Hostels- Save Money on Travel

Travel Guide: Awesome Ways to Save Money for Travel

Traveling is a favourite activity for everyone. But it is also an expensive activity, with spending on commute, accommodation, tourist spots and what not! Every person wishes to save money on their journey and go easy on their wallets, but how? With escalating prices of almost every second thing, it’s pretty hard to save money on travel nowadays.

As such, we bring to you specific things that you can do to save money on your next travel plan and yet enjoy a memorable and fruitful tour.

Eat Out Less

When it comes to food, try to cook your meals rather than eating out. If there are no provisions of cooking, then eat out in smaller restaurants and eateries. Avoid eating out in posh restaurants- they are expensive (with tip, tax and everything) and will dash your hopes of saving money. You can also eat a wholesome heavy brunch instead of smaller meals throughout the day. If you are putting up in a homestay or a place where you get the option to cook for yourself, you can play with the local ingredients and cook something delicious as per your taste. The self-cooking method, however, works well if the travel plan is a long one or full-time.


Food and Wine- Save Money on Travel
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Cut on the Drinks

The cost of drinks at a bar is undoubtedly high. Drinking is not an essential activity to go for during traveling, unless you are on a wine tour! As such, cut down on the drink to save on your wallet. If you are someone who can’t do without a drink, opt for carrying a bottle to your room instead of paying per drink as the latter is a costly affair.

Travel during Off-peak Times

Off peak or off season times are the best period to travel. Not only the off-season times have lesser tourists but also the prices during these times are comparatively much less. Also, the hotels and flights tend to give promotional cheaper tickets and rates for guests.  Hotels and tourist destinations around the world become expensive during festive seasons. They take advantage of the high demand and festivity. Also, one will also find these becoming expensive during holiday season and summer breaks. If a traveller avoids the on-season times, they will save a lot of money on the travel.  Always compare hotels and flights during off season before you go forward and get the best deal for your tour! Always keep your email notifications on for travel and booking sites. There are regularly many airlines and hotels that give promotional offers to travellers. As such, sign up for email notifications and newsletters so that you get the information about discount coupons and promotional codes earlier than usual. In addition to the discounts, you will also enjoy much fewer crowds and queues during an off-season tour.


Hostels- Save Money on Travel
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Stay in Hostels

Hostels are a great accommodation amenity to save money during traveling. Though hostels aren’t that cheap either, comparatively, they will go a great way to save money on your wallet. Check for hostels, dormitories or homestays that are good, reasonable and guest-friendly. Hostels are a great place to find out more about people from different countries, ethnicities and gel with them during travel. Also, hostels and homestays have better helping staff than hotels. Sharing a hostel room with a person of a different country and culture will broaden your knowledge about that specific culture. You can also share your experiences of travel and learn a bit more about their experiences. Staying in hostels will give you a memorable experience.

Spend more Time in Fewer Places

Racing through a multitude of places in just a short while will cost a fortune. A fast paced travel plan means many flights, rail tickets and buses which would increase the spending sessions. So it is wiser to spend more time in few places.  Also, opt for places where your home currency will be in use. Traveling to a new place with a different currency means spending extra money in currency conversions. Avoid planning for expensive countries and tourist places to save money on travel.  While you plan to travel, always conduct research on the average prices, the currency conversion costs and travel trends of that place. It will help a lot to make a definite travel plan.

Cut down Shopping and Collect Photos

Souvenirs are a good way to commemorate a place and make it a memorable experience for you. But souvenirs also cost a lot! If you wish to save money on travel, cut down the shopping spree. Instead opt for clicking photographs as memorable souvenirs. Collective souvenirs will be nothing but one more addition to your shelf. But photos will be a good way to cherish the tour. Also, they don’t add weight to the luggage and don’t get spoiled. Get a good camera and gear and remember your travel through your clicks.

Collect Photos
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Also, if you do shop, always bargain! Bargaining is a customary rule in every travel. When a person goes out to shop, it is mandatory to bargain the prices. Often, locals quote a higher price than the actual costs of the product. As such, bargaining on the price would go a long way in saving money during travel.

Enjoy Natural Surroundings

There are many tourist hotspots in every part of the world that are free and accessible to all. Or more so, natural beauty is surely free. Enjoy the natural surroundings and environment of a place if you want to cut costs on expensive tourist hotspots of that location.

Use Public Transportation

When travelling to a place, it is cost savvy to use public transport in there. It goes a long way to saving money and undue expenses on transportation from one place to another. Moreover, travelling in public transport would actually give the traveller a feel of the travel! If the distances are short, opt for walking to the location. Many countries have efficient public transportation that is travel-friendly from any destination to another within the city. As such, opt for that!

