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Travel Guide: Best Things to Do in Peoria, Illinois

Peoria, known as one of the best places to live in Illinois, is located along the Illinois River and thus has some of the best scenic sites in the state. Peoria, IL has a lot to offer, from boating trips to botanical gardens, wildlife zoos to one of the best golf clubs in Illinois focused on teaching beginners, museums of various niches, and guided tours with twists. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Peoria, keep reading!

Fun things to do in Peoria, IL

Meet the wildlife at Peoria zoo

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Wildlife enthusiasts, take note! If you are looking for a place to encounter rare and exotic fauna, or if you want to have fun with your friends enjoying the outdoors, you are invited to the Peoria Zoo. One of Illinois’s best attractions is on offer. It grew from a humble beginning, a donated herd of elk, to become a well-known local attraction. Currently, the zoo houses rhinos, giraffes, zebras, and a variety of other animals. Walk along the Asian trails or the Australian walk-about, explore the area with your friends, keep moving, and have fun. Make some memories that will come in handy someday in a conversation.

Stay and Play at Dozer Park 

Things to do in Peoria: dozer park
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Are you tired of visiting major tourist attractions and want to unwind a little? Maybe you could play some baseball? Do you want to relax in a luxury suite? So, how about a one-stop shop for everyone? Dodger Park in Peoria, Illinois, might be the place for you. Caterpillar bulldozers contributed to the park’s construction, so they have two VIP suites. Aside from that, there are more than 20 luxury suites for visitors, five concession stands, and the Bradley University baseball team can be seen practising here as well.

Special events, seminars, corporate parties, private parties, family events, and family reunions can all be held at the park.

Take an iconic boat trip aboard the spirit of Peoria

Things to do in Peoria,IL

Have you ever seen a boat powered by a paddlewheel? So, how about you taking a ride in one? The original paddlewheel-driven driving system, the Spirit of Peoria, is a one-of-a-kind boat and wildly popular among tourists, offering cruise trips lasting one to five days. It has a passenger carrying capacity of 487 and decks that are powered solely by paddle wheels. It operates without the use of any thrusters or propellers. Furthermore, it has a length of 160 feet and a height of 47.5 feet.

You will not be bored while watching the beautiful sights of the city aboard one of the decks of the Spirit of Peoria, whether you travel with your family, with your partner, or alone. Bring along your friends to have fun and take pictures on this one-of-a-kind boat, a Peoria specialty; after all, you’ll need to tell all your friends, and a trip like this isn’t something anyone can afford to miss.

Peoria riverfront museum

Peoria riverfront museum
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One of the best places in the region for learning about the arts and science. This museum, located on SW Washington Street, is one of the best attractions in Peoria. There are temporary exhibits and permanent collection sections for visitors, as well as a planetarium, a theatre, a sculpture museum, and a giant screen.

It is neither graphic art nor fine art. Natural senses and decorative arts are two examples of exhibits in the museum’s permanent collection. Temporary exhibits displayed in the museum include genome-unlocking secrets of life and Titanic artefact exhibitions. The museum offers guided tours for students, residents, and tourists alike.

George L. Luthy Memorial botanical garden

Things to do in peoria
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Tourists and locals alike flock to this location, both to admire the beauty of the flora and to observe the rare and exotic, economically and medicinally significant specimens of the plant kingdom. In 1951, the George L. Luthy Memorial Botanical Garden was built. It’s close to N Prospect Rd in Glen Oak Park.

The museum is well-known for its herb garden, Rose Garden, perennial garden, and all-season garden, which are all separately organized and maintained by the museum’s staff. From annual to seasonal plants, from economical and decorative plans to medicinal herb use, this plant Conservatory is a wonderful place to visit with your family, friends, and children, or you could choose to come along as well.

