Travel Guide: Planning A Ten-Day Trip Across England and Scotland

If you are planning on traveling to the United Kingdom, which part are you looking for? Wales? England? Scotland or Northern Ireland? For me, I will try to make use of the ten-day trip to walk through England and Scotland. During the summer or winter vacation, people are ready to travel and the United Kingdom would be one of the ideal places to relax. Furthermore, I have been studying in the UK for over 4 years, which can provide a comprehensive background for you before heading to this amazing country. This blog will provide you with insights on the whole schedule and where you can gather the information accurately.

What information is needed for the trip?

I would say the weather is the main concern when you are traveling in the UK. The heavy and persistent rainy days are a bit annoying during July and August. Make sure to prepare enough clothing and jackets before your trip. Moreover, I got some apps that are ideal for checking transportation and the weather.

Tube Map

If you are planning to visit London on your trip, I highly recommend that you MUST download this fantastic app beforehand. The Tube Map includes loads of functions, such as route planner, line status, and the whole map. Do not worry about being using this app for the first time. It is easy to use and save the routes on your journey.

Tube Map London icon. The colour of brown, green red and black regarding different lines.
Image source: APKFab


You can use Trainline to purchase a train ticket whenever you want. The big advantage is that you can find the cheapest ticket and live updates on your routine. In the meantime, you can purchase an open-return ticket if you would like to stay longer. Furthermore, you can go to the majority of cities or towns by taking trains, so this app would be a useful one for you to have a well-planned trip. (Tips: Try to book your tickets on the app instead of websites as sometimes it might be a bit cheaper.)

the icon of trainline, using green colour as the background. The heart is in front of trainline.
Image source:

Met Office

The Met Office is an official UK government website that provides accurate weather information every day. You can just search for a place and make the forecast in the next seven days. Also, some alerts will be sent to you immediately, which is really good for you to prevent some extreme weather before the trip.

The icon of the Met Office, their logo, is mixed with black and green colours.
Image source: Met Office

The routines of a ten-day trip

Day 1: London Trip

Hopefully, you can arrive at Heathrow Airport in the morning as you can make use of the whole day to explore this fantastic capital. If you are ready to take the Heathrow Express, the first thing is to go to the ticket machines or collect your ticket which was purchased in advance. Heathrow Express is extremely fast to connect with London Paddington and Terminal 2, 3, 4 & 5. Please read the timetable before heading to the station. Also, London Paddington is a prime location for accommodation because you can connect to four different lines easily.

The international arrivals terminal in Heathrow Airport.
Image source: The Guardian
Heathrow Express Train to London Paddington. Some ticket machines are putting there.
Image source: Heathrow Express

After the bag is dropped, you can head to the Borough Market if you have enough energy. There are loads of vendors that sell amazing food, such as British, Malaysian, and Spanish dishes. Borough Market is one of my favorite places where we spend half of the day enjoying the food. Richard Haward’s oyster is one of the seafood that you MUST try. It is really fresh and sells various sizes and classes of oysters. Please remember to attend as early as possible to avoid a long queue. On the other hand, mussels are another famous food you should NEVER miss. The perfect combination of creamy white wine sauce and mussels is outstanding, as well as because the portion is really large.

Taking a photo in front of the Borough Market. Some vendors sell fruits, cakes, or the main meal.
Image source: Londonist
Some customers are purchasing oysters, two staff are opening the shells. You can choose different sizes of the oysters.
Image source: Good Sixty
Creamy white wine sauce with mussels and fries. The portion is quite large and selling with £7.5 mussels only. with fries for £9
Image source: CK Travels

Day 1: Afternoon and night time

After having your lunch, try to have a walk along the River Thames. There are several famous tourist attractions, such as London Bridge, London Eyes, and Big Ben. If you are willing to take the London Eye, remember to book the tickets in advance as you can plan the further schedules systematically. However, Big Ben is still under reconstruction so that you can only take a photo outside instead of getting inside it.

A whole view taken from the sky. The middle one is the river Thames, connecting both sides with Tower Bridge.
Image source: Park Grand London Paddington

Day 2: Morning

I prefer visitors going into Chinatown in the morning as “Yum Cha” is available from morning to afternoon. Some traditional Chinese restaurants open very early and you can experience how Hong Kongers and Chinese enjoy their breakfast. After enjoying your breakfast, walk along the main street and follow the pathway M&M World’s London nearby. This M&M store is the world’s largest candy shop and they have got around 100 M&M selections to choose from. Also, you can personalize your unique chocolate from the counter, which is a memorable thing for your loved one.