Minimize Expensive Attractions

Attractions across the world are costly- with their entrance fees and additional fees for rides if it is an amusement park. Try to limit the visits to attractions like wonders of the world, amusement parks, and rides to save money. Instead spend the time to travel around the city and area to learn about the neighborhood, their culture and enjoy in local entertainment avenues. It is free in comparison to the attractions too!


Thrift Store
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Buy from Thrift Stores

Every tourist place have thrift stores that gives equally beautiful products and accessories at lower prices. Some thrift stores also have second hand products that are in perfect condition to reuse and invest in. Purchase products from there! You can buy clothing, jewelry and anything under the sun from thrift stores. Also, it is good for the environment as you are recycling and reducing the waste accumulation.


Localization is the key! Connecting with locals is a good way to save money. Locals can guide you a lot about cheaper eateries, tourist places and even may open doors to their home for stay. You never know, right? They may plan outings to local tourist places with you and you will have an undoubtedly good experience. Always localize and reach out to relatives family members you have in that location.


Drink Tap Water- Save Money for Travel
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Drink Tap Water

There are many tourist countries and places around the globe where you can drink tap water. Check with the accommodation place if taking tap water is safe. If it is safe, you can surely drink that. Curbing costs on buying galloons of drinking water goes a long way in saving money during travel. In places like Europe and Israel, tourists can drink the tap water as it is safe.

Invest in Local Products and Brands

Snacking is an unavoidable habit during travel. Everyone loves snacking and munching during their journey. Invest in snacks of local brands during your travel. Local stuff is reasonable and will also be a good taste experience for you. You might discover a new snack that’s alien to you and, who knows, may end up falling in love with it! Check out the local supermarkets to get local brand products and snacks. Also, invest in products like dill, apples, local pickles and in-season products at local stores to reduce the carbon footprint. You can connect with local people to know about locally-grown products.

Do Research to avoid Fines and Penalties

New place has newer rules and regulations that you may not be aware of. Always do your research before traveling to a new place. This way you can avoid any actions that might give rise to penalties or fines. Whether it’s driving rules, or tourist laws, do an online research, seek information at airports and terminals or ask the locals.

Use a Credit Card Wherever Possible

Use credit cards for best rates and deals, be it at restaurants and travel points. Often, tourist places give good deals on credit cards. Also, there are many credit cards available that don’t charge any foreign transaction fees and the conversion rates on credit cards is much feasible than transactions through other means.

Acquire a Priority Pass

Purchasing at airports is always a costly affair! A small bottle of water may cost twice or thrice the price it costs outside the airport premises. As such, acquire a Priority Pass to save money on purchases at the airport lounges.


Work and Travel- Save Money on Travel
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Work and Travel

It is perhaps the best way to save money on travel. You can opt for remote work during your travel if you’re planning on a long vacation. This way, you will earn money to cover your travel costs. Moreover earning extra bucks is a good thing, right? Opt for efficient freelance work online and work and travel happily. You can also look for part-time work in places where you are traveling to for long.

Make Flexible Plan

Making plans with flexible timings will help curb the spending costs. It is better to choose different locations and different travel timings so that one can always have the options of a less cheap destination and cheaper travel timing. Also, make sure to plan a travel budget. Research thoroughly in advance about the country/city you are traveling to and plan a budget accordingly. It would much easy on your pocket!  It is advisable to create a good savings plan for your next trip. Focus on the following points when you create the savings plan:

  • Compare the trip to your financial condition and budget accordingly. Is the destination too luxurious and will burn a hole in your savings too!? Make wise decisions and be honest to your financial situation. Don’t overburden in the name of travel. Once the research is done, create a spreadsheet listing the income and the budgeted expenses to spend accordingly on the trip.
  • Set reasonable goals for your trip. Goals like where to go, where to dine, where to stay are small goals that need to be finalized before you set out for the tour.
  • Remove any unnecessary expenses of the tour. Set a strict budget for the spending and follow it accordingly. A beyond the budget in some places is fine, but one shouldn’t stretch the budget every time.
  • Proper planning and monitoring will eventually regularize your spending habits and save money on your trip.  Also, regularly track your spending while on the trip to go easy on the pocket.

Go Minimalist in Regular Life

This is the important step to take before planning your travel plan. The main idea to save money for travel is to go minimalistic on your daily choices in lifestyle. Think twice before purchasing a product or commodity- is it essential for you? If not, postpone the purchase and save that money for your travel plan. The minimalism trend is about having what you need and no more. Save money on a daily basis and add them to your travel budget. It will go a long way to save money for your travel.


Save Money for Travel
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Saving money for a trip can be challenging, regardless of how much we earn. One should always try to save money during travelling. This way the person would be not burdened if additional costs come up by the end of the trip. Opt for savings in accommodation, food and attractions and make big savings on your tour!

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