The big advantage of the London Eye is that the visibility is up to 40km, you can see other landmarks.

Travel Guide: Explore the United Kingdom and its History and Culture

The United Kingdom, the full name known as The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, consisted of four countries including England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. Moreover, an interesting fact is that the British are always talking about this, weather since it is changeable and unpredictable. However, it is mainly about the coded conversations in their culture as well. If you meet someone in the workplace or school, most of them start a conversation about the weather as the opening. Thus, I will give you a brief introduction to the UK which will show you some places that you MUST go and try when you are making a plan for it. (Note: COVID-19 will affect the opening time on different attractions. Please follow the Government guidelines!)

Where can I book accommodation across the United Kingdom?

If you are planning to have a wonderful night with your loved one, just check the ranking of different hotels before making a reservation. Furthermore, I have some insight regarding booking hotels as I have tried some hotel chains previously. There are several hotel chains that provide hospitable services for travelers, including Jury Inn, Premier Inn, Ibis, and Holiday Inn.

Jury Inn, chain hotel in United Kingdom
Image source: Visit Exeter
Premier Inn, chain hotel in the United Kingdom
Image source: Tripadvisor
Ibis, chain hotel in the United Kingdom
Image source:
Holiday Inn, chain hotel in the United Kingdom
Image source: IHG

Accommodation Budget

Money control is the main part of the whole trip as it can affect the quality and experience in this period. Also, living in budget hotels does not mean I would say these four hotels can fit your budget since they can provide competitive pricing levels. Jury Inn can offer a range of £35-50 per night depending on the vacation period. Ibis tends to be a business hotel and it normally offers a range of £50-99 per night. Hence, it is not a big difference between each other. That’s why I would recommend any travelers to choose affordable hotels.


If you are traveling from other countries, Heathrow Airport will be your first stop, since it is the main airport for any transfer. Wanna travel to Scotland? Just waiting for British Airways (which can offer a competite price), and take around 1hr 30mins. Wales is another spot that visitors or British normally people to go. Just take the tube to Paddington, then change a direct train to Wales.

Transportation across the whole United Kingdom is quite convenient since there are several choices, such as bus, underground and overground, light railway, or taxi.


If you are traveling to London, just take the underground and overground. You can go around for the whole from Zone 1 to Zone 9 easily. However, it is enough to travel in Zone 1 to 6 if you are a traveler. Transport For London can provide you the latest information and price comparison between caps and travelcard.

Underground map, appropriate in London
Image source: Pinterest


Ferry, bus, and train are the most common public transportation appear in Scotland. If you are walking around Edinburgh or Glasgow, you can see the light railway is the common public transportation. I have tried it before and the experience is quite good!


The buses and trains are the main transportation for everyone to explore the whole country easily.

Northern Ireland

Translink Metro and Glider is the main Belfast bus network between east and west Belfast. NI Railways, the Northern Ireland rail network offers 4 different routes and unlimited train travel tickets on Sunday only.

Drinking Water

I bet some travellers from Asian countries are quite interested in it as we can just drink straight water from the tap. Also, it can only apply to cold water instead of hot water. In the United Kingdom, hard water is a common issue that happens in each household. The figure below shows the serious issues of hard water are surrounding the southern part and the northern part got the better. If you are planning for your trip, bear in mind to know the situation under the areas.

Tap water map in the whole United Kingdom, from soft to hard water
Image source: Home Appliance Geek

Tourists Spots


In England, I think everyone wants to know about London, right? What’s your impression of London? Busy or International? London can bring you different feelings in different seasons. If it is spring, you can see the cherry blossoms near the River Thames. In Winter, you can wait for the snowy day to enjoy white winter. If you are first arriving in the United Kingdom, why not have a look at Big Ben?

England Flag
Image source: Britannica
The best place to watch cherry Blossom in London
Image source: Time Out
A snowy day in London.
Image source: City Matters

Big Ben

Big Ben is just a nickname and is known as Elizabeth Tower. The name comes from the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee. It is not just a building looking the outside, you can go inside for FREE! Remember to make a reservation through email before heading to Big Ben, otherwise, you could be rejected by the authorities. Big Ben is being restored and an estimated date from the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2022.

Night view of London Bridge
Image source: Londonist

London Eye

London Eye, located near the River Thames. It is one of the most popular paid tourist attractions and over 3 million visitors are approached annually. The big advantage of the London Eye is that the visibility is up to 40km, you can see other landmarks. NO WORRIES if you are coming as a family, each pot can contain up to 25 people, and the bench is built in the middle of it. Feel free to have a seat right there to enjoy every moment with your loved one.

London eye, one odf the popular tourist attraction
Image source: London Eye

Brighton and Hove

Brighton is not a big city, but it includes a variety of stores or restaurants that similar towns do not have. Only heard about Brighton Pier? It is a good spot but not the most attractive area for you to visit. Here I will show you some insightful experiences which locals MUST do. And I have some reminders for you! Please be aware of seagulls, one of the “dangerous disasters”, if you are carrying your food and walking on the seafront! Do not be the “luckiest” people.

Seagulls are really aggressive in the United Kingdom
Image source: The Argus

North Laine

North Laine, a popular area for shopping, dining, or chilling, whatever you want. In this area, the majority are local boutiques rather than chain stores, which can point out the uniqueness of it. I have been there before, just grabbed for a cuppa to enjoy the chilling weekend. Although the area is not very large, people love to hang out in pubs or cinemas nearby.

