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Top Haunted Locations to Explore in the United Kingdom this Halloween

Visiting a few haunted locations might be the best part about Halloween. The UK holds its place as being one of the spookiest countries in the world. Due to hundreds of years of history, plagues and its fair share of beheadings, no one should be surprised. From Roman ghosts to the wandering apparition of Anne Boleyn and even so-called werewolves, there are endless stories to tell. No matter where you are, chances are there will be a creepy and abandoned, if not haunted, location nearby. With great YouTubers to watch like Sam and Colby, Sinematic Seth and Mackie and Amanda, we all wish we could experience one or two things out of the ordinary. Halloween is not only about watching your favourite spooky movies and series, or playing the best scary games, but going out there yourself and experiencing a few unusual things for yourselves.

So, if you were asking yourself which haunted locations you could go to in the UK, this is for you.

Pluckley Village, Kent

Pluckley Village, Kent
credit: thetelegraph

With the reputation of being the UK’s most haunted village, Pluckley is one of the must see haunted locations if you are in Kent. There are rumoured to be up to 14 ghosts or apparitions who call this quaint village their home. According to reports, ghostly individuals include a highwayman; a gypsy woman; a schoolmaster; a colonel and the Red Lady. Additionally, those who are patient enough may get to see the phantom coach pulled by horses in and around the village. 

Of the spectres, the most fascinating may be the White Lady. This was a young woman who, according to some, is buried inside seven coffins as well as an oak sarcophagus. Some stories say she was buried in three lead coffins but it seems we will never know the truth. The White Lady, who is thought to be Lady Dering, is related to the other phantom known as the Red Lady. Many think the pair could have been mother and daughter or sisters.

Tours: yes

Location: Pluckley Village, Ashford, Kent

How to get there: From London, travel south-east.

Driving – Take the M20 and A20 roads (just under two hours)

Train – From London Bridge or Victoria Station (one and a half – two hours)

Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Ancient Ram Inn (haunted loction)
credit: hauntedhappenings

The Ancient Ram Inn is, as the name states, pretty old. Built in 1145, it is the oldest building in Wotton-under-Edge. Though still called an ‘inn’, this building has been a private home for many years. The ground on which this haunted location sits used to be a Pagan burial ground before the building was constructed. This site is linked to Stonehenge as the burial ground sat atop the Ley Lines. The connection between the mysterious ancient monument and the Pagan burial ground are often thought to be part of the reason for the unusual happenings in the Ancient Ram Inn. Furthermore, there are speculations that when the streams were diverted in order to construct the building, dark and unholy forces were released from the portal. Many apparitions are said to haunt the building, too. These include a witch burned at the stake; an innkeeper’s daughter and bishops.

In order to preserve the site, a man named John Humphries purchased the property in the late 1960s. He stated that the first night he stayed there he met a multitude of spirits, including demonic forces. These forces are said to have dragged from across the room from his bed by his arm, making for a horrifying night. After that, Mr Humphries uncovered evidence of devil worship and ritual sacrifices taking place on the grounds, including the skeletal remains of children who were stabbed. Although his wife and daughter left him due to the happenings in the building, Mr Humphries stayed there until his death in 2017. He lived in the Ancient Ram Inn for over 50 years.

Tours: yes

Location: Ancient Ram Inn, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

How to get there: From Bristol, travel north-east

Driving – Take the M5 road (35 minutes)

Train – From Bristol or Cabot Circus (two hours)

The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Abergavenny

The Skirrid Mountain Inn
credit: stayhappening

As Wales’ oldest pub, The Skirrid Mountain Inn has earned a spot on the list of fantastic haunted locations to visit in the UK. Thought to date back to 1110, this inn is home to many unusual happenings and is titled as the most haunted place in Wales. A graveyard sits adjacent to the property and it is thought that the properties’ ground floor was used as a court of law. This in itself resulted in many deaths. It is thought that over 180 people were sentenced to death on the property by ‘Hanging Judge’ Jeffries. 

Among the haunting spectres, there is the ghost of John Crowther, Father Henry Vaughan and Fanny Price. Not only them, but Judge Jeffries has also been known to recite there on dark evenings. Crowther was the last man to be executed on the property after being found guilty of sheep rustling and has since been unable to find peace. Fanny Price was a barmaid at the Skirrid Inn but died in 1873 after contracting consumption (tuberculosis). Those who have stayed at the inn have heard Fanny rustling her dress in the quiet of the night. Many also catch the scent of her antiquated perfume, often when her presence has been established there. 

Tours: yes

Location: The Skirrid Mountain Inn, Llanvihangel Crucorney, Abergavenny

How to get there: From Newport travel north

Driving – Take the A4042 road (40 minutes)

Train – From Newport or Queensway then get a bus (an hour and a half – two hours)

Treasurer’s House, Yorkshire

Treasurer's House
credit: nationaltrust

“By the look of you, you’ve seen the Romans!”

The Treasurer’s House, located behind York Minster, was constructed in 1419. There, the Minster’s treasurer lived and controlled the financial affairs in the abbey. Because of his charge for entertaining important guests and visitors, his residence had to reflect high standards and wealth.

This haunted location became famous in the 1970s when a witness by the name of Harry Martindale finally came forward with his story. Harry, who was 18 and worked as an engineer at the time, was installing a central heating boiler in the cellar of the house. After some time of working, he heard a trumpet. Following that, a soldier’s helmet emerged from the wall he was working from, followed by a horse and at least 20 soldiers walking two abreast. Each man carried a short sword, lance and a round shield, and looked tired and filthy. After falling from his ladder in shock, he ran upstairs to the curator and, before he could say a word, the curator said: ‘By the look of you, you’ve seen the Romans!’

