Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad, India

Travel Guide: Ahmedabad, a City of Heritage

Ahmedabad- which is known as a world heritage city and the biggest commercial city of Gujarat. The city which recently celebrated it’s 610th year in February 2021.It is located in the middle of the state with different cultures and different types of people. The city developed itself so far but always remains an old city in every touch of it. It was ruled by different kings in each era.

History of Ahmedabad

Chaulukya dynasty: between 1072–1094,Karna of Chaulukya dynasty, ruling from Anhilwad Patan, made the town his capital. And adorned it with two temples, one to Kochrab, the site still known, and the other to Jayanti Devi, and named it ‘Karnavati’.When Chaulukya rule weakened in the second half of the 13th century, the Vaghela dynasty rose to power in Gujarat in 1243. They formed short but stable rule in the region which ended in 1299.

Delhi Sultanate rule:In 1297, Gujarat was conquered by Allauddin Khilji, the ruler of the principal state in north India at the time, the Delhi Sultanate.

Gujarat Sultanate rule and origin of name : The next sultan, his grandson Ahmad Shah defeated a Bhil or Koli chief and founded the new city on 26th February 1411.Ahmad Shah I, in honour of four Ahmads, himself, his religious teacher Shaikh Ahmad Khattu, and two others, Kazi Ahmad and Malik Ahmad, named it “Ahmedabad”.

After that, it was ruled by the Mughals in 1572–1707 and Mughal–Maratha in 1707–1753, Maratha in 1758–1817 and the British company in 1817–1857. Then the British crown in 1857-1947 and here India became independent’.

After 1947

By 1960, Ahmedabad had become a metropolis with a population of slightly under half a million people.With classical and colonial European-style buildings lining the city’s thoroughfares.After independence, Ahmedabad became a provincial town of Bombay state. On 1 May 1960, Ahmedabad became a state capital as a result of the bifurcation of the state of Bombay into two states of Maharashtra and Gujarat following the Mahagujarat Movement.

During this period, a large number of educational and research institutions were founded in the city, making it a center for higher education, science and technology. After that, so many educational institutions have been developed, like L.D.College of Engineering and so many other government institutes. Day by day, the city started making progress and in 2004-2005 they started the Riverfront project and had great success with it. After successful completion of that project, the biggest project that is currently running is the Metro project, which started in 2015. And when this project is successfully completed, then Ahmedabad will also be known as one of the major metro cities.

People, Religion, and Culture

Ahmedabad has always been special due to its awesomeness and charm. It has always been the people and culture that has been the heart of the city. 

  • Its loving and helpful people.
  • Shopping, we can see a variety of products which you can get in cheaper price too.
  • No use of alcohol is allowed as it has been forbidden there.
  • Safety, As you can walk around or drive at any time without worrying.
  • There’s a variety of festivals, as the city is multicultural, you can find so many festivals are celebrated here.

Places that make it a heritage

Sabarmati Ashram

Ashram is located on the banks of river Sabarmati. It is synonymous with tranquility and peace, which is the quality of this place. It is the witness of ‘dandi kuch’ which was held by Mahatma Gandhi as his non-violent battle for independence of India. Here asharm itself is an attraction, but I must say Gandhiji’s writing desk, his khadi kurta, some of his letters and many interesting photographs are never less.

Sabarmati Asharm Ahmedabad

Kankaria Lake

Kankaria lake is reckoned to be the largest lake in Ahmedabad and attracts many tourists. The place is a hotspot for the best entertainment options, like balloon safari, yoga activities, water rides and much more. The best attraction for children is the zoo, where you can find different types of animals and birds. The zoo is known as Kamlanehru Zoo. If you are planning to visit Ahmedabad in December, then I must suggest you visit Kankaria carnival which is usually held during the last week of December. During this carnival you can enjoy different types of folk dance, some attractive activities, fireworks and importantly, the happy faces of Ahmedabad people. I can surely say, from children to the elderly, everyone can enjoy it here.

Kankaria Lake-A place to visit

Siddi Saiyad Mosque

This mosque is popularly known as ‘ Siddi Saiyad ki jali’. which was build up during last year of sultane of Gujarat. It’s a masterpiece of architecture, with its carved jaalis being known worldwide. Still it is attractive place for visitors and specially for the people who loves art!  Here you can find so many people making art of the mosque and it is really interesting that this heritage place still idea for architect.

Siddi Saiyad Mosque

Calico Textile Museum

Ahmedabad is known as Manchester City and also make it self a home for Textile industry. So this is the main reason to have textile museum into the city. The museum represent some expensive and rare piece of textile industry like exquisite silk weaves and Kashmiri shawls.

Calico Textile Museum

Iskon Temple

It is located on S.G. Highway, one of the most popular highways in the city. The temple is the place where you can find peace and bliss of mind. The atmosphere of the temple offers you to do mediation and finding some jubilant energy. The temple is also known as the ‘Hare Krishna Temple’.

