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Travel Guide: Best Hacks to Make You a Savvy Traveler

Travelling is all about having a good time until minor hassles take the wrong turns, such as finding yourself wallet-less the following day. But, then, things can ruin your trip and the traveler’s mood in a second. To make sure you have a stress-free trip and enable you to enjoy your vacation with the utmost conviction, here’s a list of some unconventional travel hacks you can use on your next trip.

Turn on “Private Browsing” for cheaper flights

Many people have a budget fixed for their trips, and they make all the decisions based on that. So, if you want to avail the best prospects backed by some essential tricks to lessen the burden on your wallet, this is the ultimate way to do so.

Luckily, flight prices frequently constantly change, and some travel sites work to track what you are looking for online. Based on that, they will raise the prices accordingly. So, if you visit the site more than once, you will find a higher price. Therefore, turning on the “Private Browsing Mode’ will help you look for cheaper flights as your way out.

Always pack smartly and carry an extra bag

Did you know good packing skills are life-savours? Further, have you ever travelled with someone who knows how to pack everything suitably while you look at the mess your suitcase is in? Well, the horrors are genuinely indisputable.

There is just one hack here: Pack smart. Learn the art of rolling your clothes, choosing your outfits wisely, packing your belt in your shirt, and bringing only the things you need. We are all aware that the temptation to pack everything before a trip is genuinely unassailable. However, try to convince yourself that you do not require ten tops for a two-day trip this time around. Also, never leave packing for the last moment. Further, always carry an extra bag with you for any emergency.

To be on the safe side, always carry a portable charger with you. Your phone is your best friend at the present time. Your smartphone is your guide, your mentor, and your source of entertainment. Just the vision of carrying around a dead phone without a charger seems like a nightmarish reality, right?

Therefore, you must always carry a portable charger and a power bank with you to fight such circumstances.

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Email yourself a scan of your passport

It is undoubtedly essential to carry around a hard copy of your passport. However, sometimes forgetfulness can be a disease that will plague you forever. Therefore, emailing a scan of your passport to yourself is one of the safest ways to ensure that a copy of your passport is one click away.

Buy a dummy wallet to confuse pickpockets

In a foreign environment, one of the last things you’d want is to wake up with not a single penny in your pocket. It may sound entertaining and movie-like; however, the result can be pretty unpleasant in real life. You might want to travel without any worries, but pickpocketing can be quite a common occurrence, especially if you are not having a lucky day! To defend yourself from such horrid experiences on your trip, follow this simple hack and enjoy every moment without having to reach for your pocket constantly. Ensure that the wallet is still there, and always carry a dummy wallet with you to confuse the pickpockets along the way.

Download Google Maps for offline use

You should consider downloading Google Maps if you don’t trust your data connection or someone who always likes having backups to feel safe. The cool part is, you can use Google Maps even when you are offline. The only thing you will need is enough storage on your phone. You can download Google Maps in a straightforward step-

  • Go on the map to the area you want to save
  • Type ‘ OK map’ into the search option
  • Press’ Download’.

Battle jet lag with exercise

Jet lags can lead to insomnia and fatigue, and it can be an actual buzz kill during your vacation. Try exercising to fight the aftereffects of it, as it may help in alleviating the disruptions. It does not mean you have to jump into a high-intensity workout necessarily. Even light to moderate exercises such as jogging, yoga, or light resistance band training can have the same effects. You can overcome insomnia, fatigue, and other jet lag symptoms by compelling your body into physical activity.

Wear compression socks to make your flight more endurable

Compression socks can be a total lifesaver. When you spend long slights cramped up, it can completely ruin your whole trip. It is especially true when you land and find your ankles hurting and swollen as you walk to get your luggage. The risk of developing blood clots on a flight is low; however, it goes up as travel time increases. Compression socks come to your rescue to combat such circumstances. These stockings help in increasing the circulation of blood and reducing the risk of swelling, clotting, or worse, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) on a long flight.

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Mark your baggage as fragile

To mark it as fragile requires you to request a ‘fragile’ sticker at the counter. The best part is, it does not cost you a single penny. The sticker assures that there will be proper handling of your luggage with care. Further, it also assures that you will not have to wait in line for your luggage to get on the belt. Since the fragile tagged luggage always comes on to the belt first.

Keep a pen in every bag/pocket

Pens come in handy, especially in the millennial world. Similarly, asking a stranger for a pen every time you need to sign a paper or note down a detail- can be quite an infuriating task. Therefore, always keep a pen with you while you travel. It will save up time and things can also be handled conveniently.

Only unpack what is necessary

To save on packing time or just time in general, only take out what you will need in each hostel or hotel you are staying at. It will allow you to have a quick and easy escape when you are next on the verge of missing the train or bus.