The arch of Chinatown, some red coloured lanterns being the decoration. Several stores locating on the both sides.
Image source:
M&M world's London, the largest candy shop in the world. Using red colour as the floor colour. Crowds of people were standing on each level.
Image source: Flickr

Day 2: Afternoon to Night Time

Convent Garden is just near Leicester Square and the walking distance is approximately 5 mins. Here you can find various restaurants and boutique shops which are selling high-quality products. Also, there are some live band shows sometimes and the performances are comparable. And the next stop is Soho, London. Loads of restaurants are within this area and you can try whatever food you want. In the meantime, you can go to pubs nearby afterward and the atmosphere is really comfortable.

The indoor view of Convent Garden. The ceiling uses glass, which allows natural light.
Image source: Hand Luggage Only
Crowds of people are sitting outside to enjoy their meal. A signal board mentioned COVID-19 Temporary restrictions.
Image source: Time Out

Day 3: Cambridge Trip

Starting with Day 3, I am planning to have a day trip to Cambridge first as the journey will be a bit relaxing. You can take the train from London King’s Cross Station to Cambridge. Before heading to Cambridge, I just reserved an hour to take some photos of Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾. After nearly an hour’s journey, you will arrive at Cambridge Station and take the University or tour bus services to the University of Cambridge.

Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾, some people are taking photos here. The girl is jumping and someone assists her and takes the scraft.
Image source: King’s Cross
Cambridge Station. No people outside, normally waiting bus in front of it.
Image source: Cambridgeshire Chambers of Commerce

For me, I will take the guided punt tour at first. Remember to purchase the tickets but the prices are different depending on which package you choose. In the meantime, the professional chauffeurs will explain the history of the University of Cambridge, as well as some facts about the cities. During the 45 minute section, you may get an insight into different colleges and visit them afterward. Moreover, you can take your time to walk through several, colleges such as King’s College, Trinity College, etc. Remember! The opening and closing times are different, so please do some research before.

Some visitors take boats on the River Cam. The professional chauffeurs are explaing the history behind the visitos
Image source: Photograph Works

Day 3: Cambridge Trip

I guess most of you might make use of the whole morning to observe this amazing university. Although Cambridge is not really large compared with others, it can provide enough leisure and restaurants which suit your preference. Moreover, some shops such as bakeries and boutiques are selling products related to the University of Cambridge. You can purchase one just for a memorable gift. Cambridge is not a nightlife city, so you can enjoy quiet moments during dining time.

Town Centre of Cambridge, some people sitting outside and having their meal. It should be taking in the late afternoon.
Image source: Cambridge River Tours

Day 4: Whole Day

After touring Cambridge, let’s go to Oxford. In Oxford, it is not only the University of Oxford, but also famous tourist spots such as the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford Castle & Prison, and Bicester Village. The Ashmolean Museum is the University of Oxford’s of art and archaeology, which was found in 1683. The booking is needed so that you remember to do it in advance. Moreover, the museum also exhibits a series called “Tokyo: Art & Photography” until 3 January 2022. Furthermore, Bicester Village is worth visiting because of the special discounts on the selection of British luxury brands. If you are coming as a family, you can bring your children to the wooden playground as well. When you feel tired, just head to their food court and grab some food! I will stay in Oxford overnight as it would not be too rushed to pursue our next stop.

In front of the Ashmolean Museum, which is one of the museums at the University of Oxford. Two banners are put near the arch.
Image source: Ashmolean Museum
Bicester Village, which is located in Oxford, is an outlet. Some flowers putting there and people are sitting for a rest.
Image source: Experience Oxfordshire
the wooden playground in Bicester Village. Some kids play around there and it looks cool.
Image source: Touchwood Play

Day 5: Morning

This morning we will be heading to Birmingham. The journey takes around an hour and arrives directly at the town center. Also, Birmingham is one of the biggest cities in England so I would prefer to stay for 2 days, walking through the majority would be parts of it. After the bag dropping, the first thing is to “pilgrimage” to the shopping mall called “Bullring & Grand Central”. It merged with two shopping malls and over 200 shops, which is amazing. Moreover, there is a bridge connecting both sides so that you do not need to worry about rainy days. When I came here for the first time, I spent around half of a day walking through the whole mall. Wondering if you are heading here on Black Friday, it would be paradise, and you do not want to leave.

one of the largest shopping malls in England, called Bullring & Grand Central. a bridge is connecting both sides.
Image source: Citybase Apartments
The inside view of Bullring & Grang Central. A few people are walking there and elevator is locating on the left.
Image source: Shopping in Birmingham

