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Travel Guide: Meghalaya is the Perfect Tourist Destination (The Abode of Clouds)



Meghalaya – A Perfect Tourist Destination

Meghalaya is one of the most beautiful states in Eastern India, and is a popular destination for tourists. Meghalaya is also known as The Abode of Clouds. It is a word derived from the Sanskrit words ‘Megha’ – cloud’ and ‘Alaya – Abode. One of the reasons why tourists long to visit this place is due to its ideal climatic conditions, which are neither

Meghalaya, one of the most beautiful states in Eastern India, is a popular destination for tourists. Meghalaya is also known as The Abode of Clouds. It is word derived from Sanskrit word ‘megha’ – cloud and ‘alaya – Abode and. One of the reasons due to which tourists long to visit this place is due to its ideal climatic condition which is neither extremely hot nor extremely cold.

Meghalaya’s mild climate makes it an ideal destination for individuals who prefer to enjoy a holiday in moderate conditions. Pleasant weather makes Meghalaya’s a must visit place.

Beside moderate and pleasant climate, Meghalaya is also known for  its beautiful landscapes surrounded by lush greenery and sylvan hills. It is also the home of astounding waterfalls, lakes, magnificent mountains, wonderful caves and many calm and serene places which are less explored.

If you want to visit the beautiful places in Meghalaya and spend some time in the lap of nature, then put all your worries and schedules on hold and explore Meghalaya at the fullest. If you are planning to travel Meghalaya. we have created detailed travel plan for you made by our travel experts .If you already have a travel plan, we can customize it to suit your needs and budget to the best of our ability.


Best Places to Visit in Meghalaya 

Krangsuri Falls

Meghalaya is a land with natural splendor and is surrounded by Sylvan hills with lush greenery and stunning scenery; breathtaking mountains, stunning waterfalls, beautiful caves, and stunning lakes are just a few of the major attractions of  Meghalaya. Besides this, there are riverside camping and many other exciting activities, which attract more tourists every year to come to Meghalaya.

In simple words, Meghalaya Tour Packages has a lot to offer to all visitors, from family vacations to adventurous trips. Here are the most beautiful destinations in Meghalaya to visit  with your family, friends, or loved ones:


Shillong is among the most sought-after tourist destinations in Meghalaya and for a good reason. The stunning beauty of the area as well as the climate and hills are just a few reasons you should plan a trip to Meghalaya and include Shillong to your itinerary.


Cherrapunji is visited largely by tourists from across India and other countries. It is home to popular   waterfalls, caves, root bridges, etc. It receives one of the world‘s largest rainfall. Famous places to visit in Cherrapunji are Nohkalikai Falls, Seven Sister Falls, Dainthlen Falls and Mawsmai Caves.

Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls gets its name from the stone that is at its base which resembled like an elephant. It’s one of the most popular tourist spots in Shillong and has three tier waterfalls. It is an amazing sight and you’ll never be bored of taking photos of these amazing waterfalls! Monsoon is the ideal time to visit Elephant Falls as during this time the waterfalls real beauty can be seen.

Double Decker Living Root Bridge

This Double Decker Living Root Bridge is in Nongriat Village, Cherrapunji and is one of the most remarkable places of Meghalaya. The bridge is constructed by the roots from the Indian rubber tree. It will require you to trek down around 3 hours to the reach the exact spot. The whole trek takes around 5-6 hours but it is worth it considering the astounding beauty of the root bridge.

Dawki, Meghalaya.

A little over an hour to the east of Mawlynnong is a small and beautiful town, Dawki which is situated on the West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya. The town of Dawki is worth a visit for its beautiful emerald Umngot River. Travellers love to do boating in this river. While boating you can see the river bed from the surface of the water.

Boating is done from one end of Dawki to another end of Bangladesh Border. If you are driving between Mawlynnong to Dawki make sure to stop at breathtaking Bophill Falls along the way.

Shnongpdeng village, is just a short distance from Dawki and is an ideal location for camping and adventure activities.

