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Your Travel Guide to the 22 Fun Things to Do in New Orleans!

If you know about New Orleans, there’s a very good chance you know it is the cause of Bourbon Street daiquiri shops or its famous humongous beer stands. However, If that is all you think the city has to offer you would be wrong. The city is the core of the true entertainment of America. Making American lives worth living. Other than Bourbon street, the city also offers high-quality classic jazz music, spooky and weird museums, unbelievable stories related to haunted places, unusual priorities with drinks and festivals upon festivals, and some more festivals.

If you have planned your visit to the city but want to avoid the usual often visited attractions and try something new something unusual.  If you want to discover the hidden gems of the city, then you have come to the right place. Let me take you through this journey of some of the most unusual things to do in New Orleans.

1. Relish the performances at Jackson Square

jackson square

If you love music, live-watching folk performances, and root for local artists showing off their skills, then make your way to Jackson Square. From getting your palms read to relishing the art of local performers and the artist, walking around St. Cathedral, feel like a part of a cinematic experience.

The artists will try to capture your attention, feel special being in the moment, enjoy travelling truly as it is meant to be.
Start your walking door with someplace unique.

2. Gaze out the Steercar along St. Charles avenue

St. Charles avenue new orleans
Source: GoNOLA

Travel is not meant to be one large attraction after another. Not to me. That may be a way to travel for most, but to truly relish your experience of touring, what you need to do is enjoy the little things, the local specialities.

Spend $ 1.25 to take a ride along the San Charles venue on the exotic Steercar. This is an experience you can only be a part of in this place.

Although seemingly mundane, becoming a part of local routine, realizing how it feels to be one of the resident, is a novel way to spend your travel as well.
Join in Be a part of the area.

3. Hop off at Audobon Park

Audobon Park
Source: Tripsavvy

If you have been following my advice and got on a ride on the streetcar, then I think you would like to hop off at Audubon parkpark and freshen up your mind and body a bit amidst nature.

One of the best features of Audubon park is the audobon zoo. hether or not you are with kids, family, your friends or colleagues, it is a perfect place to spend some time reliving your childhood memories.

4. Get onboard a steamboat cruise

steamboat cruise new orleans
Source: TripAdvisor

Getting on aboard a Steamboat cruise even sounds exciting before you have tried it, right?

Doesn’t it make you feel nostalgic of old times? Based on the classic themes, the Steamboat cruise ship will make you feel like a part of history. Get onboard the ship with your friends or perhaps alone. Get some pictures taken.

Your tour guide will tell you stories about New Orleans, of its history. If you are joining the evening cruise, then it’s better to do so with your partner or a date, it will be a uniquely romantic experience listening to live jazz band on the ship.

This is the kind of trip that you talk about later with your colleagues, relish the experience. Live in the moment.

5. The unique Jazz Museum

unique Jazz Museum
Source: TripAdvisor

It is a safe bet to assume that you like music. Perhaps not jazz, but any one interested in music, might be interested in getting to know the history of the classic instrument. Glance at the historical artefact of various eras related to jazz music. Check out some personal memorabilia of best jazz musicians also. New Orleans is considered the birthplace of jazz. So in a way, there is no spot more fitting than New Orleans to learn about it.

While admission is exempt, you can take a self-guided tour of the grounds for $1. If you go, try walking down Pirate’s Alley just past the church to see St. Anthony’s Garden. All three locations are included in the pay-what-you-want French Quarter and Ghost tours.

6. Saint Louis Cemetery Mausoleums Saint Louis Cemetery and Mausoleum


Visiting the Cemetery on a trip anywhere sounds like a weird idea doesn’t it?
Well, that actually depends on whether or not you like visiting places of historical significance, sites untouched through changing eras.

Saint Louis Cemetery is visited by a lot of foreign and national travellers, because of the historical figures that rest buried in its grounds.

You need to sign up for a walking tour to visit. The guide will tell you strange stories of this place. It is said that back in time, flooding used to cause the buried bodies to float up and drift down the roads freely.
Both number 1 and 2 cemetery host the tomb stones of a lot of famous figures, from some popular musicians to Voodo queen herself.

7. Stroll along the garden district

garden district
Source: Lonely Planet

There are two ways to go on a walking tour usually. Book a tour online or research about the area and take a self guided tour.

Although most of the time the walking tours keep to French Quarter, but if you’re in the mood, the garden district is as a good choice as well. Stroll along the ways, watching the wonderfully built houses of famous celebrities like John Goodman and Anne rice

8. Visit the Audobon Aquarium of the Americas

Audobon Aquarium of the Americas
Source: Biz New Orleans

Hosting More than 10,000 animals in display, placed at the corner of French Quarter, Audubon aquarium is very popular touring place for travelers as well as local citizens.

You will find kids everywhere, peeking through the glasses, admiring the dangerous denizens of the deep depth of ocean. From sharks to piranhas, anaconda’s to even sea turtles, there are all varieties of creatures on display.

One of the main highlights of the experience is the 30 foot long tunnel please underwater, take a walk long it and feel like you are in the depths of the ocean yourself

9. Respect the veterans at the World War II museum

World War II museum
Source: NY Times

The tourist related to military background or the visitors interested in military in general, students, kids adults alike visit this place often.

