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Travel Guide: 14 Best Things to Do in Brooklyn, New York

Famously known for the Brooklyn Bridge, popularized by a lot of movies and the TV show “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, the city is a host to some of the best travel attractions in the province. No matter where you go in the city, there is always something to do, someplace to be some sites to see. Biking tours are good ways to tour the city. Check out the local bike rental shops around you. Just ask the locals for directravetions and tips for great places to be. If you’re planning to visit the city, here are some of the best things to do in Brooklyn.

Things to do in Brooklyn, New York

1. The Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyhn bridge
Source: World Atlas

You must have heard the name somewhere in the movies in poems and classical songs, perhaps on a podcast starting from your happy travel friend always going on on some other adventure. It’s high time you went on one such an adventure too. It does not matter whether you are a local of the area or are a foreign tourist. The Brooklyn Bridge is a well-known attraction, not the city connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Whether you decide to take a drive along the bridge, go on a self-guided tour, whether walking it, taking a bike across it, or joining a guided tour. Maybe you’re a photographer and prefer to just click pictures of the site from some distance away. I would suggest renting a bike from the nearby bike rental shops. If you’re not in great health or too tired to walk for 30 to 60 minutes while taking pictures of the area, it might not be something you are willing or able to do.

2. Sightsee the best sites in Manhattan

Source: Mapquest

One of the best things to do in Manhattan is to travel around looking for the perfect places to sightsee the cityscape.

There are plenty of pubs with rooftop facilities, where you can find the right spots to see the skyline from. Some of the best things to look for are the Brooklyn Bridge as well as the William Vale. There are many waterfront parks to relish the sites from. Alternatively, taking the ferry on the East River is a good idea as well. You can make it a romantic date by joining the right tours with the right mood. Perhaps you’re a solo Explorer, take a self-guided tour, research online for the right places and then, just go explore.

3. Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Source: Wikipedia

While exploring the city on a bike, relishing the beauty of artworks, hopping around museums, taking a walk along the Sandy beach, sounds good. Those are not all of the best things to do in Brooklyn. What if your natural lover prefers flora over fauna? a curious student or a professor of botany, perhaps just an admirer of different economic, medicinal, and various varieties of plants. From Magnolia Plaza to the fragrance garden on the Cherry Esplanade to the Shakespeare garden or the medicinal herb garden, there are a lot of sections depending on the varieties of plants. If your partner is an academic, bring them here. It’s a good bet that they are going to love it.
After all, who doesn’t feel better after a stroll among fragrant flowers? Click some pictures of the Cranford Rose Garden. Be mindful of the season, as not all plants at the same time. It’s a great place to take some exceptional social media trend-worthy pictures.

4. Take your kids to the Prospect Park Zoo

Things to do in Brooklyn; Prospect Park

Eating pudding chooses other absolute areas of different animals. The Prospect Park zoo is usually open most of the year. The best way to visit it is with your family with kids or perhaps your gang of close friends. The prospect park zoo has some exhibits specifically aimed for little kids, exhibits containing rabbits, gophers, and other animals, it’s a good place to go for familial bonding.

5. Discover the street art scene in Bushwick

Things to do in Brooklyn; Streetart
©chasing landscape

Although it’s not the kind of art that can be found in art galleries, containing historical or fine arts or museums exhibiting old masterpieces, street art has its own space and its value in the field. While some might relish looking at the fine art masterpieces and the museums of different cities throughout the world, some people will always enjoy unique street art. Sometimes these are funny cartoons painted in playfulness; others, a strong message, an appeal from the artist to all the viewers. If you like street art that spends some time walking around Bushwick and exploring street art in the area, keep your eyes on the walls, take out your phone or a camera and click some pictures on them to make the moment memorable.

6. Join the Shuffleboard fun

Things to do in brooklyn: shuffleboards
©Royal Palms Shuffleboards club

There are many things to do in any travel destination, usually ranging from watching drama performances, attending musical concerts, going clubbing, visiting museums, historical places or finding the best restaurants too. But how about trying something the place is known for, something different. Say, have you ever played shuffleboard? Not to worry, even beginners can join in the fun at the shuffleboard club situated in Gowanus. They have a food truck as well! This bar is comprised of more than a few shuffleboard courts. People flock here to join in the games with ranging difficulties.

From beginners to local denizens with a lot of experience under their belt, all the cool kids hang out here. Why not just try it? Who knows you might awaken the hipster within you? Sometimes travel doesn’t just mean doing what you have already been doing, visiting the most famous places, sometimes it also means participating in the local fun. Mingle with the local crowd, be a part of the city. If you do decide to join, then I would recommend making reservations. It’s a popular sport in the city after all. You might not be the only one with thoughts of joining in on the fun, you know?

7. Explore around on a bike

As there are many kinds of tourists, there are many kinds of styles of touring. Some hire private tourist guides, some join a walking tour, some go on walking around on a self-guided adventure. Well, how about renting a bike, easily available in bike rental shops, creating your plan, choosing your route for places to go, things to do? Ask a local, take guidance from their experience. Live a day like a resident of Brooklyn. There are many places you can go to. One of the popular things to do on a bike tour is cycling over the Brooklyn Bridge.