North Laine, one of the popluar spot in Brighton
Image source: Restaurants Brighton

Dukes at Komedia Picturehouse

My first impression of this cinema was like a club. The design is quite modern and seems not a good place for gathering with families. Here are the two-screen cinemas with food and drink, the same as normal cinemas.

Dukes at Koemdia Picturehouse, the only one cinema in North Laine, Brighton
Image source: Brighton and the cinema

Brighton Pier

Brighton Palace Pier, known as Brighton Pier, is ideal for couples and families to enjoy their special moments. It is not just a pier for you to play the Carousel, Bumper cars, or claw machine. Also, some shops sell a cone of chips or Churros if you get inside of the pier. I have a restaurant that I can recommend for you! Palm Court, the only restaurant that you can sit down at Brighton Pier. Enjoy the seaside view with your lovely Fish & Chips, fresh salads, or seafood dishes.

Brighton Pier, ideal for visitors or locals to enjoy their vacation time
Image source: The Guardian
Palm Court, chilling with your families or friends, serving with different dishes
Image source: Flickr


In Scotland, people who live in Scotland are called Scottish. Impressions from a movie or reality are brave, positive, and strong. Moreover, the winter in Scotland started a bit earlier than others, which is from mid-November till early March. If you are afraid of freeze weather, I would recommend you book your trip in summer instead. Edinburgh and Glasgow are the most historic cities which embed incredible knowledge for everyone to learn.

Scotland Flag
Image source: Low Incomes Tax Reform Group


Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, one of the safe cities for tourists to visit any landmarks without any fears. An interesting thing for you know is Edinburgh established for the old and new town. The old town and New Town were established in the 12th century (the 1130s) and 1760s respectively.

Old Town

I bet everyone should have heard about Harry Potter. The old town was associated with it as Edinburgh is the home town of J.K. Rowling, who wrote the series of Harry Potter. And The Elephant House can inspire J.K. Rowling or other famous novelists to create an amazing series of novels. If you are interested and enjoyable for a chilling afternoon, just make a reservation!

Victoria Street

One of the most photographed locations as the curve and colourful shopfronts are really amazing for tourists to take a photo. If you are walking through the street, you can find out a shop called Museum Context. This store is selling an officially licensed merchandise and basically for Potter Pilgrims to queue. Actually, the most attractive thing of this street is that they have got loads of independent shops rather than chain stores.

Victoria Street, in old town
Image source: Earth Trekkers
Museum Context, selling Harry Potter related products
Image source: TopTipEDI
The Elephant House, one of the birthplace of Harry Potter
Image source: FLUX Magazine

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle established in 1103 and now is being a paid tourist spot. If you are coming as a family, the group ticket is really attractive. That’s why it can be one of the famous spots and attract over 1 million visitors every year.

Edinburgh Castle, built on the mountain
Image source: Go Scotland Tour

New Town

New town, well structure compared with old town
Image source: E-architect


Wales, known as Cymru. Part of British are wondering Wales is like a countryside with loads of sheep. Moreover, rugby built the nationhood of Welsh, especially for their iconic ref shirt with the ref dragon flag.

Wales Flag
Image source: Country Flags


Cardiff is the capital of Wales. If you are planning to go to Cardiff, Cardiff Castle and Central market, you cannot be missed.

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle is concealed with over 2000 years of history and has become Wales’s leading heritage attraction. On the other hand, it is not just a castle. You can also find The Trebuchet to know how they use it as a weapon. If you want to have a look, remember to double-check the opening time as the window is a bit tight.

Wales Castle, a small garden in front of it
Image source: Viator

Cardiff Central Market

The original purpose was Cardiff gaol and it was suspended in 1831. In 1891, it changed to a farmer’s market and aimed at trading their farm products and livestock. The design tends to be a Victorian structure and offers a unique shopping experience that other stores cannot provide. Oppositely, it is no longer selling livestock, replaced with stalls for selling boutiques and restaurants.

Central Market, tends to sell boutiques and restaurants
Image source: WalesOnline

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland does not have a long history compared with other parts of the United Kingdom. Also, it was created in 1921 and is separated from Ireland.

Northern Ireland Flag
Image source: Britannica


Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland. If you are a big lover of shipbuilding, you should not miss it. In the early 1900s, Belfast mainly produced linen and tobacco. Moreover, it is also the home of the greatest shipbuilders Harland & Wolff. As a result, you can only discover the story of the Titanic in Belfast.

Titanic Belfast

Titanic Belfast, which is one of the world’s leading attractions, talks about the story of Titanic. Also, it is located here as it is situated at the birthplace of the RMS Titanic. If you are paying attention to the design, the architecture is like the archetype of the Titanic. When you go inside, you can find the glass escalators to link each level. It is one of the largest Titanic gallery exhibitions around the world.

Titanic Belfast, which is one of the world's leading attractions, talks about the story of Titanic.
Image source: Golfnet

St. Georges Market

St. Georges Market was built between 1890 and 1986, and the original idea was an open market. And now, it has become a varied market with over 300 traders selling different products. Here is interesting knowledge about the Friday market. The time will go back to 1604 and selling some vegetables, livestocks, and appeals.

St. Georges Market was built between 1890 and 1986, and the original idea was an open market. And now, it has become a varied market with over 300 traders selling different products.
Image source: Ourweetrips


The United Kingdom is an amazing country for us to explore, not only the history of geography. It is combined with four countries with different languages, and the culture is becoming integrated in these years.

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