Travel Guide: Panorama of the Most Beautiful Brazilian Beaches

Seven thousand kilometres of Brazil belong to the beach and most of them offer the true slice of paradise. Under the crown of Rio’s famous Copacabana, beach culture is the special etiquette of Brazil. It’s the way to understand the Brazilian lifestyle that prioritizes the beach.

Brazilian beaches create a necklace of stunning landscapes and hidden gems. Copacabana and Ipanema in Rio cover the leading point of the large sandy coastline.

The beach is the place for rich and poor where they happily blend. The traditional local phrase “Have a good beach“ or “tenha una boa praia“ is like the greeting here. The beach is a synonym of a good day, so this phrase replaces „have a good day“.

Beaches of Rio

Rio de Janeiro is a stunning city and what more can give the perfect image than its beaches. Surely, Copacabana and Ipanema found the proper place in the songs and worldly catalogues.

The aerial view of the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro
The aerial view of the famous Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro- Credit:

It’s the mountains around that offer the pleasure of picturesque vibes. It’s the people that live on the beach, in Rio more than anywhere in the world. New Year’s Eve at Copacabana is even one of the most famed places to visit during this time of the year. After, Rio carnival, its beaches describe the essence that belongs to Rio.


In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, this is the beach where urban and wild go hand in hand. Copacabana is on the itinerary of every person that visits Rio for a reason.

The promenade of Copacabana is filled with beach bars, restaurants and hotels. Two historical forts fit into this puzzle. One of them includes a military museum. Locals come here to enjoy water sports. Beach volleyball and football have equal popularity here.

The best entertainment in Rio finds place at Copacabana, where spontaneous parties are the rule. The most famous Brazilian alcoholic drink, the Caipirinha, leads the choice here. After sunset, Copacabana covers the panorama of social activities, even the concerts.


More peaceful than Copacabana but still pretty urban, Ipanema is praised in the song Girl from Ipanema. Long white sand lies on the threshold on the artistically decorated promenade, particularly its pavement.

Beautiful Ipanema beach in Rio with its mosaics
Beautiful Ipanema beach in Rio with its mosaics- Credit:

This is the place to feel the local vibe but also the touch of one of the richest neighbourhoods in Rio. Ipanema frames the colourful labyrinth of art galleries, theatres and clubs.

The small canal divides Ipanema from another beach of celebrities, Leblon.


Joatinga is a small beach where surfers will find their paradise on a secluded piece of land. It can be reached only during low tide, as in the opposite case the sand disappears.

Lovely little bay Joatinga in Rio
Lovely little bay Joatinga in Rio- Credit:

It’s one of the prettiest beaches in Rio, ideal for hanging out with friends. Walking down the rocks is the only way to get here. Luxurious villas and resorts embrace the cliffs above the beach.

Vermelha Beach

Vermelha beach or the Red beach is located just at the corner of Sugar Loaf Mountain. The picturesque landscape thus creates the scenic photo spots. It’s especially popular with locals and families with kids as the waves are almost non-existent.

Aerial view of Vermelha beach in Rio
Aerial view of Vermelha beach in Rio- Credit:

Beach vendors are pretty rare, so it’s the loveliest spot to absorb the seaside. It’s one of the safest beaches in Rio due to the military base nearby.
Historical monuments decorate Praia Vermelha like the one by the French compositor Chopin.

Prainha Beach (Little Beach)

This secluded beach touches the lovely hills without many crowds. Public transportation doesn’t reach the beach, which covers not infrastructure. The stunning seaside colours make it one of the prettiest beaches in Rio.

Forno Beach

Forno Beach lies on the Buzios peninsula embraced by the dense forest. Incredible water colours with the little touch of civilization create a lovely fairy tale. The colour of the sand turns red and that’s why the name- Oven’s beach in English. This semi-circular beach can get quite hot.

The stunning colours of the Forno beach in Rio
The stunning colours of the Forno beach in Rio- Credit:

The Beaches of Sao Paolo

Though the closest beach of this megapolis lies at least 80 km away, some of them are the paradise of the unparalleled beauty. Most of them are located within an easy drive by bus. The pristine touch of Ilha Bella shines with a special spell of magic.

