Adelaide, Australia

Travel Guide to Adelaide, Australia: Parks, Gardens, and Museums

Adelaide is located on the Adelaide Plain, north of the Fulreux Peninsula, between the Gulf of St. Vincent to the west and the Lofty Mountains to the east. The city stretches 20 km (12 miles) from the coast to the foothills of the Lofty Mountains and 96 km (60 miles) from Golar in the north to Celix Beach in the south.


Named in honor of Queen Adelaide, the city was founded in 1836 as the planned capital of the only British state to freely settle in Australia. Colonel William Light, one of the founders of Adelaide, designed the city center and chose a location near the Torrens River. The lighting project, now national heritage, places the city center in a network called “Vision of Light”, punctuated by wide avenues and public squares, vast and surrounded by parks.
Colonial Adelaide was originally shaped by the diversity and abundance of free settlers, unlike the stories of prisoners in other Australian cities. Until the post-war period, it was the third-most populous city in Australia. Known as an excellent example of religious freedom and progressive political reform, it is known as the “Church City” because of the diversity of its beliefs.

Things to do in Adelaide

Today, Adelaide is famous for numerous festivals and sports, food and wine, coastal and hilly events, and major manufacturing and defense industries. Adelaide’s quality of life has consistently ranked at the top of various indicators throughout the 21st century.
As the government and commercial center of South Australia, Adelaide is home to numerous government and financial institutions. Most of them are concentrated downtown along the Avenue of Culture at North Terrace and King William Street.

Take a Stroll in Adelaide botanic garden

Adelaide botanic garden
by Wikipedia

Established back in 1857, it was modeled after The Royal Garden of Kew in England. With an area of around 51 hectares, Adelaide Botanic Garden is famously known for the varieties of flora cared for in this place.

The Botanic Garden is known for being a site of historical importance. When you take a look around the area, you will find some structures dating back to the 19th century, like the palm house.

If you take time to research this area, you will find out about the ‘rose trials’. It is a competition to determine the best cared for roses of the yield, which is judged 10 rosarians, a ‘rosarian’ being the title of the jury member of the trial.

Other than the variety of flora present in the Observatory, some of the best features of this place comprise the bicentennial Conservatory and the Museum of botany.

The ‘bicentennial Conservatory’ is where most of the endangered species of flora are preserved and looked after, and the ‘Museum of botany’ mainly focuses on the plants that are more valuable economically than other plants found here.

Adore the charming sights of Glenelg

Glenegl beach Adelaide
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If you are touring the city and find yourself desiring a place to relax and have recreational activities along with your friends and family, then Glenelg is a perfectly fine family-friendly recreational area and seaside resort. This place offers great views as well as many attractions that you might find to your liking.

Glenelg is quite historically important to South Australia as it is known for hosting the oldest European territory in the region.

If you take a stroll around the area without even the need for a travel guide, you will find yourself admiring the ancient architecture of the centenary memorial and Stormont house. Alternatively, you can choose to visit the Glenelg town Hall as well, which is now in public use. It has a great value historically to all of South Australia.

There is a big discovery center which is a small Gallery known for displaying historical artifacts and preserving them, as well as the area around Glenelg and South Australia.

One of the best ways to travel is asking locals about the most visited places in the area which might lead you to some of the hidden gems one of them is the ’Glenelg tram’ which is working just fine after some, restoration even after all this time.

Find Spiritual Balance at Himeji Garden

Adelaide- Himeji garden
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As a habitual traveler, I can tell you that the usual ways to go to any place include museum hopping, enjoying the most well-known attractions of the city, going to events held around various corners of your travel destination, going to bars meeting, and making friends with the locals, etc.

However, when you feel yourself physically and mentally drained from hopping from one attraction to another, you might find yourself desiring some peace.

Now, the problem arises, as most of the cities around the globe are densely populated, which makes finding some peace and alone time a bit hard and problematic.

Well, worry not, let me lead you to the best place to find peace in Adelaide, Himeji Garden.

Before you get into this, the first thing you need to know about this place is that it is a Japanese-style garden designed in Kare Senzui enjoy and Senzui ways.

Confused? Well, Kare Senzui means the desert style and Senzui means mountain and lake style of Japanese garden design.

You might not have personally been to any Japanese garden, but you must have seen such a sight in one of the samurai movies, perhaps in the old The Karate Kid movie when Daniel visits Japan along with his Sensei?

The Himeji garden features Zen Rock Garden, Koi Pond, and edifices carved in Japanese style, presenting an exotic tourist hub.

If you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends and find some quiet time, then you can choose to meditate here while bird watching or even enjoy a picnic. Kindly be mindful of not making much noise, as there might be other people meditating in the area as well.

If you are genuinely interested in Japanese culture or perhaps are a Japanese citizen yourself, then you might consider taking a stroll in the beautifully designed gardens to find some peace and mental balance away from the rush of urban chaos.

Why Not Try Taking a Guided Walking Tour?

In most of the travel destinations around the world, you will find guided walking tours offered by local companies.

Now, you might choose to take a self-guided tour around the city, if you feel confident in not getting lost and if you have thoroughly researched the sites.