Make real-time travel buddies using your smartphone

Different apps help you make friends out on the road without going through the worry of having to approach groups in person. Further, you can also match up your personalities with them by checking out their public profiles.

Meet locals using your phone

Sometimes, you can get sick of hanging around with the same bunch of people, especially backpackers. Now, getting a local to show you all the finest places in town can get your groove on, right? So, avoid all the tourist traps and allow a new friend, get a natural feel for life in the town you’re in, all through downloading certain free apps that allow you to connect with people nearby.

Flight Seat
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Give up your seat for free upgrades and perks

This may not look like a cool thing on the surface, but giving up your seat on that flight is a pretty effective hack. Let’s agree that it is true what they say about karma. Just volunteer to be bumped from an oversold flight, and you can enjoy all the benefits such as free meals, drinks and accommodation nearby. Further, you can also enjoy all the comforts of business class when you make it on a flight.

Get all the freebies as a market researcher

Companies worldwide are looking for people to try out their services and products, test their staff, and give feedback. This process requires very little work and is pretty enjoyable. So, you can consider applying as a market researcher in the country you are planning to travel to and get all the things for free.

Follow the pub crawl path

You don’t essentially have to shell out for the pub crawl package. Instead, you can look up the famous pub crawl routes in and around your city and head to the starting line.

Always consider choosing an “alternate destination”

If the city you are travelling to is not in the central hub, then you can consider flying into a bigger city out of that city. It will help you save a lot of money. Further, you will also have the potential to earn more mileage points.

Download the Google Translate app to help with language barriers

Google Translate app is a great app to break the language barrier and make your trip a comfy one. You can use the app to take photos of text in another language, and it will automatically translate the words in real-time.

Use packing cubes

Packing cubes is an essential and travel hack you need to know. They compress your items to give you additional space, and they also help keep you organized.

Credit Card
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Take advantage of generous credit card offers

Do you know the most fantastic travel hack of all time? The answer is credit cards and points. All you have to do is open up a credit card that has a sign-up bonus. After that, transfer the points to an airline for a pricey international flight. It’s that simple.

Consider keeping track of itinerary ideas in Google Docs

Google Docs is a handy tool for keeping track of itineraries. It is instrumental in planning trips that involve multiple people. Further, you can also keep a running list of recommendations from people you are travelling with for the destination choice.

Challenge yourself not to check a bag

Losing your luggage is a nightmare. But how to avoid it? It’s simple: avoid lost baggage nightmares by filling carry-on only for trips for a week.

Order a “special meal” in advance of a long-haul flight

Almost all the major airlines out there offer the option to order a special meal to their customers when you book your flight with them. The “special meal” includes vegetarian, dairy-free, vegan, low fat, gluten-free, kosher, and sometimes even low sodium options to choose from. Further, the people who opt for “special meals” always get served first.

Save local currency from the country you’re visiting as a souvenir

You can collect souvenirs from each trip. It is a priceless way to cherish a memory and take back something with you. You can collect local currencies from the countries you visit or collect something from the hotel you stay in. It is an excellent alternative to buying a keychain you will never use or a t-shirt you will never wear.

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Talk to taxi drivers

When you are travelling to a new city or country, always try to befriend the locals- that include the taxi drivers, why you may ask! Because, very often, a simple taxi ride from the airport to the hotel you will be staying in can turn into an impromptu city tour if you ask the right questions.

Build your itinerary using Google Maps Trip Planner

Google Maps Trip Planner is a lifesaver and undoubtedly one of the most incredible travel hacks of all time. It is a free tool within Google Maps that allows you to create an entire itinerary for your next trip.

Don’t exchange money at the airport

Exchanging money immediately after landing is not a very bright idea. Instead, wait for some time and go to the nearest ATM near your hotel for better exchange rates.

Don’t fly direct

It is sometimes cheaper to fly to airports near your ultimate destination and then take a train or bus to your destination when purchasing flights. Make careful to search around for your flight and understand that flying direct isn’t always the cheapest option.

Learn simple phrases in the language of your location

Locals appreciate this and will facilitate your relationships. You don’t have to be fluent in the language, but knowing a few phrases like “Hello,” “Goodbye,” “Thank you!” and “Where’s the bathroom?” will help you make friends with people. They’ll appreciate your effort.

Avoid bulky clothing

This one is the ultimate travel hack on this list by a long way. If you are not planning to hike Everest or trek through the Antarctic, then you should consider getting away without a puffer jacket and the extra three thick lamb’s wool jumpers. As a substitute, try layering up. Pick your favourite fabrics wisely, too, for the trip.


So, these are some of the travel hacks that can make your vacation more hassle-free. You can try giving a few of them a shot, and who knows, they may work for you. So, go ahead and unleash the savvy traveller in you.

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