One of the most stunning things about Sao Paolo beaches are the surrounding peaks of the mountain range Serra do Mar. This large nature escape is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Guarujá is the closest coastal town to Sao Paolo, within approximately 2h of distance. A lovely urban jungle hosts 27 stunning beaches. Pitanguerias and Enseada are the two central beaches which are quite packed during the weekend.

Tombo beach covers the central area where tranquile vibes prevail. A lovely promenade embraces the beach with several food stops. Ideal for surfers due to the big waves, Tombo beach also attracts many families with children at its quiet corners.

Ilha de Bella

The stunning archipelago of Ilha Bella brings the words vacations and relaxation in its essence. The ferry from Sao Sebastiano leads to the fabulous world of Ilha Bella.

The marvellous beaches of Ilha Bella surround the hilly jungle full of colours and flowers. Decorated with waterfalls, this hilly heart offers plenty of discoveries.

The northern beaches of Ilha Bella show a fascinating beauty. Castelhanos beach is a heart-shaped beach touching the shore in turquoise colours and a large area. The remoteness of the beach distinguishes several family-owned kiosks. The dense forest gently touches its corners, guiding the trail to the waterfalls.

The heart-shaped Castelhanos beach at Ilha bella in Brazil
The heart-shaped Castelhanos beach at Ilha bella in Brazil- Credit:

Portinho beach is a gracious slice of heaven, only 60m long. It’s set inside of the Ecological Sanctuary, where diving is a favourite activity.

Praia do Pereque is a picturesque treasure of views, located in the centre. Water sports activities intertwine with the beach bars to absolute delight.

The Beaches of Ubatuba

The northernmost town at the coastal wing of Sao Paolo is the rich viewpoint of tropical beaches. The central beach is just a shadow of the many fascinating beaches in the vicinity. Itamambuca is a charming village and the perfect base for the nearby gorgeous beaches.

Northeastern Beaches of Brazil

The Northeast of Brazil bursts with the treasure of fascinating beaches, the majority of them. The abundance of the Brasilian Northeast covers the beaches for all tastes and ages.


Jericoacoara has a reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In recent years, it has become a popular tourist spot for many visitors across the globe.

The sand dunes and turquoise sea fill the air of the national park where Jericoacoara is located. The easiest way to reach Jericoacoara is by taking a bus from the Fortalezza, which is 300 km away.

The stunning colours of Jericoacoara beach
The stunning colours of Jericoacoara beach- Credit:

The name itself belongs to the native language with the meaning „the lair of the turtle“. The locals most often call it just Jeri.

Street lights are not allowed due to the fact that electricity arrived in 2000. The prevention of pollution is also the reason behind it.

Watersports like windsurfing or kite-surfing intertwine with sunset watching, especially at the Sunset Dune. Lagoa do Paraíso is a fascinating river of turquoise water filled with hammocks.

Porto de Galinhas Beach, Pernambuco

Porto de Galinhas is a small beach town near Recife in the state of Pernambuco. The stunning beaches delight the air with colours and natural pools. Porto de Galinhas beach stretches on a large line of sand as the most famous beach here.

Porto de Galinhas beach filled with boats and amazing colours
Porto de Galinhas beach filled with boats and amazing colours- Credit:

The highlight of the visit includes the beautiful reefs which are available only at very low tide.

The nearby Maracaipe and lovely Praia dos Carneiros cover another palette of incredible beach colours.

Ilha Do Amor Beach in Alter Do Chão, Para

Alter do Chão is a lovely town in the Amazon forest on the peninsula, only reachable by boat. Maybe here hides the reason for some of the prettiest Brasilian beaches.

Aerial view of the peninsula Alter do Chao
Aerial view of the peninsula Alter do Chao- Credit:

Among the numerous sandy beaches, the most famous is Ilha do Amor. This place is a feast for the eye with dense forest and small restaurants.

Bahia State

The abundance of beaches near the city of Salvador create the „land of happiness“. Bahia is known for its Carnival celebrations but also for the slave trade passing from Africa.

The colourful Bahia is the home to Capoeira dance and Folkloric Local Ballet.

Praia do Espelho or Mirror Beach is one of the most fascinating natural wonders in Bahia. It’s a place where amazing cliffs intertwine with natural pools.  Espelho in Portuguese means mirror, because the beach gets special reflections during low tides. The beach is pretty remote and requires a solid hike to get there. This large beach covers the enchanting palm trees and several kiosks with snacks.

