Tips for Students: How to Travel Economically

During the harsh fall and winter periods, everyone likes to have a travel experience. However, this year, due to the rising cost of living, it is better to find ways to have a cheaper vacation. We share tips on how to do it most economically.

Traveling and sharing experiences with family and friends is one of the most effective ways to improve physical and mental health. Studies show that vacations make people calmer, more productive, and more creative. Unfortunately, without planning, vacations can get pretty expensive. This is especially true for students, whose budgets are almost always limited, due to spending on study materials, entertainment, and write essay for me services. Therefore, you should first get as much information about your upcoming trip, plan and consider destinations and activities that don’t have to be traditional at all.

Travel by train or bus

You don’t have to travel by car, especially when fuel prices have risen significantly. Also, for families traveling with children, public transportation tickets tend to be cheaper. When taking a weekend trip to your home country or visiting a neighboring country, use slower transportation. The slower, the more economical you are traveling. Of course, don’t go too far at once, because a long bus ride can be a real challenge for families with little children. It’s best to travel for a specific purpose, go to a specific event, or do something the whole family can participate in.

Choose a time to travel outside of the peak season

If you want to save on tickets and expenses, give preference to destinations where the tourist season is already over. You can also choose a less popular region in the destination country. For example, if you want to go to a warm country, instead of Italy you can visit Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia, or some other country in the Adriatic Sea where prices are significantly lower.

You can also use apps to find cheap airline tickets. Keep in mind, however, that the cheapest flights are mostly offered with connections, which is not the best for less experienced travelers.

Of course, it is possible to save money by traveling only with hand luggage. Moreover, there are still cases of lost checked luggage, because some airports and companies are still too understaffed. If checked luggage is still necessary, do not forget about travel insurance, which, for example, is provided along with the Citadele X bank card.

Combine your trip with something useful

Tourism related to various outdoor activities is becoming increasingly popular and provides an opportunity to visit attractive places, mostly in nature reserves. At the destination, tourists do some kind of natural and environmentally beneficial work, such as helping to clean the beach while surfing in Barcelona, cleaning canals in Amsterdam, or helping to save turtles in Greece.

As the ever-growing travel and leisure industry has an impact on our natural environment, trips could support the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and the well-being of residents. You could, for example, do some volunteer work or go camping for a few weeks to experience the wildlife of Europe and learn how to take care of its survival. The cost of such an adventure in another country starts at 40 euros and ends with multi-week trips worth thousands of euros, during which you can also use the services of a guide.

However, both abroad and in Estonia it is possible to travel independently eco-friendly, spending only on travel and accommodation. One very useful activity, which will be glad to the nature of the native land and any other country – garbage collection. This can be done with family or friends, then properly sorting the garbage collected.

Travel safely

It is quite possible to avoid situations where you have to spend more money instead of saving on a “cheap” trip. To do this, you should think in advance about insuring yourself and your family, as well as the safety of your property. Travel insurance was invented for a reason. However, each insurance company offers different services and different insurance coverage. For example, if you are planning an active vacation or a car trip, you should make sure that the selected insurance covers the relevant risks. Also, travel insurance often does not cover short trips – for example, if you’re going on vacation to somewhere in Latvia. Therefore, it is worth evaluating several offers and choosing the most suitable one for your trip.

Featured Image Credit: Creator: molchanovdmitry Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto