from the world of tennis, British army forces, and well-known media services. Guests have lunch, tea and drink at the end of the match. The protocol of dressing includes suits or jackets and ties for a gentleman and for a lady, not wearing a hat. The royal box is at the centre of the tennis court where people see members of the royal family rub shoulders with VIP celebrities.

Final thoughts about the Wimbledon tennis tournament

The Wimbledon tennis tournament is one of the oldest tournaments that has drawn the participation of top tennis players. Although they don’t get the trophy for a championship, it’s an honour to be there, even though they have to observe the all-white rules. The presence of the royal family could be an outstanding highlight. All tennis players have to bow to the royal box where most VIP  members are present. The presence of the most well-known invitees along with talented tennis players contributes to the prestige of the tournament.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, the Wimbledon customs draw the attention of people all over the world. Wimbledon tennis organizers serve invitees and visitors with strawberries and ice cream, and Pimm’s cup. Strawberries and ice cream are favourite fashionable treatments.  Also, Pimm’s cup is a kind of cocktail that includes some fruit like lemon, cucumber, oranges and mint to refresh oneself.

These characteristics of the Wimbledon tennis tournament could be something to remember. It’s to share with your buddies, colleagues, or family members at lunch after work hours or at dinner at home. Your talk could spellbind these people with these interesting things about the Wimbledon tennis tournament. Thus, you shouldn’t miss reading the article that is informative and interesting to upscale your get-together skills.





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