If you did choose to explore Brooklyn by biking, then perhaps you would like to join some of the popular Brooklyn bike tours. After all, solo exploration is not everyone’s thing. The company of like-minded people can sometimes be more memorable, much more fun, than the place you are going to.

8. Costume dance party at the house of YES

Things to do in brooklyn; House Of YES

Yes, that is almost half as scandalous and adventurous as that sounds. You need to be more than 21 in your role to join in on the fun. There are sometimes special events that might be okay with you being younger too. Although wearing costumes is not a strict requirement of the club, if you are looking to have fun, then why not go all the way? As is logical, with demand, the supply increases too. So, around the area, you will find shops offering various costumes, of any theme you like, some for an expensive rate, some for an affordable price. Choose the one that matches your vibe.

Meet like-minded locals, adventurers, people looking to have some fun. You will find that the guests invest greatly in their outfits, so, if you want to stand out, you will need to put some thought and work into your outfit too.

9. Tour the Trendy & Artsy hotspot

Things to do in brooklyn; walking tour
©Brooklyn Unplugged Tours

Maybe you’re a student curious about the local art scene. Perhaps you’re just a traveler interested in getting to know the culture and the traditions displayed in the art shows? Back in the time, DUMBO used to be an industrial neighborhood. It is now a trendy hub of artistic venues. From theatres to pizza places, old warehouses, expensive apartments, and hidden gems for restaurants, there is no end to the attractions here.

From exceptional theatrical performances such as in St. Ann’s warehouse and some other artsy venues, there are also local hang-out places like Famous Pizzeria Grimaldi’s and Jacques Torres chocolate shop. There are many sites you would like to check out too.

10. See the Classic scene at New York Transit Museum

New York Transit Museum
Conde Nast Traveler

It’s a closed-down subway station turned into a museum acting as a live story of its rich history. Featuring a wide collection of classic subway cars, the New York transit museum is the place to be for history buffs and curious visitors looking to take some great pictures. Feel like entering the past in 1907, coming along alone or with your friends, family, or colleagues. Kids perhaps will have the most fun here. They might be able to attend the programs specifically arranged for them in the mind.

The museum also allows indoor tours, it hosts art shows from time to time and various other recreational events related to the theme. Click some pictures, pose like a gentleman or lady arriving forwards on time.

11. Visit the Brooklyn Museum


For art connoisseurs and curious travelers alike, simply looking to explore the local art collections, Brooklyn Museum presents a great collection of art pieces in its exhibit.

The Brooklyn Museum is famously known for its expensive collection of Egyptian art and its permanent exhibits. There are many temporary exhibits as well, rotating around the seasons featuring famous pieces by David Bowie, Georgia O’Keeffe, and many more artists. Museum hopping is not only for other artists and art connoisseurs. If you are a student of art or just someone interested in the subject, why not take a glance around the museum? If budget is your problem, then visit the first Saturday when the museum is free as usual from 5 to 11 pm.

12. Walk around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn 

Williamsburg tourism
Source: KAYAK

There was a time when the place used to be a hub of hipster culture. While there is still an echo of the mood present, the vibe is quietly but surely fading. Now that the commercial Giants are taking an active interest in the locality, from the Apple store to Whole Foods and a Starbucks, slowly but surely Williamsburg is transforming into the mainstream urban commercial culture of the country. Before it’s too late and it has become just another site with a commercial focus, why not spend a day in the area reminiscing about the old times.

Back in the 90s, it used to be a hotspot for artists that could not make it in Manhattan. As compared to before, Williamsburg has changed in its entirety. When in Brooklyn, take a short trip, walk around the area, immortalize the place in your pictures in your mind before all of its old vibe disappears in time.

13. Fun times at Coney Island, Brooklyn

Coney Island
Source: TripAdvisor

From the amphitheater to the minor league’s baseball team and aquarium to the kitschy carnival vibe, Coney Island is home to a lot of interesting recreational activities fun things to do in Brooklyn. Taking a stroll on the beach alone is a great attraction to this place. Visitors swarm the area in the summer season.

Anyone traveling to Brooklyn needs to visit Coney Island at least once.

14. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park travel
Source: New York Tours

One of the local cultural and sports hotspots, Brooklyn Bridge Park, is known for the various events the place plays host to. From the outdoor movies in summer to different musical concerts and sporting events, it’s a great place to hang out with your friends, your loved ones. If you’re tired of walking around touring, then why not spend some time just basking in the sun, lazing about.

Plan a picnic with your gang or join in the recreational activities of those around you. New York will always be one of the greatest cities in the world; it’s such a diverse and ever-changing location that each time you visit, you have a completely different experience. You can broaden your area of touring and wander around experiencing some of the city’s other neighborhoods, first Harlem and now Brooklyn. It would take weeks to see everything in the city’s most crowded neighborhood, which has a land area three times the size of Manhattan.

Have fun exploring. Happy Travels!


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