This is a museum dedicated to veterans. Full of artifacts, reports, documents and photographs related to World War II.

Any history buff would like touring this place. Spend some time paying your respects to the heroes

10. Back street Cultural Museum

back street cultural muiseum new orleans
Source: TripAdvisor

This museum is focused in documenting and displaying the lives of African American people the traditions the lifestyle the culture in New Orleans throughout the times.

You will find various models in display with costumes meant to show an accurate representation of various cultural changes the African-American community went throughout the ages in New Orleans.

It is a one of a kind museum in the province as unlike any other museum this one is solely dedicated to preserving and displaying the African American cultural evolution in the area

11. Hire a parade in your close one’s honor

Parade new orleans
Source: Wikipedia

Yes you did not read wrong. In New Orleans this is one of the unique things that you can do totally legally.

you can book yourself a parade, get a ppermit, hire a marching Band, choose a route for the parade, and the permit will include even a team of police escorts.

If you are hanging out in the city with your friends then this is something you can plan with some of your gang to throw a memorable birthday party to one of your close one.

12. Attend a festival or two

Things to do in New Orleans: Jazz Fest
©The New York Times

Mardi Gras and Jazzfest are two commonly known festivals of New Orleans. Although, did you know more than 130 festivals are held at the city in a year?

From oyster festival to voodoo festival, summer fest to French Quarter festival, at least one in every three days there is a festival taking place. Research a bit before you arrive in the city and you will find the best festivals would like to attend.

13. An odd pharmacy museum

Unusual things to do in New Orleans; Pharmacy museum

This is a museum with a rich history open by Louise J. Dufilho known as America’s first licenced pharmacist.

Although it is a museum collecting medical artefacts and tools, The thing that is known for as it’s spookiness.
It is said that the second pharmacist of the place doctor Joseph dupas, experimented on his patients in this place and that the museum is haunted by the dead spirits.

A daily tour of the places offer at a simple price of $5 around 1:00 PM if you are touring the city with your friends then adding an oddly spooky, perhaps haunted museum to your list is something to Mull over.

14. Join a Swamp tour

Things to do in New Orleans: swamp tour
©world travel guides: travel confidently

If you want to see some wildlife now relaxing in a boat with a group of friends, then one of the best things to do in new Orleans is taking a fan boat ride.

Swamp touring is one of the traditional favourite activities of New Orleans. It happens usually in bayou, you can encounter plenty of wildlife in the area while riding the boats.

15. Encounter the local wildlife on a walking tour

Some may prefer to take a walking tour instead of a boat, Barataria preserve is the place that they should check out.
More than 20,000 acres of forest, marshes and swamps, which you can tour around by the way of walk ways and boardwalks raised above the ground.

while you take a look around, if you are lucky enough you can see alligators too but usually the local wildlife ranges from birds of various categories, turtles, another local critter can we counter pretty easily take a camera with you click some pictures.

16. The Chalmette Battlefield

Things to do in New Orleans; Chamalette Battlefield

Most of the time the visitors to city relish the failures of the city, visiting the natural places, throwing up parades for loved ones, and so on.

But, if you are one of the history buffs, always ready to learn more, then perhaps you’d prefer taking a tour to the site of Chalmette battlefield, mostly known as battle of New Orleans, where Andrew Jackson won against desperate odds in a fight against the British in 1812.

Best Places to eat and drink in New Orleans

17. Taste the crawfish(not crayfish)

Things to do in New Orleans: Eat Crawfish

The best way to eat a crawfish is scoring a dinner invitation by one of the locals, but if you do not get to do that, then make your way to frankie’s & johnny’s, a popular Bistro with dim lighting in Tchopitoulus St, one of the hidden gems of New Orleans.

18. Taste the official drink of the crescent city

New Orleans is truly a city with its priorities straight. in 2008 an official bill was passed to make Sazerac, the official drink of the city.

And as it is well-loved drink of the whole area, you will find it everywhere but try to taste the one served at the Roosevelt hotel in the sazerac bar and feel like a wine connoisseur.

Music attractions in the city

19. The Gazebo Cafe

Mid-way between French market and cafe due Monday you will find the Gazebo cafe. It is a place best known for its live music offering open area patio, affordable drinks and a great selection of beers.

20. Jazz music in preservation hall

Things to do in New Orleans: Listen to Jazz Music
©hole in the donut culture travel

If you love jazz music them perhaps you should rush to the preservation Hall before the place is packed.

It is very possible that you will face a long line,which only tells you that how famous the place is. It has been running for more than 50 years and that kind of commitment creates a special fan club.

Check out Jazz, Food and culture – The Magic of New Orleans

Go Shopping in the city

21. The French market

Things to do in NOLA

Placed around the SouthEast edge of the French quarter, the French market is known for being a flea market, featuring lot of affordable local trinkets and clothes. It is a great place to stroll along for tourists, buying some souvenirs for friends and family.

22. The magazine street

Things to do in New Orleans: Shop in Magazine Street

The magazine street features the artworks of more than 100 provincial artists. It is known for its indoor art market. You can browse through the collections and buy any artwork, a special kind of souvenir, to remember the city by.

The street also has various boutiques, posh restaurants and homely cafes, choose wherever you would like to go first.

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