The crystal clear waters of Praia do espelho
The crystal clear waters of Praia do espelho- Credit:

Quarta Praia in Bahia is a large beach abundant with forest nearby and crystal clear water. The whole town of Morro de São Paulo embraces the fabulous beaches named by the numbers.

Fernando de Noronha Archipelago

Fernando de Noronha is a volcanic archipelago in the Atlantic ocean, about 350 km from the Brazilian coast. This lovely palette of 21 islands includes only the main one inhabited. The islands belong to the State of Preambuco, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The stunning views and rocks of Fernando de Noronha archipelago
The stunning views and rocks of Fernando de Noronha archipelago- Credit:

The crystal clear waters of the archipelago are divided between the wild waters of Mar de Fora (Outside sea) and the peaceful beaches of Mar Adentro (Sea within).

The easiest way to reach the archipelago is by flight from Recife or Natal. The very popular snorkelling here gives you the chance to capture sea turtles, dolphins and sharks.

The most fascinating beaches of the archipelago include Baía do Sancho, Baía do Sueste, Praia do Atalaia. Praia do Atalaia creates the natural pools the thin volcanic rocks. Baia do Porcos is one of the smallest beaches within the fabulous panorama of colours and islets.

Southern Beaches

The southern beaches compress the gaucho land, bringing the cowboys as the main characters here. The city of Florianópolis in the state of Santa Caterina twists perfectly with the visit to Iguassu Falls.

Santa Catarina island is one of the most popular tourist spots tourist the southern corner. It’s connected to the mainland by three bridges and its capital, Florianopolis, is a lovely colonial city.

Lovely decorations at Praia do Rosa in the soth of Brazil
Lovely decorations at Praia do Rosa in the soth of Brazil- Credit:

The colder climate enveloped with European vibes in Brazil offers the best enjoyment for surfers and wildlife enthusiasts during the summer.

Praia do Rosa

Praia do Rosa enjoys the reputation as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It stretches 90 km south of Florianópolis in the town of Imbituba.

This crescent-shaped bay covers less than 2 km, set in the embrace of green hills and two lagoons in the middle. Praia do Rosa is a surfing paradise where whale watching attracts visitors.

Praia do Rosa is a place with untouched nature, boutique hotels and a rustic feel. Actually, Praia do Rosa satisfies all budgets.

The neighbouring beaches enjoy the enticing vibes.

Praia Vermelha is a small beach where reddish stones characterize the atmosphere. Praia do Ouvidor is a quiet beach where crystal clear waters delight the Garopaba town. Ibiraquera beach is a large beach where surfing lovers get their piece of cake. A small adjacent island makes it very picturesque, together with the sand dunes.

Guarita Beach in Torres

The city of Torres with Guarita beach lies in the most southern corner of Brazil. Torres is a charming town for all tastes and its beaches are pretty popular with families. The cliffs of volcanic origin (towers) that surround the coastline gave the name to the place.

Guarita beach is the most beautiful beach in Torres where rocky hills frame the image of the place. It’s located in Guarita state park, which has environmental value.

Beach Culture in Brazil

It’s a living secret that the beach is an inevitable part of the Brazilian lifestyle. The beach isn’t a place to enjoy the vacation, it’s a place to socialize. The beach is a place to show yourself in a minimalist mode.

That’s why even the towel is not a necessary item. Canga, which is a Brazilian word for sarong or pareo, can substitute anything you need on the beach. The only clothing you will need is actually a bikini.

Girl with the Brazilian flag on the beach
Girl with the Brazilian flag on the beach- Credit:

The beach is not a place to have a picnic with your own food. Many beach vendors will satisfy your taste with affordable prices. The choice is large, with an acai cup, seasoned cheese on a stick or empanadas.

Probably the most valuable piece of advice is not to leave your stuff unattended as it could disappear.

Conclusion- The Fascinating Beaches of Brazil

The beach is a place to enjoy the moment, to catch the day. It’s something very essential to Brazilian culture, something that stays in its own light. The off-beaten Brazil definitely give praise to the beach.

The gorgeous Copacabana may be the crown, but the palette of Brasilian beaches belongs to diverse weather conditions. Brazilian beaches are divine captures where natural wonders unity in the beauty. The beach is a place where sunset initiates the party. It’s the way to cheer up the Brasilian mindset that lives on the sea.


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