However, if you are the kind of traveler that enjoys enjoyment in being negative of the historical values of the places you visit along with a group of like-minded tourists taking pictures along the way, then joining a walking tour of Adelaide might be a good idea for you.

You can research the best walking tours offered in Adelaide through the official sites of touring companies of Adelaide, or, you can ask around the area, mingle with the locals, and find out about the best walking tours that you might be able to join.

I recommend that you do some research on your own, then ask the locals about the best touring companies in the city.

Asking for help from the locals is always a good idea. Some may not be as helpful as others, but the ones that do help will help you save a lot of your time and energy. They might even tell you the hidden gems that you might consider visiting as well.

Mingle with Koalas at Cleland Park

Cleland national park
by Adelaide sightseeing

Do you find yourself passionate about environmental activism and natural preservation?

Cleland conservation park is top destination to travel for nature lovers.

Some of the best features of the park comprise Mount lofty, which is famous for being the best spot for observing the urban sites of Adelaide, Waterfall Gully reserve, and Cleland wildlife park.

The main attraction of the waterfall gully is that there is, as the name suggests, a waterfall hidden in this area. The Cleveland wildlife park is known for containing different varieties of aboriginal Australian wildlife in this region.

Although it is a short trip of 20 minutes away from the city, if you use a rental car service 20 minutes, it can easily be done. It is a famous travel hub for tourists from near and far, to enjoy the beautiful sights and do recreational activities with your friends and families.

Inspiring North Terrace Cultural Precinct

North terrace culture precinct
by the city of Adelaide

The first thing to take note of before you go touring this place is, you need to have a lot of time on your hand to start this short journey. To properly admire all the attractions of this tour, it is going to take some time, considering the fact that you will be clicking a lot of pictures too.

The store is the State Library of South Australia, the Art Gallery of South Australia, and the SA museum, including the University of Adelaide, as well and comprises a myriad of historical structures dating back to as early as the 19th century.

The Art Gallery of South Australia contains and displays pieces of art found not only in Adelaide but in the whole province,, it comprises classical arts aboriginal art to modern art as well.

South Australia Museum is one of the best places to visit in Adelaide. You’ll be thrilled to have toured it, as it contains the largest collection of native Australian artifacts and crafts in the entire world. It also features the megafauna Gallery.

As you might have guessed, Megafauna Gallery focuses on preserving and exhibiting documents and fossils related to the wildlife of ancient Australia.

Visit Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute

Visit Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute
by Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute

You might have been to many galleries before, attended some special events around the globe, but Tandanya National Aboriginal Culture Institute focuses solely on preserving and exhibiting the rich Aboriginal cultural and traditional history of Australia.

It can be an excellent place to visit in Adelaide if you are a history buff or a curious-minded person willing to thoroughly get to know the traditional and cultural aspects of Australia.

This Institute offers many guided tours for students of schools and universities and tourists, both local and foreign, led by a knowledgeable guide that narrates the significance of art pieces and artifacts, and items displayed on the exhibit.

Take a bite of the local delicacy in the Central Market

The title of Food Hub of Adelaide in Australia is claimed by the Central Market of the city.

It is famously known for being one of the biggest fresh food markets in all of Australia. About 80 stalls can be found operating under the same roof at this site.

While this place is better known for being a fresh food hub, there is a myriad of interesting events organized in this place to gather more customers in this area as well.

If you are planning a stay for some time in the city, then you might need fresh produce to make food, obviously. This means you have a good excuse to take a stroll around the area, checking out the high-quality fruits and vegetables, some of which may even be rare in the food marts of your local vicinity. And if you want, then there will even be gourmet cheese of different qualities.

National Railway Museum

National Railway Museum adelaide
by National Railway Museum, Adelaide

If you are an old-timer or a millennial, then you might remember the days of buying toy trains when smartphones and social media were not a technological trend.

Those were the days, right?

Well, what if I tell you, you can relive your childhood memories once again?

The National Railway Museum in Adelaide focuses mainly on the history of Australian railways while preserving the machinery items related to trains and exhibiting the grandiose machinery, dating back to the beginnings of railway technology many decades ago.

To convince you of the coolness of the collection at the National Railway Museum of Adelaide, let me tell you about the fact that it houses more than 100 exhibitions all comprising artifacts and machinery of the same genre.

A 457 gauge railway is one of the most interesting things on display.


If you are traveling with the family, then this site should be around the top of your to-do list for touring around Adelaide, as your kids will definitely fall in love with this site.

Adelaide is one of the best travel destinations in Australia that offers a myriad range of attractions, from natural conservation sites to botanical gardens and walking tours to historical structures found aplenty in this city.

Popular galleries like the SA Museum and the Art Gallery of South Australia are some of the places curious minds might want to visit.

Finding like-minded travel partners on walking tours, feeling spiritually balanced at Himeji garden, meeting Koalas at Cleveland conservation park, admiring aboriginal art, which is globally popular, at Tandanya National aboriginal cultural Institute, the list goes on and on for things to do in Adelaide, Australia.

If you find yourself traveling to Adelaide, then I hope you compose a list of the best places to visit in Adelaide. 

Go on explorer, happy travels!

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