Some time after Harry came forward with this information, there were many who tried to disprove him. A common argument revolved around the shields being the wrong shape, but it was discovered that there were Romans who carried round shields. On top of that, it was uncovered that a Roman road lay about 18 inches below the floor of the cellar. This road was used in the Fourth century AD when the Sixth Legion was withdrawn from York. The troops that replaced them carried the distinctive circular shields that Harry saw that day. 

Tours: yes (not a haunted tour)

Location: Treasurer’s House, York

How to get there: in York

Driving – within York 

Train – within York

Sker House, Porthcawl

Sker House (haunted locations)
credit: welshruins

Sker house is yet another of Wales’ haunted locations. Built in the 12th century, this site has a long history of sadness. The most famous tale of Sker house is that of a tragic love and even was a book written about it. It is said that because of this sad tale of romance, the ghost of Elizabeth Williams haunts the property.

Elizabeth Williams and Thomas Evans were in love. The girl’s father, however, did not approve of the pairing. The lovers came up with a plan to run away but were discovered. Upon their discovery, Elizabeth’s father locked her away in a bedroom of Sker House. There, she had to live for nine years before she died. Many think that the young woman ultimately died of a broken heart. The pain of being unable to be with her true love brought about her doom, as did being locked away by her father. Visitors might hear high pitched screeching, as well as wailing cries and screaming. Sometimes visitors spot a dark figure in the room where Elizabeth may have been held.

Not only is there tragedy for Elizabeth, but also many more. Between the 16th and 17th centuries Sker House was a monastic grange and was used to support the monks of Margam Abbey. In 1597 the Roman Catholic owner Jenkin Tuberville was allegedly tortured to death. This was done as he supposedly promoted the ‘Old Religion’. Later, in 1679, a missionary named Philip Evans was arrested in Sker house and was hung, drawn and quartered in Cardiff. Other unusual activities include visitors seeing flickering lights on the beach, ghostly ships off the coast and poltergeist activity.

Tours: yes

Location: Sker House

How to get there: From Cardiff

Driving – Take the M4 road (40 minutes)

Train – N/A

Grace Neill’s Inn, County Down

Grace Neill's Inn (Haunted location)
credit: ephotozine

Grace Neill’s Inn is said to be the oldest pub in Ireland and a great addition to the top haunted locations. Built in 1611, this site has good craic, spirits and spirits. It was originally called the King’s Arms but was taken over by Grace Neill until her death in 1916 at 99 years old. According to the official Grace Neill’s website, the pub was frequented by “…smugglers and pirates, sailors and soldiers… Fishermen and lifeboatmen, businessmen and rascals.” No wonder it has been visited by TV crews and ghost hunters. 

Visitors to this rustic and charming pub will often experience a number of oddities. Cold spots are scattered throughout the building and weeping has been heard. Phantom footsteps make their way through the building and cups and glasses fall from shelves out of nowhere. Members of staff have reported seeing men’s shadowy figures passing upstairs, but no living soul in sight. It is even thought that the ghost of Grace Neill resides in the pub to this day. After living and working there for over 60 years, that comes as no surprise. Despite burying her husband and all five of her sons, Grace soldiered on and continued to welcome patrons to the bar with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

Though many who reside in Grace Neill’s seem to be harmless, there are some who think that the site is also home to an evil spirit. This spirit may appear to visitors as a ball of light, but beware – do not follow it.

Tours: no

Location: Grace Neill’s Inn, Donaghadee, County Down

How to get there: From Belfast travel west

Driving – Take the A2 road (40 minutes)

Bus – From Europa Bus centre (50 minutes to an hour and a half)

Ham House, Surrey

Ham House
credit: flickr

Ham House was constructed in 1610 and is the home to many unusual happenings. This haunted location has around 16 resistant ghosts and has had a long and dark history. The Duchess of Lauderdale, Elizabeth Murray, inherited the family home from her father in 1655 upon his death. Elizabeth was a ruthless woman who would take even family to court if they crossed her. In her ambition, she befriended both Charles II and Oliver Cromwell in an attempt to be in a position of power with whichever party came to power. This life, however, did not last as illness forced her to confine herself to a single ground floor apartment in the house. 

Within Ham House visitors have reported cold spots, unexplainable scents of roses and disembodied footsteps. The property is said to be haunted by a heartbroken servant, Elizabeth’s dog and Elizabeth herself. A seemingly haunted looking glass sits on the bottom floor which many refuse to look into. Pets are reluctant to enter the room and people have reported a strange and oppressive atmosphere within the room. Elizabeth’s ghost is thought to be seen as a woman in black. She has regularly been seen on the nearby staircase and pays little mind to those around her. 

Tours: yes

Location: Ham House, Richmond-upon-Thames, Surrey 

How to get there: From London

Driving – Take the A4 road (45 minutes)

Train – From Waterloo Station (50 minutes)

A Chilling Conclusion

ghosts in cinema
credit: theguardian

There you have it – some of the most haunted places in the United Kingdom. If you happen to be near any of these places, have you had the guts to visit them? Or are you working up the courage to step foot in these haunted locations? If you have been looking for a sign to visit any of these places, consider this to be it. I dare you. Whatever you do, be sure to carry salt, iron and never face two mirrors to each other.

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