Krang Suri Falls

Krangsuri is one of the most unique waterfalls of Meghalaya. The blue waterfall give stunning look  which gives give rainbow colour view to the spectators. Once you reach there you cannot stop yourself from taking a cool dip in the shallow water near the shore below the falls. This amazing waterfall is located near Jowai. It takes approximately one hour to reach Krangsuri Falls from Dawki. Entry tickets are Rs.50/- You can fully enjoy the swimming only when you are wearing life jacket and under the supervision of expert.

Mawphlang Villge

It takes around 45 minutes drive from Shillong to reach the beautiful village of Mawphlang. It is home to Mawphlang Forest where you will witness different plant species including medicinal plants. There is also a Khasi Heritage Village which showcase the culture and lifestyle of the local Khasi Tribe.

If you are an adventure enthusiast you go for a trekking through the David Scott trails from Mawphlang to Lad Mawphlang. It’s a part of an older horse trail that dates back to the British period.

Laitlum Canyons

You can go for a day tour to Laitlum Canyons, where you’ll be feeling like you’ve reached the top of the world. The gigantic canyons under the sky look stunning especially during the sunrise and sunset. People love to spend time at the canyons. If you are able to tear yourself away from the vast expanse of the gorge, you’ll be able to climb a steep staircase to reach the town of Rasong.

The roughly 350 inhabitants of the village depend on a simple cable pulley for transporting food items and other necessities across the valley.

Wonderful Caves

Meghalaya is an ideal place to go for caving in India. There are many caves within the state and the most recent discovered is the longest sandstone cave world (Krem Puri, located in the Mawsynram region of the East Khasi Hills).

Mawsmai Cave:

The most frequently visited cave is Mawsmai Cave close to Cherrapunji. Only the front part of the cave is open to tourists and is illuminated with lights.

Garden of Caves:

It is another beautiful cave, near Laitmawsiang village, on the route to Cherrapunji which is stunning and includes waterfalls.

Arwah Cave:

It is also explored within the region and is famous for its fossils from the prehistoric period. The other caves are harder to explore and can be ideal for caving expeditions that use the right equipment for caving.

Best Places to Stay in Meghalaya

When you come to Meghalaya for tour you will get multiple stay options depending on your choice either you would like to stay in resorts, deluxe hotels or economical lodge. Depending on how much you want to spend on stay and in which place of Meghalaya, we can provide you with booking of the hotels in a most hassle free manner.

Best Resorts in Meghalaya

Some of the best resort and hotels that you will find in Meghalaya are:


Hotel Holiday Hills, Orange Homestay, Hotel Sapphire, The Golf Retreat


Hotel Labana, Aisha Guesthouse, The Cresent Hotel, Cafe Cherrapunji,


Betelnut Resort, Kajaawa Private Camping


Hotel Polo Tower, M-Crown Hotel, Ri Kynjai Hotel, HOTEL HEIGA VNS


Polo Orchid Resort, Jiva Resort,

Cherrapunjee Holiday Resort


Hotel Blue pine, Nalgre Guest House,

Hotel Rainbow, Sky View Guest House


Abobe of clouds,

Amazing Resort, Cordial Lodge,

JMS LodgeBest Hotels and Homestays

Camping in Meghalaya

Shnongpdeng Dawki Campsite
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Apart from staying in hotels and resorts, in Meghalaya you will find many places where you can do camping. Some of the famous camping sites are as follows:

Sohbar Riverside Camping:  It is located about 18kms from Cherrapunjee.

Shnongpdeng, Dawki Riverside Camping: It is located about 8kms from Dawki.

Nongriat Camping: It is around 3km from Cherrapunjee

Beside these places, many other places in Meghlaya offer camping services such as Krangsuri,Nongjrong Mawsynram, Mawmluh, etc

You can get an idea about camping and essential gears here: Camping and Road Trip Gear Essentials.

Weather in Meghalaya

As weather in Meghalaya remain pleasant throughout the year each season has its own significance depending on the time during which you want to visit.

January to March: Weather remains cool during these months.

April to June: Weather remains warm to hot followed by some rainfall.