Feel the harmony at Forest Park Nature Center

Feel the harmony at Forest park Nature Center
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Do any of my readers enjoy hiking? Or are you someone who simply enjoys roaming around enjoying the scenic beauty of nature? Would you like to take a stroll through the forest hiking trails, passing through a variety of beautiful natural landscapes? If the questions above piqued your interest, you will undoubtedly want to visit the Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria, Illinois. Hiking in the changing landscapes of the Forest Park Nature Center is one of the best things to do in Peoria, IL, with more than seven miles of hiking trails, forested woodlands, and open prairie lands.

If you enjoy hiking, you should keep your basic supplies with you at all times, including at least two water bottles, bug repellent, basic medicinal first aid, possibly a towel, and, most importantly, your best hiking shoes. Musical events and educational programs are occasionally held at the centre, so do some research before you go. A bird observation room, a National History museum area, and a bookstore are among the additional features of the centre. The bookstore is called ‘trailhead nature store,’ and it is unique in that it sells mostly books about nature and outdoor adventures, as well as hiking gear and other items.

Relieve your childhood at the Children’s Museum in Peoria

Things to do in peoria
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This may be a unique attraction in that it is geared solely toward visitors and residents who have or are traveling with children. No matter how much money you make, what religion you practice, what background you come from, or what country you come from, if you have children, bring them all here and let them loose, and the staff will guide them through a variety of fun activities. The children can participate in activities such as reading aloud, a scavenger hunt, and painting.

Make contact with them before you plan your trip. Check out the various family-friendly activities they have to offer, such as family workshops. It’s a great place to visit if you’re traveling with children.

Rejuvenate at Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa

Senara Health and Healing Center & Spa
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Do you get tired and drained after visiting various famous tourist hotspots, haggling at shops, and walking around the entire city? Allow me to introduce you to the Senara health and healing centre and spa, which offers services such as delicate manicures, relaxing massages, careful waxing, pedicure, and, of course, facials. Although all of the above appear to be routine tasks, if you are travelling and prefer expert hands over local shops, then stopping by here may be a good idea.

Here are some attractions that are unique to this location and are not found elsewhere. From medical weight loss, coaching and physical therapy about health and nutrition, anti-aging medicine, acupuncture, to blood testing and allopathic treatments, there is something for everyone.

Best places to eat in Peoria, IL

You must have gotten hungry from all that touring around, how about grabbing a bite at one of the most popular restaurants in Peoria listed below? The blue duck barbecue tavern is famous in the locality for its house smoked barbecue specialty along with locally crafted beer and outdoor dining, takeaway options. Perhaps you would prefer a more private, romantic setting for your date? Connected is a fine dining restaurant, popular among couples for its innovative cocktails, American entrees, and Italian specialties.

If you are traveling on a budget then Jerusalem restaurant is one of the best in Peoria IL. Offering kebabs, shwarma, and salads it’s a simple homely eatery, popular among residents and tourists alike.

You must be ravenous after all that walking around, so why not grab a bite at one of the most popular restaurants in Peoria, which are listed below? The Blue Duck Barbecue Tavern is well-known in the neighbourhood for its house-smoked barbecue specialties, as well as locally crafted beer and outdoor dining and takeaway options. Maybe you’d prefer a more private, romantic setting for your date. Connected is a fine dining restaurant that is popular with couples because of its innovative cocktails, American entrees, and Italian specialties.

If you’re on a tight budget, Jerusalem Restaurant is one of the top places to eat  in Peoria, Illinois. It’s a simple homey eatery that serves kebabs, shwarma, and salads and is popular with both locals and tourists.

Visit the Caterpillar visitor center and gallery

Things to do in Peoria

This is one of Peoria’s best attractions and should be much higher on the list, but because it is a museum primarily focused on a private company rather than artifacts and galleries of historical significance, I’ve decided to rank it lower. The museum’s galleries, which are open Monday through Saturday, display various tools, artifacts, and machines that were used in the past around the company’s inception.

The exhibits on display are pieces of machinery used by the company at various points throughout its long history. To uncaring eyes, they may appear to be machined, but to the company’s employees, the local populace has a different relationship with the company.