Temple of shree krishna

Lal Darwaja

With lots of hawkers selling various items from clothes to electronics items, Lal Darwaja is crowded yet one of the most famous markets, of Ahmedabad.

Market of laldarwaja

Sabarmati Riverfront

The place is a self-attraction for visitors as well as for the local public. The government of Gujarat has constructed some beautiful places near the river of Sabarmati. It has been open to the public since 2012. The major objectives of the project are environmental improvement, social infrastructure and sustainable development. It is a place where people of all ages can enjoy themselves. You can also find the place very beautiful and serene. By sitting over here you can enjoy the river and surely you will be absorbed by the scenery, river, and construction.

Riverfront- A place to enjoy!

Teen Darwaja

Teen Darwaja, the eastern gateway to the Bhadra Fort, is another major historical landmark in the city. In fact, this entrance gateway is so iconic that it has been featured in Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s logo. The structure was built in 1415 by Ahmed Shah, and has three arches; hence the name. There are many shops in the area selling all kinds of knick-knacks so you can do a little bit of shopping after visiting the gate and the fort.

Teen Darwaja

Shah-e-Alam’s Roza

Also called Rasulabad Dargah and Shah Alam no Rojo, Shah-e-Alam’s Roza is a magnificent complex with a mosque and tomb, tracing its roots to the medieval era. Counted among the top historical places in Ahmedabad, Shah-e-Alam’s Roza boasts outstanding architecture. It is said that its dome was once decorated with gold and precious stones. Today, the Roza may not display such grandeur, but it still retains its structural beauty and serenity.

Shah-e-Alam’s Roza-A beautiful place

Dada Harir Vav

Dada Harir Vav, another must-visit historical attraction in Ahmedabad, is an intricately-built stepwell. As per the inscription on the stepwell, it was constructed in the year 1485 by Dhai Harir, who served as the Superintendent of the royal harem of Sultan Mahmud Begada.

Dada Harir Vav

More about Ahmedabad

The city has newly developed buildings, a number of five-star hotels, some fancy and theme-based restaurants and cafes which never fail to impress us. Some attractive shopping mall with all the utilities and some branded shops around there. S.g.higway is the place where youngsters spend their time with their friends at highway side open cafes. These cafes are an attraction for youngsters as they are located within every 2-3 km on the whole S.G.Highway. This highway can be counted as the lights of the city. Also, a newly opened “Narendra Modi Stadium” which is the world’s largest stadium is also located in the Motera area of Ahmedabad.

Day by day, as the city developed, so many high rise buildings were built and made this beautiful city more beautiful. But nevertheless, we can’t ignore the houses which were there for so many years, in particularly in East Ahmedabad, known as “Pole”. Here you can see so many houses which are 100 years old with their super attractive architecture and planning. The design is catchy. 

Food in Ahmedabad

Gujarati food items like Khakhra, Fafda, Dhokla, Thepla, Dalvada, Dabeli, Sev, and Farsan are some of the most popular food items in Ahmedabad. The city is famous for restaurant food as well as street food, too.  I can mention some street food places in Ahmedabad here, which are like.

  • Manek Chowk.
  • Law Garden.
  • Baghdad Fry Center.
  • Bhatiyar Gali.
  • Food Truck Park.
  • Municipal Market.
  • HL College Road.
  • InduBen Khakhra.
  • Das Khaman House.
  • Asharfi Kulfi.
  • Om Sai Parantha.
  • Ambika’s Dalvada.
  • Bera Samosa Centre.
  • Amdo’s Kitchen.
  • Arpit Ragda Patties.
  • A1 Maggi Bhajiya.
  • Oswal’s Jalebi Fafdaa.
  • Nazrana Baraf Gola.
  • Ahmedabad Street Food Park.
  • Raipur Bhajiya House.

You shouldn’t miss street food if you visit Ahmedabad. If you have food cravings for street food at midnight, then Ahmedabad is always here for you as city has Manekchowk as a midnight food center.

Manek Chowk

If we take a look at Manek Chowk, then one thing is noticeable, that during the morning from 10 a.m. to 7:30-8 p.m. you can find lots of jewellery shops there, but after that all the jewellery shops shut down, the food markets remain open until 1-2 a.m. Here you can enjoy different types of food, from the tasty starter bites to main course meals and fast food. And finally, a delicious desert. If you ever visit Ahmedabad, then don’t forget to visit Manek Chowk. It’s the perfect place to visit in Ahemdabad if you are a foody.

Manekchowk- A place where food is love!

The most common language is Gujarati all over Ahmedabad. As I mentioned, it is a multicultural city, so you can find people who speak different languages.The city faces so many good and bad things and always remains the same as it with its kindness. Ahmedabad is also known as ‘Amdavad’ and people who live in this city always love to call themselves “Amdavadi”.  This beautiful city visit is a must for a once in a life. You will definitely want to return. You will also take back some good memories with you when you leave.


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