Day 5: Afternoon and Night Time

If you are a big lover of aquariums, you need to stop by The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham. The special selling point is enquiring about the UK’s only 360 degrees Ocean Tunnel, which allows you to view marine life easily. Moreover, you can purchase multi-attraction tickets for 1 or 2 more tourist spots. In my opinion, I would suggest purchasing multiples instead of single tickets because you can save money.

the UK's only 360 degree ocean tunnel. A statue on the right and some sharks are swimming.
Image source: Sea Life

After the touring of the aquariums, Legoland Discovery Centre and Lego Store would be the last spot on the first day. If you are over 18 years old, then it is great news for you! Adult Nights allow you to use the facilities and enjoy creative play sessions. In the final round, the winner can get amazing prizes. Furthermore, you can take part in some activities such as Miniland, Kingdom Quest, and soft play if you have a little one. For further information check out this.

In front of Legoland, the giant lego giraffe. It looks colourful. A few people walking outside.
Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Day 6: Whole Day

The second of visiting Birmingham, I will suggest using half of the day to visit Cadbury World. The location is quite far from the town center, so I believe taking the train or by taxi would be the best choice. It is a fully self-guided exhibition tour and get an insight into the whole process of making chocolate. On the other hand, kids can watch 4D Chocolate Adventure, Have a Go, and Aztec Jungle to enhance the learning experience. In the meantime, visitors can do that unique chocolate plaque as their customized gift. And for the rest of the day, I plan to visit Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. Also, this museum has important international artworks, industrial history, and ceramics. It also provides online lectures on various topics for around £12.5 to £20, so you can pursue the most interesting one!

A large Cadbury is putting on the building, several facilities locating in fton of it.
Image source: Plutonium Sox

Day 7: Whole Day

Manchester is one of my connecting points, so I will only spend a day walking through this city. In the morning, I plan to visit Old Trafford stadium, which is the home of Manchester United. Moreover, you can watch a football match if the time slot fits you in! Remember to reserve a Museum & Stadium Tour beforehand! Moreover, take your time to visit the University of Manchester. This university is considered a red brick university because of the movement of civic universities in the late 19th century. Also, it is a prestigious university around the world and has loads of Nobel prize winners coming from there.

Old Trafford stadium, the home of Manchester United. The chairs use white and red colours.
Image source: The Guardian
University of Manchester, one of the red brick universities in the UK. A few people outside, only can see a cyclist
Image source: The University of Manchester

Day 8: After and Night Time

The rest of our trip might go to Scotland as our final destination. The next destination will be stopping at Edinburgh. The journey would take around 3.5 hours from Manchester and the journey would start at noon. After the bag dropped, we headed to the old town and visited the original Harry Potter The Elephant House. After enjoying your meal, walk along Victoria Street where you can find the boutique shops selling various items. Moreover, you can enter the Museum Context if you are a Harry Potter lover. If you have time, just go upstairs and you can take some photos via the stage props they provided. Our last spot is Edinburgh Castle. We can visit St. Margaret’s Chapel, the Great Hall, the One O’Clock Gun, and so on. Moreover, you can get one audio guide for you for £3.5 if you need it.

The whole view of an old town in Edinburgh. We can see the castle on the left. A church located on the right.
Image source: Culture Trip
The inside of Museum Context. Loads of decorative balloons, like ships and air balloons
Image source:

Day 9

The last two days are a bit rushed as we planned to visit several places based on the long-distance. The journey time for taking a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow would be around an hour. I will just arrange a tourist spot in the morning and head to Glenfinnan Viaduct View Point in the afternoon. The first stop is Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Remember to reserve a ticket before and it is free for all visitors. This museum covers 22 galleries with a range of Scottish heritage, ancient Egypt, and the Animal kingdom.

The outside of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Some grass outside and its massive.
Image source: The Hunter Foundation

We have only spent 2 hours here as the next train to Glenfinnan is 12:23 pm and takes 4.5 hours per trip. Remember to check the timetable from the official website before heading there. Moreover, you need to know it is a non-turntable train which is the only chance for you to take these amazing photos, otherwise, you need to wait for 3 more hours. On the other hand, the Jacobite Steam Train is still operating and you can book and sit on the train to view the whole environment.

Glenfinnan Viaduct View Point, one of the scenes in Harry Potter. A steam train is passing through.
Image source: Continuous Roamer

Day 10

It is the last day of our trip. You can keep onward with the trip to Scotland or stay one more day to have a rest. For me, I will enjoy the Full English Breakfast before heading to the airport.


In conclusion, here are some ideas for you to plan a wonderful trip in the future. Although there are some kinds of attraction spots that are not your main targets. You can change wherever you want on the trip. Moreover, I would suggest some of you join the Airbnb experience as it could be another way to be familiar with places easily.

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