Enjoy a guided tour with a twist

For tourists that are too tired to walk, medically unfit to walk, or don’t want to walk, a segway guided tour with the world on wheels might interest you. Some tourists like wandering around alone, discovering things on their own, others prefer guided and narrated tours, listening to the background and significance of the sites they visit. If you’re the second kind, then join a Segway tour or a quadricycle bike door stopping along with the clicking pictures of the famous sites. The

You might be college students on vacation, colleagues at the workplace, kids on a school trip, NGO or private organizations. There are many guided tour plans available for all. Even for those that prefer walking around and for others, the segway and quadricycle bike tours are great ways to spend your trip.


A segway guided tour with the world on wheels may be of interest to tourists who are too tired to walk, are medically unfit to walk, or do not want to walk. Some tourists prefer to wander around on their own, discovering things on their own, while others prefer guided and narrated tours, learning about the history and significance of the sites they visit. If you’re the second type, go on a Segway tour or a quadricycle bike tour, and take pictures of the famous sites along the way. The feeling of shared pilgrimage that this kind of tour arouses, is what most tourists crave.

You could be a college student on vacation, a coworker on a business trip, a school trip for children, an NGO, or a private organization. There are numerous guided tour options available.

Enjoy Performances at Peoria Civic Centre

Things to do in Peoria: Civic Center
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Peoria Civic Center is a well-known convention centre in the area, with a theatre, exhibit hall, many meeting rooms, and a grand arena, which is home to the best sports teams in the region. The Carver Arena is home to some of the province’s most well-known sports teams, including the Bradley University Braves basketball team and the Peoria Rivermen Southern professional hockey league.

Doesn’t sound like a tourist destination, does it? The Popular Theatre, which has 2244 seats, is the main tourist attraction in this area. It is located in the Civic Centre and hosts spectacular performances by well-known Broadway shows, incredible symphony orchestras, groovy concerts, and even ballet productions.

Relish the High-Quality low budget shows at Corn Stock Theatre

Things to do in Peoria: Theater

Some travelers may have been looking forward to drama performances, classic players, or another event, and they should be aware that these are not cheap. For most travelers, keeping a balanced budget on the trip is preferable, and for those who must stop, the con stop is preferable. Theatrical performances are an excellent way to enjoy high-quality performances on a budget. The performances are usually held five times a year. The events are held at the Bradley Park branch theatre in the winter and fall, and under a classic huge top-style tent in the summer.

This Theatre was created specifically to provide local residents with high-quality stage productions at reasonable prices, with the goal of allowing everyone to enjoy good entertainment at a low cost.

Get golfing at WeaverRidge golf club

Things to do in Peoria: Golf

Unlike most golf courses, this one was not designed with pro golfers or sporting events in mind. Although they may be held on occasion, as one of the best golf courses in Illinois, it is designed with the goal of providing golfing services to people of all skill levels in mind. WeaverRidge Golf Club was founded by hurdzan-fry in the central Illinois area, amidst the landscape of rolling Hills Anne’s first valleys.

There are golf learning centres and a warm-up driving range because it is designed for beginners and amateur golfers. Residents and tourists alike come to the Golf Club to either practise or learn the game. Everyone has to start somewhere, right? Why shouldn’t you?

Don’t miss the hidden gems in Peoria

hidden gems in Peoria
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Are you a typical tourist or an explorer of hidden gems in tourist destinations? Here are some hidden gems in Peoria, IL that you should check out. Ribbon Records is a must-visit for anyone interested in vintage clothing dating back to the 1970s, rare old books of various niches, and, most notably, classic musical records. Do you want to buy used books? Whether you are a resident student or a visitor from another country, an extensive library full of used books of all genres is appealing to all readers and learners.

Stay at Art at the Bodega if you’re an art enthusiast traveling with friends. There are many similar hidden gems to explore in Peoria that you have to find for yourself. After all, the journey is half the fun, right?

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