July to September: During these months Meghalaya receives heavy rainfall and tourist flow is on rise because of greenery. Waterfalls also look stunning during this period.

October to December: From October weather remains little warm during daytime and cold during morning and during the night the weather remains fully cold until it reaches December.

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

As I mentioned above, the climatic conditions of Meghalaya. Even if you want to visit and explore the original beauty of the Meghalaya, I would suggest coming between May and July.

How to Reach Meghalaya

There are several ways to reach Meghalaya.

By Air: Meghalaya has poor air connectivity. At present Shillong Airport is currently connected with two places of India, Kolkata and Delhi. From other places if you want to come by flight you have to come to Guwahati Airport and you have to cover a distance of 124 km on road to reach Shillong.

By Train: Meghalaya has a hilly terrain and there is no railway connection to Meghalaya. Even if you want to come through rail you can come till Guwahati Railway Station after that you have to come through the roadway to reach Meghalaya.

By Road: Meghalaya is connected with all the major highways of India. If you want to reach Meghalaya by road you can easily drive through the national highway and reach Guwahati from where it takes around 3 hours to reach Shillong. You can reach Meghalaya by Bus, by SUV vehicles, Sedan Car,Hatchback or Tata Sumo from Guwahati. For hassle-free travel, you can book online Guwahati to Shillong Taxi, which will make the journey by road easy.

Markets in Meghalaya

There are different markets in Meghalaya such as Bara Bazar, Police Bazar, Polo, Laitumkrah, Neighrims Region, etc

Bara Bazar: This is the biggest groceries market of Meghalaya for vegetables, fishes ,meats, fruits, etc. and also for the markets of other products such as shoes, garments, home utility products, etc.

The Bara Bazar market alone covers the needs of above-mentioned items of other district of Meghalaya as well as some other states of neighboring Meghalaya.

Police Bazar: This is the heart of city Shillong as many people coming from other states stop at Police Bazar mostly known as P.B., some of the famous markets of Police Bazar are:

Glory’s Plaza, Meghalaya Urban Market, Fancy Market crescent plaza, Deedar Market, and currently so many markets construction is underway.  Vishal Mega Mart, Reliance Trends, etc are some of the biggest malls you will find in Police Bazar. This market is ideal for purchasing clothes, accessories, fashionable items, and luxurious goods, sweets shops, cakes, and biscuit shop and for multi cuisine Restaurants, etc.

Laitumkrah: This is one of the most expensive market areas of Meghalaya. Most of the educational institutions and hospitals are established here, which makes this a highly demanded market after Police Bazar

Polo, Neighrims: This area is under fast development. This area is going to be the biggest market hub of Shillong within a half-decade because this area is developing fast.

Travel Tips in Meghalaya:

Whenever you come to Meghalaya for sightseeing or any other purpose always carry some warm clothes, umbrella and some waterproof footwear because any time there can be rainfall. As soon the rain starts the weather becomes cold. If you are solo traveler or are in group always reserve full cab , this will be a time saver and hassle-free.

Explore the best of Meghalaya with Meghalaya Tour Packages and enjoy the tour to the fullest.

Frequently Asked Questions Meghalaya

Question: Is Meghalaya a safe place?

Answer: Yes Meghalaya is a safe place. That’s why thousands of tourists from different places of India and across the world visit and witness the beauty of Meghalaya.

Question: What is the best time to visit Meghalaya?

Answer: You can visit any month in Meghalaya, but the best time is May- July as at this time the greenery and waterfalls look beautiful.

Question: What are the famous Places to visit in Meghalaya?

Answer: As Meghalaya is full of natural beauty every place in Meghalaya has its own significance.

Some of the world-famous places of Meghalaya is Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Dawki, Krangsuri, Mawlynnong, Mawlyngbna, Mawphlang, Nongriat, Mawryngkhang,  and Nongkhnum Island, Shillong Peak, etc

 Question: Is Meghalaya a cold region?

Answer: Meghalaya has a perfect climate throughout the year. Moreover, it is too hot nor too cold.

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